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NameAddressDate of Death
Abblett, Patricia M.Salem, Ohio9/20/1961View Details
Abe, Carl C.546 Hawley Ave., Salem, Ohio4/9/1988View Details
Abe, Edna L.546 Hawley Ave., Salem, Ohio2/13/1983View Details
Abraham, Laura Elizabeth NealSalem, Ohio3/18/1967View Details
Abraham, SadieCanton, Ohio11/1/1926View Details
Abrahams, PeterToledo, Ohio2/16/1923View Details
Abrams, (Avram) JohnSalem, Ohio5/7/1970View Details
Abrams, Kellie AnnSalem, Ohio6/8/1963View Details
Abrams, Maria AnnSalem, Ohio4/6/1972View Details
Abrams, Walter Jr.Salem, Ohio10/24/1938View Details
Ackelson, Frank B., Jr.250 Continental Dr. Salem, Ohio12/14/1991View Details
Ackelson, Violet M.2169 Edgewood Dr., Salem, Ohio1/13/1987View Details
Ackerman, Edward E.3600 W. Peterson St., Chicago, Ill.8/18/1985View Details
Ackerman, Winifred S. (Filomena)Palantine, Ill.2/25/2004View Details
Adam (Infant)12/22/1914View Details
Adam, Martin (Adamie)8/8/1914View Details
Adam, Simon4/21/1913View Details
Adams, Calvin Kenneth196 Hawley Ave., Salem, Ohio4/30/1988View Details
Adams, Daniel W.1/13/1929View Details
Adams, Delores IreneSalem, Ohio11/25/1952View Details
Adams, Douglas (Infant)Salem, Ohio9/10/1941View Details
Adams, Edith E.1/5/1923View Details
Adams, GeorgeSalem, Ohio11/15/1944View Details
Adams, George T.Salem, Ohio7/17/1967View Details
Adams, HazelCleveland, Ohio4/3/1921View Details
Adams, Henry P.Granville, Pa.5/23/1907View Details
Adams, J. J.Canton, Ohio2/24/1930View Details
Adams, Jennifer LeeSidney, Ohio9/25/1980View Details
Adams, John (Adami)12/20/1918View Details
Adams, KatherineElyria, Ohio11/8/1948View Details
Adams, LuellaLisbon, Ohio11/5/1947View Details
Adams, MaryAmbridge, Pa.5/28/1956View Details
Adams, Milo W., Sr.Salem, Ohio6/27/1967View Details
Adams, Rachel2/28/1905View Details
Adams, Ralph JacksonLisbon, Ohio1/12/1952View Details
Adams, Raymond CharlesSalem, Ohio4/10/1951View Details
Adams, Robert10/13/1926View Details
Adams, RoseSalem, Ohio2/13/1943View Details
Adams, Rose Mary1453 Maple St. Salem, Ohio8/8/2009View Details
Adams, Rose Mary1453 Maple St. Salem, Ohio8/8/2009View Details
Adams, RosinaAmbridge, Pa.6/30/1938View Details
Adams, Shiana-MaiCalifornia8/29/1977View Details
Adams, SimonSalem, Ohio5/28/1937View Details
Adams, SusannaSalem, Ohio3/27/1936View Details
Adams, SuzannaSalem, Ohio7/20/1930View Details
Adams, Thomas W.Salem, Ohio3/7/1956View Details
Adams, Timothy C.211 W. 8th St. Salem, Ohio10/6/1991View Details
Adams, William C.950 Park Ave. Salem, Ohio11/19/1993View Details
Aiello, Anthony17074 Cicotte Ave., Allen Park, Mich.7/8/1987View Details
Aiello, Mary TeresaSalem, Ohio5/6/1961View Details
Ailens, Daryl ZernSalem, Ohio7/16/2013View Details
Ailes, Nora LeeDamascus, Ohio4/21/1950View Details
Aimesberry, A. E. or H. E.11/16/1918View Details
Alabach, Glenn4/18/1917View Details
Alaback, Ida R.Salem, Ohio12/8/1953View Details
Albert, Joseph Edward122 E. College Alliance, Oh.1/4/2010View Details
Albert, Mary LouiseSalem, Ohio4/13/1941View Details
Albert, NicholisSalem, Ohio3/9/1948View Details
Albert, Rose J.Salem, Ohio1/6/1952View Details
Albertsen, Willard441 N. Union Ave., Salem, Ohio4/1/1979View Details
Albrecht, Katherina2/17/1905View Details
Albrecht, KatherineSalem, Ohio11/8/1930View Details
Albrecht, Martin6/4/1906View Details
Albright, Jack EdwardSalem, Ohio5/18/2014View Details
Albus, (Infant)3/12/1916View Details
Aldesi, Mathias (Alesi)7/10/1908View Details
Aldom, George P.Butler, Pa.9/5/1979View Details
Aldrich, EstherSalinesville, Ohio10/3/1960View Details
Aldsi, (Twin Infants)4/23/1921View Details
Alek, AnnaSalem, Ohio8/27/1971View Details
Alek, AnnaSalem, Ohio6/1/1939View Details
Alek, GeorgeSalem, Ohio11/15/1963View Details
Alek, Mary AnnSalem, Ohio3/10/1943View Details
Alek, Mike or Ted3/29/1926View Details
Alek, Steven L.Painsville, Ohio4/27/1960View Details
Alek, TedSalem, Ohio11/22/1944View Details
Alesi, AgnesSalem, Ohio11/25/1946View Details
Alesi, Herman3/18/1914View Details
Alesi, John4811 Gay Dr. Springfield, Ohio7/28/2009View Details
Alesi, Katherine3/8/1915View Details
Alesi, MathewSalem, Ohio2/23/1969View Details
Alesi, Virginia William10309 Middletown Rd., Salem, Ohio7/2/1983View Details
Alessi, Joseph Sr.St. Cloud, Florida1/25/1972View Details
Alexander, Edward M.Salem, Ohio9/2/1974View Details
Alexander, MarthaHutton Nursing Center10/12/1981View Details
Alexander, Stephen Lawrence Jr.4/2/1972View Details
Alexander, William F.Salem, Ohio9/5/1944View Details
Alix, Anna2511 Bentley DR. Salem, Ohio8/13/1993View Details
Allen, AdsonSalem, Ohio9/18/1943View Details
Allen, Alton D.Plain City, Ohio2/26/1976View Details
Allen, ErnestSalem, Ohio7/10/1941View Details
Allen, FrankSalem, Ohio3/20/1924View Details
Allen, Frank4/3/1917View Details
Allen, Gordon E.4695 Oak Hollow Dr. Sarasota, FLa.9/21/1993View Details
Allen, Harriet Allen6/1/1901View Details
Allen, Janet K.Washington, D.C.4/4/1944View Details
Allen, Joseph7-31-1897View Details
Allen, Joshua11/16/1922View Details
Allen, Leora A. SmithSalem, Ohio4/23/1966View Details
Allen, Lowell E. Rib""248 Brookfield Ave. Boardman, Ohio10/23/1993View Details
Allen, Mary E.Plain City, Ohio1/9/1984View Details
Allen, Mary JaneSalem, Ohio7/6/1938View Details
Allen, Mina BellSalem, Ohio10/11/1957View Details
Allen, Nancy11/19/1913View Details
Allen, RaymondWashington, D.C.10/24/1929View Details
Allen, Thelma Horning4841 Winchester Dr., Youngstown, Ohio10/15/1984View Details
Allen, Thelma V.West Orange, New Jersey7/31/1980View Details
Allison, Edna MaeSalem, Ohio2/27/1952View Details
Allison, Elizabeth "Betty" T.Salem, Ohio3/7/2015View Details
Allison, Jess E.867 Barclay Ave. Salem, ohio4/15/2011View Details
Allison, Paul W.LaQuinta, Calif.1/15/2011View Details
Allison, RobertCanton, Ohio2/19/1961View Details
Allison, Robert M.Salem, Ohio12/16/1955View Details
Allison, Susan LeeHanoverton, Ohio5/10/2014View Details
Allison, Sylvester H.Tampa, Florida10/21/1960View Details
Allison, Thelma G.Salem, Ohio1/11/1975View Details
Allison, William L.Salem, Ohio3/13/1969View Details
Allmon, DonaldSalem, Ohio3/12/1970View Details
Alma M. Zeck Holzinger Kehrer5866 Thornhill Rd. Columbia,Md.5/21/1991View Details
Althouse, Clifford E.Caballo, New Mexico5/23/1993View Details
Althouse, Ernest H.Lake Worth, Florida9/19/1970View Details
Althouse, MarilynDamascus Road, Salem, Ohio1/9/1940View Details
Althouse, Olive MarieSalem, Ohio12/13/1967View Details
Altomare, John E., Jr.32588 Woodsdale Dr., Lisbon, Ohio9/24/1989View Details
Altomare, John Edward Sr.34808 Salem Grange Rd. Salem, Ohio8/25/2011View Details
Altomore, (Infant)6/24/1930View Details
Alton, Sara T.Salem, Ohio6/12/1991View Details
Alton, William E.Salem, Ohio5/14/1967View Details
Alzner, Helen AnnaSalem, Ohio3/19/1930View Details
Ambler, B. S.Washington, D.C.1/26/1925View Details
Ambler, Clara T.Washington, D.C.5/26/1934View Details
Ambler, Henry?View Details
Ambler, JacobAshville, N. C.12/15/1960View Details
Ambler, Mrs. C. P.5/9/1920View Details
Ambler, Peter6-16-1897 ?View Details
Ambler, Roselle1/6/1925View Details
Ambler, Wade?View Details
Anderson, Bessie2059 Monroe St., Salem, Ohio9/8/1989View Details
Anderson, BrookeSalem, Ohio8/7/1952View Details
Anderson, C. ElmerSalem, Ohio4/22/1962View Details
Anderson, Charles8/19/1912View Details
Anderson, Craig E.Salem, Ohio10/25/1977View Details
Anderson, Dale L.1333 N. Ellsworth, Salem, Ohio10/12/1980View Details
Anderson, Dr. James10/1/1908View Details
Anderson, Freeman3/10/1924View Details
Anderson, GraceHomeworth, Ohio2/8/1945View Details
Anderson, Henrietta B.Salem, Ohio6/20/1933View Details
Anderson, Jerald D.Salem, Ohio6/27/1934View Details
Anderson, Lemuel P.1463 E. 3rd St.7/14/1990View Details
Anderson, Mary B.Salem, Ohio5/1/1959View Details
Anderson, Mary E.New Gallie, Pa.2/3/1924View Details
Anderson, Mary JaneSalem, Ohio1/29/1969View Details
Anderson, Mary L.392 S. Ellsworth Ave. Salem, Ohio4/19/1992View Details
Anderson, Maude C.Salem, Ohio2/3/1941View Details
Anderson, Raymond D.Salem, Ohio10/10/1941View Details
Anderson, RebeccaChicago, Illinois4/9/1945View Details
Anderson, Robert B.Salem, Ohio5/25/1950View Details
Anderson, Thomas J.Salem, Ohio4/22/2011View Details
Anderson, W. WillisPennsylvania9/16/1969View Details
Anderson,(Infant)Salem, Ohio5/16/1972View Details
Anderson,(Infant) (Lemuel - father)Salem, Ohio7/27/1962View Details
Andre, Bernice LynnSalem, Ohio3/29/1951View Details
Andre, CynthiaWinona, Ohio2/3/1945View Details
Andre, Ernest L.Salem, Ohio2/15/1944View Details
Andre, EthelGreat Trail Health Center Minerva, Ohio8/20/1991View Details
Andre, LeonardHanoverton, Ohio10/13/1927View Details
Andre, Rachel R.Winona, Ohio4/5/1951View Details
Andre, William E.Winona, Ohio11/15/1925View Details
Andrei, JonDamascus, Ohio10/24/1922View Details
Andrei, TeofilLisbon, Ohio3/9/1948View Details
Andres, JohnSalem, Ohio6/20/1958View Details
Andrews (Infant)5/4/1924View Details
Andrews, AnnaDamascus, Ohio4/6/1930View Details
Andrews, EmiliaWashingtonville, Ohio4/28/1962View Details
Andrews, JohnSalem, Ohio12/18/1944View Details
Andrews, Sylvia1171 E. State St., Salem, Ohio5/27/1990View Details
Andrews, ValerieSalem, Ohio5/8/1964View Details
Andrich, Andrew5/30/1926View Details
Andrie, MariaLisbon, Ohio11/1/1960View Details
Angeal, Mary4/6/1915View Details
Anglemyer, Lee ThomasCanton, Ohio5/9/1963View Details
Anoy,(Infant)1/3/1914View Details
Antonio, Victoria1/15/1909View Details
Appedisano, AnnaSalem, Ohio10/24/1942View Details
Appedison, CarmenSalem, Ohio4/22/1960View Details
Appedison, James L.Salem, Ohio5/15/1953View Details
Apple, Martha5/13/1917View Details
Apple, Rose A.Lisbon, Ohio1/25/1965View Details
Aquila E. SolomonSebring, ohio11/8/2014View Details
Aquinzio, Inez12/9/1926View Details
Arbaugh, EmilySalem, Ohio1/19/1944View Details
Arbaugh, EvaSalem, Ohio9/21/1948View Details
Arbaugh, Oscar M.Salem, Ohio2/1/1933View Details
Arbaugh, W. S.Salem, Ohio6/29/1943View Details
Arbogast, JohnCanton, Ohio3/25/1950View Details
Arbogast, Sophia11/6/1923View Details
Archer, John L.Malvern, Ohio10/13/2010View Details
Archer, Joseph FrankCanton, Ohio2/11/1974View Details
Ardner, John F.Salem, Ohio5/6/1952View Details
Arfman, Edgar2020 Monroe St., Salem, Ohio11/23/1979View Details
Arfman, Herbert E.687 Highland Ave., Salem, Ohio1/1/1983View Details
Arfman, Ruth A.Lake Milton, Ohio6/29/1968View Details
Arkwright, Hartford B.Salem, Ohio11/19/1966View Details
Arkwright, Jennie L.175 Criss Ave., Washingtonville, Ohio1/17/1986View Details
Armeni, AnthonySalem, Ohio12/20/1968View Details
Armeni, Dominic T.2144 Edgewood Dr., Salem, Ohio11/6/1983View Details
Armeni, James J.1849 Maple St., Salem, Ohio1/17/1990View Details
Armeni, Joseph J.Salem, ohio4/11/2014View Details
Armeni, Katherine A.Colonial Nursing Center Canton, Ohio6/16/2009View Details
Armeni, Maria Mary""Salem, Ohio9/19/1938View Details
Armeni, MarySalem, Ohio5/16/1939View Details
Arndt, John GordonColumbus, Ohio8/16/1972View Details
Arner, Caleb4-19-1866View Details
Arner, Caleb Sr.Salem, Ohio2/16/1948View Details
Arner, Harriett M.9/30/1906View Details
Arner, Lucy E.Salem, Ohio6/6/1972View Details
Arner, Mary A.Washingtonville, Ohio4/20/1939View Details
Arner, Maurice R.Pittsburgh, Pa.2/15/1961View Details
Arner, Mollie T.Youngstown, Ohio3/16/1968View Details
Arner, R. HerbertYoungstown, Ohio12/21/1969View Details
Arner, Ralph E.Columbiana, Ohio12/18/1956View Details
Arnold, A. BoydEast Cleveland, Ohio12/30/1959View Details
Arnold, Andrew W.Salem, Ohio4/16/1968View Details
Arnold, Delmer G.County Home, Lisbon, Ohio11/12/1974View Details
Arnold, Ethel LewisCleveland, Ohio4/23/1967View Details
Arnold, Glenn838 Franklin Ave., Salem, Ohio9/2/1980View Details
Arnold, Helen M.1142 Maple St. Salem, Ohio2/9/1992View Details
Arnold, Jennifer AnnetteCanfield, Ohio11/16/1973View Details
Arnold, Kay E.Salem, Ohio12/18/1943View Details
Arnold, Lee A.8/22/1921View Details
Arnold, LeoraSalem, Ohio9/21/1974View Details
Arnold, Mabel EllenSalem, Ohio5/21/1969View Details
Arnold, Martha A.Franklin Square2/13/1934View Details
Arnold, RalphSalem, Ohio10/31/1920View Details
Arnold, Richard D.6521 Bourbon Way Las Vegas, Nevada2/2/1992View Details
Arnold, William C.Salem, Ohio4/28/1959View Details
Arnold, Winifred G.Salem, Ohio12/2/1957View Details
Arter, Anna MaryGuilford, Ohio4/24/1936View Details
Arter, Bernice C.33958 S.R. #172, Lisbon, Ohio9/10/1985View Details
Arter, J. S.8/29/1928View Details
Arter, Mary Ann3/14/1922View Details
Arter, Rollin D.33958 S.R. #172, Guilford Lake, Ohio11/20/1984View Details
Arthur, David J.Salem, Ohio2/8/1947View Details
Arthur, MargaretSalem, Ohio9/19/1932View Details
Arz, Michael7/16/1926View Details
Ashead, (Infant)Salem, Ohio11/8/1942View Details
Ashead, Dudley F.Salem, Ohio3/30/1959View Details
Ashead, J. HowardPasedena, California8/12/1988View Details
Ashead, OliverSalem, Ohio1/23/1942View Details
Ashead, Richard David1869 Wythe St. Columbus, Ohio9/21/2009View Details
Askey, Elfreda M.905 Prospect St., Salem, Ohio12/26/1981View Details
Astry, Casper W.Salem, Ohio3/8/1943View Details
Astry, David W.Salem, Ohio4-30 or 5-1-1939View Details
Astry, Eva SpencerSalem, Ohio2/15/1959View Details
Astry, GraceSalem, Ohio12/31/1926View Details
Astry, John W.Salem, Ohio10/9/1955View Details
Astry, Leorna12/22/1916View Details
Astry, Letha Cole1490 E. State St., Salem, Ohio4/21/1985View Details
Astry, O. J.Salem, Ohio12/17/1938View Details
Astry, Olive S.Salem, Ohio7/23/1976View Details
Astry, Paul W.Salem, Ohio1/14/1977View Details
Astry, Theresa KintnerGalion, Ohio1/7/1947View Details
Astry,Irma4/24/1903View Details
Atchison, CamilleSalem, Ohio12/6/1929View Details
Atchison, James B.Salem, Ohio7/20/1966View Details
Atchison, James Sr.3/4/1921View Details
Atchison, MaudeOrlando, Florida6/21/1953View Details
Atchison, Robert M.Salem, Ohio7/20/1959View Details
Atchison, Ruth R.Salem, Ohio10/18/1974View Details
Atchison, TheodosiaCleveland, Ohio2/24/1923View Details
Atchison, W. ShermanSalem, Ohio5/21/1930View Details
Atkinson, EmilyHeritage Valley, Beaver, PA.2/2/2010View Details
Atkinson, HenryDamascus, Ohio3/15/1919View Details
Atkinson, Jesse E.513 13th Ave. New Brighton, Pa.9/10/1992View Details
Atkinson, L. W. Dr.Salem, Ohio3/5/1948View Details
Atkinson, MabelSalem, Ohio3/21/1934View Details
Atkinson, RalphSalem, Ohio4/2/1966View Details
Atkinson, Rebecca4/28/1919View Details
Auaman, Anna M.Hanoverton, Ohio9/17/1976View Details
Aubill, Donald R.Salem, Ohio5/9/1962View Details
Aubill, Lillian V.Meadow Wind Health Care Center Canton, Ohio9/16/1991View Details
Aubill, Richard D.Salem, Ohio9/17/1959View Details
Aubill, Robert A.Salem, Ohio5/24/1953View Details
Auman, Carl A.Salem, Ohio2/25/1955View Details
Auner, JohnSalem, Ohio2/21/1928View Details
Ausenhimer, MarySalem, Ohio11/23/1971View Details
Austin, Loretta J.10 N. Main St., Columbiana, Ohio5/28/1982View Details
Austin, Rev. Jack EdwardSalem, Ohio6/21/2012View Details
Austin, WilliamEast Palestine, Ohio7/13/2010View Details
Auvil, Adam JamesCanton, Ohio12/24/1969View Details
Auvil, Derek JamesCanton, Ohio4/16/1973View Details
Auvil, Eric CliftonCanton, Ohio9/21/1970View Details
Ayers, Barbara J.237 Washington Ave., Salem, Ohio1/16/1990View Details
Ayers, Clifford John1475 Brookview Dr. Salem, Ohio7/13/1991View Details
Ayers, Joyce LaVaughnState College, Pa.2/6/2010View Details
Ayers, Troy LeeSalem, Ohio11/3/1976View Details
Ayers, W. E.3/11/1912View Details
Babb, Adda B.Salem, Ohio4/26/1951View Details
Babb, Edna S.629 E. 5th St., Salem, Ohio11/20/1988View Details
Babb, Harold629 E. 5th St., Salem, Ohio3/23/1979View Details
Badger, Anna10/30/1910View Details
Badger, C. E.9/23/1919View Details
Badger, ClarkCounty Home2/8/1940View Details
Badger, Grant A.Alliance, Ohio12/28/1939View Details
Badger, Iva A.Guilford, Ohio1/29/1939View Details
Badger, John12/4/1916View Details
Badger, Lulu R.Alliance, Ohio5/4/1928View Details
Badger, Mary3/5/1919View Details
Badger, Nellie1900View Details
Badger, Sarah S.Winona, Ohio4/30/1937View Details
Badger, William A.3/28/1922View Details
Baer, GeorgeDetroit, Michigan11/5/1949View Details
Baer, MarySalem, Ohio4/7/1947View Details
Baer, Virginia L.New Castle, Pa.10/20/1965View Details
Bagnall, Lillian AdaJapan12/1/1911View Details
Bahm, John9/7/1926View Details
Bailey, Hugh J.Salem, ohio9/13/2004View Details
Bailey, Marion L.Altus, Oklahoma6-10=2003View Details
Bailey, Violet L.451 Valley Rd. Damascus, Ohio8/20/1998View Details
Bailey, William B.954 Barclay Salem, ohio12/23/2004View Details
Bailey, AliceSalem, Ohio7/21/1957View Details
Bailey, AnnaLeetonia, Ohio5/29/1946View Details
Bailey, Anne R.966 Adams Ave. Salem, Ohio2/27/1991View Details
Bailey, D. Nelson,628 E. 4th St., Salem, Ohio7/27/1988View Details
Bailey, DelmontWashingtonville, Ohio11/25/1958View Details
Bailey, Edna S.Salem, Ohio7/2/1977View Details
Bailey, Fancy W.Salem, Ohio9/18/1952View Details
Bailey, James E.Salem, Ohio4/8/1948View Details
Bailey, John (Jack) C.Salem, Ohio11/16/1962View Details
Bailey, Marshall P.Copeland Oaks, Sebring, Ohio8/30/1988View Details
Bailey, NoraCleveland, Ohio5/13/1927View Details
Bailey, Nora Eva954 Barclay St. Salem, Ohio3/4/1993View Details
Bailey, Oscar E.Salem, Ohio4/12/1939View Details
Bailey, Phoebie E.Salem, Ohio4/26/1939View Details
Bailey, S. P.Salem, Ohio9/9/1933View Details
Bailey, Sarah E.Salem, Ohio4/9/1927View Details
Bailey, SaraphineWashingtonville, Ohio8/5/1955View Details
Bailey, William T.Washingtonville, Ohio9/28/1944View Details
Bailey, William T., Sr.215 W. 5th St., Salem, Ohio2/1/1985View Details
Bailey,(Infant)Salem, Ohio8/2/1969View Details
Baillie, George W. Jr.1306 N. Lincoln Ave. Salem, Ohio1/9/1997View Details
Baillie, Anna R.Youngstown, Ohio12/2/1960View Details
Baillie, ElizabethCleveland, Ohio7/3/1926View Details
Baillie, George W., Sr.Salem, Ohio - died in Florida9/20/1978View Details
Baillie, Mabel O.Salem, Ohio3/20/1978View Details
Bails, Richard "Dick" Hugh513 W. 6th St. Salem, Ohio10/18/2011View Details
Baily, LindleySalem, Ohio1/6/1960View Details
Baily, Mary B.Salem, Ohio4/19/1960View Details
Bair, Virginia Louise11750 Klinger Ave. Alliance, Ohio10/21/2000View Details
Bair, Charles G.Alliance, Ohio4/3/1963View Details
Baird, Helen W.250 Continental Dr. Salem, ohio8/30/2005View Details
Baird, Ruth M.Quakenbush Rd. Summerton, S.C.4/6/1995View Details
Baird, David L.734 W. Huron St., Pontiac, Michigan11/12/1987View Details
Baird, MyrtaSalem, Ohio1/21/1965View Details
Baird, Warren H. Doc""618 E. 8th St. Salem, Ohio9/10/1991View Details
Baker, Charles890 E. 3rd St. Salem, Ohio2/7/1995View Details
Baker, Margaret K.559 Euclid St. Salem, ohio1/19/1998View Details
Baker, Robert Dale Sr.193 Park Ave Salem, Ohio10/9/2007View Details
Baker, Robert E.937 S. Lundy Salem, ohio8/24/2003View Details
Baker, William C.1985 E. Pershing Salem, Ohio6/22/1996View Details
Baker, Bertha S.Salem, Ohio7/5/1967View Details
Baker, BertieSalem, Ohio2/12/1962View Details
Baker, CamillaBeloit, Ohio3/30/1963View Details
Baker, Charles DanielSalem, Ohio2/13/1969View Details
Baker, Clarence C.Charlotte, N.C.12-5-1081View Details
Baker, Coral R.Salem, Ohio5/2/1965View Details
Baker, Elizabeth4/9/1904View Details
Baker, Elma4/12/1914View Details
Baker, Evelyn Marie2553 Lexington Ave. Salem, Ohio3/8/1993View Details
Baker, Evelyn Marie2553 Lexington Ave. Salem, Ohio3/8/1993View Details
Baker, Everette W.Salem, Ohio9/6/1955View Details
Baker, Fherman G.14159 S. Main St., Beloit, Ohio11/5/1984View Details
Baker, FloraSalem, Ohio3/15/1943View Details
Baker, Florence L.Akron, Ohio11/26/1970View Details
Baker, GeorgeSalem, Ohio4/9/1947View Details
Baker, GertrudeSalem, Ohio10/4/1947View Details
Baker, Gertrude LucilleSalem, Ohio7/29/1968View Details
Baker, Hattie12/2/1911View Details
Baker, Isaac7/17/1904View Details
Baker, Jane (Jennie)Detroit, Michigan5/5/1929View Details
Baker, John D.Leetonia, Ohio11/14/1957View Details
Baker, John K.8/19/1919View Details
Baker, Joseph S.7/8/1911View Details
Baker, JosieWashingtonville, Ohio12/8/1978View Details
Baker, JuliaYoungstown, Ohio10/24/1935View Details
Baker, Kenneth E.Salem, Ohio6/9/1954View Details
Baker, L. S.Salem, Ohio12/23/1945View Details
Baker, LavinaSalem, Ohio2/7/1936View Details
Baker, Lydia StampAlliance, Ohio8/9/1983View Details
Baker, Marion L.Youngstown, Ohio10/4/1940View Details
Baker, Mary11/3/1925View Details
Baker, Mary Etta9/25/1902View Details
Baker, Paul A.29549 S. R. #62, Salem, Ohio8/12/1979View Details
Baker, William "Bill"Winter Haven, Fla.1/14/2012View Details
Baker,(Infant)Salem, Ohio8/27/1949View Details
Balan, DanielBlossom Nursing Home Salem, Ohio7/2/2010View Details
Balan, John1121 E. Third St. Salem, Ohio1/1/1992View Details
Balan, MariaSalem, Ohio6/19/1977View Details
Balan, Mary KathrynSalem,Ohio9/13/2015View Details
Balan, Nick4/15/1914View Details
Balan, Vasile VicSalem, Ohio10/3/1956View Details
Baldauf, Josephine RitzertSalem, Ohio2/2/1956View Details
Baldauf, TheodoreSalem, Ohio12/2/1940View Details
Baldinger, Marguerite M.209 Hamlet Hill Chagrin Falls, Ohio5/6/1995View Details
Baldridge, Hilda H.537 Jennings Salem, ohio3/5/2001View Details
Baldridge, Paul Elbert537 Jennings Ave. Salem, Ohio2/24/1995View Details
Baldwin, Emma S.Cleveland, Ohio7/20/1922View Details
Baldwin, Harvey G.Cleveland Hts., Ohio5/7/1942View Details
Baldwin, Mary K.Cleveland, Ohio3/12/1970View Details
Balgaard, Grace KaleyTroy, Michigan8/27/1960View Details
Ball, Dessie MurleBoca Raton, Fla.6/3/2000View Details
Ball, AliceYoungstown, Ohio3/11/1951View Details
Ball, CletusSalem, Ohio4/3/1930View Details
Ball, ElizabethSalem, Ohio9/28/1931View Details
Ball, HarrySalem, Ohio11/22/1942View Details
Ball, Howard M.Salem, Ohio5/28/1944View Details
Ball, MaryCleveland, Ohio12/2/1960View Details
Ball, Mrs. Warren J.Pennsylvania7/14/1945View Details
Ball, Nathan L.7/8/1906View Details
Ball, PearlPhiladelphia, Pa.6/10/1935View Details
Ball, Robert KarlSalem, Ohio1/4/1975View Details
Ball, W. A.4/23/1927View Details
Ball, W. J.1/4/1922View Details
Ball, Zora SpikerSalem, Ohio10/3/1931View Details
Ballantyne, HarrySalem, Ohio1/31/1966View Details
Ballis, MichaelSalem, Ohio3/7/1946View Details
Ballis,(Infant)Salem, Ohio2/6/1938View Details
Balogh, ElizabethLake Milton, Ohio5/19/1946View Details
Balok, Anna10/5/1921View Details
Baltorinic, MargaretSalem, Ohio7/17/1978View Details
Baltorinic, PaulSalem, Ohio11/2/1958View Details
Banar, CatherineSalem, Ohio2/4/1975View Details
Banar, Emil J.Salem, Ohio8/21/1971View Details
Bancik, JuliaSalem, Ohio10/8/1943View Details
Bancik, MargaretSalem, Ohio4/6/1947View Details
Bancik, PaulSalem, Ohio3/23/1948View Details
Banker, Andrew F.Salem, Ohio2/20/1979View Details
Banker, ElizabethSalem, Ohio11/2/1958View Details
Banker, FrankSalem, Ohio4/27/1958View Details
Banker, MarySalem, Ohio9/6/1951View Details
Banker, Thelma HilliardSalem, Ohio5/14/1975View Details
Banyas, AlbertSalem, Ohio9/28/1930View Details
Barabas, AnnaWeirton, W. Va.3/21/1965View Details
Barabas, JosephSalem, Ohio6/23/1943View Details
Baralich, Vase6/1/1915View Details
Barber, Carrollotta Mae MillerSalem, ohio3/16/2003View Details
Barber, AnnaWinona, Ohio3/7/1928View Details
Barber, Catherine8/3/1917View Details
Barber, Dean W.Sebring, Florida11/16/1976View Details
Barber, Jacob1/12/1921View Details
Barber, Lebert H.Salem, Ohio6/26/1972View Details
Barber, Olive1287 W. State St., Salem, Ohio8/11/1979View Details
Barber, William H.Salem, Ohio12/19/1933View Details
Barbes, John Carl10/26/1909View Details
Barcey, Glen1231 Westview Dr., Salem, Ohio9/23/1983View Details
Barckhoff, Frederick S. Fritz Sr.Bend, Oregon7/28/2006View Details
Barckhoff, Ada IreneNewport, Rhode Island6/8/1969View Details
Barckhoff, Anna M.Salem, Ohio12/3/1928View Details
Barckhoff, Betty1556 E. State St., Salem, Ohio1/16/1986View Details
Barckhoff, CoraSalem, Ohio6/21/1932View Details
Barckhoff, Frederick S., Sr.Salem, Ohio8/11/1953View Details
Barckhoff, PaulLong Beach, California9/16/1949View Details
Barckhoff, RobertSalem, Ohio1/18/1928View Details
Bard, CatherineSalem, Ohio3/30/1936View Details
Bard, Elizabeth5/14/1923View Details
Bard, George W.Salem, Ohio1/30/1936View Details
Bard, Harry E.Salem, Ohio12/30/1939View Details
Bard, J. E.7/19/1911View Details
Bard, Marie1416 East Pershing St. Salem, Ohio1/5/1984View Details
Bard, Mary W.Salem, Ohio7/26/1964View Details
Bard, Myrtle LucilleSalem, Ohio1/23/1944View Details
Bard, Russell P.Salem, Ohio1/8/1956View Details
Bare, Dawn A.Salem, Ohio5/22/2015View Details
Barger, Joseph T.Lisbon, Ohio9/1/1941View Details
Barker, Albert T.Alliance, Ohio7/13/1960View Details
Barker, AlfredSalem, Ohio3/22/1941View Details
Barker, Ella W.Salem, Ohio3/2/1964View Details
Barker, Jessie M.Damascus, Ohio6/25/1965View Details
Barley, James P.Salem, Ohio9/5/1942View Details
Barley, RoseSalem, Ohio9/28/1978View Details
Barnard, JeanTraverse City, Mich.6/25/2007View Details
Barnard, Ella J.Salem, Ohio7/27/1967View Details
Barnard, Ella JaneLisbon Rd.9/22/1931View Details
Barnard, ElverSalem, Ohio6/24/1945View Details
Barnard, James9/1/1911View Details
Barnes, Evelyn I.1802 E. Dowling St. Kendalville, Ind.10/8/2000View Details
Barnes, John L.Serenity Place Salem, Ohio10/26/1996View Details
Barnes, Regina S.1040 Maple St. Salem Ohio11/11/1994View Details
Barnes, AnnaSalem, Ohio3/29/1930View Details
Barnes, Charles O.Salem, Ohio8/6/1975View Details
Barnes, Clarence W.Detroit, Michigan5/3/1943View Details
Barnes, Edward LarrySalem, ohio8/13/2014View Details
Barnes, Ethel Eliz.500 East Fourth St. Salem, Ohio6/5/1980View Details
Barnes, Frederick D.Salem, Ohio6/8/1958View Details
Barnes, J.B.Salem, Ohio7/12/1946View Details
Barnes, Jennina (Jennie)Salem, Ohio2/20/1930View Details
Barnes, Joseph A.524 W. 6th Salem, Ohio8/2/1986View Details
Barnes, Mary AliceSalem, Ohio12/26/1934View Details
Barnes, Ollive M.1299 Franklin St. Salem, Ohio2/26/1985View Details
Barnes, Raymond J.Salem, Ohio8/8/1969View Details
Barnes, RobertSalem, Ohio9/21/1927View Details
Barnett, Agnes JoOlathe, Colo.10/8/1996View Details
Barnett, Raymond J.311 Whitehouse Lane Boardman, Ohio6/28/1998View Details
Barnhouse, (Infant)Salem, Ohio5/21/1931View Details
Barns, George F.Manassas, Va.7/8/1965View Details
Barns, George O.Salem, Ohio2/22/1972View Details
Barns, Gertrude M.Salem, Ohio10/18/1971View Details
Barr, AlbertaSanta Barbara, Calif.5/25/1963View Details
Barr, Eugene F.Salem, Ohio8/26/1956View Details
Barr, GenestaLisbon, Ohio7/10/1977View Details
Barr, Mary AgnesSalem, Ohio1/1/1950View Details
Barr, Robert D.Weston, Vt.12/21/2009View Details
Barr, Robert S.Lisbon, Ohio4/15/1945View Details
Barr, William H.Lisbon, Ohio2/18/1938View Details
Barry, Cecilia ShriverNew York, N.Y.7/4/1977View Details
Bartchy, Estella M.1985 E. Pershing St. Salem,Ohio7/5/1992View Details
Bartchy, John A.Salem, Ohio4/10/1965View Details
Bartesch, JohnSalem, Ohio11/2/1962View Details
Bartesch, MarySalem, Ohio5/15/1937View Details
Bartesch, SusannaCounty Home, Lisbon, Ohio6/5/1975View Details
Barth, Nina3647 S.R. #45, Salem, Ohio4/9/1980View Details
Barth, Peter G.3647 S.R. #45, Salem, Ohio1/31/1983View Details
Barth, Simon3647 RT. 45 Salem, Ohio6/16/1992View Details
Barth, Virginia H.10067 Steubenville Pike Rd., Lisbon, Ohio4/22/1986View Details
Bartha, Barbara LouGeorgetown Rd. Salem,Ohio10/17/2006View Details
Bartha, Charles L.2084 Edgewood Dr. Salem, Ohio9/19/1995View Details
Bartha, FrankBlossom N & R Ctr. Salem, Oh.12/21/2006View Details
Bartha, Gilbert Gibby Sr.Blossom Nursing Center Salem, Ohio7/19/2006View Details
Bartha, James W.Mesa, Arizona3/31/2001View Details
Bartha, Julius1390 S. Lincoln Salem, Ohio5/20/1999View Details
Bartha, Louise E.1900 Merle Rd. Salem, Ohio1/14/1996View Details
Bartha, AnnaSalem, Ohio7/12/1972View Details
Bartha, Anna S.Salem, Ohio9/21/1978View Details
Bartha, Doris LeRay3545 Slater Rd., Salem, Ohio2/26/1980View Details
Bartha, Geraldine MaeSalem, Ohio8/11/1968View Details
Bartha, GozaSalem, Ohio7/21/1951View Details
Bartha, MargaretSan Diego, Calif.4/2/2011View Details
Bartholomew, William J. Bart""867 S.E Blvd Salem, Ohio10/4/2000View Details
Bartholow, Ross L. Sr.Altercare Alliance, Oh.2/17/2007View Details
Bartholow, Carol MaeLeetonia, Ohio1/26/1940View Details
Bartholow, Dorothy L.2072 Goshen Rd., Salem, Ohio3/7/1990View Details
Barton, Alfred C.Ravenna, Ohio1/16/1958View Details
Barton, Beatrice McIntoshWinston-Salem, N. C.7/19/1962View Details
Barton, Frank W.,Sr, "Pineapple"Salem, ohio7/18/2015View Details
Basley, Edwin E.Salem, Ohio3/4/1931View Details
Bass, Elvira R. (Ressler)Mt. Juliet Health Care Mt. Juliet, Tenn.3/6/2011View Details
Bass, Solomon A.Waverly, Ohio - Died in Pasadena, Calif.4/26/1979View Details
Bassett, GabriellaCleveland, Ohio5/25/1936View Details
Batch, WilliamSalem, ohio2/13/2008View Details
Bates, DeborahWilson St. Salem, ohio1/30/2004View Details
Bates, George O.Mobile, Alabama4/27/1996View Details
Bates, Mary T.216 Berwyn Dr. Mobile, Ala.7/9/2000View Details
Bates, (Infant)11/24/1922View Details
Bates, Ada V.1927 Jersey Ridge Rd., Salem, Ohio6/13/1989View Details
Bates, Ebbert M.Goshen Road, Salem, Ohio9/6/1946View Details
Bates, Eleanor C.Salem, Ohio5/21/1979View Details
Bates, ElizabethLisbon, Ohio3/22/1943View Details
Bates, Ella12/27/1900View Details
Bates, Frank E.Salem, Ohio1/11/1940View Details
Bates, George U.Canfield, Ohio8/1/1966View Details
Bates, Harry3/21/1924View Details
Bates, John GlennSalem, Ohio2/22/1976View Details
Bates, Laura BellDamascus, Ohio4/9/1972View Details
Bates, Laura G.Salem, Ohio3/26/1954View Details
Bates, Lena C.32925 Coffee School Rd. Salem, Ohio2/27/1993View Details
Bates, Leroy S.32925 Coffee School Rd., Salem, Ohio11/9/1983View Details
Bates, Lester V.Salem, Ohio1/10/1974View Details
Bates, Lucille H.26533 Winchester Rd., Hemet, Calif.8/6/1990View Details
Bates, M. L.3-16-1897View Details
Bates, Morrall C.Salem, Ohio7/20/1964View Details
Bates, Myra M.Salem, Ohio8/5/1971View Details
Bates, Robert H.26533 Winchester Rd., Hemet, California 923437/2/1979View Details
Bates, Rozella M.Salem, Ohio9/24/1962View Details
Bates, Salathiel8/20/1911View Details
Batycki, RomanSalem, Ohio11/7/1960View Details
Batyski, Anna E.9922 W. Middletown Rd., Salem, Ohio2/6/1982View Details
Batyski, BeulahSalem, Ohio8/1/2014View Details
Batyski, Joseph M.Salem, Ohio12/31/2012View Details
Baugher, Frank M. or H.California6/17/1938View Details
Baugher, Kate5/11/1901View Details
Bauman, Carl Thomas605 N. Howard St. Salem, Ohio3/2/1996View Details
Bauman, Carl F.Salem, Ohio10/4/1971View Details
Bauman, FrancesSalem, Ohio1/3/1934View Details
Bauman, Grace M.Salem, Ohio7/1/1953View Details
Bauman, Matilda M.Salem, Ohio11/20/1977View Details
Bauman, Samuel10/18/1920View Details
Baunach, Emily1392 Gladys Ave., Lakewood, Ohio3/27/1983View Details
Baunach, Nelson O.Salem, Ohio2/24/1969View Details
Baxter, LeroySalem, Ohio11/13/1957View Details
Baxter, Mary S.Huntington Park, California6/2/1959View Details
Beach, CatherineSalem, Ohio1/23/1967View Details
Beach, HarrySalem, Ohio12/28/1937View Details
Beall, Leo T.1420 Manor Dr. Salem, Ohio11/27/1995View Details
Beall, Andrew T.SDalem, Ohio2/29/1960View Details
Beall, D. ThomasSalem, Ohio10/29/1949View Details
Beall, ElizabethSalem, Ohio5/26/1956View Details
Beall, Ethel B.1420 Manor Drive Salem, Ohio5/8/1983View Details
Beall, Mabel Ida11-18-1896View Details
Beall, Ollie Y.Salem, Ohio5/13/1974View Details
Beall, Richard "Dick"Salem, Ohio3/19/2011View Details
Beall, Theodore A.Salem, Ohio3/12/1934View Details
Bealz, AnnaSalem, Ohio11/2/1944View Details
Bealz, GeorgeSalem, Ohio1/5/1947View Details
Beam, Jacob?View Details
Beard, Timothy FrankSalem, Ohio11/24/1955View Details
Beardmore, Esther LillianMayfair Village, Columbus, Ohio12/31/1993View Details
Beardmore, Charles D.Salem, Ohio10/16/1957View Details
Beardmore, HarrySalem, Ohio1/16/1979View Details
Beardmore, Ida M.Salem, Ohio8/19/1969View Details
Beardmore, Lawrence D.Salem, Ohio11/11/1957View Details
Beardmore, Lena BelleSalem, Ohio6/7/1966View Details
Beattie, Earl D.Salem, Ohio5/31/1945View Details
Beatty, AlfredFord City, Pa.3/7/1907View Details
Beatty, Hattie A.Wilkinsburg, Pa.1/3/1903View Details
Beatty, John R.9/3/1910View Details
Beatty, Raymond C.Pittsburgh, Pa.7/7/1919View Details
Beaver, Dorothy S.437 East Calte Higuera Camarillo,Calif1/18/2000View Details
Beaver, Paul H., Jr.Los Angeles, California1/17/1975View Details
Beaver, Scott EdwardSalem, Ohio3/21/2012View Details
Bebing, AdeleSummitville, Ohio4/23/1952View Details
Bechler, Jane LeeWarren, Ohio2/4/1969View Details
Bechtel, Infant?View Details
Beck, H. Irwin455 W. 4th St Salem, ohio1/21/1997View Details
Beck, Alice A.Salem, Ohio11/6/1974View Details
Beck, Avanell E.410 Washington St. Salem, Ohio5/23/1982View Details
Beck, betty B.Hollander House Salem, Ohio10/7/2008View Details
Beck, Carroll I.Salem, Ohio7/17/1950View Details
Beck, Carroll V.1416 East Pershing St. Salem, Ohio4/27/1991View Details
Beck, Charles9/18/1914View Details
Beck, Deana Lynn8217 West Rd., Salem, Ohio9/2/1990View Details
Beck, Deane E.964 Park Ave. Salem, Ohio10/22/1992View Details
Beck, Ethel N.Denver, Colo.3/10/1963View Details
Beck, Frank6/20/1920View Details
Beck, Harry S.Salem, Ohio11/7/1930View Details
Beck, Isabelle M.Salem, Ohio9/30/1950View Details
Beck, Jesse E.Salem, Ohio5/6/1953View Details
Beck, Lavenia12/12/1922View Details
Beck, Mary E.5/17/1912View Details
Beck, MinnieSalem, Ohio12/28/1950View Details
Beck, VernettaDamascus, Ohio9/20/1975View Details
Beck, WilliamDamascus, Ohio2/4/1938View Details
Becker, Frederick J.Salem, Ohio9/22/1939View Details
Becker, Herbert F.Salem, Ohio6/7/1941View Details
Becker, John4/11/1919View Details
Becker, KatherineSalem, Ohio4/30/1945View Details
Becker, MargaretSalem, Ohio1/6/1976View Details
Bedell, IdaSalem, Ohio11/18/1951View Details
Beech, Alfred HarrySalem, Ohio8/27/1940View Details
Beech, Arthur L.424 West Pershing Salem, Ohio1/19/1982View Details
Beech, Elizabeth J.27184 Lakepoint Dr. Beloit, Ohio7/5/1992View Details
Beech, Florence (Flora)Salem, Ohio12/7/1975View Details
Beech, Infant2/6/1909View Details
Beeler, Richard L.3780 Spring Rd. Carlisle, Pa.11/18/1984View Details
Beery, KathrynKennewick, Wash.1/12/2005View Details
Beery, Ruth E.Bloomington, Ind.12/22/2006View Details
Beery, Theodore1836 E. 3rd St Salem, Ohio4/12/2002View Details
Beery, BernadineSalem, Ohio3/3/1975View Details
Beery, David P.285 West Pershing St. Salem, Ohio12/7/1980View Details
Beery, Florence T.Copeland Oaks Retirement Center Sebring, Ohio12/27/1979View Details
Beery, Genevieve K.Salem, Ohio5/22/1961View Details
Beery, Sarah3/10/1930View Details
Beery, Walter L.Lorain, Ohio12/12/1963View Details
Beeson, Albert J., Sr.410 Benton Rd. Salem, Ohio2/9/1981View Details
Beeson, Albert Vernon Bert""Salem, Ohio2/11/1975View Details
Beeson, Alice A.R.D. #4 Box 501 Dunnellon, Florida2/25/1985View Details
Beeson, Eleanor MarieSalem, Ohio6/20/1964View Details
Beeson, Ella G.Salem, Ohio5/18/1966View Details
Beeson, Franklyn L.Salem, Ohio7/31/1963View Details
Beeson, Gregory J.2378 Rt 45 Salem, Ohio3/3/1992View Details
Beeson, Harry A.Salem, Ohio8/5/1967View Details
Beeson, Helen L.3328 Route 45 Salem, Ohio2-16-198View Details
Beeson, Infant11/26/1918View Details
Beeson, Infant4/30/1908View Details
Beeson, J.O.2/19/1911View Details
Beeson, Katherine E.275 Roosevelt Ave. Salem, Ohio3/25/1993View Details
Beeson, Lorane8/11/1903View Details
Beeson, Mark DavidClayton, Ohio9/24/1976View Details
Beeson, MarthaSalem, Ohio6/20/1976View Details
Beeson, O.J.7/31/1909View Details
Beeson, Richard H.6/29/1902View Details
Beeson, Robert EugeneSalem, OhioJuly 3, 2008View Details
Beeson, Rosa4/23/1923View Details
Beeson, Theresa8/3/1923View Details
Beeson, Walter J.Canton, Ohio12/28/1955View Details
Beeson, Walter V.Dunnellon, Florida5/20/1976View Details
Beeson, William F.275 N. Roosevelt Salem, Ohio3/16/1982View Details
Beeson, Zina MachellSalem, Ohio1/9/1965View Details
Beiler, Martha Marie250 Continental Dr. Salem, Ohio10/14/1991View Details
Beitler, Ann E.711 Valley Rd. Damascus, Ohio1/14/1992View Details
Beitler, Catherine L.2511 Bentley Dr. Salem, Ohio12/21/1980View Details
Beitler, Marion J. Pappy""Damascus, Ohio8/19/1965View Details
Beitler, Richard H.Damascus, Ohio6/14/1971View Details
Belich, Larry2319 Merle Rd. Salem, ohio8/10/1999View Details
Belich, Marian E.Pleasantview Nursing Home Lisbon, OhioView Details
Belich, Marian E.Pleasant View Nursing Home Lisbon, Ohio7/27/2008View Details
Bell, Thomas John351 Woodland Ave. Salem, Ohio6/22/2008View Details
Bell, Adeline M.Salem, Ohio9/8/1964View Details
Bell, AnnaSalem, Ohio3/13/1935View Details
Bell, George H., Sr.Salem, Ohio7/3/1969View Details
Bell, Horace W.Pittsburgh, Pa.2/6/1934View Details
Bell, Jasper4/25/1904View Details
Bell, LauraSalem, Ohio1/26/1948View Details
Bell, MargaretSalem, Ohio3/17/1963View Details
Bell, Margaret (Removal)Salem, Ohio3/17/1963View Details
Bell, Martin C.Salem, Ohio4/15/1946View Details
Bell, Roberta H.Salem, ohio8/7/2015View Details
Bell, Sarah E.8/7/1913View Details
Bender, MarieSalem, Ohio6/17/1959View Details
Bender, Mary (Marie Binder)488 Perry St., Salem, Ohio9/23/1979View Details
Bender, SamuelHanoverton, Ohio5/26/1934View Details
Bender,(Infant)Salem, Ohio9/6/1953View Details
Bender,(Infant)8/3/1932View Details
Bendik, MaryParma, Ohio6/4/2002View Details
Bendik, RudolphNorth Royalton, Ohio5/9/1991View Details
Bendik, SophiaFairhope, Alabama3/27/1973View Details
Bendik, StephanSalem, Ohio12/28/1926View Details
Benedict, Louis L.Buffalo, NY9/30/1996View Details
Benedict, AnthonyAmbridge, Pa.3/14/1942View Details
Benedict, AugustSalem, Ohio8/8/1957View Details
Benedict, C. C.Salem, Ohio4/26/1939View Details
Benedict, Edward A.10/7/1918View Details
Benedict, Irene R.Nutter Fort, West Va.2/7/1981View Details
Benedict, JohnSAlem, Ohio1/28/1949View Details
Benedict, John J.Salem, Ohio7/21/1950View Details
Benedict, JosephSalem, Ohio4/23/1942View Details
Benedict, Mary Ann339 Newgarden Ave., Salem, Ohio5/28/1981View Details
Benedict, Mary AnnSalem, Ohio9/15/1935View Details
Benedict, Mary H.Winona, Ohio6/15/1969View Details
Benedict, Michael G.2689 Pearl Detroit, Mich.4/23/1993View Details
Benedict, PeteSalem, Ohio5/15/1974View Details
Benedict, RoseSalem, Ohio2/5/1950View Details
Benedict, Susan1/7/1926View Details
Benedict, Vera M.Pittsburgh, Pa.7/5/1992View Details
Benefield, CoraSalem, Ohio3/29/1930View Details
Bennett, Anne6292 Memorial Dr. Dublin, Ohio7/16/1998View Details
Bennett, Barney Lea483 Valley Rd. Salem, ohio1/12/1996View Details
Bennett, Eleanore109 Blossom Lane Salem, Ohio6/10/2001View Details
Bennett, Elizabeth Betty""12391 Middletown Rd. Salem, Ohio9/25/1994View Details
Bennett, Nanee Snelling GibbsKirtland, Ohio8/21/2003View Details
Bennett, Robert O.500 E. 4th St. Salem, ohio9/15/1996View Details
Bennett, Alma PearlWinona, Ohio1/11/1961View Details
Bennett, CatherineFort Lauderdale, Fla.8/16/1959View Details
Bennett, Charles Richard5105 West Blvd., Canton, Ohio1/4/1985View Details
Bennett, Edward L.Salem, Ohio2/24/2015View Details
Bennett, Eugene W.Salem, Ohio8/22/1971View Details
Bennett, Fred T.Salem, Ohio3/13/1932View Details
Bennett, Glenn W.Winona, Ohio2/18/1944View Details
Bennett, Helen A.Salem, Ohio12/8/1941View Details
Bennett, Jane G.Massillon, Ohio10/25/1961View Details
Bennett, Lea V.483 Valley Rd., Damascus, Ohio12/8/1981View Details
Bennett, MarilynSalem, Ohio4/23/1949View Details
Bennett, PaullenSalem, Ohio10/25/1951View Details
Bennett, Samuel H.Winona, Ohio2/23/1966View Details
Bennett, William M.807 Anne St., Myrtle Beach, N.C.11/10/1986View Details
Benning, MarySebring, Ohio1/16/1956View Details
Benning, MichaelSalem, Ohio9/16/1947View Details
Benson, J. HaroldSalem, Ohio10/12/1973View Details
Benson, Nettie Irene250 Continental Drive, Salem, Ohio4/4/1991View Details
Bentie, Louise3/6/1922View Details
Bentley, Carol A.324 W. 8th St. Salem, ohio5/14/2001View Details
Bentley, Anna L.39 S. Central Ave. Columbus, Ohio10/13/1993View Details
Bentz, Caroline S.1985 E. Pershing St. Salem, ohio10/1/2001View Details
Bentz, Cash A.7219 Salem Unity Rd., Salem, Ohio3/18/1979View Details
Berendowsky, AnthonySalem, Ohio6/3/1959View Details
Berendowsky, Magdalena MargaretSalem, Ohio12/10/1958View Details
Berg, Alice A.1146 Short St., Salem, Ohio7/15/1987View Details
Berg, Charles L.Salem, Ohio11/30/1975View Details
Berg, Helen JacksonZephrhills, Florida6/24/1951View Details
Berg, James R.1/18/1918View Details
Berg, Marguerite M.Salem, Ohio8/3/1969View Details
Berg, Walter F.Salem, Ohio9/12/1951View Details
Berger, Kimberly S.Prescott Circle Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio6/2/1998View Details
Berger, Mary RuthCopeland Oaks Sebring, Ohio3/8/2000View Details
Berger, DonaldPhiladelphia, Pa.12/15/1920View Details
Berger, Hazel MaeBeloit, Ohio8/1/1978View Details
Berger, Lester W.Salem, Ohio7/7/1946View Details
Berger, Louise Oswald230 Miller Rd., Akron, Ohio1/10/1982View Details
Berger, Maude I.1173 Ridge Road, Salem, Ohio4/8/1981View Details
Berger, Michael Kent110 Woodland Ave., Salem, Ohio7/4/1983View Details
Berger, Patricia AnnSalem, Ohio5/1/1965View Details
Berger, Robert A.Alliance, Ohio1/24/1966View Details
Bergman, D. Elaine6220 Gamble Rd. Lisbon, Ohio10/11/2005View Details
Bergman, Dorothy J.Salem, Ohio1/11/1973View Details
Bergman, Elda Mae250 Continental Dr., (452 Park Ave.) Salem, Ohio8/12/1990View Details
Bergman, Frederick J.1603 Chestnut Grove Rd., Salem, Ohio4/5/1979View Details
Bergman, George G.452 Park, Salem, Ohio1/6/1987View Details
Berlin, Elizabeth H.Salem, Ohio7/10/1956View Details
Berlin, James E.11/13/1919View Details
Berrong, Clude7443 Spillway Rd., Lisbon, Ohio6/2/1987View Details
Berrong, Mildred M.7443 Spillway Rd. Lisbon, Ohio3/27/1991View Details
Berry, Wilma G. HerbertCopland Oaks Sebring Oh.3/5/2006View Details
Berry, LeRoySalem, Ohio9/16/1959View Details
Bersche, Sophia H.7/14/1913View Details
Bertram, SusanCanton, Ohio12/11/1972View Details
Bess, EthelSalem, Ohio9/2/1948View Details
Bess, JosephineAlliance, Ohio3/22/1911View Details
Bess, Wilbur G.Leetonia, Ohio10/6/1936View Details
Betts, BlanchePittsburgh, Pa.4/9/1947View Details
Betts, Charles H.Salem, Ohio6/22/1942View Details
Bettz, John W.Salem, Ohio1/5/1934View Details
Betz, Anna J.Salem, Ohio3/4/1934View Details
Betz, Ernest J.Salem, Ohio5/22/1940View Details
Betz, Jacob E.Salem, Ohio11/15/1952View Details
Betz, Mary E.Salem, Ohio5/27/1950View Details
Bezeredi, Joseph465 N. Ellsworth, Salem, Ohio11/11/1990View Details
Bezeredi, Vivian M.781 E. 3rd St., Salem, Ohio3/4/1985View Details
Bhe, Christine J.990 E. 15th St. Salem, Ohio4/24/2005View Details
Bica, Carole M.1551 Victor Circle Salem, Ohio5/26/2001View Details
Bica, ClaudiaSalem, Ohio3/26/1957View Details
Bica, Emil1385 Johnson Ave. Salem, Ohio12/4/1993View Details
Bica, Hermina Jane1385 Johnson Ave., Salem, Ohio8/21/1987View Details
Bichsel, Harry J.South Yarmouth, Mass.7/21/1996View Details
Bichsel, Frederick R.Salem, Ohio7/11/1960View Details
Bichsel, Harry U.Kissimmee, Florida6/11/1974View Details
Bichsel, Lettie J.Copeland Oaks, Sebring, Ohio8/18/1987View Details
Biddison, Ethel M.Pompano Beach, Florida1/17/1973View Details
Biddison, John T.Warren, Ohio10/10/1949View Details
Bielski, Robert V.583 Fair Ave., Salem, Ohio11/19/1990View Details
Bierlair, Renee Lynn431 W. 5th St. Salem, Ohio9/19/1994View Details
Bierlair, Stella A.1665 VanBuren St. Salem, Ohio1/20/2005View Details
Bierley, Andrew5/17/1922View Details
Bierley, MagdeleneSalem, Ohio9/8/1934View Details
Biggins, Thirl Biggie""1053 Buckeye Ave. Salem, Ohio1/1/1994View Details
Billhofter, George10/12/1917View Details
Bilsky, Harold F., Sr.Salem, Ohio4/30/1965View Details
Binder, Frieda E.800 S. 15th St. Sebring, Ohio1/22/1999View Details
Binder, JosephSalem, Ohio2/9/1928View Details
Binder, MarySalem, Ohio9/10/1972View Details
Binder, Michael E.Crandall Medical Center10/1/1990View Details
Binder, Michael Sr.Salem, Ohio2/2/1957View Details
Bingham, BessieDamascus, Ohio1/17/1949View Details
Bingham, Edna F.View Details
Bingham, Lee B.Damascus, Ohio6/6/1940View Details
Bingham, Lee K.2/12/1916View Details
Birchak, Andrew S.Salem, Ohio10/2/1978View Details
Birchak, AnnaFlo-Lor Drive, Youngstown, Ohio7/29/1990View Details
Birchak, Anna E.Salem, Ohio4/16/1967View Details
Birchak, George J., Jr.Salem, Ohio1/4/1970View Details
Birchak, George Sr.Salem, Ohio1/24/1949View Details
Birchak, John E.Warren, ohio7/24/2014View Details
Birk, John GeorgeHolander House Salem, ohio5/20/2007View Details
Birk, Ann MarieSalem, Ohio2/15/1952View Details
Birk, BlancheSalem, Ohio6/4/1949View Details
Birk, Elizabeth7/13/1913View Details
Birk, James V.View Details
Birk, Johann Sr.Salem, Ohio12/22/1964View Details
Birk, JohnSalem, Ohio5/7/1942View Details
Birk, John (2)Salem, Ohio9/1/1947View Details
Birk, KatherineSalem, Ohio1/24/1942View Details
Birk, Maria MelitschkaSalem, Ohio10/24/1964View Details
Birk, Mrs. Martin1891View Details
Birk,(Infant)8/11/1912View Details
Birk,(Infant)9/10/1926View Details
Birk,(Infant)11/10/1918View Details
Birk,(Infant)5/28/1920View Details
Birkhimer, Frederick E. Fritz""394 Country Club Lane Salem, Ohio7/22/1995View Details
Birkhimer, R. Pauline2399 S.E. Blvd. Salem, Ohio4/21/1996View Details
Birkhimer, Vera E.394 Country Club Lane Salem, Ohio6/24/1996View Details
Birkhimer, Alonzo E.Winona, Ohio10/5/1967View Details
Birkhimer, Catherine Katie M.""Salem, Ohio12/30/1976View Details
Birkhimer, Ethel C.5/28/1912View Details
Birkhimer, Joseph P.Salem, Ohio11/6/1960View Details
Birkhimer, KatherineSalem, Ohio6/11/1937View Details
Birkhimer, LucilleSebring, Ohio3/10/1945View Details
Birkhimer, Mary Ann (Mollie)Richmond, Va.8/21/1962View Details
Birkhimer, Oliver FloydSalem, Ohio8/30/1970View Details
Birkhimer, Patricia J.15914 U.S. Route 62 Damascus, Ohio9/2/1991View Details
Birkhimer, Sterling10/7/1919View Details
Birkhimer, W.C.Salem, Ohio9/6/1948View Details
Birkhimer, Winfred H.678 Euclid Salem, Ohio5/19/1985View Details
Birtalan, ClaraAlliance, Ohio6/20/1967View Details
Birtalan, Joseph, Jr.Alliance, Ohio1/16/1953View Details
Birtalan, Joseph, Sr.Alliance, Ohio8/2/1977View Details
Bischoff, Julia M.Canfield, Ohio3/19/1952View Details
Bischoff, Raymond G.Canfield, Ohio5/1/1973View Details
Bishop, ForrestSalem, Ohio10/31/1953View Details
Bishop, Mary EllenSalem, Ohio4/15/1958View Details
Bissell, Dr. Tracy M.1449 Manor Drive Salem, Ohio8/9/1981View Details
Bissell, Margaret (Peg) QuinnSalem, Ohio11/16/2013View Details
Bissell, Olive W.2511 Bentley Dr. Salem, Ohio5/29/1983View Details
Bissell, Tracy W., II832 Homewood Ave., Salem, Ohio3/3/1979View Details
Bitonti, Eva L.Salem, Ohio6/26/1978View Details
Bitonti, Joe L.Salem, Ohio7/22/1967View Details
Bittaker, Mabel LeafOhio Masonic Home Springfield, Ohio1/16/1994View Details
Bixler, Edgar H.Winona, Ohio5/24/1965View Details
Bixler, Inez YenglingSalem, Ohio4/4/1972View Details
Black,(Infant)Salem, Ohio4/27/1949View Details
Blackburn, Elizabeth8-5-1894View Details
Blackburn, ElizabethCanton, Ohio6/1/1946View Details
Blackburn, Emma J.11/20/1920View Details
Blackburn, FrankElwood City, Pa.10/5/1952View Details
Blackburn, J. S.2/5/1913View Details
Blackburn, Joseph D.Tampa, Florida12/10/1985View Details
Blackburn, LulaSalem, Ohio5/16/1928View Details
Blackburn, M. Van8/18/1905View Details
Blackburn, Ruth Hannah (Scott)Essex I Salem, Ohio2/15/2010View Details
Blackstone, BerthaSalem, Ohio11/1/1944View Details
Blackstone, Jack R.Salem, Ohio6/28/1948View Details
Blaine, Isabella M.500 E. Fourth St. Salem, Ohio12/27/1995View Details
Blaine, Charles J.34951 Golf Club Rd., Salem, Ohio12/15/1979View Details
Blaine, John9/14/1912View Details
Blake, Richard ClairCanfield, Ohio9/14/2007View Details
Blanan, Anna8/10/1908View Details
Blanch, Effie MayYoungstown, Ohio1/25/1967View Details
Blankenship, Gerald W.1593 Manor Dr., Salem, Ohio1/10/1988View Details
Bleakley, John G. Jr.1360 E. Pershing Salem, Ohio6/11/1999View Details
Bleakley, John Clarence IIISalem, ohio12/9/2013View Details
Bleam, Ella2/26/1945View Details
Bleam, Norman8/8/1934View Details
Blesch, PeterSalem, Ohio11/23/1923View Details
Blevins,(Infant)Salem, Ohio4/11/1933View Details
Blind, Christopher4/6/1922View Details
Blind, Robert J.Salem, Ohio12/8/1941View Details
Blirten,(Infant)4/19/1912View Details
Blistan, JohnSalem, Ohio12/28/1961View Details
Blistan, MichaelSalem, Ohio6/22/1935View Details
Block,(Bloch) (Infant)3/19/1929View Details
Blockinger, John8/18/1921View Details
Blockinger, ThresiaAlliance, Ohio6/23/1930View Details
Bloom, Amos M.Salem, Ohio5/3/1946View Details
Bloom, Laura A.Salem, Ohio6/2/1931View Details
Bloor, Mary LutschBradenton, Fla.11/12/1996View Details
Bloor, Robert J.5341 Newgarden Ave. Salem, Ohio8/2/1994View Details
Bloor, MarySalem, Ohio3/15/1973View Details
Blount, Dolores KatherineSalem, Ohio7/5/1951View Details
Blum, RosineAlliance, Ohio1/8/1952View Details
Blunt, NannetteKailua Oahu, Hawaii6/16/1997View Details
Blunt, George A.Kailua, Hawaii3/27/2010View Details
Blythe, Donald Oliver1886 Whinnery Rd. Salem, Ohio2/20/2000View Details
Blythe, Mary Jane1886 Whinnery Rd. Salem, ohio1/9/2002View Details
Boals, Irene B.7443 Spillway Rd. Salem, Ohio2/27/1996View Details
Boals, Earl H.465 Penn Ave., Salem, Ohio8/23/1983View Details
Boals, Elmer Bud""Salem, Ohio10/13/1974View Details
Boals, FrankSebring, Ohio2/15/1956View Details
Boals, James B.Salem, Ohio9/8/1951View Details
Boals, Joseph P.Sebring, Ohio3/30/1911View Details
Boals, Margaret L.Salem, Ohio11/16/1972View Details
Boals, Mary E.Orrville, Ohio10/18/1992View Details
Boals, MiriamCrooksville, Ohio2/24/1937View Details
Boar,(Boarin) Theo.1/28/1917View Details
Bober, Leslie FrancesSalem, Ohio9/9/1951View Details
Bober, Mary C.Salem, Ohio4/16/1948View Details
Bodendorfer, Dorothy StellaSt. Petersburg, Fla.4/24/2005View Details
Bodendorfer, LorettaEssex Nursing Center Salem, ohio3/29/1999View Details
Bodendorfer, Pearl W.491 E. Dunedin Columbus, Ohio10/31/2006View Details
Bodendorfer, Amelia J.St. Petersburgh, Fla.12/6/1981View Details
Bodendorfer, David DennisSalem, Ohio11/25/1946View Details
Bodendorfer, Hermina Sara "Minnie"908 W. Wilson St. Salem, Ohio5/14/2010View Details
Bodendorfer, KatherinaSalem, Ohio10/3/1940View Details
Bodendorfer, RalphSalem, Ohio10/6/1967View Details
Bodendorfer, Rudolph F.908 W. Wilson, Salem, Ohio10/24/1990View Details
Bodendorfer, William P.Dunedin, Fla.10/18/1977View Details
Bodendorfer, William Sr.Salem, Ohio12/24/1948View Details
Bodirnea, Anna2511 Bentley Dr. Salem, Ohio8/7/1995View Details
Bodirnea, George193 Woodland Ave. Salem, ohio11/15/1994View Details
Bodirnea, George A., Sr.Salem, Ohio9/16/1975View Details
Bodirnea, HelenBoardman, Ohio7/16/2014View Details
Bodo, EthelSalem, Ohio5/21/1937View Details
Bodo, George G.Salem, Ohio9/17/1935View Details
Bodo, Samuel C.Tampa, Florida6/29/1959View Details
Boehm, Alyse L.1265 Cedar Ridge Salem, ohio6/16/2001View Details
Bogar, Dr. Mary E.Hospice House Poland, Ohio12/21/2007View Details
Bogar, Joseph J.Salem, Ohio1/15/2003View Details
Bogar, Mary Jane13300 Diagonal Rd. Salem, Ohio3/9/2003View Details
Bogar, Stephen A.4819 8th Ave. No. #206 St. Petersburgh, Fla.10/6/1994View Details
Bogar, CharlesSalem, Ohio4/27/1979View Details
Bogar, Charles A., Sr.Goshen Twp.11/23/1960View Details
Bogar, Elsie M.13300 Diagonal Rd., Salem, Ohio12/30/1986View Details
Bogar, John PhilipSalem, Ohio5/20/1959View Details
Bogar, MarySalem, Ohio10/8/1972View Details
Bogar, Thomas E.Salem, Ohio6/20/2014View Details
Boggs, Lottie SlagleGreenford, Ohio12/5/1952View Details
Bogue, Emory8/26/1906View Details
Bogus, AmeliaBoca Raton, Fl1/16/2012View Details
Boham, John (Bohm)9/17/1910View Details
Bohm, Daniel Sr.Salem, Ohio10/17/1961View Details
Bohm, SusannaSalem, Ohio3/7/1978View Details
Bojnansky, JohnSalem, Ohio11/1/1944View Details
Bojnansky, JuliaSalem, Ohio7/6/1966View Details
Boles, John A.12/13/1903View Details
Bolger, Alice2/12/1920View Details
Bolger, J. CareyNewton, N.J.12/6/1951View Details
Bolger, JohnCleveland, Ohio8-30-1911 ?View Details
Bolger, John C.Salem, Ohio7/8/1933View Details
Bolinger, BlancheBaton Rouge, La.2/6/1984View Details
Bolinger, Walter E.Salem, Ohio8/3/1983View Details
Bolivar, Edna (Boliver)1/17/1913View Details
Boliver, Stella5/14/1922View Details
Bollinger, Shirley AnnAlliance, Ohio3/18/2010View Details
Bollinger, Vincent "Ray"Alliance, Ohio7/28/2011View Details
Bolta, JohnSalem, Ohio1/9/1931View Details
Bolta, John12/11/1912View Details
Bolta, Mary9/17/1911View Details
Bonfert, Emma M.Salem, Ohio6/11/1977View Details
Bonfert, Gustave A.Salem, Ohio8/29/1969View Details
Bonfert, KarlSalem, Ohio5/31/1961View Details
Bonfert, MichaelSalem, Ohio10/7/1965View Details
Bonfert, NettieSalem, Ohio9/6/1968View Details
Bonnell, D. W.12/21/1918View Details
Bonnell, MattieSalem, Ohio12/27/1933View Details
Bonnell, William W.Salem, Ohio8/2/1935View Details
Bonsall, Dorothy Watkins489 Jennings Ave. Salem, Ohio3/26/1995View Details
Bonsall, Leonard L.489 Jennings Salem, Ohio6/5/1999View Details
Bonsall, Abbie1864View Details
Bonsall, Addie F.Salem, Ohio4/28/1957View Details
Bonsall, Adrienne C.Daytona Beach, Fla.1/18/1961View Details
Bonsall, Albert S.Salem, Ohio7/14/1954View Details
Bonsall, Anna H.View Details
Bonsall, Betty J.10375 Chadbourne Dr. Tampa Fla.2/28/1993View Details
Bonsall, Daniel1879View Details
Bonsall, Florence1886View Details
Bonsall, Harry1864View Details
Bonsall, Horace L.Salem, Ohio9/18/1962View Details
Bonsall, Ion K.Salem, Ohio3/1/1950View Details
Bonsall, Joel S.1902View Details
Bonsall, Lewis D.Salem, Ohio4/21/1948View Details
Bonsall, Martha1841View Details
Bonsall, Martha (2)6/19/1924View Details
Bonsall, Mattie1861View Details
Bonsall, MilliePittsburgh, Pa.1/10/1916View Details
Bonsall, Myrtle1985 East Pershing St. Salem, Ohio4/25/1983View Details
Bonsall, Sylvia A.Salem, Ohio3/9/1965View Details
Bonsall, WardPittsburgh, Pa.6/29/1935View Details
Bookner, Infant12/26/1910View Details
Boone, Eva M.Columbiana, Ohio10/7/2013View Details
Boone, Wayne J.3414 W. Pine Lake Rd. Columbiana, Ohio1/17/2009View Details
Booth, Mary Ann?View Details
Booty, Ada BelleMassillon, Ohio4/9/1943View Details
Booty, Christina7/28/1912View Details
Booty, David2/13/1924View Details
Booty, EllaStruthers, Ohio8/2/1937View Details
Booty, Harry W.Struthers, Ohio2/16/1983View Details
Booty, John G.7/6/1901View Details
Booty, John H.4/5/1919View Details
Booty, MaryAlliance, Ohio3/4/1946View Details
Booty, OrleataSalem, Ohio3/12/1977View Details
Booty, RussellSalem, Ohio8/19/1962View Details
Booty, William3/24/1917View Details
Borders, Roy L.387 Ash Ave. Salem, Ohio12/3/1986View Details
Borelli, PhilomeniaSalem, Ohio7/30/1936View Details
Boreson, John3/6/1915View Details
Borrelli, Dorothy807 East 3rd. St. Salem, Ohio6/13/1994View Details
Borrelli, AnthonyColumbus, Ohio10/1/1962View Details
Borrelli,- Infant4/22/1948View Details
Borrelli, JohnSalem, Ohio10/13/1943View Details
Borrelli, MarySalem, Ohio9/12/1952View Details
Bort, Anna M.9/20/1927View Details
Bort, ElizabethColumbiana, Ohio12/29/1980View Details
Bort, MichaelColumbiana, Ohio8/27/1962View Details
Borton, Harold E.4651/2 Columbia St. Leetonia, Ohio8/8/1996View Details
Borton, Alice G.Salem, Ohio4/19/1969View Details
Borton, Cora A.Salem, Ohio11/19/1938View Details
Borton, Doris282 West Second St. Salem, Ohio3/31/1980View Details
Borton, HannahSalem, Ohio4/30/1948View Details
Borton, IsabelCleveland, Ohio3/29/1947View Details
Borton, J. AlbertSalem, Ohio12/10/1950View Details
Borton, Jessie12/26/1902View Details
Borton, John J.Salem, Ohio12/31/1928View Details
Borton, MarkKnox Township7/4/1950View Details
Boston, Ethel Frances1955 State Route 344 Salem, Ohio5/29/1993View Details
Boston, FrankWashingtonville, Ohio6/25/1936View Details
Boston, Fred C.Columbiana, Ohio11/22/1972View Details
Boston, LauraWashingtonville, Ohio11/30/1921View Details
Boston, Mary396 S. Main St. Columbiana, Ohio9/7/1980View Details
Boston, MertieWashingtonville, Ohio11/23/1940View Details
Botosso, John10/23/1935View Details
Boughton, Larry RobertSalem, Ohio6/19/1950View Details
Boughton, Robert E.14423 Seacrist Rd., Salem, Ohio9/24/1989View Details
Bova, Mae Pauline919 Highland Ave. Salem, ohio7/23/2001View Details
Bova, Mary76 Heten Dr. Wappingersfalls, NY2/26/2008View Details
Bova, AnnaSalem, Ohio3/4/1963View Details
Bova, JohnSalem, Ohio4/28/1936View Details
Bova, Joseph2/17/1906View Details
Bova, Joseph (1)Salem, Ohio11/13/1930View Details
Bova, MaryFallston, Md.1/31/1966View Details
Bova, Pauline9/14/1914View Details
Bowen, John J.12/26/1925View Details
Bowen, John T.12/6/1909View Details
Bower, AdeleAkron, Ohio7/23/2004View Details
Bower, Betty C.946 Canterbury Lane Salem, Ohio4/21/2005View Details
Bower, Russell A.31689 Carey Rd. Salem, ohio10/27/2003View Details
Bower, Albert D.Damascus Road11/12/1930View Details
Bower, August W.3/20/1912View Details
Bower, Infant11/28/1918View Details
Bower, Mary E.8/7/1927View Details
Bower, Orin6/2/1928View Details
Bower, Robert C.Salem, Ohio2/27/1971View Details
Bower, Robert H.Scranton, Pa.8/26/1955View Details
Bower, Venus L.Salem, Ohio5/9/1975View Details
Bowker, HarryAtwater, Ohio1/15/1964View Details
Bowker, MaeAlliance, Ohio3/1/1950View Details
Bowman, George H. Jr.430 Highland Ave Salem, ohio1/18/2000View Details
Bowman, Amelia2/7/1920View Details
Bowman, Arden D.Salem, Ohio2/27/1976View Details
Bowman, Augusta BrooksSalem, Ohio6/9/1959View Details
Bowman, BrooksSalem, Ohio10/16/1937View Details
Bowman, Charles12/23/1917View Details
Bowman, Charles D.10/15/1922View Details
Bowman, Cletus FrancesSalem, Ohio10/16/2011View Details
Bowman, Doris C.Salem, Ohio9/1/1971View Details
Bowman, FannieSalem, Ohio12/9/1935View Details
Bowman, Forrest308 N. Madison Ave., Salem, Ohio3/23/1980View Details
Bowman, Frances C.915 Jennings Ave., Salem, Ohio1/26/1987View Details
Bowman, Frederick C.Salem, Ohio7/20/1970View Details
Bowman, George H., Sr.Salem, Ohio10/16/1960View Details
Bowman, Helen L.Salem, ohio4/24/2015View Details
Bowman, Herschel T.Salem, Ohio12/6/1977View Details
Bowman, Jefferson2/20/1917View Details
Bowman, Joseph A.Salem, Ohio5/26/1946View Details
Bowman, Lester R.Salem, Ohio11/11/1971View Details
Bowman, MarthaSalem, Ohio3/3/1927View Details
Bowman, Mary A.Salem, Ohio4/7/1971View Details
Bowman, Mary C.Salem, Ohio4/15/1943View Details
Bowman, Mary C.Salem, Ohio5/26/1973View Details
Bowman, MinnieSalem, Ohio9/21/1944View Details
Bowman, Phillip1845View Details
Bowman,(Infant)Salem, Ohio10/11/1946View Details
Bowman,(Infant)Salem, Ohio4/28/1951View Details
Bowser,(Infant)4-10-1920 ?View Details
Boyd, Elizabeth3/26/1919View Details
Boyd, ElizabethView Details
Boyd, Elizabeth J.5/15/1902View Details
Boyd, James L.Salem, Ohio6/21/1937View Details
Boyd, James Sr.3/8/1920View Details
Boyd, James W.5/5/1919View Details
Boyd, Mary C.Beloit, Ohio10/22/1940View Details
Boyd, Morris MarcusSalem, Ohio6/27/1974View Details
Boyd, Robert C.Beloit, Ohio6/2/1957View Details
Boyd, RussellSebring, Ohio11/8/1968View Details
Boyd, SadieSebring, Ohio7/7/1973View Details
Boyd, ThrezaBerlin Center, Ohio6/4/1917View Details
Boyd, Vivian1060 E. 10th St., Salem, Ohio11/28/1986View Details
Boyd, Wallace A.Salem, Ohio3/26/1947View Details
Boyer, Jerry J.Salem, Ohio2/1/1978View Details
Boyle, AbbieCleveland, Ohio9/19/1928View Details
Boyle, Carrie WalkerChicago, Illinois3/14/1941View Details
Boyle, ChristopherCanton, Ohio3/29/1955View Details
Boyle, Flora PearlCanton, Ohio12/28/1962View Details
Boyle, MaryleeLisbon, Ohio5/24/1967View Details
Boyle, Thomas A.Painsville, Ohio8/20/1954View Details
Boyle, William C.Cleveland, Ohio5/19/1933View Details
Brack, MabelSalem, Ohio12/4/1976View Details
Brackin, Robert Allen658 E. 7th Salem, Ohio10/8/1999View Details
Brackin, Michael GlenSalem, Ohio1/6/2012View Details
Brackin, Trena Marie318 E. Third St. Salem, Ohio8/7/1985View Details
Bradley, Jean A.650 Woodland Ave. Salem, Oh.7/27/2007View Details
Bradley, Anna S.Salem, Ohio3/5/1957View Details
Bradley, Bertha1525 Fillmore St. Salem, Ohio4/1/1989View Details
Bradley, Clarence J.Salem, Ohio4/5/1951View Details
Bradley, Elanora B.Youngstown, Ohio9/5/1974View Details
Bradley, Eugene C.703 E. 5th St. Salem, Ohio12/28/1980View Details
Bradley, FayeSalem, Ohio11/8/1969View Details
Bradley, Frank L.Lisbon, Ohio12/14/1967View Details
Bradley, JamesSalem, Ohio9/19/1933View Details
Bradley, Jessie M.Salem, Ohio2/27/1936View Details
Bradley, Mrs. JamesSalem, Ohio4/2/1930View Details
Bradley, RaymondAlliance, Ohio9/2/1962View Details
Bradley, Steven R.Salem, Ohio11/14/1963View Details
Bradt, Harry LeeCleveland, Ohio9/7/1945View Details
Bradt, LornaSalem Convalecent Center7/23/1980View Details
Bradt, Orlando H.Salem, Ohio9/19/1967View Details
Brady, Maude E. GetzQuakertown, Pa.1/13/1977View Details
Brain, Dorothy P.565 Jefferson Salem, Ohio2/26/2008View Details
Brain, Ralph C.431 Aetna St., Salem, Ohio3/11/1988View Details
Branard,(Infant)4/25/1926View Details
Brancho, ElaineSalem, Ohio3/5/1945View Details
Branson, Charles4/8/1927View Details
Brant, Neal Lonzo1146 East 3rd St Salem, Ohio8/7/2011View Details
Brantingham, George32349 Winona Rd. Winona, Ohio5/27/1999View Details
Brantingham, Robert C.Warren, ohio10/12/2003View Details
Brantingham, Bette JeanneWinona, Ohio7/5/1951View Details
Brantingham, Edna R. (Lesch)"Toots"Winona Rd. Winona, Ohio11/24/2011View Details
Brantingham, Kathryn M.4706 Whinnery Rd., Winona, Ohio1/6/1988View Details
Brantsch, Eugene H.11720 Edgewater Dr., Lakewood, Dr.9/26/1985View Details
Brantsch, Frederick W.Salem, Ohio4/1/1965View Details
Brantsch, Helen L.Salem, Ohio1/9/1936View Details
Brantsch, John A.McConnellsville, Ohio1/13/1961View Details
Brauntsch, John8/20/1925View Details
Braut, Mary M.650 Cherry St. Salem, ohio11/5/2003View Details
Braut, Anthony P.Salem, Ohio1/7/1968View Details
Breault, Aldie R.1816 Depot Rd. Salem, Ohio1/4/2008View Details
Breault, AngelinaSalem, Ohio1/14/1956View Details
Breault, DessieSalem, Ohio2/28/1949View Details
Breault, Joseph AldieSalem, Ohio6/4/1965View Details
Breault, LawrenceSalem, Ohio2/26/1956View Details
Breault, Nancy L.234 S. Middle St., Columbiana, Ohio3/5/1983View Details
Breault, Wilfred Buck""Salem, Ohio10/2/1977View Details
Breinig, Frances E.6815 California Ave. N.E., Louisville, Ohio8/9/1989View Details
Breinig, Herbert J.169 Woodland Ave., Salem, Ohio5/26/1983View Details
Breit, Ernest F.1194 Cleveland St., Salem, Ohio6/27/1983View Details
Breitenstein, Harvey A.Salem, Ohio6/21/1965View Details
Breitenstein, RuthSalem, Ohio10/20/1971View Details
Brenan, Mable A.Salem, Ohio8/2/1937View Details
Brennan, Kate Ann (Kathleen)Solon Ohio5/7/2007View Details
Brennan, Henry J.Masadonia, Ohio11/10/2012View Details
Brennan, KathleenSalem, Ohio11/10/1965View Details
Brennan, William12/19/1929View Details
Brennan,(Infant)Salem, Ohio8/3/1935View Details
Brenneman, Betty M.Salem, Ohio9/24/1978View Details
Brereton, EmmaSalem, Ohio4/30/1948View Details
Brereton, GraceGriffeth Nursing Home Washington Twp. Richland Co.,O.6/14/1965View Details
Brereton, John R.6/28/1906View Details
Brereton, Louis (Lewis)Salem, Ohio11/29/1930View Details
Bressette, Glenadene11742 Keener Rd., Orville, Ohio12/9/1989View Details
Brewer, Guy6/2/1925View Details
Brewer, IreneSalineville, Ohio5/25/1973View Details
Brewer, WilliamWarren, Ohio3/23/1928View Details
Brewster, Elena Lee""500 E. 4th ST. Salem, Ohio11/19/1994View Details
Brewster, Charles H.500 East 4th St. Salem, Ohio12/13/1991View Details
Brewster, James6/27/1924View Details
Brian, Albert4/25/1919View Details
Brian, Albert O.Glenwood Apts. Millersburg, Ohio8/17/1984View Details
Brian, Arthur S.Salem, Ohio8/13/1968View Details
Brian, Arthur W.Salem, Ohio7/21/1944View Details
Brian, Barbara R.1023 S. Lincoln Ave. Salem, Ohio10/28/1986View Details
Brian, Frank I.Salem, Ohio10/24/1977View Details
Brian, J. HaroldSalem, Ohio4/16/1954View Details
Brian, Jerusha6/12/1924View Details
Brian, Lucile1532 Cleveland St. Salem, Ohio2/23/1989View Details
Brian, Mary SilverSalem, Ohio7/18/1966View Details
Brian, Ruth A.1023 S. Lincoln Ave. Salem, Ohio11/15/1986View Details
Brian, T. KeithMassillon, Ohio9/26/1948View Details
Brick, ElizabethAlliance, Ohio9/27/1934View Details
Bricker, Bruce M.1146 Cunningham Rd. Salem, Ohio9/13/2004View Details
Bricker, Dorothy I.1146 Cunningham Rd. Salem, Ohio5/21/2005View Details
Bricker, Lantz B.1217 Pine Lake Rd. Salem, Ohio1/31/2006View Details
Bricker, Regina M.Salem, Ohio9/14/1998View Details
Bricker, Agnes J.Salem, Ohio7/26/1960View Details
Bricker, Bessie R.Salem, Ohio1/1/1932View Details
Bricker, Clyde R.36427 Butcher Rd. Salem, Ohio3/10/1980View Details
Bricker, EliLisbon, Ohio8/3/1945View Details
Bricker, Emily Rebecca "Becky" Walters12827 Goshen Rd. Salem, Ohio8/13/2010View Details
Bricker, Emma C.Salem, Ohio RFD1/27/1935View Details
Bricker, Galen Eli36016 Longs Crossing Rd., Leetonia, Ohio2/23/1993View Details
Bricker, Harry L.Salem, Ohio2/6/1971View Details
Bricker, Infant (1)6/18/1917View Details
Bricker, Infant (2)8/3/1927View Details
Bricker, Lola M.Salem, Ohio9/8/1963View Details
Bricker, ThomasAlbany Road Salem, Ohio11/11/1946View Details
Bricker, Warren N.Salem, Ohio7/30/1974View Details
Briggs, Clayton A.Salem, Ohio3/13/1936View Details
Briggs, John O.Canton, Ohio11/7/1966View Details
Briggs, JonathanOct-12View Details
Briggs, Mary E.Fort Wayne, Ind.5/10/1946View Details
Briggs, Mary M.Austin, Texas8/9/1986View Details
Briggs, Nancy E.Lantana, Florida8/19/1968View Details
Briggs, Ruth AnnSalem, Ohio4/22/1945View Details
Briggs, Ruth EleanorLantana, Florida7/25/1981View Details
Briggs, Steven Ward213 Union Ave. Live Oak, Florida2/10/1981View Details
Briggs, Virgil D.831 W. Ocean Ave. Lantana, Florida2/23/1982View Details
Bright, Mabel DeweyDamascus, Ohio3/17/1908View Details
Bright, Mabel RuthDamascus, Ohio8/8/1909View Details
Brinker, Adaline9/6/1918View Details
Brinker, AnnaSalem, Ohio1/5/1940View Details
Brinker, Eli8-19-1897View Details
Brinker, Ernest5/2/1907View Details
Brinker, FrankPennsylvania7/13/1920View Details
Brinker, HattieLos Angeles, California1/24/1940View Details
Brisken, David A.DeMotte, Ind.3/8/2007View Details
Brisken, ChristnaSalem, Ohio7/11/1936View Details
Brisken, Eltina11/4/1917View Details
Brisken, JohnSalem, Ohio12/3/1962View Details
Brisken, LewisSalem, Ohio1/15/1932View Details
Brisken, Lewis S.Salem, Ohio9/27/1952View Details
Britt, James E.Salem, Ohio5/19/1960View Details
Brobander, Irene676 E. 8th St Salem, ohio12/15/1998View Details
Brobander, ElizabethSalem, Ohio9/29/1954View Details
Brobander, Henry M.676 East 8th St. Salem, Ohio8/25/1988View Details
Brobander, InfantSalem, Ohio7/7/1940View Details
Brobander, Irene M.15497 Hummel Rd. Cleveland, Ohio10/24/1988View Details
Brobander, JosephCumberland, Maryland6/25/1979View Details
Brobander, Joseph Sr.Salem, Ohio2/15/1950View Details
Brobander, Mary E. Smith2040 Monroe St. Salem, Ohio4/17/1988View Details
Brobander, VirginiaCumberland, Md.12/27/1992View Details
Brobander, William J.Salem, Ohio11/26/1970View Details
Brodi, Flora7/21/1918View Details
Brody, Flora9/20/1920View Details
Broncho,(Infant)Salem, Ohio6/11/1941View Details
Brooke, Mary C.Mt. Washington, Pa.10/21/1957View Details
Brooks, Annie Miller1/19/1914View Details
Brooks, Ariel J.3168 McCracken Rd. Salem, Ohio3/16/2011View Details
Brooks, Ariel J.3168 McCracken Rd. Salem, Ohio3/16/2011View Details
Brooks, Charles T.Salem, Ohio1/18/1935View Details
Brooks, Col. William DeLance22 Royal Pine Blvd. Beaufort, S.C.4/22/1992View Details
Brooks, Hannah M.Salem, Ohio10/4/1974View Details
Brooks, Infant7/22/1914View Details
Brooks, Judith T.Salem, Ohio1/1/1935View Details
Brooks, Ronald L.4386 Depot Rd. Salem, Ohio10/6/2010View Details
Brooks, Silas A.Alliance, Ohio8/3/1924View Details
Brooks, William P.View Details
Broomall, Effie1245 N. Ellsworth Salem, Ohio11/24/1983View Details
Broomall, Glenn A.Salem, Ohio7/18/1978View Details
Broomall, Leah M.32062 Sunset Ave. Hanoverton, Ohio10/14/1981View Details
Broomall, Lida CaseSalem, Ohio5/18/1947View Details
Broomall, Marjorie M.Los Osos, Calif.8/21/2012View Details
Broomall, Raymond W.Salem, Ohio7/11/1951View Details
Broomall, Sara E.Salem, Ohio10/15/1946View Details
Broomall, Sheridan J.Salem, Ohio11/4/1941View Details
Broomall, Vernon H., Sr.797 E. 4Th St. Salem, Ohio9/7/1988View Details
Broome, Mildred Alma Taus2140 Monroe St., Salem, Ohio7/17/1989View Details
Brown, Gertrude H.Highland, Mich.2/19/1998View Details
Brown, William O.1 Florence Dr. North Lima, Ohio2/28/2002View Details
Brown, Alexander WilliamYoungstown, Ohio7/2/13View Details
Brown, C. LewisButler Township10/14/1955View Details
Brown, Clara L.760 W. Wilson Salem, Ohio11/14/1984View Details
Brown, Clara MaeYoungstown, Ohio1/10/1970View Details
Brown, Clyde F.Salem, Ohio8/24/1962View Details
Brown, Diana LouiseSalem, Ohio2/17/1949View Details
Brown, E. J.Salem, Ohio8/31/1944View Details
Brown, ElizabethSalem, Ohio3/16/1938View Details
Brown, Ella4588 Yates Rd., Salem, Ohio12/23/1980View Details
Brown, EllaSalem, Ohio8/21/1961View Details
Brown, Ervin R.5/17/1961View Details
Brown, Eunice E.4216 Ruth Way, Sarasota, Fla.6/12/1990View Details
Brown, Flora8/24/1922View Details
Brown, George W.Salem, Ohio8/30/1938View Details
Brown, Getrude E.Orwell, Ohio3/27/1968View Details
Brown, H. W.8/26/1918View Details
Brown, Infant (1)10/4/1912View Details
Brown, Infant (2)1/20/1928View Details
Brown, J. H.Salem, Ohio6/21/1933View Details
Brown, Joseph Russell126 1/2 Market St. Lisbon, Ohio11/6/1992View Details
Brown, Julette3/10/1912View Details
Brown, Letitia (Lettie)Salem, Ohio1/26/1928View Details
Brown, Lewis W.Salem, Ohio9/15/1968View Details
Brown, Martha A.Green Twp., Mahoning County11/30/1959View Details
Brown, MarySalem, Ohio11/8/1969View Details
Brown, Mona EdithSalem, Ohio3/12/1970View Details
Brown, Olive L.Winona, Ohio4/4/1947View Details
Brown, Oliver R.Winona, Ohio3/8/1962View Details
Brown, Pearl E.Salem, Ohio4/7/1960View Details
Brown, Phebe?View Details
Brown, Walter S.Youngstown, Ohio3/21/1976View Details
Brown, Warren W.Salem, Ohio2/18/1970View Details
Brown, Wayne L.Sarasota, Florida12/12/1986View Details
Brown, William W.Salem, Ohio4/18/1952View Details
Bruckner, FredSalem, Ohio3/27/1936View Details
Bruckner, Ida Lottie8/2/1908View Details
Bruckner, SusannaSalem, Ohio9/20/1954View Details
Bruckner,(Bruchner), Emil2/18/1913View Details
Bruckner,(Buckner), John2/5/1913View Details
Bruckner,(Infant)2/24/1909View Details
Bruderly, Russell J.109 Blossom Lane Salem, Oh.3/16/2004View Details
Bruderly, Alice2/10/1918View Details
Bruderly, CharlesSalem, Ohio5/16/1934View Details
Bruderly, Charles11/25/1916View Details
Bruderly, Donald G.Salem, Ohio2/23/2011View Details
Bruderly, EdwardSalem, Ohio3/2/1962View Details
Bruderly, Ernest A.Salem, Ohio8/29/1977View Details
Bruderly, Esther M.1985 East Pershing St. Salem, Ohio1/6/1992View Details
Bruderly, FrankSalem, Ohio10/3/1955View Details
Bruderly, Fred J.Washingtonville, Ohio1/10/1956View Details
Bruderly, Helen E.291 Benton Rd., Salem, Ohio7/24/1988View Details
Bruderly, MabelSalem, Ohio12/22/1956View Details
Bruderly, MargaretWashingtonville, Ohio11/11/1949View Details
Bruderly, Mary V.945 Adams St., Salem, Ohio7/29/1988View Details
Bruderly, OlgaSalem, Ohio2/7/1960View Details
Brumbaugh, Thelma A.Atwater, Ohio7/17/1970View Details
Bruner, Julia N.Albany, Indiana1/21/1992View Details
Bruner, Kimberly SueSalem, Ohio12/11/1973View Details
Bruner, Victor R.Chicago, Illinois12/8/1968View Details
Bruner, Walter PaulAlbany, Indiana1/4/1989View Details
Brunner, AlfredSalem, Ohio6/4/1958View Details
Brunner, CharlesSalem, Ohio6/12/1973View Details
Brunner, JacobSalem, Ohio2/2/1945View Details
Brunner, Josephine M.2240 East State St. Salem, Ohio4/21/1984View Details
Brunner, Louis2438 East State St. Salem, Ohio9/26/1987View Details
Brunner, MarySalem, Ohio2/12/1950View Details
Brunner, Mary A.Hutton Nursing Home II Salem, Ohio7/9/1986View Details
Brush, Louis H.Salem, Ohio6/24/1948View Details
Brush, MaudeSalem, Ohio8/18/1966View Details
Brush, Thomas StewartCanton, Ohio10/30/1938View Details
Bryan, Homer L.1180B S. Lincoln Ave. Salem, ohio10/10/2005View Details
Bryan, Mary Louise109 Blossom Lane Salem Oh.2/20/2006View Details
Bryan, Alice8/12/1923View Details
Bryan, Clyde T.Salem, Ohio10/9/1953View Details
Bryan, Darlene J.325 W.10th St. Salem, Ohio11/11/2011View Details
Bryan, Eva V.Salem, Ohio12/21/1967View Details
Bryan, George H.Salem, Ohio5/22/1933View Details
Bryan, Ida B.Salem, Ohio5/17/1961View Details
Bryan, John A.East Liverpool, Ohio2/17/1950View Details
Bryan, Joseph4/29/1903View Details
Bryan, Linda LouiseSalem, Ohio10/13/1973View Details
Bryan, Mary E.Salem, Ohio4/9/1946View Details
Bryan, Robert W.Houston, Texas8/16/1980View Details
Bryan, RuthEast Liverpool, Ohio2/10/1919View Details
Bryan, Sarah Ann10/6/1925View Details
Buchfelner, Kathryn7/30/1915View Details
Buchfelner, MariaSalem, Ohio11/26/1960View Details
Buchfelner, Matthew5/3/1914View Details
Buchfelner, Matthew (2)12/15/1917View Details
Buchmann, Daniel C.Salem, Ohio Essex IIIJan 11, 2013View Details
Buchmann, Frances A.Salem, ohio12/3/2013View Details
Buchmann, Margaret C.Salem, Ohio10/8/1974View Details
Buchmann, Nicholas J.Salem, Ohio12/20/1957View Details
Buck, Infant8-14-1868View Details
Buck, Sarah E. (Mrs. C.M.)Fairboult, Minn.1-2-1922 or 12-30-1921View Details
Buckley, Dr. William R.7/16/1956View Details
Buckley, Jean MarieMount Carmel, Pa.7/17/1923View Details
Buckley, Mary EllenMount Carmel, Pa.12/19/1953View Details
Buckman, Carey D.Salem, Ohio11/9/1948View Details
Buckman, Elsie8-31-1893View Details
Buckman, HarryView Details
Buckman, Mrs. NathanSebring, Ohio2/18/1938View Details
Buckman, Nathan2/11/1923View Details
Buckman, William7/17/1904View Details
Buckner, Elizabeth (Bruckner)3/12/1915View Details
Buckner, Hewrich8/24/1912View Details
Buckoski, Chester J.689 Prospect St. Salem, Ohio10/22/1985View Details
Buckoski, Marjorie E.Salem, ohio12/18/2013View Details
Buckshaw, Anna967 Jefferson Ave Salem, Ohio10/11/2002View Details
Buckshaw, Steve967 Jefferson Ave. Salem, Ohio10/6/1986View Details
Budde, Estela Luisa2230 S.E. Blvd. Salem, Ohio7/6/2001View Details
Buell, B.G.Damascus, Ohio6/22/1916View Details
Buell, LenoraSalem, Ohio4/26/1948View Details
Buell, Margaret A.3/12/1919View Details
Buell, Melvin J.Damascus, Ohio5/27/1952View Details
Buers, WinifredSalem, Ohio6/18/1989View Details
Bullard, Infant (Julia)6/22/1903View Details
Bullard, John R.Youngstown, Ohio7/30/1957View Details
Bullard, Julia12-6-1894View Details
Bullard, R.E.11/25/1908View Details
Bullard, VelonaYoungstown, Ohio11/16/1933View Details
Bullard, Wallace H.Youngstown, Ohio9/9/1939View Details
Bumbaugh, CarrollSalem, Ohio1/22/1938View Details
Bumbaugh, CatherineSalem, Ohio7/12/1931View Details
Bumbaugh, EmmaSalem, Ohio5/6/1950View Details
Bumbaugh, George8/3/1911View Details
Bumbaugh, Golda L.Salem, Ohio4/12/1957View Details
Bumbaugh, Harry (Harvey)Pittsburgh, Pa.4/23/1923View Details
Bumbaugh, Helen L.Salem, Ohio3/2/1966View Details
Bumbaugh, JamesCleveland, Ohio3/2/1928View Details
Bumbaugh, Margaret3/23/1908View Details
Bumbaugh, Mary7/10/1921View Details
Bumbaugh, William J.Alliance, Ohio2/3/1952View Details
Bundy, Edmund12/12/1907View Details
Bundy, Elmer J.Leetonia, Ohio8/17/1932View Details
Bundy, Ethel M.Radford, Va.2/17/1981View Details
Bundy, Maude C.Columbiana, Ohio7/11/1956View Details
Bunn, Alice O.Youngstown, Ohio6/12/1950View Details
Bunn, Ella Y.Salem, Ohio8/16/1954View Details
Bunn, George J.Salem, Ohio6/27/1954View Details
Bunn, George W.Salem, Ohio8/10/1962View Details
Bunn, Louise C.Marquette Manor, Indianapolis, Ind.9/5/1986View Details
Bunn, William E.Salem, Ohio1/15/1929View Details
Burbick, Velma250 Continental Dr. Salem, ohio1/18/2002View Details
Burbick, Rev. Leslie Lea, Sr.1786 Depot Rd., Salem, Ohio5/7/1988View Details
Burcaw, CarlSalem, Ohio11/5/1970View Details
Burcaw, Donald J.Salem, Ohio11/2/1938View Details
Burcaw, Dorothy R.Salem, Ohio2/10/1975View Details
Burcaw, EarlVets Hospital - Pgh., Pa.4/12/1976View Details
Burcaw, IsabelleSalem, Ohio11/16/1943View Details
Burcaw, JessieDamascus Road12/9/1936View Details
Burcaw, Jessie L.Plymouth, Michigan5/13/1958View Details
Burcaw, Lottie M.1334 West State St., Salem, Ohio7/25/1982View Details
Burcaw, Sarah AsheadSeal Beach - California9/23/1972View Details
Burcaw, William S.Salem, Ohio10/31/1949View Details
Burd, James A.Hollander House Salem, Ohio5/18/2004View Details
Burge, Emily Jane Mitchell270 N. Madison Ave. Salem Oh.3/2/2006View Details
Burge, James F.270 N. Madison Ave Salem, Ohio10/20/2003View Details
Burke, Mildred4798 N. Dixie Highway Boca Raton, Fl.9/22/2004View Details
Burke, Alma W.14684 Country Club Lane, Salem, Ohio11/25/1980View Details
Burke, CharlesSalem, Ohio4/19/1929View Details
Burke, Elizabeth2/16/1922View Details
Burke, Margaret Maggie12/14/1915View Details
Burke, MarionNew York, N.Y.6/15/1956View Details
Burke, William F.Salem, Ohio5/11/1952View Details
Burkett, FrankTransit9/19/1970View Details
Burkey, Charles G.11/30/1904View Details
Burkhart, Clara L.250 Continental Dr. Salem, Ohio7/1/1994View Details
Burley, Anna B.Salem, Ohio5/6/1941View Details
Burley, William A.Salem, Ohio5/23/1940View Details
Burnett, AgnesSalem, Ohio7/25/1929View Details
Burnett, Burt B.Sanford, Florida9/3/1949View Details
Burnett, Edna May DelzellDamascus, Ohio9/8/1950View Details
Burnham, Steven Michael796 Granite St. Salem, ohio5/30/1997View Details
Burnham, BerthaSalem, Ohio2/16/2015View Details
Burns, Addizilla8/4/1922View Details
Burns, Frank E.Unity, Ohio11/1/1949View Details
Burns, John T.Salem, Ohio12/2/1948View Details
Burns, Marie BroganSalem, Ohio10/23/1943View Details
Burrell, Ledra L.Lucerne Circle, Orlando, Fla.3/12/1986View Details
Burris, RichardEast Liverpool, Ohio2/9/1950View Details
Burris, Ruth A.Salem, Ohio3/29/1928View Details
Burris, Ruth A.Salem, Ohio3/30/1932View Details
Burrows, Edith HoleLakewood, Ohio7/5/1939View Details
Burson, Richard F.169 Village Court Columbiana, Ohio6/30/2001View Details
Burson, Bonnie LeeSalem, Ohio9/17/1971View Details
Burson, F. Robert3968 Moundville Rd. Hilliard, Ohio6/10/2009View Details
Burson, Hermine R.1274 East Third St. Salem,Ohio3/21/1993View Details
Burson, Myrtle LoraSalem, Ohio2/15/1970View Details
Burton, Lester M.Goshen Twp. - R. D. #1 Salem, Ohio1/12/1967View Details
Burton, MarySalem, Ohio1/6/1929View Details
Burton, R. L.Goshen Center3/31/1937View Details
Burton, Vida Myrl14632 South Range Rd., Salem, Ohio (Hutton Nursing Center)2/22/1985View Details
Busanic, RoseBlossom Nursing Ctr. Salem, ohio9/2/2006View Details
Busanic, William E.597 W. Glendale, Bedford, Ohio1/16/1988View Details
Buser, Patricia (Zamarelli)1190 Fairview Ave. Salem, Ohio12/16/2004View Details
Bush, Herbert Roy Herb""East Palestine, Ohio10/30/2003View Details
Bush, Martha E.938 Liberty St. Salem, Ohio2/2/2000View Details
Bush, ZeldaSalem, ohio8/1/2002View Details
Bush, DellaGuilford, Ohio3/26/1954View Details
Bush, FlorenceSalem, Ohio4/5/1968View Details
Bush, George EdwardSalem, Ohio8/21/1965View Details
Bush, Herbert G. Peck""746 East Third St. Salem, Ohio12/2/1991View Details
Bush, JohnSalem, Ohio11/24/1929View Details
Bush, Katherine11/5/1923View Details
Bush, MildredEssex II Salem, Ohio7/28/2008View Details
Bush, myrtleLisbon, Ohio2/6/2014View Details
Bush, Oliver E.Salem, Ohio9/21/1937View Details
Bush, Otella E.Salem, Ohio1/16/1965View Details
Bush, Pauline11/5/1917View Details
Bush, William C.Guilford Lake, Ohio11/20/1954View Details
Bushman, Ida B.Salem, Ohio3/13/1963View Details
Bushman, John B.Salem, Ohio2/8/1944View Details
Bussey, Gustave J.Rocky River, Ohio9/2/1964View Details
Bussey, Helen I.Rocky River, Ohio12/30/1970View Details
Bustard, Getrude NilesIowa City, Iowa4/18/1944View Details
Bustard, JohnSalem, Ohio11/15/1928View Details
Buta, Anne Farrington663 S. Lincoln Salem, Ohio6/22/2005View Details
Buta, George4/11/1918View Details
Butch, Patricia Ann1417 Orchard St. Salem, Oh.12/26/2006View Details
Butch, Donna1511 Maple St. Salem, Ohio1/24/2012View Details
Butch, Samuel R.Salem, Ohio2/14/1971View Details
Butcher, Edward H.Salem, ohio8/5/2015View Details
Butcher, Hobart M.Salem, Ohio6/30/1959View Details
Butler, Gilbert4/14/1906View Details
Butream, Linda L.10534 Cymbrid Dr., Port Ritchey, Fla.4/10/1989View Details
Button, BrennenAlliance, Ohio9/29/1926View Details
Button, Vera AileenAlliance, Ohio3/15/1952View Details
Butz, Getrude8/23/1913View Details
Butz, Isabelle8/27/1926View Details
Butz, James F.Salem, Ohio5/19/1945View Details
Butz, LeonardSalem, Ohio3/1/1937View Details
Butz, Pearl B.Salem, Ohio4/28/1954View Details
Butz,(Infant)Oct-12View Details
Byerley, Albert G.Salem, Ohio9/2/1961View Details
Byerley, Sarah J.Salem, Ohio9/16/1936View Details
Byers, William EwingNewtown, Conn.5/13/1998View Details
Byers, Guy E.Salem, Ohio8/21/1959View Details
Byers, Lillian B.1171 East State St. Salem, Ohio1/3/1992View Details
Byers, Lillie L.Salem, Ohio9/12/1963View Details
Byers, Marjorie J.Salem, Ohio6/9/1931View Details
Byers, Ora E.Salem, Ohio1/11/1956View Details
Caco, Mike1/2/1916View Details
Cacu, John Jr.7/9/1915View Details
Cadwallader, FrancesSalem, Ohio12/11/1927View Details
Cadwallader, ThomasCounty Home - Lisbon, Ohio5/5/1934View Details
Cady, Lyman W. "Red"Ontario, Canada6/15/2015View Details
Caesar, Virginia F.1910 Echo Rd. STow, Ohio8/16/1993View Details
Cafario, MikeSalem, Ohio6/17/1947View Details
Cahill, JamesSalem, Ohio11/17/1960View Details
Cahill, Margaret Peggy""14423 Seacrist Rd., Salem, Ohio4/1/1987View Details
Cain, Bryne F.R.F.D. Salem, Ohio8/15/1978View Details
Cain, Elsie DallasSalem, Ohio3/2/1971View Details
Cain, Hariett7/22/1914View Details
Cain, Joseph E.1901 Fairview Ct. Salem, Ohio1/8/2006View Details
Cain, Mary E.Salem, Ohio9/30/2012View Details
Cain, Robert J.Hawley Ave. Salem, Ohio2/12/2000View Details
Cain, SadieSalem, Ohio2/24/1935View Details
Cain, William H.4/8/1911View Details
Calaraeni, Mary8/25/1911View Details
Calatone, AngelineSalem, Ohio3/28/1933View Details
Caldwell, JamesLisbon, Ohio1/29/1949View Details
Caldwell, Jennie10/14/1909View Details
Caldwell, SethLisbon, Ohio3/13/1911View Details
Calkins, Benjamin H.Salem, Ohio1/1/1967View Details
Calkins, Bessie R.Salem, Ohio12/9/1967View Details
Calkins, Irene M.441 N. Lincoln, Salem, Ohio4/19/1984View Details
Calkins, Janice1750 Commonwealth Ave. #1B Boston Ma.11/19/2009View Details
Calkins, Reed B.2511 Bentley Dr., Salem, Ohio9/27/1987View Details
Calladine, Abbie10/25/1917View Details
Calladine, Abe5/27/1918View Details
Calladine, CatherineDamascus, Ohio1/23/1929View Details
Calladine, Chester F.9/2/1903View Details
Calladine, Elizabeth12/27/1901View Details
Calladine, HelenDamascus, Ohio1/2/1934View Details
Calladine, Joseph S.11/1/1914View Details
Calladine, Mary Lillian9/21/1903View Details
Calladine, NettieCleveland, Ohio6/10/1941View Details
Calladine, Oliver10/4/1918View Details
Calladine, WallaceDamascus, Ohio1-15--1935View Details
Callahan, BunyanSalem, Ohio10/8/1935View Details
Callahan, Clifford J.Columbiana, Ohio3/26/1975View Details
Callahan, Elizabeth S.1443 Cleveland St., Salem, Ohio11/2/1985View Details
Callahan, Ella Ann1205 W. State St. Salem, Ohio6/15/2006View Details
Callahan, Emi L.Youngstown, Ohio10/24/1953View Details
Callahan, Emma F.5/31/1922View Details
Callahan, Fleda MayCanton, Ohio9/28/1940View Details
Callahan, Grace FarmerAlliance, Ohio6/6/1965View Details
Callahan, Herbert G.2/19/1919View Details
Callahan, HomerSalem, Ohio5/17/1949View Details
Callahan, John M.Alliance, Ohio7/15/1964View Details
Callahan, John R.1440 E. 10th St., Salem, Ohio12/1/1990View Details
Callahan, Lawrence A.Youngstown, Ohio9/2/1960View Details
Callahan, Lucille N.Winter Haven, Fla.11/9/1997View Details
Callahan, Mary12/10/1912View Details
Callahan, Mary BethGreensburg, Indiana9/11/1959View Details
Callahan, Mary H.Canton, Ohio11/4/1905View Details
Callahan, Matilda10/11/1913View Details
Callahan, Paul V.Salem, Ohio1/27/1972View Details
Callahan, PercyNew Philadelphia, Ohio4/20/1962View Details
Callahan, Sarah E.5/15/1932View Details
Callahan, Velma E.Salem, Ohio3/16/1969View Details
Callatone, Margaret D.1176 E. 10th St., Salem, Ohio1/19/1982View Details
Callatone, Mark D.1191 E. 9th St. Salem, Ohio5/31/2005View Details
Callatone, Nick1176 E. 10th St., Salem, Ohio1/14/1989View Details
Callatone, Pasquale (Colantuono)Salem, Ohio2/22/1959View Details
Calligana, Sante4/1/1922View Details
Calvin, Catherine (Katherine)1888View Details
Calvin, Elwood W.Salem, Ohio1/21/1958View Details
Calvin, Ernest E.Greenford, Ohio12/3/1904View Details
Calvin, EstherSalem, Ohio10/10/1965View Details
Calvin, James H.Greenford, Ohio3/29/1901View Details
Calvin, Lissa5/22/1920View Details
Cameron, Albert3/16/1915View Details
Cameron, ClaraSalem, Ohio5/23/1945View Details
Cameron, Clara B.Youngstown, Ohio11/17/1976View Details
Cameron, Effie A.Salem, Ohio6/11/1955View Details
Cameron, ElizabethSalem, Ohio11/22/1934View Details
Cameron, Holland W.Salem, Ohio7/25/1966View Details
Cameron, Lizzie4/26/1914View Details
Camp, D. LeeSalem, Ohio1/7/1957View Details
Camp, James O.11/22/1905View Details
Camp, Laird5/22/1919View Details
Camp, Lemuel4/1/1911View Details
Camp, Maggie9-10-1891View Details
Camp, MurlCleveland, Ohio8/9/1913View Details
Camp, Phoebe AramintaSalem, Ohio2/6/1948View Details
Campaneli, Jean2041 Countryside Dr. Salem, Ohio8/27/1998View Details
Campanelli, Fred A.206 Kennedy Ave., St. Cloud, Fla.12/15/1981View Details
Campanelli, Paul R.1472 Manor Drive, Salem, Ohio1/26/1981View Details
Campbell, AgnusBiloxi, Miss4/22/1959View Details
Campbell, CharlesSebring, Ohio3/3/1929View Details
Campbell, Cherie M.885 S. Lincoln Ave. Salem, Ohio8/30/2002View Details
Campbell, Edna I.Salem, Ohio11/24/1978View Details
Campbell, Elizabeth6/22/1915View Details
Campbell, Elizabeth S.Brigham Rd., Gates Mills, Ohio10/9/1989View Details
Campbell, Frederick M.265 Brook Farms Rd., Lancaster, Pa.6/6/1982View Details
Campbell, JamesSalem, Ohio4/3/1959View Details
Campbell, John3/31/1914View Details
Campbell, Lt. Cdr. Theodore Richard "Ted"879 S. Lincoln Ave. Salem, Ohio1/30/2010View Details
Campbell, Mary2585 S. W. Price Court, Port St. Lucie, Fla.8/15/1987View Details
Campbell, Mary R.1826 S. Lincoln Ave., Salem, Ohio4/21/1985View Details
Campbell, Molly Dot MathewsLeesburg, Fla.4/8/1990View Details
Campbell, Ralph W.Salem, Ohio12/22/1938View Details
Campbell, Robert W.805 S. Lincoln Ave., Salem, Ohio11/14/1985View Details
Campbell, Thomas S.Salem, Ohio1/13/1961View Details
Campean, ThomasSalem, Ohio12/5/1956View Details
Campf, Carl R.Salem, Ohio4/22/1959View Details
Campf, Chris K.Salem, Ohio6/1/1968View Details
Campf, Delmar5/18/1919View Details
Campf, James B.10/24/1926View Details
Campf, James E.930 East Park Ave. Columbiana, Ohio11/4/1992View Details
Campf, Martha I.Salem, Ohio3/17/1962View Details
Campf, Mary Jane817 Heritage Lane Salem, Ohio6/19/2005View Details
Campf, Nellie R.Salem, Ohio9/23/1973View Details
Campf, Robert Thurl817 Heritage Lane Salem, Ohio5/10/2007View Details
Campf, Russell J.10/1/1918View Details
Campf, Viola12/16/1923View Details
Candle, FrankSalem, Ohio5/21/1964View Details
Candle, JennieSalem, Ohio1/25/1966View Details
Candle, JohnnieSalem, Ohio3/2/1955View Details
Candle, Johnnie E.10876 Western Reserve Rd. Salem, Ohio10/17/2010View Details
Candle, MaryColumbiana, Ohio7/17/1997View Details
Candle, Ruth AnnSalem, Ohio8/31/1976View Details
Cannon, Donald C.Salem, Ohio4/27/1979View Details
Cannon, Virginia Mae (HILLIARD)Essex #1 Salem, Ohio12/17/2012View Details
Cannon, Virginia Mae (Hilliard)Essex #1 Salem, Ohio12/17/2012View Details
Cantwell, Margaret Jeanne""Essex III Salem, Oh.12/31/2006View Details
Capel, Burt C.Salem, Ohio10/22/1957View Details
Capel, Burt Carl Jr.8611/2 Newgarden Salem, Ohio2/14/1998View Details
Capel, Derf L.1420 Kipling St., Huston, Texas10/14/1990View Details
Capel, Donald F.Canfield, Ohio1/13/2005View Details
Capel, Earl M.1431 Jennings, Ohio7/29/1985View Details
Capel, Fred D.Salem, Ohio11/4/1955View Details
Capel, GeorgeSalem, Ohio11/10/1928View Details
Capel, Hazel M.Salem, Ohio11/30/1975View Details
Capel, KateSalem, Ohio7/1/1946View Details
Capel, Mary M.Salem, Ohio2/3/2011View Details
Capel, Rachel D.1431 Jennings Ave., Salem, Ohio6/14/1980View Details
Capel, Richard G.IISalem, ohio8/20/2013View Details
Caporella, Samuel J.896 E. 6th St. Salem, Ohio9/26/1991View Details
Carberry, James10/28/1908View Details
Cardill, AlicePittsburgh, Pa.7/12/1948View Details
Carey, Anna M.Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio10/25/1950View Details
Carey, Ashbel6/9/1922View Details
Carey, Carrie H.Salem, Ohio5/18/1957View Details
Carey, CatherineView Details
Carey, Charles H.6/13/1918View Details
Carey, Charles M.Salem, Ohio11/17/1933View Details
Carey, David C.Flagler Beach, Fla.4/24/1997View Details
Carey, Donald D.Ormand Beach, Florida6-3--1969View Details
Carey, Dr. AbelView Details
Carey, EffieGoshen Rd., Salem, Ohio5/27/1945View Details
Carey, Eva M.Copeland Oaks, Sebring, Ohio12/27/1980View Details
Carey, Francis J.Salem, Ohio12/6/1958View Details
Carey, GeorgePhiladelphia, Pa.4/20/1949View Details
Carey, Helen S.Salem, Ohio11/17/1926View Details
Carey, James Jr.View Details
Carey, James R., Sr.4/1/1921View Details
Carey, MariahView Details
Carey, Mrs. WilliamView Details
Carey, Nellie M.DuBois, Pa.2/21/1937View Details
Carey, R. BruceSalem, Ohio6/17/1948View Details
Carey, Rebecca E.Ormand Beach, Fla.4/7/1976View Details
Carey, Robert B.671 SW 6th St. #T 107 Pompano Beach, Fla.6/15/1999View Details
Carey, William B.Ashville, N.C.10/22/1929View Details
Carey,(Infant)View Details
Cargill, J. F.Pennsylvania3/4/1921View Details
Carl, Ronald leeHoliday, Fla.3/5/2010View Details
Carl, SidneyLisbon, Ohio5/9/1935View Details
Carlariello, Dorothy R.Salem, Ohio3/19/1974View Details
Carlariello, Edmund G. "Peanuts"Salem, Ohio10-2-2013View Details
Carlariello, Lynn3618Marshfield Ave Chicago, Ill.5/10/1999View Details
Carlariello, PeterSalem, Ohio5/21/1966View Details
Carle, GeorgeLisbon, Ohio3/5/1924View Details
Carlisle, Birdie M.Salem, Ohio8/8/1954View Details
Carlisle, Ida B.Leetonia, Ohio4/16/1936View Details
Carlisle, Steven AlanSalem, Ohio8-13--1980View Details
Carlisle, William D., Sr.Salem, Ohio11/10/1973View Details
Carlisle, William H.11/28/1912View Details
Carlisle,(Infant)Camp LeJeune, N.C.5/3/1956View Details
Carmelo, AngeloSalem, Ohio3/25/1951View Details
Carmelo, Cesaria589 Walnut St. Salem, Ohio1/15/1991View Details
Carnahan, PaulineBuffalo, Texas2/12/2008View Details
Carnahan, Ralph J.Salem, Ohio1/23/1951View Details
Carns, Ada C.Salem, Ohio5/10/1966View Details
Carns, Ada KatherineMassillon, Ohio7/9/1969View Details
Carns, E. E.4/23/1921View Details
Carns, Robert8/13/1910View Details
Carns,(Infant)10/13/1912View Details
Carpenter, Anne RileyBeaver Falls, Pa.1/19/1970View Details
Carpenter, Mary VirginiaSalem, Ohio11/16/1967View Details
Carpenter, Pamela J.45 Cathedral Lane Apt 30 Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio9/20/2009View Details
Carpenter,(Infant)N. Benton, Ohio7/31/1949View Details
Carpenter,(Infant)10/19/1920View Details
Carr, A. M.Salem, Ohio3/8/1928View Details
Carr, Aletta M.6/9/1900View Details
Carr, Amanda C.Youngstown, Ohio2/1/1918View Details
Carr, Ann5/24/1911View Details
Carr, Carrie M.1/19/1912View Details
Carr, Charles S.Salem, Ohio7/6/1953View Details
Carr, Eva L.County Home - Lisbon, Ohio3/16/1975View Details
Carr, Florence9/19/1914View Details
Carr, Francis IsaacYoungstown, Ohio8/27/1964View Details
Carr, Joseph AlbertSalem, Ohio8/17/1941View Details
Carr, Joseph M.10/25/1911View Details
Carr, LenaPittsburgh, Pa.11/15/1963View Details
Carr, Mabel M.Youngstown, Ohio5/16/1952View Details
Carr, Mary B.4-30-1879View Details
Carr, Mary E.3/31/1916View Details
Carr, Nora SearsSalem, Ohio10/12/1946View Details
Carr, Phebe8/10/1905View Details
Carr, Raymond A.South Laguna, California6/12/1968View Details
Carr, Thomas R.Salem, Ohio12/20/1949View Details
Carreon, Faron JaySalem,Ohio4/4/2015View Details
Carreon, Victoriano J.Salem, Ohio2/26/2015View Details
Carrier, JeminaColumbus, Ohio7/25/1925View Details
Carrier, LambertWashingtonville, Ohio10/26/1919View Details
Carroll, Charles C.945 Fair Ave. Salem, ohio8/9/1999View Details
Carroll, Helen JeanCopeland Oaks, Sebring, Ohio2/15/2003View Details
Carroll, Isabelle M. (Fink)Salem, Ohio8/21/2012View Details
Carroll, Kenneth A.145 N. Madison Salem, Ohio1/21/1992View Details
Carso, Anna?View Details
Carson, Morris E.2/10/1911View Details
Carter, Charles J.Salem, Ohio2/10/1971View Details
Carter, OliverSalem, Ohio6/14/1941View Details
Carter, Ruth E.Clearwater, Florida4/4/1983View Details
Carvelas, NormaEssex II Salem, Ohio6/1/2012View Details
Carvelas, Peter D.4902 brookwood Dr. Youngstown, ohio9/28/2003View Details
Casey, AnnaSalem, Ohio3/18/1964View Details
Cassaday, John9/1/1922View Details
Cassano, Victoria12/5/1922View Details
Casselberry1887View Details
Casselberry (1)1894View Details
Casselberry, Clarence B.Youngstown, Ohio5/3/1944View Details
Casselberry, Joseph12/2/1921View Details
Casselberry, Lottie1871View Details
Casselberry, Marie7/24/1923View Details
Casselberry, Mary6/27/1913View Details
Casselberry, W.D.2/9/1909View Details
Cassinger, Edward A.Salem, Ohio11/10/1974View Details
Cassinger, HelenSalem, Oh.3/22/2007View Details
Cassinger, Jason DevereSalem, Ohio10/14/1974View Details
Cassinger, Julie A.880 Jennings Ave. Salem,Ohio5/28/2009View Details
Cassinger, Lloyd880 Jennings Ave Salem, ohio3/24/1999View Details
Cassinger, Scott S.Ohio Ave. Salem, ohio2/16/2004View Details
Castle, AdellaSalem, Ohio8/18/1952View Details
Castle, Coy J.2280 Allen Rd. Salem, ohio2/25/1999View Details
Castle, Emery C.Salem, Ohio3/7/1950View Details
Casto, JudySalem, Ohio8/23/1957View Details
Catlin, Ada M.913 Barclay Salem, Ohio12/1/1981View Details
Catlos, Albert M.2280 Edgewood Dr. Salem, ohio2/5/1998View Details
Catlos, Alice2/24/1916View Details
Catlos, Beatrice E.2100 Monroe St. Salem, ohio11/2/2002View Details
Catlos, Genelda Judy""Salem, Ohio10/3/1974View Details
Catlos, Martin R.1151 Beechwood Rd. Salem, Ohio10/15/1983View Details
Catlos, MarySalem, Ohio2/13/1928View Details
Catlos, MichaelSalem, Ohio1/23/1934View Details
Catlos, Nelda M.Salem, Ohio4/1/1946View Details
Caufield, BlancheSalem, Ohio11/7/1943View Details
Caufield, Ernest W.3/11/1912View Details
Caufield, Irwin J.12/28/1911View Details
Caufield, JohnNorth Georgetown, Ohio6/21/1939View Details
Caufield, John W.Salem, Ohio10/20/1943View Details
Cauley, Boyd B.Salem, Ohio2/26/1980View Details
Cauley, MargaretSalem, Ohio10/1/1976View Details
Cavanaugh, James P.Salem, Ohio11/21/1941View Details
Cavanaugh, Sarah B.Salem, Ohio5/7/1956View Details
Ceaback, CharlesGuilford Lake, Ohio8/27/1961View Details
Celin, EdwardSalem, Ohio9/26/1932View Details
Celin, JosephSalem, Ohio1/13/1964View Details
Celin, Joseph M.1420 Manor Dr. Salem, Ohio3/26/1998View Details
Centofanti, Anthony "Tony"Salem, Ohio10/30/2012View Details
Centofanti, Camillo4/3/1943View Details
Centofanti, Coralie M.8943 Knauf Rd. Canfield, Ohio12/28/1999View Details
Centofanti, HermanSalem, Ohio7/14/1947View Details
Centofanti, James8943 Knauf Rd. Canfield, Ohio3/23/2010View Details
Centofanti, Mary A.Salem, Ohio12/10/2014View Details
Cernuto, Francesco521 Walnut St. Salem, Ohio9/22/1983View Details
Cernuto, Josephine521 Walnut St. Salem, Ohio4/19/2003View Details
Cessna, ElizabethRosemont, Ohio11/17/1932View Details
Cessna, Ethel NoraNew Springfield, Ohio MAPLE CREST NURSING HOME, STRUTHERS7/5/1965View Details
Cessna, James B.Unity, Ohio2/25/1940View Details
Cessna, Joseph E.North Jackson, Ohio7/15/1969View Details
Cessna, Mary E.Salem, Ohio9/3/1973View Details
Cessna, O. MabelNorth Jackson, Ohio8/15/1974View Details
Cessna, William B.9/17/1931View Details
Chain, ClydeMillersburg, Ohio2/10/1962View Details
Chain, Harry J.1902View Details
Chain, Joseph10/9/1921View Details
Chain, Rhoda F.Millersburg, Ohio12/27/1959View Details
Chain, SinaSalem, Ohio8/28/1946View Details
Chain,(Infant)4/30/1926View Details
Chalfant, Charles C.Mt. Lebanon, Pa.7/19/1974View Details
Chalfant, Dorothy E. Dole3320 Cromer N.W., Canton, Ohio3/15/1988View Details
Chalfant, Helen Flick506 Continental Dr. Salem, Ohio7/15/2000View Details
Chalfant, Helen R.Canton, Ohio3/29/1950View Details
Chalfant, Robert J.Canton, Ohio11/5/1959View Details
Chalfant, William D.3320 Cromer N.W. Canton, Ohio9/5/1991View Details
Chamberlain, AmandaSalem, Ohio5/3/1949View Details
Chamberlain, Clarence4-8--1920View Details
Chamberlain, Clifford E.7923 Bendemeer Dr. Poland, Ohio2/8/1993View Details
Chamberlain, Hazel R.7923 Bendemeer Dr. Poland, Ohio4/3/2005View Details
Chamberlain, HowardSalem, Ohio11/11/1952View Details
Chamberlain, J. N.Salem, Ohio5/26/1930View Details
Chamberlain, Lydia MargaretSalem, Ohio3/9/1932View Details
Chamberlain, MarySalem, Ohio11/28/1959View Details
Chamberlain, Richard WilliamWhispering Pines, N.C.12/2/1977View Details
Chambers, Francis LouisSalem, Ohio1/13/1978View Details
Chaplow, EddieSalem, Ohio6/27/1949View Details
Chaplow, William J.Bradenton, Fla.6/25/1974View Details
Chappel, Bertha Marie504 Continental Dr. Salem, Ohio7/3/1992View Details
Chappel, Gary S.14275 Diagonal Rd. Salem, Ohio7/19/2005View Details
CHappel, William504 Continental Dr. Salem, ohio5/20/1997View Details
Chappell, Charles M.Salem, Ohio7/16/1973View Details
Chappell, Dorothy H.Salem, Ohio8/17/1967View Details
Chappell, Edna M.Salem, Ohio4/23/1984View Details
Chappell, Emily S.510 SW 120th St., Miami, Fla.9-12--1983View Details
Chappell, Florence I.Salem, Ohio9/3/1950View Details
Chappell, Floyd OliverLot 117-10398 104th St., N. Seminole, Fla.12/31/1982View Details
Chappell, George D.Miami, Fla.4/3/1974View Details
Chappell, George V.800 S. 15th St Sebring, Ohio6/21/2002View Details
Chappell, George W.4/23/1924View Details
Chappell, Gladys Mae6537 St. Rt. 45 Lisbon, Ohio12/20/1998View Details
Chappell, HarrySalem, Ohio1/6/1972View Details
Chappell, Helen N.4744 Bayard Rd. Homeworth, Ohio4/4/1988View Details
Chappell, HenrySalem, Ohio6/18/1930View Details
Chappell, Joseph M.251 Fair St. Salem, Ohio2/15/1983View Details
Chappell, Mary V.1175 South Lincoln Ave. Salem, Ohio6/24/1983View Details
Chappell, Mrs. HenrySalem, Ohio8/30/1946View Details
Chappell, Mrs. RichardSalem, Ohio8/19/1930View Details
Chappell, RichardSalem, Ohio12/9/1932View Details
Chappell, Robert C.911 Franklin St. Salem, Ohio9/12/1981View Details
Chappell,(Infant)11/15/1921View Details
Chapple, Christopher8/30/1913View Details
Chapple, JaneAlliance, Ohio7/20/1957View Details
Charlton, Dr. Rezin B.Greenford, Ohio11/1/1934View Details
Charlton, Frank J.Salem, Ohio12/19/1954View Details
Charlton, Leonard F.14308 Garfield Rd. Salem, Ohio5/9/1989View Details
Charlton, MalissieSalem, Ohio4/13/1947View Details
Charlton, OtaSalem, Ohio12/25/1954View Details
Charlton, Patricia C.Salem, Ohio5/3/2015View Details
Charnesky, AdellaSalem, Ohio2/25/1948View Details
Charnesky, Darwin T.464 Springdale St. Salem, Ohio7/13/2000View Details
Charnesky, Faye meadGuilford Lake, Ohio2/23/2014View Details
Charnesky, Gladys May252 Fair Ave. Salem, Ohio8/26/2001View Details
Charnesky, Phyllis M.Salem, Ohio8/11/2013View Details
Charnesky, RobertHanoverton, Ohio7/21/1988View Details
Charnesky, Thomas Sr.Salem, Ohio12/3/1957View Details
Charnesky, Thomas W. Jr.Salem, Ohio10/30/1963View Details
Chatfield, Alice J.Salem, Ohio11/20/1971View Details
Chatfield, Henry F.Salem, Ohio6/27/1963View Details
Chervenak, GeorgeSalem, Ohio3/4/1936View Details
Chessman, DorisSalem, Ohio9/22/1945View Details
Chessman, Gertrude M.Salem, Ohio12/9/1976View Details
Chessman, Samuel C.Salem, Ohio6/22/1975View Details
Chessman, Samuel Richard932 Waterlily Rd. Coinjock, N.C.3/23/2006View Details
Chester, Reynold W.Salem, Ohio8/29/2004View Details
Chestney, Ethyl HivelyCleveland, Ohio8/20/1951View Details
Chikas, PebbleLisbon, Ohio3/8/1975View Details
Chiles, Frank FordFort Thomas, Kentucky5/3/1954View Details
Chille, Clara A.Youngstown, Ohio10/14/1967View Details
Chille, JennieAlliance, Ohio8/26/1925View Details
Chisholm, C. ScottKey Biscayne, Florida (Died in Alliance, Ohio)7/26/1977View Details
Chisholm, Doris A.Miami, Florida9/14/1966View Details
Chisholm, J.R.6/11/1924View Details
Chisholm, Nettie L.5/8/1919View Details
Chisholm, Samuel6/17/1913View Details
Chisholm, TryphenaCanton, Ohio6/2/1945View Details
Christen, Alta Marguerite30074 Washington Way Westlake, Ohio1/9/1999View Details
Christen, David C.Garrettsville, Ohio9/12/1948View Details
Christen, Frances RowandTampa, Florida7/27/1971View Details
Christen, FrederickSalem, Ohio4/1/1930View Details
Christen, Harold D.5/23/1912View Details
Christen, Hettie SmithGarretsville, Ohio7/15/1957View Details
Christen, Joseph F.12/29/1920View Details
Christen, Lee N.Salem, Ohio3/3/1965View Details
Christen, Mildred2/26/1909View Details
Christen, Ramon27 Formosa Dr. Tampa Florida4/8/1987View Details
Christen, Raymond Rowand8/30/1927View Details
Christen, Sarah AnnSalem, Ohio10/27/1930View Details
Christofaris, Christopher5th St. Salem, Ohio5/9/1961View Details
Christofaris, Ruth P.Ravenna, Ohio7/5/2015View Details
Christopher, Esther6/10/1900View Details
Christopher, Esther (REMOVAL)1900View Details
Christopher, Lester9-25-1893View Details
Christopher, Lester1893View Details
Christopher, MaudeSalem, Ohio4/21/1940View Details
Christopher, MaudeSalem, Ohio4/21/1940View Details
Christopher, Samuel E.Salem, Ohio7/15/1955View Details
Christy, George W.11/22/1926View Details
Chudy, John9/14/1926View Details
Church, KateSeattle, Washington7/25/1943View Details
Church, T.T.Salem, Ohio5/27/1933View Details
Cibula, Adam B.1460 Winslow Dr., Hudson, Ohio8/6/1982View Details
Cibula, Adam J.Salem, Ohio2/10/1958View Details
Cibula, Dr. Peter R.353 Rea Dr. Salem, Ohio3/29/2008View Details
Cibula, Emily395 S. Broadway Salem, ohio12/30/1998View Details
Cibula, Mary A.Antioch, Ill.12/20/1992View Details
Cibula, Mary ZatkoSalem, Ohio12/13/1951View Details
Cibula, Pauline2511 Bentley Dr., Salem, Ohio3/3/1987View Details
Cibula, PeterSalem, Ohio11/17/1929View Details
Cibula, PeterSalem, Ohio8/29/1971View Details
Cibula, StephenSalem, Ohio1/9/1963View Details
Cibula,(Infant)Salem, Ohio8/21/1950View Details
Ciccozzi, AlbertSalem, Ohio8/18/1937View Details
Ciminelli, Adelia C.8 River Drive, Ormond Beach, Fla.2/6/1983View Details
Ciminelli, Anthony L.8 River Drive, Ormond Beach, Fla.4/1/1985View Details
Ciminelli, MaryLeetonia, Ohio5/7/1941View Details
Ciminelli, Patrick E.Salem, Ohio6/17/1962View Details
Ciminelli, SamuelYoungstown, Ohio4/23/1975View Details
Ciminelli, SamuelLeetonia, Ohio5/3/1932View Details
Ciminelli, Sarah S.500 E. 4th St., Salem, Ohio4/22/1985View Details
Ciott, BerthaLeetonia, Ohio5/21/1947View Details
Ciotti, Adolfo7138 Hoffee Rd., Lisbon, Ohio7/1/1989View Details
Ciotti, Adolph Jr.Salem, Ohio12/13/1952View Details
Ciotti, AlbertSalem, Ohio4/9/1939View Details
Ciotti, CesareSalem, Ohio12/13/1961View Details
Ciotti, FrankSalem, Ohio10/27/1960View Details
Ciotti, Gary AllenSalem, Ohio3/31/1958View Details
Ciotti, LillianSalem, Ohio4/23/1966View Details
Ciotti, Pia "Virginia"Salem, Ohio7/25/2013View Details
Ciotti, RitaSalem, Ohio12/27/1941View Details
Ciotti, Tilde7138 Hoffee Rd. Lisbon, ohio3/10/1999View Details
Ciotti, Tullio547 Walnut St. Salem, Ohio5/25/1999View Details
Circle, Milton H.44644 County Rd. 58 Coshocton, Ohio5/4/1993View Details
Circle, Thelma R.Coshocton, Ohio1/12/2007View Details
Ciricosta, AgataSalem, Ohio12/26/1941View Details
Ciricosta, Josephine M.2511 Bentley Dr. Salem, Ohio11/13/1999View Details
Ciricosta, RoccoSalem, Ohio11/1/1957View Details
Citino, AngelinaSt. Louis, Mo.8/5/1969View Details
Citino, Angelo A.Salem, Ohio10/8/1958View Details
Citino, Archie31491 St. Rt. 62 Salem, Ohio11/28/2000View Details
Citino, Eric A.5230 12th St. Homeworth, Ohio2/3/2005View Details
Citino, FrankSalem, Ohio1/4/1961View Details
Citino, Mildred H.Hudson, Wis.4/9/1998View Details
Citino, Primo13700 U. S. #62, Salem, Ohio7/15/1990View Details
Citino,(Infant)Salem, Ohio3/29/1947View Details
Citino,(Infant)Salem, Ohio9/30/1949View Details
Citino,(Infant)Salem, Ohio5/25/1952View Details
Clark, ArthurSalem, Ohio12/12/1944View Details
Clark, Catherine412 Country Club Dr., Salem, Ohio2/22/1989View Details
Clark, Catherine K.Salem, Ohio11/18/1938View Details
Clark, Clara A.Salem, Ohio7/1/1943View Details
Clark, Francis E.Salem, Ohio8/28/1935View Details
Clark, Henrietta G.Lisbon, Ohio5/19/1975View Details
Clark, James D.Newark, Ohio1/8/1973View Details
Clark, Jeremiah B.3/16/1927View Details
Clark, Kathryn OeschRocky River, Ohio9/15/1963View Details
Clark, Marshall Dean2246 Kennedy Dr. Salem, Ohio5/23/2003View Details
Clark, Mary E.5/15/1917View Details
Clark, Melvin C.412 Country Club Lane, Salem, Ohio12/1/1983View Details
Clark, RobertSalem, Ohio2/9/1940View Details
Clark, Robert C.8/13/1981View Details
Clark, Sadie Marie1848 E. Third St. Salem, Ohio4/28/1998View Details
Clark, WilsonCanton, Ohio1/23/1934View Details
Clarkson, Leighana E.Lundy Ave. Salem, Oh1/8/2010View Details
Clay, Kenneth K.12372 Beaver Creek Rd. Salem, Ohio3/7/1997View Details
Clayton, Glenn Allen1430 Brookview Dr. Salem, Ohio5/15/2009View Details
Clayton, Glenn Leslie, Jr.New Cumberland, WVA7/5/2011View Details
Cleland, Eva FarisSalem, Ohio3/4/1972View Details
Cleland, Paul463 Shenstone Dr. Riverside, Ill.7/15/1987View Details
Cleland, William H.Salem, Ohio12/20/1968View Details
Clements, Carl V.Salem, Ohio5/8/1960View Details
Clepper, George W.Salem, Ohio6/28/1963View Details
Clepper, Nellie P.Salem, Ohio1/11/1964View Details
Clepper, Olive BellSalem, Ohio12/2/1951View Details
Cleveland, Alan H.526 Hawley Ave. Salem, Ohio7/6/2000View Details
Cleveland, Carolyn JaneSalem, Ohio12/27/2012View Details
Cleveland, Juanita D.660 Martin St. Warren, Ohio2/6/2010View Details
Cline, BarbaraPeachtree City, Ga.2/20/2013View Details
Cline, MarySalem, Ohio2/17/1960View Details
Cline, Roseberry O.Salem, Ohio3/5/1956View Details
Clousey, Harrison5/10/1918View Details
Clunan, Margaret M.Salem, Ohio10/10/1973View Details
Clunen, Mary M. (Potts)2140 Monroe Apt52 Salem, ohio3/7/2005View Details
Clutter, Mary L.250 Continental Dr. Salem, ohio5/17/2004View Details
Coalmer, John B.976 Jefferson Salem, Ohio1/9/2011View Details
Cobb, Leslie R.Salem, Ohio6/12/1955View Details
Cobb, Raymond R.2/24/1907View Details
Cobb, Rosa J.6/23/1923View Details
Cobb, William H.Salem, Ohio3/1/1936View Details
Cobbs, AliceSalem, Ohio4/11/1952View Details
Cobourn, Albert G.Canfield, Ohio10/28/1962View Details
Cobourn, Alfretta F.Lisbon, Ohio3/30/1904View Details
Cobourn, Carroll1302 Pembrooke Dr. Salem, Ohio12/29/1990View Details
Cobourn, Charles F.Salem, Ohio10/9/1957View Details
Cobourn, Freda B. AsheadSalem Convalescent Center4/3/1991View Details
Cobourn, Greta Mae1302 A Pembrooke Dr., Salem, Ohio5/28/1990View Details
Cobourn, Jessie D.Greenford, Ohio3/16/1944View Details
Cobourn, John5/5/1918View Details
Cobourn, MyrtaSalem, Ohio7/5/1932View Details
Cobourn, Sabinna E.Greenford, Ohio10/19/1931View Details
Cody, Albert E.6/26/1913View Details
Cody, Arthur B.Salem, Ohio8/6/1962View Details
Cody, Arthur Jr.613 Ceder St., Salem, Ohio4/24/1989View Details
Cody, CliffordSalem, Ohio2/14/1953View Details
Cody, Earl W.1472 Garfield Ave. Salem, Oohio12/9/2007View Details
Cody, Evelyn J.1472 Garfield Ave. Salem, Ohio7/21/2004View Details
Cody, Joseph E.Salem, Ohio3/6/2013View Details
Cody, Mary L.270 N. Madison, Salem, Ohio11/12/1981View Details
Cody, Merlin Mert""340 Brooklyn Ave. Salem, Ohio11/8/1992View Details
Coe, Elizabeth8/21/1926View Details
Coe,(Infant)8/17/1926View Details
Coffee, CharlesSalem, Ohio3/6/1937View Details
Coffee, Doris N.Allen Park, Michigan1/19/2002View Details
Coffee, Ida B.3/15/1925View Details
Coffee, John8/31/1917View Details
Coffee, John C.Salem, Ohio3/7/1944View Details
Coffee, John L.Allen Park, Michigan1/20/1973View Details
Coffee, LaFayetteButler Twp., Ohio4/23/1953View Details
Coffee, Laura M.Salem, Ohio1/7/1946View Details
Coffee, Mary J.32857 Coffee School Rd., Salem, Ohio11/28/1987View Details
Coffee, Ralph11/13/1924View Details
Coffee, Ray3/25/1923View Details
Coffee, Rosella10/13/1920View Details
Coffee, Ross J.Woodlawn, Pa.11/16/1918View Details
Coffee, William C.Salem, Ohio6/12/1932View Details
Cohen,(Infant)View Details
Colaianni, Antonietta (Anna Colian)Pennsylvania11/23/1977View Details
Colaianni, Mike5/7/1919View Details
Colaianni, Nunzio (Colian)Pennsylvania3/15/1969View Details
Colananni, Alexander265 N. Ellsworth, Salem, Ohio4/15/1983View Details
Colananni, AnnatoliaSalem, Ohio2/15/1953View Details
Colananni, Carmina712 Sunset Blvd. Salem, Ohio9/23/1991View Details
Colananni, Joseph164 N. Howard St., Salem, Ohio6/3/1986View Details
Colbert, Christopher D.336 Park Ave., Salem, Ohio12/23/1990View Details
Colbert, Thomas AllenJohnstown, Pa.11/11/1957View Details
Cole, Elizabeth D.Salem, Ohio6/19/1955View Details
Cole, Henry L.Salem, Ohio4/24/1951View Details
Coleian, Mary (Colian)Leetonia, Ohio10/1/1923View Details
Coleman, Emily ArdnerSalem, Ohio8/2/1959View Details
Colian, Anthony Louis Jr.1395 Ridgewood Dr. Salem, Ohio5/29/2002View Details
Colian, AssuntaSalem, Ohio2/13/1963View Details
Colian, Betty Louise816 Jefferson Ave. Salem, ohio4/29/1998View Details
Colian, CharleneSalem, Ohio3/24/1949View Details
Colian, EarlSalem, Ohio1/9/1927View Details
Colian, Emma M.Palm City, FloridaDec-00View Details
Colian, John B.Salem, Ohio1/7/1973View Details
Colian, Louis A.Winter Park, Florida8/23/2006View Details
Colian, MarySalem, Ohio12/22/1977View Details
Colian, Michael G.1395 Ridgewood Dr. Salem, Ohio3/6/1989View Details
Colian, Pasquale J.(Pat)816 Jefferson Salem, Ohio12/11/2000View Details
Coliga, CharlesYoungstown, Ohio4/29/1918View Details
Colley, Enid K.Salem, Ohio12/19/1973View Details
Colley, Leon H.Salem, Ohio12/27/1977View Details
Collins, Porter C.925 S. Lundy Ave. Salem, Ohio6/8/2008View Details
Colonzzi, Pasquali2/12/1908View Details
Coltman, Margaret I.Salem, Ohio7/30/1955View Details
Coltman, Martin B.Salem, Ohio1/18/1955View Details
Coltman, Sarah T.Salem, Ohio8/18/1970View Details
Comer, Alice E.225 Hawley Ave. Salem, Ohio4/4/1989View Details
Comer, William G., Jr.225 Hawley Ave. Salem, Ohio7/22/1987View Details
Comerford, GenevieveSalem, Ohio10/11/1970View Details
Compton, John D.4/7/1923View Details
Cone, NinaSalem, Ohio11/29/1955View Details
Cone, Stephen F.Massillon, Ohio1/26/1959View Details
Conkal, Frances (Konkal)2/13/1920View Details
Conkey, Doris K.Essex I Salem, Ohio2/19/2005View Details
Conkey, Fred R.15242 Benton Rd., Salem, Ohio10/24/1989View Details
Conkle, Earl12/21/1922View Details
Conkle, Edgar9/18/1920View Details
Conkle, Eva IreneSalem, Ohio10/24/1956View Details
Conkle, FrankSalem, Ohio4/14/1930View Details
Conkle, MabelSalem, Ohio2/3/1931View Details
Conkle, Martha L.1217 West State St. Salem, Ohio6/22/1986View Details
Conkle, Richard L. "Dick"Salem, Ohio12/7/2011View Details
Conkle, Russell I.Salem, Ohio4/20/1959View Details
Connors, Anne A.Salem, Ohio5/9/1966View Details
Connors, Donald D.New York City6/30/1958View Details
Connors, John Jr.Atlanta Ga.3/3/1942View Details
Connors, John Sr.Salem, Ohio4/14/1949View Details
Connors, Louise B.211 Orleander Ave., Palm Beach, Fla.9/19/1982View Details
Connors, Louise J.Hutton Nursing Center Salem, Ohio1/18/1994View Details
Connors, MarySalem, Ohio1/24/1929View Details
Connors, Ruthanna SeedsGeneva, Ohio9/21/1971View Details
Conrad, Elma Hutton1909View Details
Conrad, Laura C.Winter Park, Fla.2/9/1964View Details
Conrad, Samuel E.11/29/1923View Details
Conroy, Carol A.823 Pahl Rd. Elk Grove Village, Ill3/15/1998View Details
Conser, Norman Ray Sr.1196 East State St. Salem, ohio2/22/2004View Details
Conser,(Infant) (Komcer)8-22-1908/7-22-1908?View Details
Constantino, OrazioSalem, Ohio - Akron Children's Hospital3/1/1979View Details
Conway, Donna RoseAlliance, Ohio9/2/1957View Details
Conway, Francis J. Pat""Salem, Ohio11/8/1955View Details
Conway, JamesCleveland, Ohio4/17/1917View Details
Conway, Margaret JaneLouisville, Ohio3/3/1967View Details
Cook, Ada MaeSebring, Ohio5/17/2014View Details
Cook, Anna B.Salem, Ohio9/26/1944View Details
Cook, Barbara2511 Bentley Drive, Salem, Ohio8/5/1980View Details
Cook, Donald RaySalem, Ohio11/20/2010View Details
Cook, Edwin5/26/1924View Details
Cook, George1080 Beachwood Rd. Salem, ohio9/8/2002View Details
Cook, Jacob D.Salem, Ohio2/22/1937View Details
Cook, Lucille M.10057 Leffingwell Rd., Canfield, Ohio3/29/1985View Details
Cook, Martha B.Salem, Ohio6/15/1941View Details
Cook, Martha J.9/27/1910View Details
Cook, Roy M.Canfield, Ohio8/8/1963View Details
Cook, Steve2143 Edgewood Dr., Salem, Ohio11/25/1986View Details
Cook, Wayne A.281 W. 10th St. Salem, Oh.Oct. 16, 2007View Details
Cook, William H.Goshen Road, Salem, Ohio9/12/1935View Details
Cooper, George S.Youngstown, Ohio9/5/1943View Details
Cooper, Leslie Charles180 W. Third St., Salem, Ohio3/18/1980View Details
Cooper, Mary H. SmithYoungstown, Ohio5/28/1969View Details
Cooper, OliveWarren, Ohio10/26/1926View Details
Cope, Alice J.649 E. 7th St. Salem, Oh.7/12/2007View Details
Cope, Bruce M.Salem, Ohio5/14/1978View Details
Cope, Catherine4/22/1922View Details
Cope, Cora B.Salem, Ohio4/19/1935View Details
Cope, Cora B.Winona, Ohio12/25/1966View Details
Cope, Edward Alyn795 Bardshar Rd. Sandusky, Ohio4/4/2010View Details
Cope, ElizaLakewood, New Jersey8/15/1981View Details
Cope, Elizabeth H.Winona, Ohio3/22/1980View Details
Cope, Esther StarkNorth Georgetown, Ohio10/24/1934View Details
Cope, Hannah G.Chagrin Falls, Ohio9/21/1909View Details
Cope, JamesGlen Ridge, New Jersey8/13/1934View Details
Cope, Leedom S.Winona, Ohio11/15/1949View Details
Cope, Lela M.Salem, Ohio4/11/1959View Details
Cope, Marie A.Salem, Ohio12/12/1975View Details
Cope, Mary Elizabeth2/26/1903View Details
Cope, Mary J.Salem, Ohio6/5/1951View Details
Cope, Roger D.32888 Winona Rd., Winona, Ohio9/1/1982View Details
Cope, Rollin E.Butler Twp.8/5/1960View Details
Cope, Thelma250 Continental Dr. Salem, Ohio3/11/2002View Details
Cope, Wilford L.321 Sturgis Ave. Mansfield, Ohio1/12/1991View Details
Cope, William B.Cleveland, Ohio11/10/1959View Details
Cope, William C.Glen Ridge, New Jersey12/18/1962View Details
Cope,(Infant)Salem, Ohio3/9/1939View Details
Copeland, William F.Salem, Ohio2/5/1979View Details
Coppock, AmandaWinona, Ohio4-6--1938View Details
Coppock, Rolland W.Winona, Ohio1/13/1968View Details
Coppock, SarahEast Fairfield, Ohio4/13/1923View Details
Corallo, Ambrose & Madaline (twins)Dr. Marco & Mrs. Corallo 15816 Danbur Dr. Salem, Ohio10/19/2006View Details
Corbett, Charles A.,Sr.Windsong Care Center Akron, ohio4/10/2001View Details
Corbett, Elizabeth1584 N. Lincoln Ave Salem, ohio3/14/1999View Details
Cordon, James W.3/10/1917View Details
Core, Herman HenryCovena, California11/26/1979View Details
Corkett, KathrynSalem, Ohio6/2/1956View Details
Corl, Fred H.Salem, Ohio12/22/1964View Details
Cornell, Mary S.12-30-1899View Details
Cornin, CatherineCleveland, Ohio3/19/1949View Details
Cornin, DanielSalem, Ohio12/28/1920View Details
Cornwall, HannahCambridge, Ohio1/1/1929View Details
Cornwall, HarryPittsburgh, Pa.1/27/1924View Details
Cornwall, John W.Monessen, Pa.8/13/1909View Details
Cornwall, MaryPittsburgh, Pa.2/22/1918View Details
Corrigan, Carolyn M.Salem, Ohio1/24/1966View Details
Corrigan, Thomas R.Salem, Ohio4/10/1973View Details
Corso, Anthony M.Salem, Ohio4/29/1954View Details
Corso, August Auggie" Jr."1615 S. Lincoln Ave. Salem, ohio5/21/2001View Details
Corso, August Sr.Salem, Ohio11/21/1956View Details
Corso, Charles S.Salem, Ohio12/13/1940View Details
Corso, Clara Helen1615 S. Lincoln Salem, Ohio3/29/2005View Details
Corso, Dorothy Elizabeth542 Hawley Ave. Salem, Ohio3/20/1991View Details
Corso, Dr. Paul1280 N. Lincoln Ave., Salem, Ohio2/7/1989View Details
Corso, Eva Rosemary2235 Lexington Ave Salem, ohio5/25/1997View Details
Corso, FrancesSalem, Ohio7/16/1968View Details
Corso, Frank F.1663 Maple St., Salem, Ohio9/11/1987View Details
Corso, HelenEssex Nursing center III Salem, Ohio4/7/2001View Details
Corso, Joseph231 West 10th St., Salem, Ohio9/12/1983View Details
Corso, Marvine ElizabethSalem, Ohio5/17/1965View Details
Corso, Michael Mike""Long Beach, California6/3/1972View Details
Corso, William V.Salem, Ohio - Florida VA Hospital7/5/1975View Details
Cosgarea, James Sr.Salem, Ohio7/30/1973View Details
Cosgarea, Victoria HelenSalem, Ohio11/1/1951View Details
Cosgrove, AgnesCleveland, Ohio1/10/1960View Details
Cosgrove, Ann F.Salem, Ohio5/18/1960View Details
Cosgrove, Helen M.Cleveland, Ohio5/28/1955View Details
Cosgrove, Hermine649 Perry St., Salem, Ohio4/17/1983View Details
Cosgrove, John J.Salem, Ohio8/6/1956View Details
Cosgrove, John P.Salem, Ohio6/13/1929View Details
Cosgrove, John SamuelBuena Park, California8/25/1976View Details
Cosgrove, MagdaleneSalem, Ohio10/2/1961View Details
Cosgrove, Marjorie H.2389 Kennedy Dr., Salem, Ohio8/7/1984View Details
Cosgrove, MartinSalem, Ohio1/14/1944View Details
Cosgrove, Mary325 W. Wilson St. Salem, Ohio2/13/2006View Details
Cosgrove, Mrs. John (Margaret)3/15/1910View Details
Cosgrove, William L.649 E. Perry St., Salem, Ohio3/4/1980View Details
Cosky, BenjaminSalem, Ohio9/4/1943View Details
Cosky, SophiaSalem, Ohio5/23/1937View Details
Cosky, Stanley W.Boardman, Ohio8/7/2015View Details
Cosky, StellaSalem, Ohio10/5/1969View Details
Cosma, Amil2235 Southeast Blvd., Salem, Ohio3/20/1990View Details
Cosma, Bertha534 Hawley Ave. Salem, Ohio10/12/2001View Details
Cosma, Charles311 W. 10th St., Salem, Ohio10/18/1980View Details
Cosma, Jean Snyder12821 St. Rt. 534 Salem, Ohio3/7/2005View Details
Cosma, Laura1916 S. Lincoln Ave. Salem, Oh.12/26/2006View Details
Cosma, Richard S.Salem, Ohio2/16/1937View Details
Cosma, Robert S. Buck""279 E. High Street, Lisbon, Ohio9/6/1984View Details
Cosma, Samuel (Sam)St. Clairsville, Ohio6/7/1979View Details
Cosma, StellaSalem, Ohio7/25/1986View Details
Cost, Frederick7/28/1915View Details
Cost, Mrs. Fred (Mary ?)10/9/1921View Details
Costlow, Dorothy V.1850 St Rt. 9 Salem,Ohio3/26/1998View Details
Costlow, Ralph1850 Rt. 9, Salem, Ohio4/26/1985View Details
Coulson, Edith G.Salem, Ohio1/9/1975View Details
Coulson, Frank H.Salem, Ohio10/30/1970View Details
Coulson, Martha R.Salem Care Center Salem, Ohio10/24/2010View Details
Court, Robert P.Melbourne, Fla.4/15/1976View Details
Courtney, A. RussSalem, Ohio4/2/1963View Details
Courtney, Alice7/28/1927View Details
Courtney, Arthur11/7/1904View Details
Courtney, EllaBoliver, Ohio2/8/1943View Details
Courtney, Elsie M.Salem, Ohio11/23/1955View Details
Courtney, Emmett9/4/1919View Details
Courtney, Lynn12/8/1918View Details
Courtney, Margerite10/10/1904View Details
Courtney, Mary O.Damascus, Ohio12-10-1898View Details
Courtney, NettieSalem, Ohio12/21/1943View Details
Courtney, Orlan J.Salem, Ohio2/15/1949View Details
Courtney, Robert L., Jr.San Antonio, Texas6/17/1955View Details
Courtney, Vera M.Salem, Ohio1/25/1978View Details
Courtney, W. M.Damascus, Ohio3/11/1932View Details
Courtney, WadeFt. Bayard, NM.2/3/1918View Details
Courtney, William F.2/10/1927View Details
Courtwright, FlorenceAlliance, Ohio12/2/1923View Details
Courtwright, SarahAkron, Ohio3/17/1925View Details
Couts, Mary (Conts)7/7/1908View Details
Covert, Delores J.Erie, Pa.9/23/1960View Details
Covert, Freda M.Northgeorgetown, Ohio6/9/1976View Details
Covert, G. Paul2140 B. Gladstone Ct., Erie, Pa.2/8/1980View Details
Covert, George W.Salem, Ohio3/25/1948View Details
Covert, Ruth EvelynNorth Georgetown, Ohio10/24/2008View Details
Cowan, Coulter A.Salem, Ohio5/26/1966View Details
Cowan, Mabel A.Salem, Ohio9/25/1969View Details
Cowger, Bruce L.Salem, Ohio6/17/1979View Details
Cowie, Robert W. JrReynoldsburg, Oh.11/26/2009View Details
Cox, EdwardSalem, Ohio9/3/1936View Details
Cox, Martha A.North Georgetown, Ohio2/10/1934View Details
Cox, MyrthaLisbon, Ohio5/29/1944View Details
Coy, Aaron B.Greenford, Ohio2/13/1938View Details
Coy, AddisonSalem, Ohio8/1/1945View Details
Coy, Alva J.3/27/1918View Details
Coy, Catherine (Grabovac)Mansfield, Oohio8/18/2011View Details
Coy, Charles W.Salem, Ohio3/2/1958View Details
Coy, DorothySalem, Ohio2/10/1946View Details
Coy, Emma A.Washingtonville, Ohio2/23/1927View Details
Coy, Esther Rogers401 Russell Ave. Gaithersburgh, Md.1/23/1997View Details
Coy, Forest LeeSalem, Ohio1/7/1977View Details
Coy, Harold R.Salem, Ohio4/21/1959View Details
Coy, Hilda Katheryn1985 E. Pershing Salem, Oh.1/2/2004View Details
Coy, Jack R.New Middletown, Ohio3/22/2003View Details
Coy, James Oscar495 Euclid St. Salem, Ohio2/11/2005View Details
Coy, Lois W.250 Continental Dr. Salem, ohio11/28/2000View Details
Coy, Mabel CurtisSalem, Ohio7/28/1961View Details
Coy, MelindaSalem, Ohio6/25/1938View Details
Coy, Merle D.306 Jennings Ave. Salem, Ohio6/13/1984View Details
Coy, Ralph T.Salem, Ohio8/22/1962View Details
Coy, Robert A.Hutton Nursing Home9/2/1984View Details
Coy, Robert LeeSalem, Ohio7/31/1943View Details
Coy, Rolland R.1126 W. State St. Salem, Ohio10/18/1985View Details
Coy, Wealthie E.Salem, Ohio9/22/1970View Details
Coyne, Helen R.338 W. 7th St. Salem, Ohio4/24/1981View Details
Coyne, Kathryn T.Salem, Ohio4/25/1974View Details
Coyne, Martin H.Salem, Ohio11/3/1967View Details
Coyne, Theodore H.Salem, Ohio8/25/1953View Details
Cozza, Freeda B.Leetonia, Ohio8/20/1938View Details
Craft, EmalineBeloit, Ohio2/14/1941View Details
Crain, Ann2/24/1917View Details
Cramer, Jack E., Sr.781 W. Pershing St. Salem, Ohio8/11/1982View Details
Crandall, Mary E.Michigan1/2/1928View Details
Crandell, Fred G. (Crandall)Alliance, Ohio7/4/1914View Details
Crane, John A.5/3/1912View Details
Cranmer, HaleySalem, Ohio4/16/1976View Details
Crawford, Charles B.1/2/1915View Details
Crawford, Eugene F.Salem, Ohio9/6/1967View Details
Crawford, HazelSalem, Ohio5/17/1950View Details
Crawford, Hazel L.1151 Cleveland St. Salem, Ohio2/19/1985View Details
Crawford, James F.960 Newgarden Salem, ohio6/13/1998View Details
Crawford, Lois M.Clayton, Mo.9/3/1943View Details
Crawford, Mary M.279 W. 4th St. Salem, Ohio6/11/1988View Details
Crawford, Maurice O.2511 Bentley Dr. Salem, Ohio3/3/2002View Details
Crawford, Noah C.812 Barclay Salem, Ohio10/5/2010View Details
Crawford, Olive M.Salem, Ohio8/12/1957View Details
Crawford, Ralph C.Findlay, Ohio6/25/1977View Details
Crawford, Sarah A.?View Details
Crawford, Truman M.Salem, Ohio9/2/1973View Details
Crawford,Infant10/3/1974View Details
Creer, Agnes R.918 Liberty St. Salem, Ohio8/7/1998View Details
Creer, Catherine AnnSalem, Ohio1/26/1952View Details
Creer, Catherine D.Salem, Ohio10/8/1944View Details
Creer, Robert michaelNorthridge, Calif.1/7/2008View Details
Creer,InfantSalem, Ohio12/30/1963View Details
Crisenbery, K. IreneSalem, Ohio7/10/1933View Details
Crisenbery, William R.Salem, Ohio2/7/1940View Details
Criss, Charles T.North Benton, Ohio1/23/1974View Details
Criss, Dorothy Mae346 W. Pennsylvania Ave Sebring, Ohio11/21/2009View Details
Criss, Leora SpencerSalem, Ohio11/30/1961View Details
Criss, Matthew JamesBeloit, Ohio2/26/1967View Details
Criss, Theodore D.Berlin Center, Ohio2/13/1951View Details
Critchfield, Bertha B.Salem, Ohio12/14/1978View Details
Critchfield, Calvin C.Elyria, Ohio5/30/1999View Details
Critchfield, Milton H.Salem, Ohio8/3/1968View Details
Crocion, Peter12/15/1917View Details
Croft, Vincent (LeMasters-Beck)Salem, Ohio9/8/2004View Details
Cromwell, Clara E.Salem, Ohio7/13/1932View Details
Cromwell, MetaSt. Cloud, Florida1/20/1976View Details
Cromwell, Thomas R.St. Cloud, Florida5/25/1968View Details
Cronick, Joseph1/27/1922View Details
Cronick, Luella6/20/1923View Details
Cronin, Cornelius C.Cleveland Heights, Ohio5/15/1956View Details
Cronin, John A.Canada2/12/1946View Details
Crook, JuliaSalem, Ohio7/20/1942View Details
Crook, Margaret D.Salem, Ohio12/12/1936View Details
Crooks, Harry P.12/7/1920View Details
Crookston, Gerald E.249 East Fourth St. Salem, Ohio3/13/1987View Details
Crookston, Gertrude H.7443 Spillway Rd. Lisbon, Ohio1/28/1981View Details
Crookston, William L.Guilford Lake, Ohio7/18/1977View Details
Crosby, Emma RenoNiles, Ohio12/15/1974View Details
Crosby, Roy E.451 N. Cleveland St. Niles, Ohio2/1/1983View Details
Cross, Elizabeth1275 East Ninth St. Salem, Ohio2/7/1988View Details
Cross, James A.1275 East Ninth St. Salem, Ohio11/23/1985View Details
Crossley, Emily11/10/1925View Details
Crossley, Jordan6/16/1905View Details
Crossley, Samuel J.Pittsburgh, Pa.5/25/1945View Details
Crossley, Sarah E.Canton, Ohio4/15/1959View Details
Crouch, Fern M.Salem, Ohio5/16/1933View Details
Crouch, Grace Mae628 W. State St. Salem, Ohio12/10/1985View Details
Crouch, Kent Bill""628 West State St. Salem, Ohio7/27/1987View Details
Crowe, David W.Mentor, Ohio3/2/1998View Details
Crowe, Dorothy J.Akron, Ohio10/17/2012View Details
Crowe, William J.1987 Southeast Blvd. Salem, Ohio7/19/1979View Details
Crowgey, Dr. Frederick R. ,Sr.Salem, Ohio6/2/1977View Details
Crowgey, Olive RuthCopeland Oaks, Sebring, Ohio2/12/1989View Details
Crowgey, PhillipSalem, Ohio1/23/1946View Details
Crowl, Emma M.Canton, Ohio12/13/1953View Details
Crowl, Fred M.Canton, Ohio3/16/1952View Details
Crowl, MaryGrace Woods Salem, Ohio12/22/2011View Details
Crowley, Nora2-?-1906View Details
Crubaugh, Jean L.Alliance, Ohio5/21/1921View Details
Crumbaker, PhemieHolander House Salem, Ohio2/18/2008View Details
Cubbage, Charles G.910 Somerset Salem, ohio1/5/2001View Details
Culberson, GladysSalem, Ohio2/25/1967View Details
Culberson, Robert B.Salem, Ohio7/7/1951View Details
Culberson, Roscoe T.Salem, Ohio4/10/1967View Details
Culberson, Vena V.Guilford Lake, Ohio9/23/1978View Details
Culbertson, Beulah M. Tad""310 Penn Ave. Salem, ohio11/3/2001View Details
Culbertson, Lester W.Lisbon, Ohio5/18/1978View Details
Culbertson, Olen D.361 East Chestnut St. Lisbon, Ohio12/12/1988View Details
Culbertson, Terry R.Kensington, Ohio6/22/1975View Details
Culbertson, Thelma L.320 East Chestnut St. Lisbon, Ohio6/27/1985View Details
Cullenberger, Hazel Ruby1415 Buckeye Circle Salem, Ohio9/14/1980View Details
Cullenberger, LouisSalem, Ohio2/1/1952View Details
Culler, Bryan3/2/1910View Details
Culler, Elizabeth K.266 Jennings Ave. Salem, Ohio8/2/1982View Details
Culler, Etta E.Salem, Ohio8/12/1955View Details
Culler, Frank L.852 Aetna ST, Salem, Ohio7/23/1998View Details
Culler, Haidee F.Salem, Ohio3/15/1971View Details
Culler, HettyAlliance, Ohio2/6/1945View Details
Culler, IdellaSalem, Ohio9/19/1954View Details
Culler, Kenneth P.Salem, Ohio6/5/1972View Details
Culler, Margaret4227 Meribend Ave. Stow, Ohio1/25/2003View Details
Culler, Marilou940 N. Ellsworth Ave. Salem, Ohio6/19/1992View Details
Culler, Mearl R.Salem, Ohio12/25/1978View Details
Culler, Perry W.LIsbon, Ohio3/17/1942View Details
Culler, StanleyAlliance, Ohio7/23/1947View Details
Culler, William F.Salem, Ohio9/27/1949View Details
Cummings, Frances11/1/1918View Details
Cunningham, Ernest K.Salem, Ohio5/31/1969View Details
Cunningham, Haidee T.866 N. Lincoln Ave. Salem, Ohio6/13/1989View Details
Cunningham, Joseph A.Salem, Ohio11/13/1954View Details
Cunningham, M. Evalyn1654 East State St. Salem, Ohio12/11/1982View Details
Curcurcja, Milie (Alias Mike Zinger)Salem, Ohio6/1/1937View Details
Curtis, Christy LeeSalem, Ohio9/25/1981View Details
Curtis, Lillie E.Salem, Ohio6/14/1960View Details
Curtis, Mary CarrZephyrhills, Florida6/18/1949View Details
Curtis, Robert Sr. (Curtiss)10/22/1909View Details
Curtiss, Elizabeth9/16/1924View Details
Curtiss, Robert T.Salem, Ohio4/23/1946View Details
Cusack, Genevieve A.Salem, Ohio1/12/1969View Details
Cusack, Thomas P.2345 Lexington Salem, ohio5/18/1997View Details
Cuthbert, Raymond R.Salem, Ohio9/17/1953View Details
Cuthbert, ZephaPennsylvania1/11/1999View Details
Cyphert, LullaSalem, Ohio4/7/1978View Details
Dabelstein, Suzanne Louise1013 Buckeye Ave. Salem, Ohio12/31/2000View Details
Daft, Cheyanne Britney1380 S. Lincoln Salem, ohio2/16/2000View Details
Daggett, CharlesNew York, N.Y.2/3/1940View Details
Daggett, Fred1895View Details
Daggett, Ida R.Lakewood, Ohio5/24/1935View Details
Daggett, W.H.Erie, Pa.7/12/1915View Details
Daichendt, Dora M.Sarasota, Fla.10/4/1992View Details
Daiger, Carl H.1550 Southeast Blvd. Salem, Ohio2/15/1985View Details
Daiger, Mabel RuthSalem, Ohio5/26/1978View Details
Dailey, Gertrude M.Salem, Ohio4/7/1973View Details
Dale, Jean K.1351 N. Union Ave Salem, Ohio8/15/2010View Details
Dale, John T.Elizabethtown, Pa.11/15/1929View Details
Dale, Richard H.Salem, ohio5/18/2014View Details
Dales, ArabellaSalem, Ohio11/18/1932View Details
Dales, Delbert LeoFarmdale, Ohio9/28/1937View Details
Dales, Edith MaeHubbard, Ohio10/21/1974View Details
Dales, RalphCourtland, Ohio1/4/1961View Details
Daley, Esther D.2955 N. Nagel St. Chicago, Ill.2/10/1983View Details
Daley, Glenn Harold10-28-1928 ?View Details
Daley, JamesDetroit, Michigan3/13/1963View Details
Daley, John G.12/24/1916View Details
Daley, Joseph A.2190 Green Parks Ct. Thousand Oaks, Calif.3/5/1994View Details
Dalrymple, Allen J.1196 East State St. Salem, Ohio6/15/1994View Details
Dalrymple, Dorothy M.2347 Southeast Blvd., Salem, Ohio10/11/1990View Details
Daly, Francis L. Frank""628 Euclid St., Salem, Ohio5/24/1989View Details
Daly, James E.Essex 2 Salem, Ohio4/28/2011View Details
Daly, Katherine E.Twin Oaks Retirement Center Salem, ohio1/18/2003View Details
Dan, Anna440 W. 5th St. Salem, Ohio5/31/2000View Details
Dan, CharlesSalem, Ohio9/6/1972View Details
Dan, CharlesSalem, Ohio1/21/1926View Details
Dan, George7/11/1923View Details
Dan, John Sr.Salem, Ohio5/19/1979View Details
Dan, Mary Balan250 Continental Dr. Salem, Ohio8/22/1997View Details
Dan, SophiaSalem, Ohio11/26/1938View Details
Daniel,Infant (Dengel)2/6/1916View Details
Daniels, Alfred E.Ft. Lauderdale, Florida1/8/1969View Details
Daniels, Alfred Jr.Salem, Ohio2/11/1933View Details
Daniels, Elizabeth A.Salem Convelesent Center Salem, Ohio4-21`-1997View Details
Daniels, Emma A.Ft. Lauderdale, Florida2/6/1979View Details
Daniels,- Infant Paula KaySalem, Ohio11/26/1952View Details
Daniels, John4/15/1913View Details
Daniels, Theodore2400 Garfield Rd. New Springfield, Ohio3/7/1980View Details
Danklef, Bonnie L.Salem, ohio8/23/2014View Details
Darbrancie, Martin7/27/1918View Details
Darling, James T.Salem, Ohio5/29/1958View Details
Darling, Laura J.Salem, Ohio7/22/1951View Details
Darling, Sally MiskiminsSebring, Ohio4/29/2015View Details
Darling, Wayne ThomasHighland Ave. Salem, Ohio1/8/2005View Details
Darlington, MyrtleSalem, Ohio2/25/1947View Details
Darlington, William S.Salem, Ohio8/31/1946View Details
Daum, J.H.Salem, Ohio12/7/1926View Details
Daum, Mrs. J.H.7/27/1921View Details
Dauria, Frank D.,Jr.Salem, Ohio11/14/2014View Details
Dauria, Helen R.890 Jennings Ave. Salem, Ohio4/17/1992View Details
Davidson, Arel GertrudeSalem, Ohio2/1/1951View Details
Davidson, Caroline4/12/1923View Details
Davidson, Charles W.Salem, Ohio6/30/1961View Details
Davidson, DonaldSalem, Ohio6/23/1935View Details
Davidson, Eliza R.Lisbon, Ohio8/10/1942View Details
Davidson, Emmor4/22/1919View Details
Davidson, Frank R.Salem, Ohio11/16/1951View Details
Davidson, George W.12/14/1918View Details
Davidson, George W.11/14/1904View Details
Davidson, GraceSalem, Ohio4/1/1956View Details
Davidson, Jane6/13/1908View Details
Davidson, John A.Stockton, California12/9/1907View Details
Davidson, John M.Leetonia, Ohio5/29/1956View Details
Davidson, John N.Salem, Ohio3/7/1951View Details
Davidson, Minnie D.Leetonia, Ohio3/24/1954View Details
Davidson, NormanYoungstown, Ohio1/9/1957View Details
Davidson, Pauline Polly1951 Southeast Blvd., Salem, Ohio11/5/1986View Details
Davidson, Phebe J.Salem, Ohio1/10/1968View Details
Davidson, Rachel (Davison)2/7/1923View Details
Davidson, Samuel J.Steubenville, Ohio1/29/1945View Details
Davidson, Shirley MaeColumbiana, Ohio4/17/2014View Details
Davidson, WalterLisbon, Ohio6/25/1960View Details
Davin, Denis D.Salem, Ohio9/4/2011View Details
Davin, Elaine K.Salem, Ohio4/8/2015View Details
Davis, Alexander MichaelSalem, Ohio9/29/2001View Details
Davis, Alta P. (Pietrzak)Kennedy Dr. Salem, Ohio1/7/2008View Details
Davis, Anna1-22-1882View Details
Davis, Ariel I.1976 Highland Ave Salem, Ohio6/21/2002View Details
Davis, Carrie E.2325 Oak Street, Salem, Ohio10/7/1980View Details
Davis, CharlesSalem, Ohio9/8/1969View Details
Davis, Charles E. Chuck""1055 N. Ellsworth Salem, ohio6/21/1998View Details
Davis, Charlotte M.Hamilton, Ontario6/15/1954View Details
Davis, ClaraSalem, Ohio3/6/1942View Details
Davis, Clyde C., Jr. Pete""2157 S.E. Blvd Salem, Ohio4/25/1995View Details
Davis, Clyde C., Sr.Salem, Ohio4/11/1974View Details
Davis, CoraSalem, Ohio5/13/1939View Details
Davis, D. ClareSalem, Ohio7/25/1961View Details
Davis, D. L.Salem, Ohio2/13/1936View Details
Davis, D. W.11/29/1926View Details
Davis, Donald C.Salem, Ohio11/18/1941View Details
Davis, Edith Corienne2226 Edgewood Dr. Salem, Oh.1/3/2004View Details
Davis, Edna M.333 W. 10th St. Salem, Ohio4/29/1994View Details
Davis, Effie524 Perry Street, Salem, Ohio7/1/1985View Details
Davis, Ella D.Salem, Ohio4/16/1971View Details
Davis, EstherSalem, Ohio11/20/1954View Details
Davis, Floyd524 E. Perry St., Salem, Ohio5/15/1990View Details
Davis, GlennSalem, Ohio7/2/2014View Details
Davis, GwendolynWashingtonville, Ohio3/19/1923View Details
Davis, H. E.Salem, Ohio2/9/1949View Details
Davis, Harriet E.Washingtonville, Ohio3/24/1929View Details
Davis, Hazel MayRt. #5, Salem, Ohio8/7/1969View Details
Davis, Helen E.Cleveland, Ohio11/30/1960View Details
Davis, J. WilfordSalem, Ohio8/2/1938View Details
Davis, James7-22-1890View Details
Davis, JanetN/GN/GView Details
Davis, Janet L.555 Springbrook Dr. Medina Ohio9/18/2001View Details
Davis, Jessie E.544 Hawley Ave. Salem, Ohio1/1/2002View Details
Davis, Joseph H.Salem, Ohio8/6/1970View Details
Davis, JuliaSalem, Ohio11/24/1950View Details
Davis, Kenneth L.12971 Washingtonville Rd. Greenford, Ohio5/21/1999View Details
Davis, Leon H.Salem, Ohio12/31/1966View Details
Davis, Lindley8/4/1923View Details
Davis, Lloyd T.500 E. 4th St. Salem, ohio6/20/1998View Details
Davis, M. Ruth1916 S. Lincoln Ave Salem, Ohio8/21/2001View Details
Davis, MarySalem, Ohio1/18/1929View Details
Davis, MattaSalem, Ohio12/14/1931View Details
Davis, Mrs. D. W.1/18/1928View Details
Davis, OliverSpringfield, Mo.5/4/2015View Details
Davis, Robert N.279 Georgetown Rd., Salem, Ohio1/20/1987View Details
Davis, Robert R.Salem, Ohio3/19/1977View Details
Davis, SethSalem, Ohio5/9/1949View Details
Davis, Smith E.Salem, Ohio4/8/1928View Details
Davis, Wallace J.Salem, Ohio11/12/1943View Details
Davis, Wheeler1889View Details
Davis, William E.Salem, Ohio10/26/1943View Details
Davis, William N.544 Hawley, Salem, Ohio1/22/1984View Details
Davis,(Infant)Youngstown, Ohio1/16/1928View Details
Davis,(Infant)Youngstown, Ohio10/27/1928View Details
Davison, John1893View Details
Davison, William H.Salem, Ohio8/27/1941View Details
Dawes, Anna10/19/1910View Details
Dawes, Benjamin9/11/1920View Details
Dawes, Eldon B.3/12/1920View Details
Dawes, Martha1871View Details
Dawes, Rosella M.Salem, Ohio1/13/1961View Details
Dawes, Samuel H.Mahoning County6/21/1905View Details
Dawes, William J.10/13/1917View Details
Dawes, William S.Salem, Ohio2/10/1942View Details
Dawson, Edwin S. Bud""Bedford, N.Y.12/17/1972View Details
Dawson, Eloise WilseySalem, Ohio9/6/1970View Details
Dawson,(Infant)9/19/1914View Details
Day, A. S.12/14/1919View Details
Day, Almira N.New Castle, Pa.11/18/1973View Details
Day, Beatrice Mae400 E. 4th St. Salem, Ohio1/16/1992View Details
Day, Cassius M.New Castle, Pa.8/14/1932View Details
Day, Earl M.Salem, Ohio2/26/1961View Details
Day, Gertrude Ida10-5-1898View Details
Day, Lucy A.1/29/1948View Details
Day, Ralph C.Died in Florida11/25/1977View Details
Day, RebeccaSalem, Ohio1/26/1939View Details
Day, RoselleSalem, Ohio10/21/1968View Details
Dazell, John5-9-1837View Details
Dazman, Frank8/2/1922View Details
De Michele, Vincent622 Center St. Ashland, Oh1/14/2010View Details
Deagan, Edwin F.Salem, Ohio1/31/1970View Details
Deagon, Mary A.1220 E. Third St., Salem, Ohio10/23/1988View Details
Deames, Lorena E.Three Rivers, Mich.6/2/2003View Details
Deames, Rev. Dale R.Three Rivers, Mich.7/8/1999View Details
Dean, Dorothy L.1461 Garfield Ave., Salem, Ohio4/7/1987View Details
Dean, Edith Linton1280 N. Union Ave., Salem, Ohio12/6/1984View Details
Dean, MarieSalem, Ohio5/19/1977View Details
Dean, Mary AliceSalem, Ohio4/20/1955View Details
Dean, Mildred I.Blossom Nursing Home Salem, ohio4/1/2005View Details
Dean, Patrick JosephSalem, Ohio12/17/1952View Details
Dean, Paul J.Akron, Ohio11/18/1958View Details
Dean, Ray L.Blossom Nursing Ctr. Salem, Ohio1/9/2005View Details
Deane, Beatrice L. Bea""5155 N. High St. Columbus, ohio1/6/2003View Details
Deane, Donald C.5155 N. High St. Columbus, Ohio10/26/2004View Details
Deane, Jan Healey4185 Hooker St., Denver, Colorado12/23/1989View Details
DeAntonio, Thomas J.Salem, Ohio7/26/1949View Details
Deatherage, Orville R.9225 South Ave. Poland, Ohio8/3/2006View Details
Deatherage, Orville Randolph Randy" II"4534 Lower Elkton Rd. Leetonia, Ohio3/28/2004View Details
Debnar, Albert M.Salem, Ohio6/19/1975View Details
Debnar, AnnaSalem, Ohio12/15/1951View Details
Debnar, Carol Jean28551 Cunningham Dr. Warren, Mich.2/15/2004View Details
Debnar, Emily EllenSalem, Ohio8/12/1967View Details
Debnar, Martin Peanuts""1259 E. Pershing, Salem, Ohio8/23/1980View Details
Debner, Martin5/18/1910View Details
DeCola, BrunoEssex II Salem, Ohio12/15/2007View Details
DeCola, CarmelaSalem, Ohio10/9/1939View Details
DeCola, Cesidio Joe""Salem, Ohio10/6/1964View Details
DeCola, Paul A.618 Cedar St. Salem, Ohio11/15/1995View Details
DeCola,(Infant)Salem, Ohio4/17/1937View Details
DeCrow, Anthony T., JrSalem, Ohio3/20/2014View Details
DeCrow, Alice J.109 Blossom Lane Salem, Ohio6/4/2010View Details
DeCrow, Anthony T.14810 Country Club Drive, Salem, Ohio4/25/1979View Details
DeCrow, AugustSalem, Ohio12/5/1974View Details
DeCrow, Bernard Chic""Salem, Ohio6/23/1974View Details
DeCrow, Herman P.Salem, Ohio10/9/1978View Details
DeCrow, JosephSalem, Ohio1/18/1953View Details
DeCrow, LaVerneSalem, Ohio12/17/1974View Details
DeCrow, Louis R.Salem, Ohio8/19/1972View Details
DeCrow, Marie A.2511 Bentely Dr., Salem, Ohio1/12/1989View Details
DeCrow, MarySalem, Ohio12/30/1968View Details
DeCrow, Mary A. "Babe"Napoleon, Oh1/22/2010View Details
DeCrow, Michael J. Mickey""1249 Newgarden Ave., Salem, Ohio8/9/1986View Details
DeCrow, Ruth BradleySalem, Ohio10/23/1960View Details
Deemer, ElizabethLisbon, Ohio10/26/1945View Details
Deemer, L. K.East Palestine, Ohio6/9/1918View Details
Deemer, Lydia H.Sebring, Ohio1/1/1929View Details
Deemer, W. C.Lisbon, Ohio8/31/1921View Details
Deitch, H. Woody Jr.1220 Cabarillo Park Drive, Santa Anna, Calif.10/8/1980View Details
Deitch, Rev. Dr. Harold W.Route 8 Greenville, N.C.9/16/1994View Details
Deitch, VelmaDaytona Beach, Fla.9/18/2007View Details
DeLeo, MaryE. Liverpool, Ohio10/27/1926View Details
DelFavero, Frances Ann1202 Newgarden Salem, Ohio2/1/2004View Details
DelFavero, Joseph L.Salem, Ohio4/13/1998View Details
DelFavero, Louis A.471 Mullins St. Salem, ohio12/23/1998View Details
DelFavero, Lugi JohnSalem, Ohio11/11/1946View Details
Delfavero, Marina A.471 Mullins St. Salem, Ohio1/18/1997View Details
DelFavero, Mary F.Salem, Ohio12/18/1963View Details
DelFavero, Robert3/11/1930View Details
DelFavero,(Infant)Salem, Ohio3/9/1932View Details
DelFavero. Joseph L.1202 Newgarden Salem, Ohio4/13/1998View Details
Delligatti, Sarah Lucinda334 E. Chestnut St. Lisbon, Ohio3/4/2002View Details
DeLong, Mary Lou211 Pomiciana Lane, Largo, Fla.8/10/1984View Details
Delsantro, Anna (Infant)4/20/1912View Details
DeLuce, James W.,Sr.Salem, Ohio5/26/2013View Details
DeLuce, Perine E.Essex #3 Salem, Ohio5/19/2012View Details
DelVichio, Catherine Freda800 S. 15th Sebring, Ohio3/6/2010View Details
DelVichio, CharlesSalem, Ohio6/9/1947View Details
DelVichio, Charles M.948 S. Lundy, Salem, Ohio6/9/1985View Details
DelVichio, Lucy J.723 Arch St., Salem, Ohio9/20/1979View Details
Demeo, Letta10/24/1921View Details
Demeo, Mary (Philamino)3/15/1914View Details
DeMeo, Ruth E.252 Park Ave. Salem, Ohio8/27/1993View Details
Demeo, Stella11/2/1921View Details
Demeo, Steven11488 S. Duck Creek Rd., Salem, Ohio6/28/1986View Details
Demeo, Thomas12/21/1924View Details
DeMeo, Thomas B. Jr.252 Park Ave. Salem, Ohio8/28/1994View Details
De-Michele, JesseSalem, Ohio12/16/1977View Details
DeMichele, OliveNankin, Ohio5/21/1999View Details
Deming, Angelina7/5/1903View Details
Deming, George RamsdenSalem, Ohio12/5/1953View Details
Deming, Helen Lee748 S. Lincoln Ave., Salem, Ohio3/24/1979View Details
Deming, HenriettaSalem, Ohio11/7/1962View Details
Deming, Jayne M.1001 Center St., LaJolla, Calif.10/19/1981View Details
Deming, JohnView Details
Deming, Polly R.Salem, Ohio8/13/1943View Details
Deming, W. F.3/19/1921View Details
Deming, Walter F.Palm Harbor, Fla.7/15/2013View Details
Deming, William L.Salem, Ohio3/8/1936View Details
Denkhaus, Mary Louise1934 Fairview Court, Salem, Ohio9/16/1987View Details
Denkhaus, Paul C.Salem, Ohio4/8/1976View Details
Dennis, Rita M.Salem, Ohio7/20/1947View Details
Dennison, Alberta3/25/1904View Details
Dennison, Bertha8/16/1906View Details
Dennison, W. T. C.Washington, Pa.9/28/1909View Details
Denny, Arthur S.Beloit, Ohio3/3/1958View Details
Denny, Edward S.Minerva, Ohio1/11/1963View Details
Denny, Ella B.Oct-12View Details
Denny, Maude M.Valley, Ohio5/5/1953View Details
Denny, Pearl M.14780 Country Club Drive, Salem, Ohio2/25/1980View Details
Depener, MarieLisbon, Ohio5/2/1940View Details
DePietro, Attilia305 W. Wilson St., Salem, Ohio12/11/1987View Details
DePietro, Victor A.Salem, Ohio8/31/1973View Details
Depin, Mathew4/27/1918View Details
Depner, Lizzie12/29/1920View Details
Depner, MichaelCounty Home4/27/1945View Details
Depner, ThomasSalem, Ohio6/23/1922View Details
Derfus, Dorothy B.Salem, Ohio4/29/1934View Details
Derfus, Emma F.Salem, Ohio9/26/1971View Details
Derfus, Helen M.Salem, Ohio6/26/1977View Details
Derfus, HenrySalem, Ohio7/6/1932View Details
Derfus, Joseph H.Salem, Ohio7/9/1938View Details
Derfus, Ludwig F. M.D.Salem, Ohio8/4/1948View Details
Derfus, Mary591 E. Second St., Salem, Ohio6/18/1980View Details
Derfus, RossinaSalem, Ohio3/4/1938View Details
DeRhodes, AddalaidSalem, Ohio10/25/1932View Details
DeRhodes, Charles9/12/1913View Details
DeRhodes, David3/28/1922View Details
DeRhodes, EulaLeetonia, Ohio12/1/1974View Details
DeRhodes, Florence G.12040 Lisbon Rd. Greenford, Ohio7/9/1992View Details
DeRhodes, Franklin7/30/1905View Details
DeRhodes, Merle L.Lisbon Rd., Greenford, Ohio1/19/1988View Details
DeRhodes, Norman6/8/1923View Details
DeRhodes, William F.10/22/1903View Details
DeRienzo, Albert A.Aberden, Md.View Details
DeRienzo, Albert A.Aberden, Md.3/29/2009View Details
DeRienzo, Dena V.1960 Oak St. Salem, Ohio5/19/1995View Details
DeRienzo, Dominic1960 Oak St. Salem, Ohio8/6/1992View Details
DeRienzo, Edna930 Arch St. Salem, ohio2/5/2004View Details
DeRienzo, Elsie Mae1263 Carole Dr., Salem, Ohio9/8/1986View Details
DeRienzo, Henry A.285 East Eighth St. Salem, Ohio4/10/1995View Details
DeRienzo, John M.250 Continental Dr. Salem, ohio11/21/1995View Details
DeRienzo, MichaelSalem, Ohio12/17/1967View Details
DeRienzo, NicolinaSalem, Ohio4/15/1973View Details
DeRienzo, Norris RaySalem, Ohio12/26/2014View Details
DeRienzo, William J.Arch St. Salem, Ohio10/20/2006View Details
DeRoads, Ada IcySalem, Ohio10/6/1969View Details
DeRoads, HaroldSalem, Ohio7/1/1946View Details
DeRoads, Mary E.3/9/1929View Details
Detell, BambinaView Details
Detell, Ellen1/8/1913View Details
Detell, John LouisSalem, Ohio2/13/1978View Details
Detell, JosephSalem, Ohio5/12/1928View Details
Detell, LouisSalem, Ohio3/28/1971View Details
Detell, MarySalem, Ohio12-25--1978View Details
Detell, Raymond A.171 N. Madison Salem, Ohio3/24/2008View Details
Detimore, Edwin C.1253 Mound St., Salem, Ohio9/20/1980View Details
Detimore, Margaret T.2345 Courtyard At Lexington Salem, Ohio10/24/2003View Details
Detrick,(Infant)5/20/1908View Details
Detrow, Glenn D.45 Chart Rd. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio2/1/2007View Details
Detrow, KennethKentucky10/2/1943View Details
Detrow, Ruth J.1330 Kenard St, Newberry S.C.9/29/2008View Details
Detwiler, Agnese1381 Southridge Dr. Salem, Ohio8/30/1991View Details
Detwiler, Catherine G.Lisbon, Ohio8/23/1968View Details
Detwiler, Detmer9/17/1905View Details
Detwiler, Frances E.Pittsburgh, Pa.3/30/1986View Details
Detwiler, Homer R.Salem, Ohio9/20/1967View Details
Detwiler, John R.Salem, Ohio6-24--1951View Details
Detwiler, John W.Salem, Ohio9/7/1939View Details
Detwiler, KatherinePittsburgh, Pa.4/18/1971View Details
Detwiler, Mary C.Salem, Ohio11/10/2012View Details
Detwiler, Mary L.Salem, Ohio10/4/1968View Details
Detwiler, Oliver C.Pittsburgh, Pa.4/2/1920View Details
Detwiler, Oliver L.Pittsburgh, Pa.1/28/1974View Details
Detwiler, Ruth E.Akron, Ohio6/29/1968View Details
Detwiler, SadieSalem, Ohio3/24/1934View Details
Detwiler, Theodore H.Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio8/26/1963View Details
Detwiler,(Infant)6/22/1909View Details
DeVall, Emma C.Salem, Ohio1/18/1936View Details
DeVenne, EmmaSalem, Ohio6/7/1940View Details
DeVenne, SamuelCanton, Ohio7/20/1939View Details
DeVenne, Theodore M.Boardman, Ohio6/29/1974View Details
Devers, Patricia M.12690 Goshen Rd. Salem, Ohio11/20/1991View Details
Deville, Earl G.Salem, Ohio3/18/1955View Details
Deville, Frank J.10/11/1919View Details
Deville, Herman E.Salem, Ohio3/29/1962View Details
DeVille, Leo J.Salem, Ohio5/16/1940View Details
Deville, Lewis J.Pennsylvania8/9/1935View Details
Deville, LouisSalem, Ohio3/13/1937View Details
Deville, LucyDeLand, Fla.5/15/1972View Details
Deville, Lucy3/16/1906View Details
Deville, Marjorie15844 Berlin Station Rd. Berlin Ctr.,Ohio5/20/1994View Details
Deville, Mary4/19/1914View Details
Deville, Nora E.Salem, Ohio5/27/1970View Details
Devlin, Margaret12/21/1915View Details
DeWan, AdelineSalem, Ohio6/18/1955View Details
DeWan, Albert F.Salem, Ohio6/2/1954View Details
DeWan, DorothySalem, Ohio7/20/1937View Details
DeWan, HarrySalem, Ohio6/25/1963View Details
DeWan, James D.Fort Benning, Ga.2/27/1956View Details
DeWan, LuluCleveland, Ohio3/17/1914View Details
DeWan, MargaretLimaville, Ohio3/14/1921View Details
DeWan, MichaelSalem, Ohio1/26/1943View Details
DeWan, Ray L.Salem, Ohio5/29/1928View Details
DeWan, Theresa C.2 Yorkshire Rd., Dover, Mass.4/5/1986View Details
Dewees, Belle M.6/14/1924View Details
Dewees, Joseph D., Sr.Orlando, Fla.3/17/1938View Details
Dewees, Kate RoseFlorida2/28/1943View Details
Dewey, Horace W.Danville, Ohio8/7/1928View Details
Dewey, Mrs. H. W.Illinois6/13/1922View Details
Diamond, Donald L.1649 Franklin Rd., Salem, Ohio3/17/1987View Details
Diamond, Elmer E.Salem, Ohio3/30/1941View Details
Diamond, Elmer L.Salem, Ohio12/22/1971View Details
Diamond, Frances K.206 Vine St., Salem, Ohio12/31/1987View Details
DiAntonio, DomonicSalem, Ohio11/25/1968View Details
DiAntonio, Felix Dominic Fel""1390 Carole Dr. Salem, Ohio4/1/2003View Details
DiAntonio, John HenrySalem, Ohio3/3/2014View Details
DiAntonio, RitaSalem, Ohio7/7/1960View Details
DiAntonio, Santa Sadie" T."1390 Carole Dr. Salem, Ohio4/5/1995View Details
Dice, Rose1985 Pershing St. Salem, Ohio10/3/1995View Details
DiCesare, Virginia M.1133 Prospect St. Salem, Ohio10/18/1993View Details
Dick, AbrahamIndiana10/19/1924View Details
Dick, BurdettaPontiac, Michigan3/17/1945View Details
Dick, Glenn8/29/1902View Details
Dick, Mrs. A. J.View Details
Dick, PerryPontiac, Michigan1/6/1941View Details
Dick,(Infant)View Details
Dickey, James C.Salem, Ohio12/19/1978View Details
Dickinson, Eleanor E.Alliance, Ohio10/7/1948View Details
Dickson, Carl R.Leetonia, Ohio9/15/1947View Details
Dickson, HelenSalem, Ohio10/25/1969View Details
Dickson, Robert E.Salem, Ohio3/10/1968View Details
Diehl, Dorothy K.Pembrook Salem, Ohio8/24/2005View Details
Diehl, Frank JamesSterling House Salem, Ohio12/4/2011View Details
Diehl, Karen SueSalem, Ohio10/31/1977View Details
Diehl, TimothySevakeen Lake7/14/1955View Details
Dienes, Clarence K.2379 Tanglewood Dr., Salem, Ohio11/22/1986View Details
Dienes, HelenCanterbury Villa Alliance, Ohio10/12/2005View Details
Dienes, Marjorie37457 Rt. 558, Leetonia, Ohio4/6/1986View Details
Dietrich, MadelineDetroit, Michigan6/3/1990View Details
Dietz, Francis G.Salem, Ohio10/3/1970View Details
Dietz, George W.Michigan6/9/1931View Details
Dille, Ella L.Kenton, Ohio7/23/1967View Details
Dillon, Marilyn Jean2059 Monroe St., Salem, Ohio3/19/1990View Details
Dilworth, Mrs. PercyWinona Road2/10/1947View Details
Dilworth, Percy O.Salem, Ohio12/5/1947View Details
Dimko, BerthaSalem, Ohio12/9/1978View Details
Dimko, Charles C.180 W. Third St., Salem, Ohio11/9/1981View Details
Dimko, David AllenSalem, Ohio10/31/1958View Details
Dimko, Joseph1915 Ridgewood Drive, Salem, Ohio11/16/1979View Details
Dimko, MichaelCanfield, Ohio RFD6/15/1956View Details
Dimko, Michael Jr.250 Continental Dr. Salem, Ohio3/21/2003View Details
Dimko, Robert1173 Cross Dr. Austintown, Ohio8/14/2006View Details
Dimko, Steve J.Salem, Ohio12/15/1956View Details
Dinkleman, Bertha11/18/1921View Details
Dinkleman, Edith5/23/1918View Details
Dinkleman, GodfreySalem, Ohio3/25/1941View Details
Dinkleman, GottfriedSalem, Ohio7/18/1940View Details
Dinkleman, Helen7/5/1914View Details
DiSanza, MarySalem, Ohio11/12/1976View Details
DiSanza, SamuelSalem, Ohio11/18/1968View Details
Dixon, Edwin WilliamSalem, Ohio1/21/1975View Details
Dixon, Neta CharoletteColumbus, Ohio11/21/2012View Details
Dixson, Balford W.155 W. 4th St., Salem, Ohio7/6/1986View Details
Dixson, Bertha L.Salem, Ohio11/23/1953View Details
Dixson, Bessie Laura10910 Nellabrook, Alliance, Ohio1/17/1987View Details
Dixson, CarlSalem, Ohio4/10/1926View Details
Dixson, Elizabeth AnnAlliance, Ohio10/3/1913View Details
Dixson, FredMaximo, Ohio10/31/1945View Details
Dixson, George H.Salem, Ohio2/25/1942View Details
Dixson, Grace180 W. 14th St., Salem, Ohio6/20/1980View Details
Dixson, HarrySalem, Ohio4/19/1949View Details
Dixson, Jessie6/2/1913View Details
Dixson, Jessie M.Salem, Ohio1/4/1935View Details
Dixson, RalphSalem, Ohio8/16/1939View Details
Dodge, Elsie B.Leetonia, Ohio6/7/1958View Details
Dodge, Ira C.Leetonia, Ohio5/29/1973View Details
Dolan, ElizabethSalem, Ohio7/17/1931View Details
Dolansky, John J.Salem, Ohio3/14/1954View Details
Dolansky, Joseph W.1365 N. Union Ave Salem, ohio7/3/2002View Details
Dolansky, MarySalem, Ohio10/6/1966View Details
Dolansky, SteveSalem, Ohio3/21/1931View Details
Dole, Anna T.Salem, Ohio5/23/1950View Details
Dole, Clyde C.Salem, Ohio8/5/1961View Details
Dole, Helen M.970 S. Union Ave., Salem, Ohio3/26/1983View Details
Dole, Mary S.1070 E. 9th St., Salem, Ohio6/15/1990View Details
Dole, Robert1070 E. Ninth St. Salem, Ohio2/15/1993View Details
Dolence, AnnaHutton Nursing Home II, Salem, Ohio7/8/1984View Details
Dolence, Mary Ruth1853 St Rt 9 Salem, Ohio7/3/2011View Details
Dolence, RudolphPortland, Oregon7/21/1966View Details
Dolence, ValentineFontana, California7/2/1967View Details
Dolence, Valentine Val""St.Rt. 9 Salem, ohio2/16/2004View Details
Dolphin, Donald S.30601 Tower Rd. Salem, ohio3/29/1991View Details
Dolphin, Eric H.Canfield, Ohio4/25/2005View Details
Dolphin, S. Jane30601 Tower Rd. Salem, Ohio10/24/1996View Details
Domer, Katherine A.1857 Sequoia Dr. Santa Maria, Calif.4/9/2008View Details
Dominic, Anthony C.Middletown, Ohio4/27/2013View Details
Dominic, Anthony C.Middletown, Ohio4/27/2013View Details
Dominic, JosephE. Palestine, Ohio12/31/1958View Details
Dominic, Stella L.Middletown, Ohio6/6/2014View Details
Dominick, DanielE. Liverpool, Ohio10/16/1952View Details
Donahoe, Bessie11/4/1927View Details
Donahue, HughSalem, Ohio4/7/1931View Details
Donaldson, Bertha B.Daytona Beach, Fla.9/10/1967View Details
Donaldson, George W.E. Palestine, Ohio8/6/1934View Details
Donaldson, LauraToledo, Ohio12/25/1929View Details
Donaldson, MargaretOct-12View Details
Donally, AgnesSalem, Ohio12/3/1945View Details
Doninick, MarySalem, Ohio9/17/1940View Details
Donley, Carl C.488 Sharp St. Salem, Ohio8/2/1992View Details
Donley, Helen P.488 Sharp St. Salem, Ohio3/29/1997View Details
Donley, Isabell ElizabethSalem, Ohio12/17/1956View Details
Donnalley, Dale F.8922 W. South Range Rd. Salem, Ohio3/7/2009View Details
Donnellon, JanetCleveland, Ohio1/11/2025View Details
Donnelly, Edward J.241 Vine St. Apt#1 Salem, Ohio2/23/2000View Details
Donnelly, Louis L.308 N. Roosevelt Ave. Salem, Ohio1/22/1991View Details
Donnelly, Priscilla308 Roosevelt Salem, Ohio10/7/1996View Details
Donner, George2/27/1930View Details
Donofrio, Dario V.Bradenton, Fla., (Died at Grove City, Pa.)8/5/1978View Details
Donofrio, Mary903 S. Seneca St., Alliance, Ohio8/31/1981View Details
Donofrio, PasqualeSalem, Ohio2/18/1963View Details
Dorantich, Paul R.Salem, ohio4/22/2014View Details
Dore, HarrySalem, Ohio10/29/1950View Details
Dore, LeonaSalem, Ohio9/22/1978View Details
Doris B. HoleWaterview N.H Purdy N.Y.2/10/1995View Details
Dorr, George B.1374 S. Lincoln Salem, ohio5/19/1999View Details
Dorr, George B.1350 Fairview Ave., Salem, Ohio11/20/1989View Details
Dorr, Martha1374 S. Lincoln Ave #4 Salem, Ohio7/3/2001View Details
Dotson, Dennis Scott2559 Lexington Ave. Salem, ohio5/26/1998View Details
Dotson, Ernest F.Salem, Ohio4/26/1975View Details
Dotson, HeatherSalem, Ohio3/5/1978View Details
Dotson, Mary A.2/5/1928View Details
Doty, Dr. James E.Alliance, Ohio6/16/2008View Details
Doty, Merciel S.Louisville, Ky2/6/2013View Details
Dougher, Edward M.Salem, Ohio10/18/1939View Details
Dougher, EmmaSalem, Ohio3/4/1928View Details
Dougher, J. H.5/22/1917View Details
Dougherty, David Eugene1146 Short St. Salem, Ohio12/3/2007View Details
Dougherty, DoraCleveland, Ohio11/14/1969View Details
Douglass, Colleen A.1357 Fairview Ave. Salem, Ohio6/29/1996View Details
Doutt, John S.Salem, Ohio10/16/1963View Details
Doutt, MabelSalem, Ohio2/12/1972View Details
Dow, Alex?View Details
Dow, Elsie12/23/1912View Details
Dow, EttaSalem, Ohio7/8/1940View Details
Dow, Ettie F.7/17/1917View Details
Dow, HerbertSalem, Ohio9/17/1946View Details
Dow, Lizzie EttaSalem, Ohio6/24/1955View Details
Dow, LucyDetroit, Michigan10/26/1931View Details
Dow, Paul H.Cleveland, Ohio3/22/1950View Details
Dow, Rosa1889View Details
Dow, William W.10/18/1942View Details
Doyle, Agnes E.12/8/1911View Details
Doyle, Albert A.Sacramento, Calif.7/17/2012View Details
Doyle, C. P.Salem, Ohio11/2/1942View Details
Doyle, Carrie12573 Salem-Warren Rd., Salem, Ohio12/2/1986View Details
Doyle, Dorothy M.15962 4th St. Damascus, Ohio2/4/2001View Details
Doyle, Eva L.Salem, Ohio12/26/1958View Details
Doyle, F. ClydeSalem, Ohio10/8/1973View Details
Doyle, Gerald J. Pete""832 N. Union Ave., Salem, Ohio10/5/1981View Details
Doyle, Harvey E., Jr.Salem, Ohio12/6/1962View Details
Doyle, James RaySalem, Ohio1/31/1979View Details
Doyle, John L.Salem, Ohio9/17/1954View Details
Doyle, Mary A.832 N. Union Ave. Salem, Ohio6/28/2000View Details
Doyle, Mary Ann7/23/1910View Details
Doyle, Nancy LeeSalem, Ohio6/27/1941View Details
Doyle, Patsy4/15/1910View Details
Doyle, Richard109 Blossom Lane Salem, Ohio9/25/2008View Details
Doyle, Russell D.Damascus, Ohio7/23/2003View Details
Doyle, Sadie W.431 W. Fourth St., Salem, Ohio5/24/1980View Details
Doyle, Shurvyl M.2593 Cunningham Rd. Salem, Ohio11/18/1999View Details
Doyle, Thelma5262 yATES Rd. Salem,Ohio12/11/1995View Details
Dragich, Angeline (Andjelija Dragicevich)Salem, Ohio9/11/1973View Details
Dragich, Mark L.Salem, Ohio4/4/1969View Details
Dragish, KatherineMesa, Arizona2/24/1999View Details
Dragish, Mark P.Salem, Ohio8/22/1934View Details
Dragish, MaryAustinwood Health Care Center Austintown, Ohio3/16/2000View Details
Dragish, Peter M.141 N. Osborne Ave., Yo., Ohio6/18/1982View Details
Drakulich, Mildred2511 Bentley Dr. Salem, Ohio4/16/1993View Details
Drakulich, Rose 1355 Dodgeville Rd. Rome, Ohio`4/10/2011View Details
Drakulich, WilliamSalem, Ohio10/14/1955View Details
Dresler, Henry4/4/1924View Details
Dresler, LeoraNorwalk, Ohio2/15/1935View Details
Dressel, ClellaSteubenville, Ohio1/18/1978View Details
Dressel, LesterSalem, Ohio8/29/1968View Details
Dressel, Maude WebesterSalem, Ohio6/13/1963View Details
Driver, Minnie1775 Depot Rd., Salem, Ohio10/1/1981View Details
Drotleff, AndreaSalem, Ohio7/22/1939View Details
Drotleff, AndrewSalem, Ohio10/11/1961View Details
Drotleff, Andrew A. (Cremation)2020 Monroe St., Salem, Ohio11/6/1987View Details
Drotleff, CatherineSalem, Ohio11/28/1956View Details
Drotleff, EdwardSalem, Ohio10/28/1959View Details
Drotleff, Fred H.Salem, Ohio3/8/1977View Details
Drotleff, Herta H. "Hadi"1675 N. Ellsworth Salem, Ohio7/20/2010View Details
Drotleff, JohnSalem, Ohio11/26/1940View Details
Drotleff, John A.Salem, Ohio11/4/1944View Details
Drotleff, John R.1500 Highland Ave. Salem, Ohio8/16/2003View Details
Drotleff, MartinSalem, Ohio10/27/1960View Details
Drotleff, Mary DorothySalem, Ohio10/15/1980View Details
Drotleff, Mathias Matt""1675 N. Ellsworth Ave. Salem, Ohio12/11/2004View Details
Drotleff, Patricia1525 N. Lincoln Salem, Ohio1/14/2002View Details
Drotleff, PaulSalem, Ohio5/17/1938View Details
Drotleff, Paul K.250 Continental Dr., Salem, Ohio10/16/1990View Details
Drotleff, ReginaSalem, Ohio3/29/1978View Details
Drotleff, Rudolph Rudy" S."250 Continental Dr. Salem, Ohio1/18/1999View Details
Drotleff, SarahSalem, Ohio4/23/1934View Details
Drotleff, SusannaSalem, Ohio3/4/1960View Details
Drotleff, Susanna3/26/1926View Details
Drotleff, Thelma K.The Village at St. Edwards Fairlawn, OH5/26/2010View Details
Drotleff, William F.4451 Butler Grange Rd., Salem, Ohio10/13/1982View Details
Druszkowski, HelenHollander House Salem, Ohio4/7/2008View Details
Druszkowski, Roman J.Salem, Ohio9/7/1957View Details
Duck, EmmettHarrison, Ark.7/12/1904View Details
Duck, Minnie F.Lisbon, Ohio1/20/1936View Details
Duda, Peter M.252 Jennings Ave., Salem, Ohio8/2/1979View Details
Duda, SusanSalem, Ohio2/3/1964View Details
Duda, Zeno J.Salem, Ohio12/30/1942View Details
Due, W. Oliver1816 Franklin Rd., Salem, Ohio4/9/1987View Details
Dufresne, Joseph Donald1529 Carol Circle Salem, Ohio3/22/1997View Details
DuFresne, Mary AnneEssex III Salem, ohio2/9/2010View Details
Duhart, (Triplet Infants)3/22/1918View Details
Duke, Berthell O.Parkside Nursing & Rehab Ctr. Columbiana, Ohio9/10/2009View Details
Duke, Lewis F.Salem, Ohio12/13/1977View Details
Duke, Lucille M.1816 Franklin Ave. Salem, Ohio12/5/1994View Details
Duke, William O.Salem, Ohio5/31/1959View Details
Duley, Eli K.Salem, Ohio8/26/1965View Details
Duley, MaySalem, Ohio6/24/1958View Details
Duma, Vasil9/5/1917View Details
Duncan, (Infant)9/29/1942View Details
Duncan, Bessie P.Salem, Ohio12/15/1957View Details
Duncan, Faye E.1407 Torrey Pines Dr. Lady Lake, Fla.12/24/1992View Details
Duncan, Floyd C.Salem, Ohio3/17/1935View Details
Duncan, Galen E.Davidson, N.C.1/14/2011View Details
Duncan, Lorna B.9453 Youngstown Salem Rd. Canfield, Ohio7/17/2000View Details
Duncan, Mabel S.1082 10th Salem, ohio1997View Details
Duncan, Royce E.1237 Franklin Ave. Salem, ohio4/18/2004View Details
Duncan, Wallace E.Salem, Ohio4/15/1956View Details
Dunlap, Ada BeckDamascus, Ohio11/20/1958View Details
Dunlap, Amos A.Detroit, Michigan9/6/1972View Details
Dunlap, C. Elliott1244 Andrew Ave Salem, Ohio9/21/2004View Details
Dunlap, Charles H., Jr.875 E. 15th St. Salem, Ohio5/14/1998View Details
Dunlap, Charles H., Sr.Salem, Ohio6/10/1975View Details
Dunlap, ElizabethSalem, Ohio5/1/1972View Details
Dunlap, Frank B.9/7/1919View Details
Dunlap, Frank Foster10/28/1919View Details
Dunlap, HarrySalem, Ohio3/12/1965View Details
Dunlap, Leslie C.3010 18th Ave., Bradenton, Fla.4/25/1987View Details
Dunlap, Mary C.Salem, Ohio12/2/1966View Details
Dunlap, OliveBradenton, Fla.12/15/1972View Details
Dunlap, Rena875 E. 15th St. Salem Oh.3/27/2007View Details
Dunn, (Infant)5/17/1920View Details
Dunn, Adele L.13093 Benton Rd. Salem, Ohio7/6/1993View Details
Dunn, Albert W.Guilford Lake, Hanoverton9/3/1989View Details
Dunn, Anna M.Los Angeles, Calif.4/6/1947View Details
Dunn, Camille W.Canterbury Villa Alliance, Ohio3/1/1998View Details
Dunn, Carrie3/18/1905View Details
Dunn, Edward D.Salem, ohio7/11/2015View Details
Dunn, Edward W.Salem, Ohio7/25/1976View Details
Dunn, Elizabeth A.Salem, Ohio5/19/1936View Details
Dunn, EmilySalem, Ohio6/15/1947View Details
Dunn, Ernestine E.1442 N. Lincoln Ave Salem, ohio9/21/1998View Details
Dunn, George W.Salem, Ohio9/13/1946View Details
Dunn, Harry B.Alliance, Ohio8/23/1959View Details
Dunn, Hazel L.1076 N. Union Salem, Ohio10/8/1996View Details
Dunn, Helen EstherSalem, Ohio12/22/1934View Details
Dunn, HowardSalem, Ohio6/2/1978View Details
Dunn, Josephine4/20/1904View Details
Dunn, JosephineSalem, Ohio8/20/1971View Details
Dunn, MamieLisbon, Ohio3-30-1897View Details
Dunn, MargaretSalem, Ohio9/26/1947View Details
Dunn, Marian RuthSalem, Ohio3/15/1940View Details
Dunn, MarthaAlliance, Ohio1/3/1942View Details
Dunn, Mary A.Salem, Ohio6/30/1960View Details
Dunn, Mary Ella7451 Pleasant View Rd. Lisbon, Ohio6/10/1991View Details
Dunn, Mary G.Salem, Ohio6/2/1954View Details
Dunn, Richard D. (Judge)Dearborn Hts., Mich.3/21/1996View Details
Dunn, Richard Sr.Portland, Oregon7/31/1948View Details
Dunn, Robert6/2/1916View Details
Dunn, Robert S.1077 N. Union Salem, Ohio2/2/1998View Details
Dunn, Theda S.27094 Havelock Dearborn Hts., Mich.5/9/1995View Details
Dunn, Thomas A.Salem, Ohio9/14/2013View Details
Dunn, WalterR.D.#2, Salem, Ohio8/10/1955View Details
Dunn, William3/28/1915View Details
Dunn, William D.Salem, Ohio12/31/1975View Details
Dunn, William H.Salem, Ohio2/19/1941View Details
Dunne, Joseph J.Salem, Ohio2/11/1943View Details
Dunne, KatherineSalem, Ohio8/23/1939View Details
Durand, Edward Ronald17626 Foorhills Drive, Sun City, Arizona11/11/1979View Details
Durand, Marie Gladys Pat""17225 Boswell Blvd. Sun City, Ariz.8/12/1995View Details
Durham, Harry RichardPoland, Ohio6/10/2015View Details
Durham, Helen Eileen (Brunner)Canfield, Ohio7/3/2012View Details
Dusenberry, Carolyn Phillips12451 Youngstown-Salem Rd. Salem, ohio9/18/2001View Details
Dusher, Jane1/5/1916View Details
Dusticich, StaganMassillon, Ohio1/20/1919View Details
Dustman, Anna Delila6850 Salem-Unity Rd. Salem, Ohio2/3/2000View Details
Dustman, Edna Pearl1912View Details
Dustman, Ethel P.Greenford, Ohio7/8/1977View Details
Dustman, Frank D. Sr.Salem, Ohio6/14/2011View Details
Dustman, HarveyWilliams, Arizona6/10/1960View Details
Dustman, IsaiahGoshen Rd., Salem, Ohio9/2/1938View Details
Dustman, Lucy A.5/26/1918View Details
Duston, Bertha M.Atlantic City, N.J.6/29/1956View Details
Duston, Beth Betty1249 5th Ave., New York2/11/1989View Details
Duston, Ernest W.Atlantic City, N.J.9/7/1964View Details
Duston, Florence G. (Known as Nancy)Atlantic City, N.J.10/19/1973View Details
Duston, LolaSalem, Ohio2/21/1928View Details
Duston, Pearl35A Atlantis Ave. Manahawkin, N.J.1/3/1993View Details
Dutko, Dorothy HelenNorfolk, Va.12/7/2012View Details
Dutko, Frank957 S. Lundy Ave.7/28/1992View Details
Duvall, Sanford M.Leetonia, Ohio7/5/1948View Details
Eagleton, Bertha H.1922 Maple St. Salem, Oh.2/14/2007View Details
Eagleton, ClarenceSalem, Ohio11/10/1950View Details
Eagleton, Donald L.1922 Maple St., Salem, Ohio4/9/1989View Details
Eagleton, EmersonCalifornia8/9/1969View Details
Eagleton, Frances E.Unionville, Ohio1/10/1965View Details
Eagleton, Jerome Jr.1922-A Maple St. Salem Ohio10/24/1991View Details
Eakin, Ada A.Salem, Ohio2/14/1954View Details
Eakin, MarySalem, Ohio5/2/2015View Details
Eakin, Richard L.Salem, Ohio5/16/1978View Details
Earley, BerthaBeloit, Ohio7/3/1965View Details
Earley, Eleanor AudreyChapel Hill Community Canal Fulton, Ohio1/26/1994View Details
Earley, Elmer L.Beloit, Ohio7/9/1975View Details
Earley, Ethel R.Salem, Ohio6/4/1979View Details
Earley, Frank L.1376 B Pembrooke Drive, Salem, Ohio2/28/1982View Details
Earley, Hallie N.18763 W. Fifth St. Beloit, Ohio2/11/1993View Details
Earley, Homer J.18763 Fifth St. Beloit, Ohio2/1/1992View Details
Earley, WilliamAlliance, Ohio10/2/1973View Details
Earley,(Infant)7/25/1926View Details
Early, Joan L.Salem, ohio8/29/2015View Details
Early, JoAnne1380 S. Lincoln Ave. Salem, Ohio12/11/2002View Details
Early, LesleySalem, Ohio3/11/1969View Details
Early, RichardEast Pidgeon Rd. Salem, ohio9/17/2004View Details
Early, Scott AlanSalem, Ohio1/26/1964View Details
Eaton, Sandra Louise290 Johnson Ave. Monroeville, Ala.12/18/2006View Details
Eaton, SpearsTexas6/5/1927View Details
Ebersold, Fritz1/21/1906View Details
Eberwein, Helen RuthSt. Petersburg Beach, Fla.1/8/1971View Details
Eberwein, SamuelSalem, Ohio7/21/1943View Details
Eberwein, Thomas A.Cleveland, Ohio5-15--1960View Details
Eckhart, A. LewisSalem, Ohio5/4/1950View Details
Eckstein, Bessie PaxsonSalem, Ohio5/30/1962View Details
Eckstein, Ellen Jane1064 E. 10th St., Salem, Ohio8/9/1988View Details
Eckstein, Frank J.Salem, Ohio2/18/1954View Details
Eckstein, Gertrude A.246 W. 16th Street, Salem, Ohio12--28-1979View Details
Eckstein, Marjorie AnnSalem, Ohio12/27/1946View Details
Eckstein, Mary J.Leetonia, Ohio3/10/1966View Details
Eckstein, Michael ScottSalem, Ohio8/29/1972View Details
Eckstein, Ora3/7/1928View Details
Eckstein, R. ClaytonSalem, Ohio8/26/1959View Details
Eckstein, Thirl A.Salem, Ohio8/27/1941View Details
Eckstein, Thirl Meade246 W. 16th St. Salem, Ohio7/17/1992View Details
Eckstein, WardSalem, Ohio4/7/1974View Details
Eddy, Brady L.6028 Highland Rd. Highland Hts, Ohio4/20/2006View Details
Eddy, Catherine E.Salem, Ohio9/8/1951View Details
Eddy, Celia Faye430 Park Ave. Salem, ohio4/22/2002View Details
Eddy, Enoch R.Salem, Ohio8/2/1963View Details
Eddy, Frank B.Salem, Ohio3/15/1952View Details
Eddy, MargaretSalem, Ohio4-2--1947View Details
Eddy, Ruth B.6028 Highland Rd. Highland Hts. Ohio7/16/2008View Details
Eddy,Raymond Gerald1916 S. Lincoln Ave. Salem, Oh.7/11/2007View Details
Edel, AnnaSalem, Ohio7/1/1925View Details
Edel, John Jr.5/25/1924View Details
Edling, Gus1445 E. 10th St., Salem, Ohio6/6/1983View Details
Edling, Margaret Louise12616 Sharon Lynn Dr., Salem, Ohio4/3/1989View Details
Edling, Marie E.1445 E. 10th St., Salem, Ohio11-5--1987View Details
Edwards, Doris BeallSalem, Ohio7/6/1982View Details
Edwards, Elizabeth M.312 E. 8th St. Salem, Ohio4/11/1994View Details
Edwards, Gordon Earl31091 Tower Rd. Salem, Ohio4/11/2006View Details
Edwards, JohnSalem, Ohio1/9/1929View Details
Edwards, OraCanton, Ohio5/26/1927View Details
Edwards, RosaSalem, Ohio2/20/1942View Details
Eginy, Ermido (Eginey)2/20/1920View Details
Egli, Nathan E.32396 Coffee School Rd. Salem, Ohio4/13/2006View Details
Ehrhart Frances "Sue"Salem, ohio6/3/2013View Details
Ehrhart, Agnes I.Salem, Ohio6/6/1970View Details
Ehrhart, Aseneath M.Sebring, Ohio9/23/1961View Details
Ehrhart, Clara M.Salem, Ohio5/12/1979View Details
Ehrhart, Clement H.1261 Robin Ave., Salem, Ohio1/1/1984View Details
Ehrhart, David P.531 East Pidgeon Rd. Salem, Ohio11/30/1996View Details
Ehrhart, Doloros E. Babe""2511 Bentley Dr. Salem, ohio12/15/2001View Details
Ehrhart, Elizabeth M.1445 S. Lincoln Salem, Ohio10/22/1996View Details
Ehrhart, Evelyn I.476 W. 5th St. Salem, Ohio9/'7/2007View Details
Ehrhart, FrankSalem, Ohio5/25/1953View Details
Ehrhart, George A.476 W. 5th St. Salem, Ohio10/14/2005View Details
Ehrhart, Harold F.1445 S. Lincoln Ave., Salem, Ohio4/27/1987View Details
Ehrhart, Harry L., Sr.337 Penn Ave., Salem, Ohio9/14/1984View Details
Ehrhart, Jason AllenSalem, Ohio10/29/1974View Details
Ehrhart, John E.Salem, Ohio10/9/1970View Details
Ehrhart, Kirk P.Salem, Ohio9/25/1973View Details
Ehrhart, Kirk P.Salem, Ohio9/25/1973View Details
Ehrhart, Marie M.531 E. Pidgeon Rd., Salem, Ohio11/21/1990View Details
Ehrhart, Randall B.Salem, Ohio8/11/1969View Details
Ehrhart, T. J.5/11/1917View Details
Ehrhart, Thomas J.Salem, Ohio2/8/1976View Details
Ehrhart, William Q. Bill""789 Franklin Salem, Ohio2/26/2001View Details
Eichler, Braydon T.840 W. Pershing St. Salem, ohio10/31/2010View Details
Eichler, Richard A.Salem, Ohio10/1/1975View Details
Eihler, Julia5/20/1904View Details
Elder, FloraSalem, Ohio1/19/1929View Details
Eldridge, HerbertSalem, Ohio12/20/1933View Details
Eldridge, Ida M.Salem, Ohio5/21/1934View Details
Elevick, Dr. Walter1247 Highland Ave. Salem, Ohio5/5/1994View Details
Elliott, E. Coleman907 Adams Ave. Salem, Ohio10/12/2009View Details
Elliott, John R.W. Pidgeon Rd. Salem, Oh.12/19/2009View Details
Elliott, Olive A.Valley Rd. Nursing Home, Damascus, Ohio2/25/1983View Details
Elliott-Sox, MatthewSalem, Ohio6/27/1996View Details
Ellis, Frances A.5/18/1933View Details
Ellis, Frederick W.Salem, Ohio2/10/1967View Details
Ellis, GeneSalem, Ohio5/6/1950View Details
Ellis, Harry Frederick950 Canterbury Lane Salem, ohio11/25/2003View Details
Ellis, MinnieSalem, Ohio10/14/1960View Details
Ellis, Sarabell950 Canterbury Lane Salem, Ohio2/2/2009View Details
Ellyson, Homer M.381 Rea Drive, Salem, Ohio10/26/1982View Details
Ellyson, Mary Alice381 Rae Drive, Salem, Ohio12/18/1979View Details
Elsner, Carol A.4791 83rd. Terrace North, Pinellas Park, Fla.10/2/1991View Details
Elsner, Clifford L.3300 34th Ave. North St. Petersburg, Fla.8/7/2003View Details
Elsner, F. H.10/4/1930View Details
Elsner, Harry F., Sr.Fort Wayne, Ind.2/14/1989View Details
Elsner, Martha C.Salem, Ohio3/13/1962View Details
Elsner, Melvin H.1360 Fairview Ave., Salem, Ohio3/13/1979View Details
Elsner, Mrs. AugustaLisbon, Ohio1/21/1935View Details
Elson, Bonnie Lou11750 Klinger Ave. NE Alliance, Ohio1/20/2003View Details
Elson, Paul LesterSalem, Ohio2/13/1967View Details
Elton, AnnaTexas3/8/1914View Details
Elton, CoraSalem, Ohio5/8/1935View Details
Elton, Donald7/12/1922View Details
Elton, Grant J.Salem, Ohio3/24/1940View Details
Elton, Richard4/23/1925View Details
Elton, Rose M.Salem, Ohio5/25/1954View Details
Ely, Clarence C.Melrose, Mass.10/7/1970View Details
Ely, Virginia Anne38 Redwood Drive, Plymough, Mass.3/29/1987View Details
Emelo, Dale B.Salem, Ohio8/12/2014View Details
Emelo, Erla Mae (McGuire)Monroeville, Ala2/11/2013View Details
Emelo, Janie E.647 Olive St. Salem, Ohio 444601/26/1994View Details
Emelo, Joseph LewisSalem, Ohio9/12/1945View Details
Emelo, Joseph W.84005 Salem Unity Road,6/16/1978View Details
Emelo, Louis F.782 Benton Rd. Salem, Oh.12/8/2009View Details
Emelo, Valeria Ann1880 Maple St., Salem, Ohio7/11/1990View Details
Emeny, Brooks221 Elm Rd., Princeton, N.J.7/12/1980View Details
Emeny, Caroline BushAmarillo, Texas6/25/2001View Details
Emeny, Elizabeth BrooksGreenwich, Conn.7/17/1935View Details
Emeny, Frederick J.Salem, Ohio8/20/1951View Details
Emeny, George B.Albuquerqie,NM9/13/2004View Details
Emeny, Jeanette H.Burpee Lane New London, N.H.4/22/1997View Details
Emeny, Mary Waterworth TaggartSalem, Ohio7/17/1966View Details
Emeny, Ruth BushAmarillo, Texas1/14/2005View Details
Emerson, Lester E.Florida2/12/1979View Details
Emerson, Ruth C.Tavares, Fla.12/28/1993View Details
Emery, John D.3/2/2005View Details
Emery, Margaret B.7/26/2014View Details
Emmerling, John PatrickSalem, Ohio12/16/1969View Details
Emmons,(Infant)5/11/1906View Details
Endres, LawrenceSalem, Ohio3/25/1975View Details
Endres, Lisa Ann (Charnesky)Guilford Lake, Ohio11/3/2012View Details
Endres, Roxenia JacksonSalem, Ohio11/3/1949View Details
Endsley, Twila Marie2555 Lexington Ave. Salem, Ohio2/28/2005View Details
Engel, Esther A.Salem, Ohio6/27/1975View Details
Engeter, AgnesSalem, Ohio10/9/1930View Details
Engeter, KatherineSalem, Ohio3/1/1943View Details
Engeter, Mary839 Newgarden Salem, Ohio1/25/1993View Details
Engeter, MathiasSalem, Ohio9/11/1944View Details
Engeter, MatthewSalem, Ohio3/29/1975View Details
England, Don J.Salem, Ohio4/11/1973View Details
England, Edith E.1995 Goshen Rd., Salem, Ohio10/26/1980View Details
England, Harold C.Salem, Ohio4/11/1978View Details
Engle, Cornelia12/17/1918View Details
Engle, Dale D.568 Franklin St. Salem, Ohio3/16/1994View Details
Engle, LincolnSalem, Ohio10/22/1942View Details
Englehart, PeterSalem, Ohio10/26/1935View Details
Engler, Charles Lee174 W. Fourth St. Salem, ohio2/15/1998View Details
Engler, George L.3/14/1917View Details
Engler, George Warren174 W. 4th St., Salem, Ohio12/15/1988View Details
Engler, Leonard E.R.D. #1 - Salem, Ohio9/18/1952View Details
Engler, Leonard E., Jr.Pine Lake Rd., Salem, Ohio4/24/1991View Details
Engler, Sadie E.Lisbon, Ohio7/26/1952View Details
Englerhart, ElizabethSalem, Ohio2/26/1938View Details
Englert, Beverly M.Hanoverton, Ohio2/20/1954View Details
Englert, Catherine M.4/5/1925View Details
Englert, Charles B.10/23/1928View Details
Englert, Edward JosephSalem, Ohio5/27/1966View Details
Englert, Elizabeth M.Yuciapa, California9/21/1978View Details
Englert, Frank LeoYucaipa, Calif.4/16/1969View Details
Englert, James5/15/1925View Details
Englert, James F.Tempr, Ariz.6/9/2006View Details
Englert, JohnSalem, Ohio8/30/1930View Details
Englert, MargaretSalem, Ohio9/13/1956View Details
Englert, Mary7/20/1924View Details
Englert, Mary AnnSalem, Ohio9/14/1928View Details
Englert, Mary E.271 W. 8th Street, Salem, Ohio2/11/1984View Details
Englert, Robert J.Salem, Ohio2/10/1975View Details
Englert, ZitaCleveland, Ohio11/12/1918View Details
Englert,(Infant)5/15/1925View Details
Englert,(Infant)4/6/1925View Details
Engother, Andy9/21/1920View Details
Entriken, Della MaySalem, Ohio5/28/1973View Details
Entriken, MargaretSalem, Ohio3/21/1925View Details
Entrikin, AminthaCleveland, Ohio4/2/1918View Details
Entrikin, AmosSalem, Ohio5/6/1944View Details
Entrikin, Brinton4/1/1916View Details
Entrikin, Carrie E.Leetonia, Ohio5/28/1965View Details
Entrikin, Earl10/3/1903View Details
Entrikin, Ella D.Franklin Square3/7/1947View Details
Entrikin, Florence B.Lisbon, Ohio1/26/1965View Details
Entrikin, Frances (Mrs. S.P. Entrikin)7/28/1908View Details
Entrikin, Frank L.Lisbon, Ohio3/3/1960View Details
Entrikin, GlennFair Haven, N.J.12/5/1952View Details
Entrikin, Helen M.Twining Village Care Center Holland, Pa.12/1/1993View Details
Entrikin, HomerFranklin Square6/22/1957View Details
Entrikin, JohnSalem, Ohio2/8/1950View Details
Entrikin, MargaretSalem, Ohio5/7/1957View Details
Entrikin, Mary A.Salem, Ohio3/6/1940View Details
Entrikin, Mrs. AmosLisbon, Ohio9/8/1928View Details
Entrikin, Samuel P.2/9/1926View Details
Entrikin, Vernon D.Leetonia, Ohio9/14/1943View Details
Entrikin, Warren C.Salem, Ohio11/26/1968View Details
Entrikin, Wilhelm (William)Orange, N.J.1/5/1918View Details
Entrikin, William2/18/1903View Details
Entrikin, William H.4/10/1910View Details
Eoff, CharlesSalem, Ohio9/27/1950View Details
Eoff, Eugene A.5283 Vincent Road, Lisbon, Ohio7/4/1982View Details
Eoff, JennieSalem, Ohio2/4/1964View Details
Eoff, NancySalem, Ohio1/13/1954View Details
Equizi, Anthony S.Salem, Ohio9/28/1976View Details
Equizi, HenrichettaSalem, Ohio5/14/1946View Details
Equizi, JosephSalem, Ohio2/19/1963View Details
Equizi, MariaFairmont W. Va.1/14/1985View Details
Erby, ErnestAlliance, Ohio3/26/1909View Details
Ernst, Charles6/7/1903View Details
Ernst, MargaretSalem, Ohio1/31/1943View Details
Esgate, Helen E.Riverside, Calif.3/10/1980View Details
Eskay, AnnCourtyard at Lexington Salem, Ohio7/18/2011View Details
Eskay, Paul R.Salem, Ohio1/11/2015View Details
Esposito, Esther L.Salem, Ohio4/9/2013View Details
Esposito, Sebastian Mike""Salem, Ohio9/22/2005View Details
Estell, Ceclia3/31/1915View Details
Esterle, AdamSalem, ohio6/19/2014View Details
Esterle, Louise M.Salem, Ohio6/25/2014View Details
Eucker, Charlotte Mary Elizabeth AgnesSalem, Ohio7/12/2013View Details
Eudy, Donald J.1177 North Lincoln Ave. Salem, Ohio8/29/1999View Details
Evanoff, Albina Anne901 Park Ave. Salem, Ohio3/10/2003View Details
Evanoff, Pete Sr.Salem, Ohio10/8/1967View Details
Evanoff, Peter Jr.Salem, Ohio7/12/1982View Details
Evans, Albert J.Glenside, Pa.2/3/1944View Details
Evans, Edwin H.1055 Cunningham Rd., Salem, Ohio5/11/1990View Details
Evans, Esther F.1055 Cunningham Rd., Salem, Ohio3/3/1990View Details
Evans, FrancesOrchard Lake, Michigan1/22/1973View Details
Evans, Howard David Jr.Salem, Ohio4/4/1968View Details
Evans, Jacob W.5/22/1916View Details
Evans, Jamie Elizabeth8778 1/2 Salem -Unity Rd. Salem, ohio3/7/2003View Details
Evans, Karen SueSalem, Ohio11/7/1963View Details
Evans, OlettaPhiladelphia, Pa.6/30/1952View Details
Evans, RobertSalem, Ohio9/11/1962View Details
Evereth, AnnaSalem, Ohio5/26/1954View Details
Everett, Daryl F.Salem, Ohio6/24/1973View Details
Everett, Hugh W.1079 Buckeye Ave., Salem, Ohio12/2/1988View Details
Everett, LorettaCrandal Medical Ctr Sebring, Ohio6/30/2010View Details
Everett, MarieToledo, Ohio11/6/1987View Details
Everhart, AnnaruthSalem, Ohio4/3/1971View Details
Everhart, GilbertEssex of Salem I Salem, Ohio2/22/2008View Details
Eversold, Clara E.Columbiana, Ohio3/24/1905View Details
Evert, Isaac663 Arch St. Salem, ohio12/27/1995View Details
Everth, JohnSalem, Ohio8/17/1935View Details
Ewanits,(Infant)Salem, Ohio7/19/1947View Details
Ewing, James C.Salem, Ohio2/14/1953View Details
Ewing, James R.Salem, Ohio2/4/1968View Details
Ewing, SophiaSalem, Ohio6/4/1934View Details
Eyster, Kathryn M.Pleasantview North Rire Ctr. Damascus, Ohio12/21/2010View Details
Eyster, Robert Sr.Salem, Ohio2/7/1977View Details
Eyton, DarlSalem, Ohio4/18/1942View Details
Eyton, Eric E.St. Petersburgh, Fla.5/5/1980View Details
Eyton, Helga K.Clearwater, Fla.4/9/1965View Details
Fagan,(Infant)4/8/1921View Details
Fagley, AlicePittsburgh, Pa.Jul-24View Details
Falco, Joe11/12/1921View Details
Falk, Albert Charles1254 Stewart Rd. Salem, ohio4/26/1999View Details
Falk, Alice M.Hanoverton, Ohio12/21/1972View Details
Falk, Anna H.Salem, Ohio1/6/2000View Details
Falk, Betty HoffmeisterMadison Pt N.H. NewPort Ritchey , Fla7/27/2001View Details
Falk, Betty JaneSalem, Ohio5/31/1948View Details
Falk, Edward760 Newgatden Ave. Salem, Ohio4/29/2009View Details
Falk, Elizabeth JaneSalem, Ohio10/26/1977View Details
Falk, Frank Sr.Cleveland, Ohio6/28/1952View Details
Falk, Gustave1812 CLeveland Salem, Ohio9/19/1993View Details
Falk, Irene12/28/1926View Details
Falk, Jeffrey, Sr.1360 W. State St. Salem, Ohio2/7/1998View Details
Falk, John Jr.714 Newgarden Ave., Salem, Ohio6/7/1989View Details
Falk, JonathanSalem, Ohio12/3/1968View Details
Falk, Matthew (Folk)3/16/1921View Details
Falk, RosinaSalem, Ohio9/16/1940View Details
Falk, Rudolph Rudy""6683 Depot Rd. Salem, Ohio6/21/2005View Details
Falk, Tamar R.Salem, Ohio2/25/1973View Details
Faloon, MarieMedina, Ohio4/14/1964View Details
Farmer, AlonzoSalem, Ohio11/14/1928View Details
Farmer, AlpheusLisbon, Ohio5/19/1939View Details
Farmer, Anna L.Bluffton, Indiana8/5/1955View Details
Farmer, Anne M.Salem, Ohio10/9/1966View Details
Farmer, Bethsheba12/12/1924View Details
Farmer, Charles3/30/1924View Details
Farmer, Dorothy491 S. Lincoln Ave., Salem, Ohio1/18/1984View Details
Farmer, EliView Details
Farmer, ElmaSalem, Ohio3/31/1941View Details
Farmer, EvaSalem, Ohio6/24/1940View Details
Farmer, FrankSalem, Ohio4/23/1929View Details
Farmer, JohnView Details
Farmer, L. E.Youngstown, Ohio5/3/1938View Details
Farmer, Lucy StahlSalem, Ohio8/20/1970View Details
Farmer, Margaret M.Youngstown, Ohio4/14/1941View Details
Farmer, Martha A.5/3/1915View Details
Farmer, Mary (May)7/5/1924View Details
Farmer, Mary (Maye - May)10/28/1924View Details
Farmer, Mary BellSalem, Ohio3/20/1959View Details
Farmer, Nerr R.Salem, Ohio2-24--1940View Details
Farmer, NormanAlliance, Ohio12/12/1934View Details
Farmer, Ola Hewitt7/31/1909View Details
Farmer, Sarah A.Cleveland, Ohio5/7/1922View Details
Farmer,(Infant)1/19/1908View Details
Farr, Mary M.Cleveland, Ohio12/5/1951View Details
Farr, Virgil H.Sandusky, Ohio5/5/1957View Details
Farrington, Carrie R.Kenai, Alaska10/16/1995View Details
Farrington, Evelyn H.525 S. Lincoln Ave., Salem, Ohio6/3/1984View Details
Farrington, Glenn L.Leetonia, Ohio10/28/1974View Details
Farrington, Mattie M.Alliance, Ohio8/19/1940View Details
Farrow, Nicholas John1017 Cleveland Ave. Salem, Oh.3/15/2007View Details
Faulk, Allison C. (Arfman Infant)Salem, ohio3/17/1998View Details
Faulkiner, Franklin D.,Sr.656 Ohio Ave. Salem, Ohio5/23/2005View Details
Faulkiner, Genevieve A.1985 East Pershing St. Salem, ohio1/29/2005View Details
Faulkiner, Jasper N.165 Hawley Ave. Salem, Ohio5/19/1980View Details
Faulkner, Ricky Allen518 E. 5th St. Salem, Ohio1/23/1993View Details
Faulkner, Steven M.6357 1/2 Walton Dr. Hanoverton, Ohio8/12/1984View Details
Fawcett InfantBeloit, Ohio3/27/1925View Details
Fawcett, Carrie S.Salem, Ohio9/27/1938View Details
Fawcett, Clara S.Youngstown, Ohio10/31/1959View Details
Fawcett, Donald W.Salem, Ohio4/22/1936View Details
Fawcett, Elsie M.Wooster, Ohio5/30/1977View Details
Fawcett, EmelineCleveland, Ohio3-3-1897View Details
Fawcett, EmmaKingsville, Ohio4/9/1939View Details
Fawcett, Emma L.Salem, Ohio11/11/1928View Details
Fawcett, George9/25/1912View Details
Fawcett, Grace H.672 N. howard St. Salem, Ohio6/28/1979View Details
Fawcett, Lorin (Loran)Conneaut, Ohio2/4/1925View Details
Fawcett, Louisa10/15/1917View Details
Fawcett, Luther T.Daytona Beach, Fla.12/27/1962View Details
Fawcett, Margaret E.315 South St. Alliance, Ohio2/18/1991View Details
Fawcett, Marie C.Sterling House Salem, Ohio11/14/2004View Details
Fawcett, Mrs. Sidney A.6/12/1928View Details
Fawcett, Raymond L.Wooster, Ohio12/12/1978View Details
Fawcett, Russell E.North Ridgeville, Ohio3/4/1978View Details
Fawcett, ThomasGainesville, Fl.3/16/1911View Details
Fawcett, W.E.Salem, Ohio7/20/1930View Details
Feicht, Emery E.Salem, Ohio11/3/1944View Details
Feicht, Harry M.911 N. Ellsworth Ave., Salem, Ohio5/3/1989View Details
Feicht, Vera1985 Pershing St. Salem, ohio7/28/2000View Details
Feicht, VerdieSalem, Ohio2/12/1946View Details
Feiler, James E. Jr.1265 E. 10th St Salem, Ohio8/25/2011View Details
Feiler, James E. Sr.450 Jefferson Ave. Salem, Ohio5/9/1988View Details
Feiler, Jean L.450 Jefferson Ave. Salem, Ohio6/21/1991View Details
Fell, Sarah Ann2-28-1872View Details
Felser, SarahAged Ladies Home - Salem, Ohio2/17/1928View Details
Fender, Karen L.506 Continental Dr. Salem, ohio10/5/2001View Details
Fender, Sara ReneaSalem, Ohio4/9/1977View Details
Fenske, Doris K.1520 Carole Dr. Salem, ohio3/27/2000View Details
Fenske, Fred P.1520 Carole Circle Salem, ohio12/10/2001View Details
Fenstermaker, Iva B.Leetonia, Ohio7/7/1924View Details
Fenton, Alton M.Salem, Ohio9/21/1961View Details
Fenton, MargaretVienna, W. Va.9/29/2011View Details
Ference, EmilySalem, Ohio12/29/1974View Details
Ference, John E.Holland, Michigan8/14/1997View Details
Ferguson, Grace N.Cleveland, Ohio1/14/1955View Details
Ferguson, Joyce Mae135 Main St. Washingtonville, Ohio1/23/1998View Details
Ferguson, Peter J.Damascus, Ohio11/30/1938View Details
Ferguson, Wilbur C.125 Water Ave. Washingtonville, Ohio10/27/1985View Details
Ferguson, WilliamSalem, Ohio1/31/1931View Details
Ferko, Alexander1076 N. Ellsworth Salem, Ohio2/16/1982View Details
Ferko, Mary1076 N. Ellsworth Salem, Ohio7/17/1994View Details
Fernengel, ElizabethSalem, Ohio1/17/1965View Details
Fernengel, Helen1948 N. Ellsworth Salem, Ohio5/27/1985View Details
Fernengel, Infant10/25/1915View Details
Fernengel, StefanSalem, Ohio5/8/1955View Details
Fernengel, Walter S.Salem, Ohio8/2/1956View Details
Ferreri, AnthonySalem, OhioFeb. 4, 2013View Details
Ferreri, Dominic V.Salem, Ohio4/29/1976View Details
Ferreri, Emily869 Liberty St. Salem, ohio5/9/2004View Details
Ferreri, Joseph FrancisWoodland Hills, Calif.2/25/2014View Details
Ferreri, MichaelSalem, Ohio2/29/1948View Details
Ferreri, Phyllis J.821 W. Pidgeon Rd. Salem, Ohio11/2/1983View Details
Ferreri, Teresa R.Salem, Ohio2/28/1977View Details
Ferrier, Jacob M. Jake""257 S. Union Ave. Salem, Ohio5/18/2000View Details
Ferrier, Margaret H.250 S. Union Ave. Salem, ohio2/21/2000View Details
Fesler, Aaron1/18/1936View Details
Fesler, DelilaWashingtonville, Ohio11/10/1933View Details
Fesler, ElmiraCopley, Ohio2/11/1952View Details
Fesler, Wade E.East Orwell, Ohio6/16/1922View Details
Fester, Joseph R.Copeland Oaks SEbring, Ohio2/4/2004View Details
Fester, Mary G.Copeland Oaks Sebring, Ohio11/8/2000View Details
Field, Carl R.1475 East Third St. Salem, Ohio12/19/1994View Details
Field, Edith L.Salem, Ohio9/2/1958View Details
Field, Elizabeth Jane PercivalHospice House Poland, Ohio9/22/2007View Details
Field, Helen7407 Greystone Dr. Hudson, Fla.6/24/2006View Details
Field, Lewell B.Ocala, Florida10/15/1965View Details
Field, Lewell G. Bud""811 Jennings Ave. Salem, Ohio4/7/1985View Details
Field, PhilaSalem, Ohio2/6/1966View Details
Fieldhouse, Sue AnnSalem, Ohio7/7/1967View Details
Fields, BabySalem, Ohio8/31/1958View Details
Fife, Donald F.,Sr.1360 W. State St. Salem, Ohio12/8/1996View Details
Fife, JacobSalem, Ohio1/6/1958View Details
Fife, RoseSalem, Ohio1/7/1971View Details
Fifer, C.J.Alliance, Ohio7/22/1925View Details
Fifer, Elina1862View Details
Fifer, GlennPainesville, Ohio5/29/1973View Details
Fifer, HelenAlliance, Ohio3/4/1946View Details
Fifer, Mamie MariePainesville, Ohio12/3/1972View Details
Fifer, Mary H.Alliance, Ohio10/15/1910View Details
Filler, Alice M.Salem, Ohio1/28/1969View Details
Filler, Anne V.3/31/1978View Details
Filler, Bradley J.Salem, Ohio5/10/1961View Details
Filler, CharlesSalem, Ohio2/25/1954View Details
Filler, Charles Calvin1734 N. Ellsworth8/4/1980View Details
Filler, Elizabeth3/26/1915View Details
Filler, Elma E.1135 Short St. Salem, Ohio9/12/1980View Details
Filler, EstherSalem, Ohio6/23/1948View Details
Filler, Ethel MaeSalem, Ohio7/4/2014View Details
Filler, Eva I.Salem, Ohio1/19/1971View Details
Filler, Frances L.Teaneck, N.J.2/15/1949View Details
Filler, Frank A.Lakewood, Ohio3/27/1966View Details
Filler, FrederickSalem, Ohio12/1/1923View Details
Filler, Gregory ScottSalem, Ohio7/8/1959View Details
Filler, Henry F.11/6/1919View Details
Filler, Ioda E.Garfield Hts., Ohio3/22/2004View Details
Filler, James M.Salem, Ohio8/26/1950View Details
Filler, John C.Salem, Ohio12/9/1958View Details
Filler, KatherineLakewood, Ohio11/6/1949View Details
Filler, Raymond M.1135 Short St., Salem, Ohio1/24/1988View Details
Filler, Wayne A.1712 N. Ellsworth Salem, Ohio2/16/2001View Details
Filler, William C.Salem, Ohio3/24/1953View Details
Filler, William U.Teaneck, N.J.2/19/1957View Details
Filp, GeorgeSalem, Ohio3/3/1942View Details
Filp, Mary H.Salem, Ohio1/26/1953View Details
Filson, ClaraYoungstown, Ohio8/2/1957View Details
Filson, ElmaSalem, Ohio12/19/1941View Details
Filson, Emmett O.Youngstown, Ohio2/9/1953View Details
Filson, Frank8/19/1925View Details
Filson, J. WilliamSalem, Ohio12/31/1932View Details
Fineran, Charles L.584 E. 5th St. Salem, Ohio7/24/1982View Details
Fineran, Edith L.Salem, Ohio3/30/1957View Details
Fineran, Mabel11/9/1921View Details
Fink (Infant)5/5/1916View Details
Fink, Aaron A.9/17/1909View Details
Fink, Alfred J.Salem, Ohio1/8/1968View Details
Fink, Anna9/13/1907View Details
Fink, Charles F.2320 Goshen Rd. Salem, Ohio7/30/1996View Details
Fink, Doris E.Salem, Ohio7/23/2011View Details
Fink, Francis A.1082 N. Ellsworth Salem, Ohio6/27/1979View Details
Fink, Frank D.Salem, Ohio2/24/1971View Details
Fink, G.M.Salem, Ohio5/5/1934View Details
Fink, GeorgianaSalem, Ohio2/10/1937View Details
Fink, Joseph J.Salem, Ohio3/6/1944View Details
Fink, Maggie6/10/1907View Details
Fink, Mary Juanita185 W. 16th St Salem, Ohio2/22/2010View Details
Fink, Maude L.Salem, Ohio3/21/1939View Details
Fink, MichaelSalem, Ohio12/10/1927View Details
Fink, Paul R.Salem, Ohio3/24/1931View Details
Fink, RoseSalem, Ohio5/15/1948View Details
Fink, Rose C.Salem, Ohio5/26/1936View Details
Fink, Rose E.Salem, Ohio4/5/1963View Details
Fink, Ruth H.11424 Beech N.E., Alliance, Ohio12/16/1991View Details
Finley, Anna Mae207 Reynolds Rd. Williamsport, Md.1/19/1981View Details
Finley, Anne R.Salem, Ohio9/18/1943View Details
Finley, BerthaSalem, Ohio10/6/1944View Details
Finley, Charles2/8/1920View Details
Finley, John P.Salem, Ohio5/5/1944View Details
Finley, JuliaSalem, Ohio2/5/1956View Details
Finley, Mary3/27/1909View Details
Finley, R.B.Salem, Ohio3/2/1948View Details
Finley, Richard8/3/1906View Details
Finley, Robert EmmetDobbs Ferry, N.Y.12/13/1950View Details
Finley, Ruth E.Glen Cove, New York9/24/1955View Details
Finley, Wilbur R.Salem, Ohio9/14/1946View Details
Finneran, William H.Salem, Ohio3/7/1944View Details
Finney, Bessie L.6/14/1912View Details
Finney, CatherineSalem, Ohio5/7/1926View Details
Finney, Charles P.Salem, Ohio2/27/1951View Details
Finney, Clara A.Salem, Ohio6/3/1967View Details
Finney, Robert3/2/1926View Details
Finnigan, Gertrude E.Hanoverton, Ohio3/4/1953View Details
Finnigan, John F.Maumee, Ohio12/22/1965View Details
Finnigan, Mary A.Salem, Ohio7/9/1937View Details
Finnigan, Owen9/16/1908View Details
Finnigan, Paul R.28472 Buffalo Rd. Kensington, Ohio7/5/2000View Details
Finnigan, Sarah A.Narragansett, R.I.10/29/2006View Details
Finnigan, William Jr.Salem, Ohio9/8/1926View Details
Finnigan, William O.Kensington, Ohio3/27/1966View Details
Firth, EthelSalem, Ohio5/1/1979View Details
Firth, Lloyd E.Salem, Ohio12/16/1974View Details
Firth, MarillynSalem, Ohio10/5/1932View Details
Fischer, Herbert V.C.956 South Ave. Salem, Ohio6/3/1982View Details
Fischer, Julia B. Dean956 South Ave., Salem, Ohio7/12/1989View Details
Fish, Dwight G.Cleveland, Ohio8/24/1971View Details
Fish, Ethel M.641 Tampico Ct. Berea, Ohio11/25/1992View Details
Fish, Herbert D.Cleveland, Ohio4/21/1945View Details
Fisher, A.J.1/21/1911View Details
Fisher, A.M.12/1/1910View Details
Fisher, AbbieCleveland, Ohio1/9/1943View Details
Fisher, Alvina2/25/1909View Details
Fisher, Arthur S.Salem, Ohio4/21/1946View Details
Fisher, Catherine M.Salem, Ohio9/7/1974View Details
Fisher, Charles M.Salem, Ohio5/13/1940View Details
Fisher, Edward E.Salem, Ohio9/3/1962View Details
Fisher, Effie E.Salem, Ohio2/3/1943View Details
Fisher, Elizabeth V.250 Continental Dr. Salem, Ohio10/24/2006View Details
Fisher, Elmer W.New Albany3/20/1932View Details
Fisher, Evelyn L.1437 Quaker Lane Salem, Ohio8/3/2003View Details
Fisher, FrancesSalem, Ohio6/26/1951View Details
Fisher, Frances M.840 Columbia St. Salem, Ohio9/15/1988View Details
Fisher, HenriettaNew Albany - Mahoning County - Ohio1/1/1954View Details
Fisher, James D.,Jr.Salem, Ohio6/7/1941View Details
Fisher, James Dick""3119 Herron Shores Dr. Venice, Fla.8/28/1987View Details
Fisher, James Sr.Salem, Ohio1/4/1948View Details
Fisher, James V.Salem, Ohio5/1/1968View Details
Fisher, John Joe""1437 Quaker Lane, Salem, Ohio5/6/1990View Details
Fisher, John Joseph "Buzz" II184 Washington Ave. Salem, Ohio3/5/2010View Details
Fisher, Lawrence J.679 Franklin Ave. Salem, Ohio8/7/1984View Details
Fisher, M. Betty679 Franklin Salem, Ohio8/3/2009View Details
Fisher, Marie A.Salem, Ohio6/29/1952View Details
Fisher, Mary4/24/1923View Details
Fisher, Mary (May)Alliance, Ohio2/4/1921View Details
Fisher, Mary S.109 Blossom Lane,Salem, Ohio3/12/2006View Details
Fisher, Marye E.Salem, Ohio11/18/1970View Details
Fisher, Robert B.1964 Merle Rd. Salem, Ohio6/25/1979View Details
Fisher, Ruth A. MapleCopeland Oaks Sebring, Ohio11/25/1988View Details
Fisher, Samuel J.Salem, Ohio7/9/1935View Details
Fisher, Sgt. Dale L.Salem, Ohio9/22/1950View Details
Fisher, Susan2/14/1915View Details
Fisher, Teresa M.Salem, Ohio2/11/1961View Details
Fisher, William J.Sebring, Ohio8/20/1953View Details
Fisher, William P.Salem, Ohio11/1/1979View Details
Fisher, William R.Washingtonville, Ohio3/4/1913View Details
Fisher-Jackson, Lori AnnBrunswick, Ohio10/20/2012View Details
Fitch, Catherine M.Cleveland, Ohio11/29/1959View Details
Fitch, Dave P.Youngstown, Ohio3/15/1967View Details
Fitch, Gail E.1085 Compass Pass West Youngstown, Ohio10/14/1998View Details
Fites, Elmira G.Salem, Ohio7/4/1968View Details
Fites, Flora B.Salem, Ohio8/22/1947View Details
Fites, James J.Salem, Ohio12/22/1939View Details
Fites, Robert R.Salem, Ohio12/9/1948View Details
Fites, SalenaSalem, Ohio12/21/1960View Details
Fites, Samuel8/29/1930View Details
Fithian, HelenSalem, Ohio5/26/1950View Details
Fithian, John H., Sr.1460 East 11th St. Salem, Ohio12/16/1983View Details
Fithian, Ralph C.Salem, Ohio3/10/1954View Details
Fithian, TheresaSalem, Ohio3/2/2015View Details
Fitzpatrick, Alda K. Smokie""1572 Merle Rd. Salem, Ohio5/7/1986View Details
Fitzpatrick, Clark J.Youngstown, Ohio1/11/1948View Details
Fitzpatrick, DavidNew Jersey10/8/1943View Details
Fitzpatrick, Frances5/6/1920View Details
Fitzpatrick, Jame R.508 Continental Dr. Salem, ohio2/10/1997View Details
Fitzpatrick, Jason D.640 W. 7th St. Salem, Ohio6/4/1994View Details
Fitzpatrick, Joseph E.640 W. 7th St. Salem, Ohio9/30/1997View Details
Fitzpatrick, KathrynYoungstown, Ohio4/14/1951View Details
Fitzpatrick, Mary J.4/5/1904View Details
Fitzpatrick, MinnieNew Jersey10-1918or10-1917View Details
Fitzpatrick, Thomas C.10/7/1924View Details
Flahardy, Thomas8/19/1912View Details
Flanery, Raymond E., Sr.380 Stewart Rd. Salem, Ohio1/29/2006View Details
Flanigan, Jane MargaretSalem, Ohio8/4/1973View Details
Flanigan, Leo F.Salem, Ohio5/23/1973View Details
Flannigan, Margaret1/7/1911View Details
Flatinger, InfantGreenford, Ohio3/6/1948View Details
Fleischer, AgnesSalem, Ohio8/11/1970View Details
Fleischer, Andrew8/14/1916View Details
Fleischer, Anna1072 East State St. Salem, Ohio11/19/1981View Details
Fleischer, Carolyn Lucille5670 Coach DR. West Dayton, Ohio10/30/1988View Details
Fleischer, EdwardCleveland, Ohio6/11/1930View Details
Fleischer, Emma11/10/1911View Details
Fleischer, Emma W.Salem, Ohio9/23/1963View Details
Fleischer, John1072 East State St. Salem, Ohio5/31/1983View Details
Fleischer, KatherineSalem, Ohio5/15/1952View Details
Fleischer, Margaret2/14/1910View Details
Fleischer, MaryToronto, Ohio3/26/1952View Details
Fleischer, MathiasSalem, Ohio12/27/1952View Details
Fleischer, MichaelSalem, Ohio5/10/1943View Details
Fleischer, Ronald C.570 Coach Dr. Kettering, Ohio9/30/2005View Details
Fleischer, SamuelSalem, Ohio8/7/1944View Details
Fleischer, Samuel H.Salem, Ohio4/19/1974View Details
Fleischer, SusannaSalem,Ohio4/22/1935View Details
Fletcher, DavidSalem, Ohio4/13/1938View Details
Fletcher, ElizabethSalem, Ohio2/6/1952View Details
Fletcher, Frances7/13/1913View Details
Fletcher, HenrySalem, Ohio1/30/1940View Details
Fletcher, MargaretLisbon, Ohio12/29/1945View Details
Fletcher, Mildred3/24/1918View Details
Fletcher, Minnie C.Salem, Ohio3/25/1934View Details
Fletcher, Robert E.6/9/1922View Details
Fletcher, Thomas W.2/2/1914View Details
Fletcher, Walter (Fleisher)10/1/1920View Details
Flick, Carole A.Salem, Ohio3/20/2013View Details
Flick, Cora MaySalem, Ohio6/11/1937View Details
Flick, Edna R.750 Fair St. Salem, Ohio11/8/1981View Details
Flick, Edward GarySalem, Ohio8/8/1959View Details
Flick, Ella B.Salem, Ohio5/10/1944View Details
Flick, George5-31-1899View Details
Flick, James RussellSalem, Ohio3/27/1972View Details
Flick, Josephine A.912 Canterbury Lane, Salem, Ohio4/17/1993View Details
Flick, Kate1/31/1905View Details
Flick, Lewis W.Salem, Ohio9/18/1957View Details
Flick, Lowell F.Salem, Ohio9/7/1948View Details
Flick, MichaelSalem, Ohio10/19/1927View Details
Flick, Nellie G.Salem, Ohio10/29/1988View Details
Flick, Norman F.2165 Merle Rd. Salem, Ohio9/25/1983View Details
Flickinger, Anna J.Salem, Ohio4/16/1965View Details
Flickinger, Carl L.Salem, Ohio9/17/1971View Details
Flinn, Eulalia B.Hearthside DR. Salem, Ohio3/17/2005View Details
Flinn, Lori S.1701 Quaker Lane Salem, Ohio1/7/2008View Details
Flinn, Wilbur WilliamAlterra House Salem, Ohio11/7/2010View Details
Flitcraft, AgnesAlliance, Ohio9/30/1917View Details
Flitcraft, Chauncey Jr.110 State Rt. 14 Alt. North Benton, Ohio8/17/1980View Details
Flitcraft, Chauncey R.Alliance, Ohio7/8/1970View Details
Flitcraft, ClarenceSalem, Ohio1/5/1955View Details
Flitcraft, ElizabethSalem, Ohio12/30/1956View Details
Flitcraft, Ella11/13/1915View Details
Flitcraft, Harry M.Sebring, Ohio4/24/1937View Details
Flitcraft, Helen3/31/1905View Details
Flitcraft, InfantAlliance, Ohio9/26/1926View Details
Flitcraft, Infant11/5/1917View Details
Flitcraft, James R.6/30/1920View Details
Flitcraft, JohnCleveland, Ohio12/21/1935View Details
Flitcraft, Levi10-27-1844View Details
Flitcraft, Lillie F.Goshen Rd. Salem, Ohio7/24/1935View Details
Flitcraft, MargaretCleveland, Ohio5/22/1939View Details
Flitcraft, VallaiseCanterbury Village Villa Nursing Home Alliance, Ohio11/7/1984View Details
Flitcraft, Walter2/7/1923View Details
Flitcraft, WalterBeloit, Ohio9/30/1927View Details
flitcraft,LawrenceSomerset,Pa.6/27/2008View Details
Floding, Dana W.Salem, Ohio11/17/1969View Details
Floding, Floyd P.Salem, Ohio12/29/1969View Details
Floding, FrankSt. Petersburg, Florida2/2/1958View Details
Floding, Kiffie M.Salem, Ohio10/5/1946View Details
Floding, Ruth J.1224 N. Union Ave. Salem, Ohio7/11/1995View Details
Floding, Ruth V.Salem, Ohio3/20/1966View Details
Flory, Cherry LynnSalem, Ohio2/21/1952View Details
Flory, Danny LeroySalem, Ohio2/21/1952View Details
Flory, Pamela JeanSalem, Ohio2/21/1952View Details
Floyd, Charles E.290 N. Madison Ave. Salem, Ohio1/12/1980View Details
Floyd, Elmer H.Salem, Ohio4/14/1956View Details
Floyd, John W.Lexington, Ky.4/28/1951View Details
Floyd, LelahGlendale, California1/29/1939View Details
Floyd, Margaret C.Salem, Ohio6/20/1933View Details
Floyd, Margaret L.Salem,. Ohio5/24/1975View Details
Floyd, Nellie M.Salem, Ohio6/12/1978View Details
Floyd, Rosebud6/3/1903View Details
Fluckiger, Alice M.Sarasota, Florida8/24/1991View Details
Fluckiger, Mary J. HaskinsMartinsville, Virginia6/22/1976View Details
Fluckiger, WilliamSalem, Ohio11/24/1930View Details
Fogg, David4/25/1925View Details
Fogg, Frances3/16/1914View Details
Fogg, Paul S.983 Prospect St. Salem, Ohio12/21/2001View Details
Fogg, Ruth2404 Tanglewood Dr. Salem, Ohio10/23/2005View Details
Fogle, Robert GeorgeLeetonia, Ohio5/6/2014View Details
Folk, Albert E.Salem, Ohio4/4/1951View Details
Folk, Herman J.12219 N. Johnson Rd. Beloit, Ohio11/29/2002View Details
Folk, KatherineSalem, Ohio7/16/1963View Details
Folk, Mary EllenNorth Johnson Rd. Beloit, Ohio9/26/1996View Details
Follansbee, Mrs. RalphSalem, Ohio1/26/1931View Details
Follansbee, Ralph H.Salem, Ohio9/3/1946View Details
Folmar, HarrySalem,Ohio6/9/1944View Details
Folmar, Jessie MaeCounty Home Lisbon, Ohio3/29/1973View Details
Foltz, Berenice G.1722 East State St. Salem, Ohio7/12/1980View Details
Foltz, David J.Salem, Ohio6/19/1944View Details
Foltz, George S.17730 Canal Cove Court Fort Myers, Fla.12/17/2002View Details
Foltz, George S.Salem, Ohio8/2/1941View Details
Foltz, Howard G.Plantation, Fla.10/16/1983View Details
Foltz, Ida StirlingCleveland Heights, Ohio5/9/1966View Details
Foltz, Margaret P.Salem, Ohio6/17/1973View Details
Foltz, Rebecca R.St. Petersburg, Fla.12/15/1957View Details
Foltz, Samuel4/28/1903View Details
Foltz, Tebesila10/19/1914View Details
Foltz, Yensel P.New Waterford, Ohio11/14/1934View Details
Foraker, SylviaBristol, Pa.11/19/1992View Details
Forbush, Florence I.Lake Worth, Fla.10/17/1994View Details
Forbush, George W.7 Sharon Blvd. Lantana, Fla.2/22/1988View Details
Ford, AmeliaSalem, Ohio11/16/1929View Details
Ford, Amy JaneSalem, Ohio3/25/1959View Details
Ford, ArthurSalem, Ohio11/13/1960View Details
Ford, Dolly MaySalem, Ohio4/26/1979View Details
Ford, Edith5/8/1925View Details
Ford, Elva905 Newgarden Salem, Ohio6/9/1996View Details
Ford, Grace326 W. Wilson, Salem, Ohio6/28/1990View Details
Ford, HaroldPittsburgh, Pa.8/18/1921View Details
Ford, Helen LouiseSalem, Ohio4/2/1962View Details
Ford, InfantSalem, Ohio3/9/1927View Details
Ford, Jesse J.Salem, Ohio1/22/1968View Details
Ford, JohnSalem,Ohio2/10/1941View Details
Ford, KatieSalem, Ohio11/6/1939View Details
Ford, PerrySalem, Ohio7/30/1958View Details
Ford, Ralph T.Salem, Ohio2/24/1964View Details
Ford, Robert1/12/1905View Details
Ford, RosettaSalem, Ohio1/29/1927View Details
Ford, William EdwardSalem, Ohio4/27/1929View Details
Foreman, Alexis Marie1206 Prospect Ext. Salem, ohio10/9/2004View Details
Foreman, Joanne KatherineProspect St. Salem, Ohio3/3/2007View Details
Foreman, Thomas1206 Prospect St. Salem, Ohio8/28/1997View Details
Foreman, VerdaSalem, Ohio2/21/1937View Details
Forney, Helen M.438 S. Broadway Salem, Ohio3/3/1988View Details
Forney, Howard438 S. Broadway Salem, Ohio11/27/1979View Details
Forsythe, Katherine10/24/1924View Details
Fortune, Amanda Elise2365 Woodsdale Rd. Salem, Ohio12/22/1986View Details
Fortune, RichardCanton, Ohio2/12/1934View Details
Foster, Charles J.Hanoverton, Ohio1/21/1934View Details
Foster, Ida MarySalineville, Ohio11/11/1955View Details
Foulk, Margaret ButtonAlliance, Ohio8/11/1967View Details
Fourman, Dessie AnnGarfield, Ohio1/22/1976View Details
Foust, Gerald Dale""Crandall Medical Ctr. Sebring, Ohio6/4/2008View Details
Foust, Leroy Jr.Salem, Ohio2/18/1977View Details
Foust, LeRoy V.,Sr.Salem, Ohio5/11/1966View Details
Foust, Ruth S.Salem, Ohio6/12/1954View Details
Fouts, C.P.Cleveland, Ohio2/25/1913View Details
Fouts, Elizabeth30047 Rt 62 Salem, Ohio7/6/1981View Details
Fouts, FlorenceCleveland, Ohio2/26/1928View Details
Fouts, G. EllsworthDamascus, Ohio1/27/1933View Details
Fouts, Mary E.Salem, Ohio9/29/1961View Details
Fouts, RoyDamascus Rd. Salem, Ohio5/23/1935View Details
Fowler, Alfred I.Winona, Ohio4/11/1956View Details
Fowler, Anna337 Penn Ave. Salem,Ohio9/29/1979View Details
Fowler, David Dorsey1342 Jefferson St. Salem, Ohio10/11/1997View Details
Fowler, Delbert M., Sr.Salem, Ohio6/13/1976View Details
Fowler, EmmaLebanon, Ohio3/13/1946View Details
Fowler, Gerald A.458 S. Madison Salem, ohio2/2/2002View Details
Fowler, Helen L.Salem, Ohio7/17/1972View Details
Fowler, James E.Salem, Ohio8/2/1973View Details
Fowler, Mary BodoSt. Petersburg, Fla.9/5/1969View Details
Fowler, Mary Lorraine1342 Jefferson Ave. Salem, Ohio2/14/2004View Details
Fowler, Susan B.Alliance, Ohio1/10/1910View Details
Fox, Florence M.250 Continental Dr. Salem, Ohio4/8/1992View Details
Fox, Levi A.Salem, Ohio1/29/1976View Details
Frain, Anne230 Continental Dr. Salem, ohio3/5/2003View Details
Francis, AgnesSalem, Ohio10/19/1932View Details
Francis, Amelia L.Springfield, Ohio10/11/1941View Details
Francis, J.L.1/19/1920View Details
Frank, AnnaSalem, Ohio6/21/1943View Details
Frank, AnthonySalem, Ohio1/17/1978View Details
Frank, Bessie Lee Hall772 W. Wilson St. Salem, ohio4/18/2004View Details
Frank, Dennis Anthony772 W. Wilson St. Salem, Ohio6/5/2004View Details
Frank, Donna M.730 Superior Ave. Salem, Ohio2/4/1999View Details
Frank, MartinSalem, Ohio10/30/1952View Details
Frankford, ZeldaDallas Texas8/18/1995View Details
Franklin, James H.913 Barclay Ave. Salem, Ohio5/31/1991View Details
Frantz, Allen C.5/17/1918View Details
Frantz, Bertha7-20-1885View Details
Frantz, Evelyn B.Louisville, Ky.12/25/2000View Details
Frantz, GeorgeSalem, Ohio1/5/1944View Details
Frantz, JohnNorth of Salem, Ohio9/8/1944View Details
Frantz, John DavidColumbus, Ohio6/4/2007View Details
Frantz, John E. (Infant)7/4/1903View Details
Frantz, Lena C.Salem, Ohio9/2/1956View Details
Frantz, MargaretYoungstown, Ohio9/25/1962View Details
Frantz, Mary Ruth14271 Ellett Rd., Beloit, Ohio11/14/1989View Details
Frantz, MelindaAlliance, Ohio1/10/1927View Details
Frantz, NewtonSalem, Ohio12/2/1934View Details
Frantz, Russell E.10857 Duck Creek Rd. Salem, Ohio1/26/1986View Details
Fratila, AlexanderSalem, Ohio8/14/1955View Details
Fratila, Alexander M.Salem, Ohio10/9/1978View Details
Fratila, Annie MaySalem, Ohio5/13/2015View Details
Fratila, Infant6/25/1914View Details
Fratila, Maria931 Newgarden Ave. Salem, Ohio4/11/1980View Details
Fratila, Ralph1924 Maple St. Salem, Ohio3/13/1991View Details
Fraundofer, Connie F.Sedalia, Mo.3/15/1989View Details
Fraundofer, Infant10/27/1921View Details
Fraundofer, John D.Sedalia, Mo.6/27/1969View Details
Fraundofer, MartinSalem, Ohio3/8/1956View Details
Fred, Mary8/13/1903View Details
Frederick, Blair C.Cleveland, Ohio8/26/1939View Details
Frederick, Cora B.Springfield, Ohio5/13/1963View Details
Frederick, Dorothy A.Salem, Ohio9/22/1977View Details
Frederick, FrankWinona, Ohio11/8/1948View Details
Frederick, George ArthurSalem, Ohio12/26/1966View Details
Frederick, Ira L.Alliance, Ohio7/21/1937View Details
Frederick, James R.Alliance, Ohio11/17/1965View Details
Frederick, JosephWashingtonville, Ohio11/10/1912View Details
Frederick, LydiaWashingtonville, Ohio5/25/1926View Details
Frederick, MaryParma Hts, Ohio5/23/1961View Details
Frederick, Nora L.Winona, Ohio10/26/1946View Details
Frederick, Oran J.2/14/1911View Details
Fredericks, John W. Jack8211 Market St. Boardman, Ohio3/26/1985View Details
Freed, AnnieLeetonia, Ohio6/4/1932View Details
Freed, JeffersonLeetonia, Ohio2/15/1932View Details
Freeman, Earl L.1374 S.Lincoln, Apt.#7 Salem, Ohio10/8/1979View Details
Freeman, George E.Salem, Ohio3/12/1928View Details
Freeman, IsidoraSalem,Ohio5/8/1943View Details
Freeman, Marie C.230 Continental Dr. Salem, ohio7/13/2004View Details
Freeman, Ross O.Salem,Ohio8/2/1969View Details
Freet, Jennie B.Salem, Ohio7/21/1955View Details
Freet, Russell L.2/6/1918View Details
Freet, Walter P.Salem, Ohio3/1/1953View Details
French, Ada H.Los Angeles, California8/6/1953View Details
French, ArdellaSalem, Ohio3/14/1957View Details
French, B.M.4/19/1927View Details
French, Debora12/4/1925View Details
French, Edward O.2/16/1906View Details
French, EmmaSalem, Ohio12/13/1930View Details
French, EstherBlairstown, N.J.3/21/1942View Details
French, Helen M.Salem, Ohio9/16/1973View Details
French, John5-22-1889View Details
French, John D.Salem, Ohio5/27/1953View Details
French, Joseph H.3/4/1923View Details
French, Louis B.9/24/1933View Details
French, Martha9/7/1911View Details
French, Martha O.Orlando, Florida4/30/1951View Details
French, Mary1/2/1914View Details
French, MaudeSebring, Ohio1/7/1924View Details
French, May F.Salem, Ohio1/13/1974View Details
French, PatriciaAlliance, Ohio9/21/1967View Details
French, Pauline Marie FernengelLakeland, Fla.8/18/2006View Details
French, Robert1/2/1915View Details
French, Rolland H.Newark, N.J.10/20/1909View Details
French, Rolland HallMillburn, N.J.3/3/1966View Details
French, Sarah J.Salem, Ohio1/10/1936View Details
French, Sylvia Endicott MillsColumbiana, Ohio6/28/2012View Details
French, Viriginia L.Salem, Ohio11/1/1946View Details
French, W.K. or W.R.3/6/1915View Details
French, William HollandSalem, Ohio10/30/1967View Details
Freshly, Bernice M.Lisbon, Ohio5/31/1977View Details
Freshly, Monroe J.Lisbon, Ohio6/10/1971View Details
Frethy, Albert C.Salem, Ohio5/24/1950View Details
Frethy, Lillian E.Salem, Ohio4/13/1965View Details
Frey, Robert J.406 Franklin St. Salem, Ohio2/29/1984View Details
Frick, Agnes10/28/1923View Details
Fridley, Ethan RamosSalem, Ohio3/23/2012View Details
Fridley, Ethan RamosSalem, OhioView Details
Friend, William A.11/11/1961View Details
Fritzman, AnnaSalem, Ohio4/5/1948View Details
Fritzman, Dorothy LouiseArch St. Salem, Ohio9/18/2008View Details
Fritzman, James AllenSalem, Ohio7/14/1956View Details
Fritzman, John601 Arch St. Salem, Ohio7/9/1993View Details
Fritzman, Mary1/8/1918View Details
Fritzman, Michael800 Sharp St. Salem, Ohio3--13-1994View Details
Fritzman, Michael2/24/1920View Details
Fritzman, Michael (Fritsman)5/4/1914View Details
Fritzman, SusannaSalem, Ohio1/25/2012View Details
Frolich, JosephPittsburgh, Pa.11/16/1918View Details
Fromm, AndrewMorrisville, Pa.11/20/1951View Details
Fromm, Michael3/28/1928View Details
Fronius, Anna2/8/1919View Details
Fronius, Elizabeth I. (Paulini)Blossom Salem, Ohio7/4/2011View Details
Fronius, Ethel M.Columbus, Ohio8/10/1971View Details
Fronius, George1/26/1920View Details
Fronius, GeorgeCanton, Ohio11/10/1959View Details
Fronius, George Jr.Alliance, Ohio10/17/1949View Details
Fronius, MarieDetroit, Michigan7/21/1964View Details
Fronius, ReginaSalem, Ohio11/3/1961View Details
Fronius, RudolfDetroit, Mich.7/23/1970View Details
Fronius, StefanSalem, Ohio9/30/1953View Details
Fronius, StephenSalem, Ohio7/22/1960View Details
Fronius, Steve Jr.Salem, Ohio2/28/1928View Details
Fronius, SusannaSalem, Ohio10/19/1957View Details
Fronius, William (Wilhelmina)Salem, Ohio1/1/1926View Details
Fronk, Ethel S.Copeland Oaks, Sebring, Ohio5/5/1988View Details
Fronk, George R.800 15th St. Sebring, Ohio4/4/1999View Details
Fronk, J. FranklinSalem, Ohio10/13/1956View Details
Fronk, Margaret M.Salem, Ohio1/30/1965View Details
Fronk, Mildred C.Alliance, Ohio10/21/1939View Details
Fronko, SuzannaSalem, Ohio8/18/1959View Details
Fry, Alexander12/20/1909View Details
Frye, Ronald C.Greensburg, Pa.1/10/2002View Details
Fuller, Infant2/27/1906View Details
Fullerton, RobertSalem, Ohio5/30/1922View Details
Fullerton, Robert H. (Fullerman ?)10/23/1924View Details
Fulton, BlancheCounty Home - Lisbon, Ohio2/20/1971View Details
Fulton, Levi (Lew)4/26/1920View Details
Fulton, Mrs. L.H. (Emma)8/17/1926View Details
Fults, Alpha E.View Details
Fults, Alpha H.Salem, Ohio8/29/1970View Details
Fults, Gertrude E.Salem, Ohio1/30/1963View Details
Fults, Laura CopeSalem, Ohio9/4/1975View Details
Fults, Lydia J.7/3/1929View Details
Fults, Ralph11/9/1920View Details
Fults, W. H.10/23/1915View Details
Fults, W. LockwoodSalem, Ohio9/26/1951View Details
Fultz, Aleene B.4/16/1907View Details
Fultz, EdSalem, Ohio5/2/1948View Details
Fultz, Florence E.Salem, Ohio12/16/1946View Details
Fultz, Nancy E.Salem, Ohio2/11/1944View Details
Funk, Ann H.Sarasota, California4/26/1976View Details
Funk, Harry Calvin820 Fair St., Salem, Ohio10/21/1989View Details
Funk, Mary V. GoughnourMarietta, Ga.6/3/2000View Details
Furman, GeorgeSalem, Ohio2/20/1942View Details
Furman, Katie4/1/1925View Details
Furrer, Albert Jr.5/8/1912View Details
Furrer, Antone (Anton)Salem, Ohio11/21/1943View Details
Furrer, Clara6/4/1921View Details
Furrer, Frederick1/29/1920View Details
Furrer, Infant (FURRIER)9/15/1910View Details
Furrer, JacobSalem,Ohio10/28/1974View Details
Furrer, OlgaSalem, Ohio11/24/1971View Details
Furrer, WilliamSalem, Ohio11/2/1981View Details
Furrin, Infant2/3/1908View Details
Fusco, ArthurSalem, Ohio6/1/1961View Details
Fuson, Marilee B.220 1/2 S. Howard Ave., Salem, Ohio5/20/1989View Details
Fuson, Robert A.1360 W. State St. Lot #24 Salem, ohio6/28/2002View Details
Fuson, Roger L.1360 E. State St. Lot#23 Salem, Ohio11/13/2006View Details
Fuson, Ronald D.Salem, Ohio12/3/1977View Details
Gabler, Anna B.Salem,Ohio2/21/1953View Details
Gabler, Casper W.1721 Franklin St. Salem, Ohio12/19/1982View Details
Gabler, Marie Amelia1721 RT 344 Salem, Ohio10/4/1998View Details
Gabler, Nicholas H.Salem, Ohio9/26/1960View Details
Gabler, Ruby M.400 Mathews Rd. Youngstown, Ohio8/16/1978View Details
Gabler, ShermanFranklin Square - R.D. Leetonia, Ohio2/8/1973View Details
Gabrich, Joseph K.County Home Lisbon, Ohio1/3/1970View Details
Gabrich, KathrynSalem, Ohio12/13/1949View Details
Gabriel, Flora TheresaFormerly of Painter Rd. Salem, Ohio5/1/2009View Details
Gabriel, Ralph F.1510 Painter Rd. Salem, Ohio12/29/1985View Details
Gadue, Elizabeth N.Birkley, Michigan5/31/1976View Details
Gainor, Craig CharlesSalem, Ohio7/17/2012View Details
Gajdzik, John JosephSalem, Ohio5/20/1954View Details
Gajdzik, Mary H.624 E. Perry St., Salem, Ohio12/5/1989View Details
Galbreath, Irene V.Salem, Ohio6/29/1968View Details
Galbreath, Orie W.Salem, Ohio10/19/1957View Details
Galbreath, RobertDeihl Lake Salem, Ohio11/16/1947View Details
Galchick, Alice M.Salem, Ohio4/25/1973View Details
Galchick, Anna L.725 W. Pershing St. Salem, ohio11/17/2002View Details
Galchick, AnthonySalem,Ohio7/14/1953View Details
Galchick, Charles C.2331 Tanglewood Salem, Oh.1/2/2010View Details
Galchick, Dr. Janet M.4401 Fox St. Orlando, Fla.12/28/2004View Details
Galchick, Evelyn Jane (Henshaw)852 E. 14th St. Salem, Ohio3/21/2003View Details
Galchick, InfantSalem, Ohio4/16/1955View Details
Galchick, InfantSalem, Ohio4/13/1949View Details
Galchick, John1848 East 3rd, St Salem, Ohio5/22/1981View Details
Galchick, Joseph G.685 Arch St. Salem, ohio8/14/2003View Details
Galchick, Joseph J.725 W. Pershing St. Salem, Ohio5/31/1987View Details
Galchick, Lena Marie665 jefferson Salem, ohio10/15/2005View Details
Galchick, Sophia B.Salem, Ohio12/1/1967View Details
Galchick, Walter C.852 E. 14th St. Salem, Ohio11/20/2005View Details
Gallager, John S.Salem, Ohio2/20/1934View Details
Gallagher, AgnesSalem, Ohio3/1/1949View Details
Gallagher, Arthur J.Salem, Ohio4/2/1955View Details
Gallagher, Belle12/16/1925View Details
Gallagher, Carmella M.Salem, ohio3/28/2010View Details
Gallagher, Effie Young250 Continental Dr. Salem, Ohio1/9/1984View Details
Gallagher, Frank R.Salem, Ohio2/13/1965View Details
Gallagher, Isabella G.243 Palmer Blvd. Six Lakes Country Club, Fla.5/11/1980View Details
Gallagher, James C.8/31/1917View Details
Gallagher, JohnSalem, Ohio5/23/1940View Details
Gallagher, John P.1749 S.E. Blvd. Salem, ohio1/2/1996View Details
Gallagher, John S.7/18/1913View Details
Gallagher, Joseph C.Salem, Ohio4/22/1965View Details
Gallagher, LidaSalem, Ohio9/25/1940View Details
Gallagher, Margaret M.Salem, Ohio4/24/1969View Details
Gallagher, Mary E.Salem, Ohio5/6/1930View Details
Gallagher, Myra2345 Lexington Ave. Salem, ohio11/26/2002View Details
Gallagher, Portia M.Salem, Ohio8/20/1971View Details
Gallagher, Roscoe S. DOC""Salem, Ohio3/9/1965View Details
Gallagher, Thomas M.459 Aetna St. Salem, Ohio11/14/1983View Details
Gallagher, William H.Salem, Ohio9/23/1958View Details
Gallagher, William J.271 N. Howard Salem, Ohio10/7/1983View Details
Gamble, Agnes L.Salem, Ohio7/2/1960View Details
Gamble, Carle J.Solana Beach, California4/8/1974View Details
Gamble, Mary AugustaElyria, Ohio7/22/1951View Details
Gamble, Wilbur Jr.Youngstown, Ohio4/23/1937View Details
Gamble, William Carl Jr.Elyria, Ohio11/24/1944View Details
Gang, Mary Hilda250 Continental Dr. Salem, Ohio5/23/1993View Details
Gang, Ralph E.675 Arch St., Salem, Ohio8/13/1990View Details
Ganslein, Ronald E. Sr.644 Jefferson Salem, Ohio2/23/2001View Details
Garber, J.B.Salem, Ohio7/3/1931View Details
Garber, Mary JosephineSalem, Ohio10/22/1954View Details
Gardner, Charlotte2/9/1910View Details
Gardner, Edwin9/16/1915View Details
Gardner, Frank H.Salem, Ohio5/15/1942View Details
Gardner, Harry G.Salem, Ohio9/17/1955View Details
Gardner, James Paul12/8/1922View Details
Gardner, Lee W.8-7-1890View Details
Gardner, Levi11/9/1906View Details
Gardner, Lucine (Lucinda)Salem, Ohio11/27/1937View Details
Gardner, Nellie2/5/1927View Details
Gardner, Paul2/28/1910View Details
Gardner, RosettaSalem, Ohio3/31/1946View Details
Gardner, ViolaOrlando, Florida12/10/1959View Details
Garligia, Joseph12/16/1917View Details
Garloch, Margaret A.333 Stewart Rd. Salem, Ohio6/24/2010View Details
Garlock, DorothySalem, Ohio3/8/1942View Details
Garlock, Martha230 Continental Dr. Salem, Ohio5/6/2000View Details
Garlock, Nancy AnnSalem, Ohio1/29/1965View Details
Garlock, Ortha V.Salem, Ohio3/18/1963View Details
Garlock, Timothy BryanSalem, Ohio12/24/1966View Details
Garrett, James J.372 Morgan Ct. Salem, Ohio5/4/2010View Details
Garrett, LillianSalem, Ohio10/28/1945View Details
Garrett, WilliamSalem, Ohio7/13/1947View Details
Garrigues, EstellaSalem, Ohio12/22/1933View Details
Garside, William2/10/1906View Details
Garwood, Ina StarrAlliance, Ohio3/8/1967View Details
Garwood, John J.Alliance, Ohio12/4/1968View Details
Gasper, Margaret AnnBerlin Center, Ohio12/18/1949View Details
Gaston, DanielSalem, Ohio4/10/1948View Details
Gaston, JanetSalem, Ohio6/24/1946View Details
Gatchel, Lucille CamalaSt Marys Alzheimers Center Columbiana, Ohio10/4/2009View Details
Gatchel, Ralph G.1353 S.E. Blvd. Salem, Ohio9/9/1998View Details
Gaunt, AnnaSalem, Ohio4/6/1964View Details
Gaunt, Ferman N.Salem, Ohio11/6/1930View Details
Gaunt, FredSalem, Ohio10/4/1950View Details
Gaunt, Fred Jr.3/11/1924View Details
Gaunt, Hannah1/19/1914View Details
Gaunt, IsabelleSalem, Ohio11/16/1943View Details
Gaunt, John1/1/1920View Details
Gaunt, Lilly M.Salem, Ohio1/19/1969View Details
Gaunt, MaryColumbus, Ohio5/3/1958View Details
Gaunt, Mary Louise800 E/ 15th St Sebring, Ohio5/19/2006View Details
Gaunt, Nerr6/28/1913View Details
Gaunt, Nerr1909 Depot Rd. Salem, Ohio11/5/1978View Details
Gaunt, William B.12/2/1920View Details
Gay, MarySalem, Ohio3/11/1936View Details
Gaydosh, Sylvester J. Bud""1144 Liberty St. Salem, ohio3/24/1999View Details
Gee, George H.Pittsburgh, Pa.5/8/1956View Details
Geer, Elizabeth Hunt9/14/1906View Details
Geer, Samuel9-22-1875View Details
Geho, Dale E.Salem, Ohio4/24/2012View Details
Geiger, Dale EdwardAkron, Ohio12/24/1928View Details
Geist, ErmaSalem, Ohio5/16/1974View Details
Geist, Eva Rae (Hardgrove)1358 Andrew Salem, Ohio11/7/2003View Details
Geist, Harry12205 Goshen Rd. Salem, Ohio6/30/1983View Details
Geist, Mary Ellen880 Newgarden Ave. Salem, Ohio11/12/2011View Details
Geist, Russell F.880 Newgarden Ave. Salem, ohio8/15/1996View Details
George, EmmaSalem, Ohio3/20/1931View Details
George, Louis H.615 South Lincoln Salem, Ohio1/26/1981View Details
Geoyor, Nick (GLIGER)10/25/1913View Details
Gero, Robert C.Richmond Twp., MI6/26/2014View Details
Getz, Annistasia12/7/1909View Details
Getz, Austin I.Salem, Ohio7/6/1954View Details
Getz, CharlesHanoverton, Ohio3/17/1973View Details
Getz, CharlesView Details
Getz, GustaveSalem, Ohio9/6/1940View Details
Getz, InfantSalem, Ohio7/14/1947View Details
Getz, Louis J.1/25/1925View Details
Getz, MargaretSalem, Ohio9/12/1942View Details
Getz, Sarah A.Salem, Ohio3/18/1956View Details
Geygan, Margaret J.Salem, Ohio6/25/1978View Details
Gfeller, George R.Salem, Ohio7/24/1950View Details
Gfeller, Mae M.679 Jersey Ridge Rd. Salem, Ohio4/26/1988View Details
Gfeller, Oscar679 Jersey Ridge Rd. Salem, Ohio7/6/1979View Details
Gfeller, Oscar Jr.Salem, Ohio11/24/1931View Details
Gibbons, BerniceSalem, Ohio9/20/1929View Details
Gibbons, CharlesSalem, Ohio9/5/1934View Details
Gibbons, Margaret J.Salem, Ohio12/1/1951View Details
Gibbs, Lois R.Salem, Ohio1/22/1952View Details
Gibbs, Lottie S.Barberton, Ohio12/28/1966View Details
Gibbs, Russell C.1935 Painter Rd. Salem, Ohio11/17/1979View Details
Gibbs, Sarah PearceSalem, Ohio8/16/1951View Details
Gibbs, Thomas S.Barberton, Ohio4/9/1963View Details
Gibson, AlleenSalem, Ohio5/7/1933View Details
Gibson, Amelia JosephineNewport,Del.3/12/1968View Details
Gibson, C.C.Salem, Ohio2/21/1937View Details
Gibson, Charlotte J.Salem, Ohio6/26/1938View Details
Gibson, Constance Tice5866 South Raccoon Rd. Canfield, Ohio12/13/1985View Details
Gibson, Eleanor TolertonPinckney, Mich.8/18/1996View Details
Gibson, Garold "Gary" Eugene5029 Apollo Rd. NE Salineville, Ohio9/27/2006View Details
Gibson, George R.Salem, Ohio6/7/1944View Details
Gibson, George RaymondSalem, Ohio12/14/1952View Details
Gibson, Gladys S.1076 N. Union Ave. Salem, Ohio6/30/1988View Details
Gibson, Gordon A.32981 N. Price Rd. Salem, ohio10/29/1999View Details
Gibson, Hugh G.Salem, Ohio2/4/1975View Details
Gibson, Katherine Alleen782 S. Lincoln Salem, Ohio3/24/2000View Details
Gibson, Leeta M.Salem, Ohio10/11/1946View Details
Gibson, Marjorie J.Essex III Salem, Ohio12/11/2011View Details
Gibson, Mark S.Salem, Ohio3/30/1960View Details
Gibson, Mary E.Salem, Ohio8/10/1941View Details
Gibson, Millie AnnSalem, Ohio3/5/2014View Details
Gibson, Nane E.74 Poland Manor Poland, Ohio8/5/1980View Details
Gibson, Nellie Helen DowSalem,Ohio3/25/1940View Details
Gibson, Rose A. Gilbert250 Continental Dr. Salem, ohio3/24/2004View Details
Gibson, Rose Marie1367 Highland Ave Salem, Ohio9/6/2005View Details
Gibson, Roy G.467 Hickory Lane Salem, Ohio3/4/2009View Details
Gibson, William J.Salem, Ohio4/23/1939View Details
Gibson, William K.372 Highland Ave. Salem, Ohio2/27/2002View Details
Gibson, William T.1367 Highland Ave. Salem, Ohio7/20/2004View Details
Giffin, Cora MaeSalem, Ohio10/30/1940View Details
Giffin, James H.Salem, Ohio5/26/1951View Details
Giffin, James M.Salem, Ohio2/1/1994View Details
Giffin, Jeannette E.1811 East Third ST. Salem, Ohio2/18/1982View Details
Gilbert, Adda R.Salem, Ohio4/13/1959View Details
Gilbert, BessieLeesburg, Fla.6/16/1982View Details
Gilbert, Charles F.650 Sharp Ave. Salem, Ohio12/4/1980View Details
Gilbert, Charles H.Rogers, Ohio4/23/1963View Details
Gilbert, GeorgeBerkley, Mich.5/9/1989View Details
Gilbert, Gladys Emily Elizabeth RiggsSalem, Ohio1/18/2014View Details
Gilbert, Howard KentSalem, Ohio4/15/1962View Details
Gilbert, John Franklin, Sr.Diamond Head Extented Care Ctr. N. Lima, Ohio12/19/1997View Details
Gilbert, MarySalem, Ohio12/3/1978View Details
Gilbert, Mary I.Salem, Ohio12/31/1976View Details
Gilbert, Mary Lou LutschOcala, Florida12/17/1997View Details
Gilbert, Maude4706 Whinnery Rd. Salem, Ohio1/23/1988View Details
Gilbert, Tony AllanSebring, Ohio7/20/1977View Details
Gilbert, Wilmer H.5/14/1922View Details
Gillam, George J.8753 Duck Creek Rd. Berlin Center, Ohio10/28/1983View Details
Gillam, Infant12/18/1918View Details
Gillam, Mary A.Salem, Ohio8/12/1975View Details
Gillam, RoySalem, Ohio10/10/1961View Details
Gillett, Theresa Tressie" (Myers)"1916 S. Lincoln Ave Salem, Ohio9/24/2004View Details
Gilmore, CharlesLeetonia, Ohio1/16/1922View Details
Gilmore, Mary A.Leetonia, Ohio10/29/1939View Details
Gilmore, RichardWashingtonville, Ohio9/4/1915View Details
Gilson, Clara MaeSalem, Ohio8/6/1941View Details
Gilson, Ethel C.Salem, Ohio9/1/1939View Details
Gilson, George H.Salem, Ohio12/25/1947View Details
Gilson, Herbert R.Youngstown, Ohio2/3/1954View Details
Gilson, Infant (Ray William)3/1/1923View Details
Gilson, John C.Salem, Ohio2/1/1957View Details
Gilson, MaryBoardman, Ohio6/17/1968View Details
Gipp, Paul H.32644 Coffee School Rd. Salem, Oh.3/12/2007View Details
Girard, Alice MaySalem, Ohio9/22/1977View Details
Girard, James A.Salem, Ohio12/23/1976View Details
Girard, Margaret PriceSalem, Ohio3/21/1966View Details
Girscht, Edward A.Salem, Ohio4/8/1942View Details
Girscht, ElizabethSalem, Ohio6/20/1967View Details
Girscht, Elizabeth Betty""1676 Cleveland St. Salem, ohio7/23/2001View Details
Girscht, Elizabeth R.11/3/1918View Details
Girscht, JohnSalem, Ohio12/3/1952View Details
Girscht, WalterSalem, Ohio11/22/1927View Details
Girscht, William M.1676 Cleveland St. Salem, Ohio8/8/1991View Details
Glass, A.W.Salem, Ohio7/12/1938View Details
Glass, Anna M.Salem, Ohio12/9/1949View Details
Glass, Calvin L.Salem, Ohio4/16/1956View Details
Glass, Carrie E.Poland, Ohio3/3/1970View Details
Glass, Ethel3/8/1917View Details
Glass, Frank10/13/1918View Details
Glass, FrederickSalem, Ohio11/10/1968View Details
Glass, Lloyd?????View Details
Glass, Mary E.Salem, Ohio10/28/1930View Details
Glass, Nellie10/14/1918View Details
Glass, Ora M.Salem, Ohio11/27/1975View Details
Glass, Ross M.Chicago, Ill.3/11/1933View Details
Glass, W.J.Salem, Ohio12/5/1937View Details
Glawe, InfantCanton, Ohio1/2/1911View Details
Gleckler, Evelyn M.Maple St. Salem, Ohio12/2/2005View Details
Gleckler, Glen RaymondMaple St. Salem, Ohio12/14/2005View Details
Gleisle, John B.Pittsburgh, Pa.4/13/1947View Details
Glendenning, Cornelia (Cora)Toronto, Canada7/22/1967View Details
Glendenning, Harry L.Toronto, Canada9/14/1955View Details
Glista, John F.10056 Salem-Warren Rd. Salem Ohio4/13/1988View Details
Glista, Margaret R.981 Home Circle Salem, Ohio8/8/2004View Details
Glogan, Frances MayBishop's Glenn Retirement Center Holly Hills, Florida7/29/2009View Details
Glogan, George J.Salem, Ohio1/23/1957View Details
Goard, Kathryn G.Salem, Ohio5/22/1951View Details
Goard, Lowell L.Wenachee, Wash.4/23/2010View Details
Gockley, Emanuel F.Louisville, Ohio3/2/1953View Details
Goddard, Clara Ingram (Godward)5/5/1906View Details
Goddard, John O.Salem, Ohio6/10/1977View Details
Goddard, Lawrence O.Salem, Ohio9/12/1975View Details
Goddard, Mildred ElsieCrandall Medical Center Sebring, Ohio12/29/1995View Details
Goddard, Thelma Blanche (Richey)253 Georgetown Rd. Salem, Ohio1/7/2002View Details
GOetz, FrancineSalem, Ohio8/30/1969View Details
Goetz, Russell Edward3/29/1972View Details
Goldner, Infant7/18/1909View Details
Goldy, Deborah10/21/1908View Details
Goldy, E. J.Salem, Ohio3/1/1930View Details
Goldy, J.S.Warren, Ohio10/15/1931View Details
Gologram, Genevieve T.181 S. Madison Salem, Ohio7/1/1998View Details
Gologram, Louis181 S. Madison Ave. Salem, Ohio7/4/1992View Details
Golunka, Carrie J.276 Michigan Blvd. Salem, Ohio10/22/1996View Details
Golunka, MartinSalem, Ohio4/3/1955View Details
Golunka, Mary (Marie)Salem, Ohio7/19/1948View Details
Golunka, Thomas J.276 Michigan Blvd. Salem, ohio11/7/1996View Details
Gonda, Anna MayHollander House Salem, Ohio11/23/2004View Details
Gonda, HelenSalem, Ohio11/12/1976View Details
Gonda, Joan MaryWest Chester, Pa.4/7/1957View Details
Gonda, John H.Salem, Ohio11/23/1971View Details
Gonda, Joseph6/21/1912View Details
Gonda, Joseph495 Franklin St. Salem, Ohio2/4/1983View Details
Gonda, Mary A.511 North Ave. Girard, Ohio6/8/1980View Details
Gonda, StephenSalem, Ohio12/21/1961View Details
Good, Barbara J.1840 St. Rt. 9 Salem, Ohio10/12/2008View Details
Good, Joseph Jr.1271 Prospect St. Ext. Salem, Ohio11/12/1995View Details
Good, Viola Mae1271 Prospect St. Ext Salem, Ohio1/18/1997View Details
Goodchild, EdmondPittsburgh, Pa.1/25/1912View Details
Goodchild, Edward L.4/2/1926View Details
Goodchild, Ethel1/13/1922View Details
Goodchild, Jane LeeAlliance, Ohio4/8/1923View Details
Goodman, Charles AlSalem, Ohio5/15/1968View Details
Goodman, E. Leila1645 Maplewood Dr. Streetsboro, Ohio4/27/1996View Details
Goodman, Edith W.1627 Merle Rd. Salem, Ohio10/18/1986View Details
Goodman, EliCanfield, Ohio7/25/1918View Details
Goodman, Ethel G.Salem, Ohio9/13/1945View Details
Goodman, HarveySalem, Ohio3/20/1946View Details
Goodman, JudithSalem, Ohio4/3/1940View Details
Goodman, Mrs. EliCanfield, Ohio8/16/1915View Details
Goodman, Robert C.4692 Depot Rd. Salem, Ohio11/23/1987View Details
Goodward, ArronSalem, Ohio12/4/1926View Details
Goodward, CatherineSalem, Ohio3/11/1928View Details
Gorby, FredSalem, Ohio9/30/1929View Details
Gorby, Harry N.,IIISalem, Ohio8/14/1971View Details
Gordineer, Pieter JamesBaker, Mont.12/9/1975View Details
Gordon, Bruce P.1456 E. 11th St Salem, Ohio5/27/2010View Details
Gordon, Bruce P.1456 E 11th St. Salem, Ohio5/27/2010View Details
Gordon, Dean E.Salem, ohio11/24/2014View Details
Gordon, Eileen J.1456 E. 11th St Salem, Ohio6/14/2009View Details
Gordon, Eileen J.1456 E. 11th St, Salem, Ohio6/14/2009View Details
Gordon, Ethel I.Sewickely, Pa.4/30/1964View Details
Gordon, Ethel Marie2511 Bentley Dr. Salem, Ohio11/26/1983View Details
Gordon, Hattie M.Youngstown, Ohio4/23/1966View Details
Gordon, HuldaEnon Valley, Pa.12/9/1928View Details
Gordon, J. PaulSalem, Ohio8/10/1966View Details
Gordon, John G.3/10/1921View Details
Gordon, Lloyd M.750 Highland Ave. Salem, Ohio10/26/1988View Details
Gordon, Louis AllenSalem, Ohio9/27/1937View Details
Gordon, Marion Francis750 Highland Ave. Salem, Ohio5/26/1997View Details
Gordon, Mary E.Salem, Ohio10/6/1974View Details
Gordon, William H.Enon Valley, Pa.11/16/1960View Details
Gordon,Lori Laurel Christine5902 terrace Park Dr. Dayton, Ohio10/12/2008View Details
Gorman, Glen11/14/1928View Details
Gorman, Marietta2511 Bentley Rd. Salem, ohio2/13/2000View Details
Gorman, Paul R.4884 Whinery Rd. Salem, ohio2/28/1999View Details
Gorman, RalphLeetonia, Ohio9/19/1945View Details
Goshen, Arthur F.Pittsburgh, Pa.8/28/1922View Details
Goshen, James2/4/1917View Details
Goshen, L.H.1/5/1919View Details
Goshen, LouiseSalem, Ohio3/18/1963View Details
Goshen, Martha C.9/14/1919View Details
Gosman, Flora (Florence)County Home, Lisbon, Ohio9/15/1975View Details
Gotschall, Caroline M.Salem, Ohio6/4/1972View Details
Gotschall, Floyd8818 Stork Lane Youngstown, Fla.12/14/1994View Details
Gottschalk, Elizabeth3/9/1926View Details
Gottschalk, Joseph9/20/1909View Details
Gottschalk, JosephineCalifornia4/4/1929View Details
Gottschalk, MaryLeetonia, Ohio2/1891View Details
Gottschalk, MichaelOct-12View Details
Gottschling, Anna11/23/1923View Details
Gottschling, GeorgeSalem, Ohio5/29/1950View Details
Gottschling, JohnOsprey, Fla.1/10/1976View Details
Gottschling, John AndrewSalem, Ohio7/18/1947View Details
Gottschling, Katherine12/9/1923View Details
Gottschling, Mary K.Salem, Ohio2/21/1957View Details
Gottschling, Mary S.3601 Dukeshire Royal Oak, Mich2/27/2001View Details
Gottschling, MathiasSalem, Ohio4/24/1940View Details
Gottschling, SusannaSalem, Ohio7/22/1958View Details
Goucher, RenaEast Cleveland, Ohio3/4/1966View Details
Graber, Carl R.Salem, Ohio2/28/1969View Details
Graber, FrankSalem, Ohio11/26/1947View Details
Graber, GertrudeSalem, Ohio3/4/1957View Details
Graber, Odessa Jane1237A Somerset Salem, Ohio3/17/1996View Details
Graber, Russell E.1237-A Somerset Dr. Salem, Oh.7/19/2007View Details
Grace, Beverly JaneSalem, Ohio8/21/1931View Details
Grace, CharlesSalem, Ohio4/21/1942View Details
Grace, FannieSalem, Ohio6/28/1976View Details
Grace, Infant5/7/1919View Details
Grace, Marvin Jr.Salem, Ohio8/30/1957View Details
Grace, MelvinSalem, Ohio8/30/1957View Details
Grace, OliveSalem, Ohio7/7/1960View Details
Grace, William H.Lisbon, Ohio2/13/1977View Details
Grady, AltaMobile, Alabama10/8/1978View Details
Grady, Dwight114 Schooley Circle Daphne, Ala.8/1/1992View Details
Graffius, Donald O.,Jr.Leetonia, Ohio5/19/2012View Details
Graffius, Shirley LeeLeetonia, Ohio2/7/2012View Details
Grafton, DonaldSalem, Ohio9/21/1928View Details
Grafton, Glenn3/25/1927View Details
Grande, Shirley A.483 E. Euclid Ave. Salem, Ohio3/28/2010View Details
Grandolfo, Elizabeth Bessie""250 Continental Dr. Salem, Ohio10/9/1999View Details
Grandolfo, Gabriel M. Gabby""924 Pershing St. Salem, Ohio11/6/1991View Details
Grate, Alma6476 Fairview Rd. Youngstown, Ohio10/16/2006View Details
Grate, James F. Sr.6476 Fairview Rd. Youngstown, Ohio12/7/2003View Details
Grate, James Frank Jr.Salem, Ohio6/6/1965View Details
Grate, Melanie FaySalem, Ohio6/14/1971View Details
Grate, Ronald6476 Fairview Rd. Austintown, Ohio9/27/2006View Details
Gray, Arthur4/11/1909View Details
Gray, Carrie M.Austintown, Ohio5/4/1978View Details
Gray, Georgine500 E. 4th St. Salem, Ohio8/21/1992View Details
Gray, Homer F.Salem, Ohio5/14/1942View Details
Gray, Kenwood E., Sr.Salem, Ohio6/3/1973View Details
Gray, William N., Jr.355 W. Eighth St. Salem, Ohio9/5/1982View Details
Graybeal, Donald E.S. Salem-Warren Rd. North Jackson, Ohio3/19/1999View Details
Graybeal, Ernest W. Dick""480 E. Euclid Ave. Salem, Ohio5/4/1993View Details
Graybeal, Gladys I.480 E. Euclid St. Salem , Ohio3/17/2002View Details
Graybeal, James E.Salem, Ohio5/31/1968View Details
Graybeal, Nancy J.31088 Tower Rd. Salem, Ohio7/8/2010View Details
Greathouse, Carl N.2511 Bentley Dr. Salem, Ohio10/18/1997View Details
Greathouse, Lucille511 Jennings Ave. Salem, Ohio5/1/1992View Details
Grech, Leah PressaccoSterling House Salem, Ohio2/15/2011View Details
Green, Clarance10/17/1918View Details
Green, Danielle MarieSan Diego, Calif.7/7/1967View Details
Green, Harry G.Arizona10/28/1938View Details
Green, Irene Malinda2420 NW 108th Dr. Coral Springs, Fla.5/2/2002View Details
Green, John L.Salem, Ohio1/28/1952View Details
Green, Lera (Laura)8/7/1903View Details
Green, LeRoy A.Salem, Ohio12/1/1972View Details
Green, Rosanna FullertonSalem, Ohio3/29/1952View Details
Green, William J. (Bill)Auburn, Neb.9/3/2010View Details
Green, William Joseph, Jr.15382 Pearl Rd. Strongsville, Ohio10/27/1980View Details
Greenamyer, AdinCleveland, Ohio5/14/1915View Details
Greenamyer, Benjamin5/24/1901View Details
Greenamyer, BerthaSt. Petersburgh, Florida9/2/1984View Details
Greenamyer, Betty Mae1092 Jennings Ave. Salem, Ohio7/3/1996View Details
Greenamyer, Donald L.682 Fair Ave. Salem, Ohio3/9/1992View Details
Greenamyer, Donald R.1092 Jennings Ave. Salem, Ohio7/24/1997View Details
Greenamyer, Donald R.Gorham, Maine11/9/1975View Details
Greenamyer, Elaine M.Salem, Ohio10/15/2012View Details
Greenamyer, Elizabeth9/26/1911View Details
Greenamyer, Grace E.Massillion, Ohio7/9/1946View Details
Greenamyer, Infant4/16/1922View Details
Greenamyer, Lela Vanessa""1146 Benton Rd. Salem, ohio3/16/2001View Details
Greenamyer, LillianSalem, Ohio1/31/1952View Details
Greenamyer, LorettaGlendale, Calif.5/27/1938View Details
Greenamyer, RaymondSalem, Ohio12/4/1961View Details
Greenamyer, Raymond P. Shorty""571 Homeview Leavittsburg, Ohio10/18/2001View Details
Greenamyer, Walter J.500 Woodward Ave. N.W. North Canton, Ohio9/11/1980View Details
Greenamyer, Wilbur P.1146 Benton Rd., Salem, Ohio4/8/1989View Details
Greenawalt, Bessie L.Philadelphia, Pa.2/18/1985View Details
Greenawalt, BlancheIndianapolis, Indiana1/11/1960View Details
Greenawalt, DilworthGreenford, Ohio8/17/1922View Details
Greenawalt, Elizabeth?View Details
Greenawalt, HarryIndiana8/15/1946View Details
Greenawalt, Lee Justice8/23/1913View Details
Greenawalt, MaxineAlliance, Ohio3/25/1938View Details
Greenberger, Infant5/27/1911View Details
Greene, Alda B.Cookhill-Circle Akron, Ohio2/24/2008View Details
Greene, AnnaSalem, Ohio10/29/1929View Details
Greene, Arnold J.Salem, Ohio11/10/1958View Details
Greene, CelestaSalem, Ohio8/1/1931View Details
Greene, ElizabethSalem, Ohio6/6/1948View Details
Greene, Emerson FrankSalem, Ohio10/31/1966View Details
Greene, Euena5/18/1927View Details
Greene, Frank S.Salem, Ohio4/16/1956View Details
Greene, John W.Mar-19View Details
Greene, M. June Stone1466 Shady Lane Salem, Ohio10/17/1999View Details
Greene, Mildred J.Detroit, Michigan7/29/1934View Details
Greene, Richard L. "Knobby"Salem, ohio3/19/2010View Details
Greene, Verna Ella1165 E. 3rd St., Salem, Ohio6/30/1989View Details
Greene, Zella M.Salem, Ohio7/28/1981View Details
Greeneisen, L. LeotaAlliance, Ohio4/18/1974View Details
Greenisen, Carol H.Yipsilanti, Mich.5/11/2002View Details
Greenisen, CeliaSalem, Ohio8/11/1962View Details
Greenisen, Charles Jacob4922 Heatherdale Ln. Atlanta, Ga.1/19/2010View Details
Greenisen, Clemmer A.Salem, Ohio3/15/1969View Details
Greenisen, Clifford L. Skip""1101 S.E.Eighth Okeechobee, Fla.12/24/1992View Details
Greenisen, Donald R. (Lt.Col. ret)Harlingen, Texas1/17/1976View Details
Greenisen, ElvinaSalem, Ohio7/19/1940View Details
Greenisen, Galen H.1904 Depot Rd., Salem, Ohio11/17/1989View Details
Greenisen, GarrieSalem, Ohio11/28/1931View Details
Greenisen, GraceSalem, Ohio7/30/1949View Details
Greenisen, Jacob6/29/1908View Details
Greenisen, James MarkSalem, Ohio1/5/2015View Details
Greenisen, Joel EdwinYpsilanti, Mich12/2/2011View Details
Greenisen, John C.Salem, Ohio11/30/1948View Details
Greenisen, Kathryn Ann (Ferrall)Salem, Ohio3/13/2013View Details
Greenisen, Loretta J.Lakewood, Colo.6/17/1991View Details
Greenisen, Marguerite E.1377 Pembrooke Dr. Salem, ohio5/23/2001View Details
Greenisen, Mary EllenHarlingen, Texas1/23/1977View Details
Greenisen, Walter E.7/23/1917View Details
Greenisen, William R.1654 East State St. Salem, Ohio10/9/1991View Details
Greer, Anna S.Salem, Ohio4/22/1952View Details
Greer, Elta L.Alliance, Ohio5/23/1959View Details
Greer, Florence PetersonCleveland, Ohio5/6/2007View Details
Greger, AnnaSalem, Ohio1/20/1966View Details
Gregg, Elmer E.Salem, Ohio DIED IN CHICAGO1/9/1938View Details
Gregg, InfantSalem, Ohio2/11/1943View Details
Gregg, James ScottSalem, Ohio4/27/1968View Details
Gregg, Mary A.Poland, Ohio12/27/1955View Details
Gregg, Mary E.Salem, Ohio3/7/1978View Details
Gregg, RalphWindsor Manor Nursing Home, Lisbon, Ohio4/20/1982View Details
Gregg, WalterSalem, Ohio4/29/1929View Details
Gregory, Edward L. "Bud"Salem, ohio7/11/2014View Details
Gregory, G.M.Youngstown, Ohio4/10/1931View Details
Gregory, Martha MayYoungstown, Ohio4/22/1955View Details
Gregory, Samuel B.280 W. Pershing St. Salem, Ohio8/3/1984View Details
Greier, Mary Bloor (AKA-TEMPLE)East Liverpool, Ohio6/1/1977View Details
Greiner, Esther1862View Details
Greiner, John1872View Details
Greiner, Rebecca8/27/1912View Details
Grell, Edward W.1389 Jefferson Salem, ohio7/9/2004View Details
Grell, Eva V.1389 Jefferson Salem, ohio3/19/1998View Details
Grell, William E.Bel Air Care Ctr. Alliance, Ohio6/20/2010View Details
Grell, William, Jr.Salem, Ohio12/30/1937View Details
Grennsmyer, Rufus1/30/1917View Details
Griehs, Charles P.2264 Oak St. Salem, Ohio6/28/2006View Details
Grier, Lula DunlapDetroit, Michigan7/26/1964View Details
Griffin, FrankColumbiana, Ohio1/21/1944View Details
Griffin, Mary M.Columbiana, Ohio1/26/1972View Details
Griffin, MinnieMassilon, Ohio4/2/1957View Details
Griffith, Amelia R.California11/26/1927View Details
Griffith, CarlLeetonia, Ohio11/22/1978View Details
Griffith, Clarence D.Nelsonville, Ohio6/23/1973View Details
Griffith, Clarence Dell""Salem, Ohio5/30/1978View Details
Griffith, Doris A.Salem, Ohio7/28/1963View Details
Griffith, Elizabeth7/22/1901View Details
Griffith, Harry LeeSalem, Ohio1/31/1952View Details
Griffith, Hazel P.Leetonia, Ohio2/1/1979View Details
Griffith, Homer L. Roy""Salem, Ohio1/9/1969View Details
Griffith, Marjorie A.817 Hillcrest Dr. Ashland, Ohio9/27/1999View Details
Griffith, StephanieSalem,Ohio11/5/1967View Details
Griffiths, Adah L.723 Camellia St. McAllen, Texas1/13/1999View Details
Griffiths, C. RichardMcAllen, Texas6/17/2001View Details
Griffiths, Daniel G.2630 Oak Park Blvd. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio8/23/2001View Details
Griffiths, IsaacSalem, Ohio12/5/1966View Details
Griffiths, John WilliamsMcAllen, Texas10/19/1976View Details
Griffiths, MargaretSalem, Ohio8/6/1961View Details
Griffiths, Margie W.1789 N. Lincoln Ave. Salem, Ohio7/8/1992View Details
Grim, Shirley B.906 Highland Ave. Salem, Ohio5/20/1985View Details
Grim, William C.Salem, Ohio5/27/2011View Details
Grimes, David P.805 Sharp St. Salem, ohio6/27/2003View Details
Grimes, Debra K.805 Sharp St. Salem, Ohio3/31/1999View Details
Grimes, Franklin38058 RT#344 Franklin Sq., Ohio2/2/1983View Details
Grimes, Franklin L.Binghamton, N.Y.7/20/2003View Details
Grimes, GraceCopeland Oaks, Sebring, Ohio2/22/1989View Details
Grimes, InfantSalem, Ohio12/27/1943View Details
Grimes, JennieLeetonia, Ohio9/14/1973View Details
Grimes, Joseph R.6/23/1921View Details
Grimes, Laura B.Salem, Ohio6/30/1935View Details
Grimes, Reuben R.3/12/1923View Details
Grimm, Clyde W.Salem, Ohio7/22/1976View Details
Grimm, Dorothy M.1140 Ellsworth Ave., Salem, Ohio2/27/1989View Details
Grimm, Evelyn M.207 Rose Ave. Salem, ohio9/17/2001View Details
Grimm, HenrySalem, Ohio6/5/1928View Details
Grimm, JohnSalem, Ohio1/18/1941View Details
Grimm, Mrs. Henry5/15/1916View Details
Grimm, Oscar F.Salem, Ohio4/24/1974View Details
Grimm, Thomas207 Rose Ave. Salem, Ohio3/4/2005View Details
Grimm, W.F.Washingtonville, Ohio4/22/1912View Details
Grimmesey, Ann1864View Details
Grimmesey, Dallas P.Salem, Ohio3/7/1934View Details
Grimmesey, Elveretta1896View Details
Grimmesey, John1853View Details
Grimmesey, Lydia Ann9/13/1909View Details
Grimmesey, Robert8/12/1912View Details
Grimstad, Denise L.1561 E. State St. Salem, ohio1/2/2002View Details
Grimstad, Palmer14780 Country Club Lane Salem, Ohio5/11/1980View Details
Grimstad, Richard Arthur24 Blue Lantern Dr. Salem, Ohio1/7/2010View Details
Grimstad, Ronald A.1561 East State St. Salem, Ohio4/30/1997View Details
Grindle, Dolores7702 Hopp Rd. E.Rochester, O.9/22/2004View Details
Grindle, James J.30124 Main St. Stafford, Ohio11/13/2000View Details
Grischt, John F.3/16/1912View Details
Grise, Sophia SchullerSalem, Ohio1/7/1976View Details
Grisell, AnnieSalem, Ohio10/16/1930View Details
Grisell, Charles D.1877View Details
Grisell, Dr. Elizabeth8/23/1910View Details
Grisell, Emily2/16/1921View Details
Grisell, Josephine1861View Details
Grisell, Mary H.12-12-1894View Details
Grisez, James W.2059 Monroe St. Salem, Ohio6/15/1983View Details
Grisez, Louis J.Salem, Ohio1/25/1969View Details
Grisez, Mary A.Salem, Ohio6/9/1960View Details
Grisez, Neil N.Salem, Ohio11/24/1978View Details
Grisez, Ruth2101 Monroe St., Salem, Ohio12/20/1989View Details
Grisselle, Barbara (Griselle)7/12/1908View Details
Grisselle, Paul C.Philadelphia, Pa.3/15/1916View Details
Grissinger, Martha C.106 Pine St. Leetonia, Ohio4/7/2001View Details
Grissinger, VerylSalem, Ohio2/25/1960View Details
Grisswick, VincentSalem, Ohio4/12/1946View Details
Grombaker, Emma R.Salem, Ohio8/27/1947View Details
Gromley, Edna B.Canfield, Ohio3/19/1975View Details
Gromley, Misti C.Salem, Ohio11/29/1977View Details
Gromley, Salem E.Salem, Ohio7/29/1966View Details
Groner, FernSalem, Ohio2/11/1966View Details
Groner, InfantPittsburgh, Pa.9/26/1928View Details
Groner, Levi L.Long Beach, California1/10/1916View Details
Groner, MaryLeetonia, Ohio3/2/1904View Details
Groner, Robert A.Salem, Ohio10/18/1966View Details
Grooms, Mellissa SueSalem, Ohio2/14/1973View Details
Gross, Alden E.,Jr.Ridgewood Manor Nursing Home Maumee, Ohio8/3/2002View Details
Gross, Alice H.Ridgewood Manor Nursing Home Maumee, Ohio10/6/2002View Details
Gross, Annetta KathrynSalem, Ohio1/5/1972View Details
Gross, Bertha5/7/1919View Details
Gross, Elsie M.Newgarden Ave. Salem, Ohio4/11/2010View Details
Gross, Infant5/6/1919View Details
Gross, Joseph K.743 Newgarden Ave. Salem, Ohio1/21/1984View Details
Gross, Mary A.Ridgewood Rd., Ottawa Hills, Toledo, Ohio9/1/1984View Details
Gross, Max M.2295 Monroe Salem, Ohio11/1/1991View Details
Gross, William G.2/15/1917View Details
Grove, Anna1/7/1914View Details
Grove, Burnett J.Salem, Ohio8/15/1973View Details
Grove, Edwin S.Alliance, Ohio10/3/1932View Details
Grove, EvaSalem, Ohio3/30/1931View Details
Grove, Hayden2/22/1911View Details
Grove, Infant (Gruce -Growe)8/27/1918View Details
Grove, JohnSalem, Ohio3/13/1931View Details
Grove, John5/1/1907View Details
Grove, Joseph GeorgeSalem, Ohio8/9/1976View Details
Grove, Mamie A.Salem, Ohio12/28/1973View Details
Grove, Minnie L.9/14/1907View Details
Grove, Mrs. J.C., Sr.7/22/1901View Details
Grove, Raymond E.Salem,Ohio1/19/1962View Details
Grove, Robert M.Pittsburgh, Pa.3/2/1909View Details
Grove, RubertaSalem, Ohio7/7/1970View Details
Grove, Sarah (Gruce - Growe)5/11/1918View Details
Grove, Sarah M.1356 Pembrooke Dr., Salem, Ohio12/21/1990View Details
Groves, Edward H.Salem, Ohio12/27/1928View Details
Groves, Elizabeth11/17/1903View Details
Groves, Ellen C.Salem, Ohio5/16/1955View Details
Groves, JohnSalem, Ohio6/18/1936View Details
Groves, MarySalem, Ohio9/25/1929View Details
Groves, Sherman R.Kent, Ohio12/14/1973View Details
Grovu, EfrosinaRiverside, California9/25/1948View Details
Grubbs, Edward J.Lisbon, Ohio3/20/1945View Details
Grubbs, Ethel E.Hollander House Salem, ohio9/18/2006View Details
Grubbs, John ByronSalem, Ohio5/27/1945View Details
Grubbs, John S.214 Hawley Ave. Salem, Ohio1/5/1982View Details
Grubbs, Laula6785 Rt. 45 Lisbon, Ohio2/19/1980View Details
Grubbs, Martha A.Salem, Ohio9/8/1944View Details
Grubish, Stephan A.1585 S. Lincoln Ave. Salem, Ohio8/26/1985View Details
Guappone, Daniel Jr.Salem, Ohio12/9/1934View Details
Guappone, FeliciaMassillon, Ohio1/7/1972View Details
Guappone, Joseph R.Salem, Ohio1/11/1951View Details
Guappone, LeonardSalem, Ohio9/27/1969View Details
Guappone, Leonard L.Salem, Ohio9/25/1955View Details
Guappone, Marie RaffaelaSalem, Ohio9/1/1952View Details
Guappone, Mary JaneSalem, Ohio4/21/1974View Details
Guappone, Michael J.1222 Robin Ave. Salem, Ohio10/27/2001View Details
Guappone, Paula F.1222 Robin Ave. Salem, Ohio7/19/1998View Details
Guappone, Robert & RobinSalem, OhioView Details
Guappone, RosemarySalem, Ohio9/11/1977View Details
Guappone, Samuell872 E. Sixth St. Salem, Ohio5/1/1985View Details
Guappone, Veto11/20/1923View Details
Guensch, Infant2/13/1920View Details
Guensch, SimonSalem, Ohio8/5/1928View Details
Guess, Roy E.Anaheim, California5/2/1974View Details
Guess, Ruth BadgerMiami, Florida5/28/1949View Details
Guido, Eileen1534 Gurley St. Akron, Ohio11/26/1999View Details
Guido, JosephTampa, Florida3/28/2002View Details
Guilford, Dr. Frederick R.Huston, Texas6/12/1971View Details
Guilford, Edgar W.Newell, W. Va.5/2/1934View Details
Guilford, Edgar W., Jr.Winona, Ohio7/4/1925View Details
Guilford, MargaretColumbus, Ohio4/7/1945View Details
Gullett, Josephine M.989 W. State St. Salem, Ohio8/25/1988View Details
Gullett, Joshua A.4881 Depot Rd. Salem, Ohio12/29/1992View Details
Gullett, Mitchell989 W. State St. Salem, Ohio5/5/1988View Details
Gulp, Anna (Groep ?)3/2/1917View Details
Gunesch, AndreasSalem, Ohio8/30/1962View Details
Gunesch, KathrynSalem, Ohio2/4/1963View Details
Gunesch, Sarah5/10/1924View Details
Gunesch, Sarah5/10/1912View Details
Gunesch, SimonSalem, Ohio8/5/1928View Details
Gunesch, SophiaSalem, Ohio4/5/1969View Details
Gunesch, Susannah2/10/1909View Details
Gunger, Magan E.10/24/1977View Details
Gunn, Alice Jane9/8/1919View Details
Gunn, JohnSalem, Ohio1/9/1921View Details
Gunn, Sarah1/3/1912View Details
Gunn, William D.Massillon State Hospital7/27/1929View Details
Gurina, Nick (Jurina)11/9/1920View Details
Gurlea, Daniel A., Sr.1519 Westview Drive, Warren, Ohio9/22/1982View Details
Gurlea, Sara Jane1519 Westview Dr. Warren, Ohio3/27/2004View Details
Guy, Ada M.Cleveland, Ohio11/14/1954View Details
Guy, Albert J.Cleveland, Ohio1/25/1953View Details
Guy, Stella M.Warren, Ohio10/19/1978View Details
Guyton, Elizabeth C.Sebring, Ohio4/30/1947View Details
Guyton, HarrySebring, Ohio3/28/1950View Details
Gwinner, JenniePontiac, Mich.6/29/1942View Details
Haas, John J.Louisville, Ohio9/19/1963View Details
Haas, Pauline E.Louisville, Ohio10/22/1964View Details
Haase, LaRue VincentSalem, Ohio7/12/1963View Details
Hachtel, Infant8/16/1922View Details
Hack, Gayle1919 Ridgewood Dr. Salem, Ohio10/1/1995View Details
Hack, Lena F.2511 Bentley Dr. Salem, Ohio12/9/1984View Details
Hack, Mollie Louise1240 E. Third St. Salem, Ohio1/29/2002View Details
Hack, Raymond Bruce""1240 E. 3rd St. Salem,Oh.7/3/2007View Details
Hack, Raymond W.Salem, Ohio7/9/1975View Details
Hacker, CynthiaSalem, Ohio7/17/1981View Details
Hacker, Robert C.East Liverpool, Ohio6/3/1953View Details
Hackett, Leorna JuddShaker Hts., Ohio10/25/1989View Details
Haddad, Elaine388 Morgan Ct. Salem, Oohio11/23/2005View Details
Hadlock, Lester E.Kingsville, Ohio7/25/1963View Details
Hadlock, Mary L.McEwen, Tenn.8/30/1993View Details
Haessly, Arthur L.Salem, Ohio1/31/1976View Details
Haessly, Eleanor A.Salem, Ohio10/18/2014View Details
Haessly, L.P.Salem, Ohio2/11/1942View Details
Haessly, Mary E.Salem, Ohio4/13/1997View Details
Haessly, Mary H.Hanoverton, Ohio2/27/1970View Details
Haessly, Nora L.Salem, Ohio1/12/1965View Details
Hagan, Geraldine A.Salem, Ohio12/20/1971View Details
Hagan, HannahGillette Nursing Home Warren, Ohio3/27/2006View Details
Hagan, James171 Jennings Ave. Salem, Ohio6/9/1986View Details
Hagan, JohannaSalem, Ohio9/17/1944View Details
Hagan, John E.Salem, Ohio5/7/1941View Details
Hagan, Kathryn M.171 Jennings Salem, ohio9/25/1996View Details
Hagan, Mable6/1/1921View Details
Hagan, Mae171 Jennings Ave., Salem, Ohio12/22/1990View Details
Hagan, Mary Eileen1643 S.E. Blvd. Salem, Ohio3/26/1981View Details
Hagan, Thomas L.Salem, Ohio11/22/1966View Details
Hagan, William H.Salem, Ohio4/3/1954View Details
Hagerty, Lois Jean1456 Tewksbury Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio1/26/2001View Details
Hahn, Wayne O.1475 Cleveland St. Salem, Ohio6/8/1999View Details
Haldeman, ArnoldMassillon, Ohio9/16/1939View Details
Haldeman, Charles9/9/1922View Details
Haldeman, Infant8/17/1908View Details
Haldeman, Infant2/27/1912View Details
Haldeman, J. Clyde1/6/1926View Details
Haldeman, Jack L.218 E. 8th St. Salem, Ohio3/8/2009View Details
Haldeman, Lydia11/23/1915View Details
Haldeman, Margaret3/6/1911View Details
Haldeman, Mary D.Salem, Ohio7/26/1945View Details
Haldeman, Nellie2/21/1903View Details
Haldeman, Roland C.10/15/1918View Details
Halderman, Elizabeth6/9/1933View Details
Halderman, H.J.12/3/1916View Details
Haldi, Charles R.Copeland Oaks, Sebring, Ohio10/7/1981View Details
Haldi, Donald LeeSalem, Ohio12/28/1930View Details
Haldi, E.P. Betty""Copeland Oaks, Sebring, Ohio1/6/1988View Details
Haldi, Elise1/11/1933View Details
Haldi, Infant4/7/1923View Details
Haldi, JohnDamascus, Ohio4/27/1933View Details
Hale, BryanLewistown, Maine1/6/1913View Details
Hale, Harry S.8/23/1910View Details
Hale, JennieSalem, Ohio7/22/1934View Details
Hale, PercyPittsburgh, Pa.Sep-19View Details
Hale, Walter10/28/1910View Details
Haley, Matthew3/10/1907View Details
Hall, Christina2/18/1922View Details
Hall, ElizabethPittsburgh, Pa.1/16/1922View Details
Hall, Ellen B.Salem, Ohio3/24/1956View Details
Hall, Gertrude ZellaSalem, Ohio8/29/1965View Details
Hall, L.A.Pittsburgh, Pa.?View Details
Hall, Lydia AnnSalem, Ohio3/28/1937View Details
Hall, Nellie E.Warren, Ohio10/10/1964View Details
Hall, SamuelSalem, Ohio10/3/1943View Details
Hall, Samuel D.Salem, Ohio9/18/1931View Details
Hall, WilliamSalem, Ohio2/26/1931View Details
Hall, William E.Salem, Ohio8/18/1940View Details
Haller, MyrlYoungstown, Ohio5/21/1977View Details
Halverstadt, Barbara D.Alliance, Ohio6/21/1995View Details
Halverstadt, DorothySalem, Ohio12/26/1963View Details
Halverstadt, HomerSalem, Ohio3/15/1939View Details
Halverstadt, Roscoe B.Salem, Ohio7/20/1961View Details
Halverstadt, SadieSalem, Ohio11/11/1934View Details
Hamacher, GertrudePittsburgh, Pa.3/5/1930View Details
Hamacher, JohnCleveland, Ohio10/11/1950View Details
Hamacher, William (In Lot Book as JOHN)7/14/1917View Details
Hamann, Pamela KayVirginia Beach, Va.3/3/2011View Details
Hambach, Elsie W.451 Valley Rd., Damascus, Ohio10/20/1990View Details
Hamill, DoraYoungstown, Ohio5/31/1949View Details
Hamill, Elmer O.Youngstown, Ohio1/27/1973View Details
Hamill, Grace9/10/1913View Details
Hamilton, Arthur B.Ludlow, Mass.4/10/1964View Details
Hamilton, George W.Bellefontaine, Ohio12/4/1937View Details
Hamilton, Leila M.Fort Lauderdale, FLa.4/6/1958View Details
Hamilton, LeonardEnon Valley, Pa.5/3/1929View Details
Hamilton, MargaretSalem, Ohio8/8/1932View Details
Hamilton, Margaret ReichSalem, Ohio2/12/1968View Details
Hamilton, Marline H.841 Stewart Rd. Salem, Ohio6/4/1992View Details
Hamilton, Mary E.Salem, Ohio2/6/1978View Details
Hamilton, Robert D.3834 Lodge Rd. Leetonia, Ohio2/8/1997View Details
Hammell, Elwood C., Jr.Salem, Ohio5/22/1976View Details
Hammell, Elwood, Sr.272 S.Broadway Salem, Ohio1/30/1981View Details
Hammell, Myrtle I.Salem, Ohio9/20/1956View Details
Hampson, Lucy E.Cleveland, Ohio7/31/1966View Details
Hampson, Mrs. R.V.10/27/1910View Details
Hampson, R.V.1/14/1908View Details
Hamrock, Edward F.11880 Green Beaver Rd. Canfield, Ohio12/19/1991View Details
Hamrock, ElizabethCanfield, Ohio9/26/2010View Details
Handwork, Donald Leroy12077 Green Beaver Rd. Beaver Twp.5/31/2003View Details
Handwork, InfantUnknownView Details
Handwork, Myron J.Salem, Ohio11/2/1978View Details
Handwork, WanettaSalem, Ohio8/21/1975View Details
Hank, Isabele Groom2275 Edgewood Dr. Salem, Ohio1/14/2003View Details
Hank, Marie A.Salem,Ohio6/7/1971View Details
Hank, NickMcCrea Manor Alliance, Ohio10/24/2010View Details
Hanley, CatherineSalem, Ohio4/22/1927View Details
Hann, AndrewSalem, Ohio7/14/1958View Details
Hann, MariaSalem, Ohio3/30/1974View Details
Hanna, Dallas J.Salem, Ohio1/14/1948View Details
Hanna, DelosMassillon, Ohio9/14/1949View Details
Hanna, Doris JaneDes Moines, Iowa2/11/1995View Details
Hanna, E.E.2/15/1925View Details
Hanna, Helen S.Salem, Ohio11/8/1941View Details
Hanna, Lawrence R.LasVegas, Nevada6/10/1961View Details
Hanna, Marion J.Salem, Ohio4/11/1944View Details
Hanna, Marton R.Salem Area2/15/1937View Details
Hanna, Mary LouSalem, Ohio1/3/1934View Details
Hanna, Mary N.Salem, Ohio8/11/1970View Details
Hanna, Metta K.7/21/1933View Details
Hanna, Naomi (Mrs. E.E.)3/26/1924View Details
Hannay, AbbieYoungstown, Ohio2/11/1920View Details
Hannay, Bertha12/9/1918View Details
Hannay, BerthaToledo, Ohio5/9/1944View Details
Hannay, Charles H.Cleveland, Ohio2/26/1970View Details
Hannay, Daisy BellSalem, Ohio10/15/1969View Details
Hannay, David EdwardSalem, Ohio1/13/1966View Details
Hannay, David W.Salem, Ohio1/5/1932View Details
Hannay, Della G.2/8/1922View Details
Hannay, Elizabeth28795 Walnut St. Damascus, Ohio3/21/1991View Details
Hannay, GeorgeSalem, Ohio2/13/1935View Details
Hannay, Harold Luke""446 Aetna St. Salem, Ohio4/5/1983View Details
Hannay, Harriett M.8/21/1907View Details
Hannay, Herbert C.Downingtown, Pa.6/12/1953View Details
Hannay, John F.5/20/1924View Details
Hannay, Katherine A.Salem, Ohio12/21/1978View Details
Hannay, Laura V.9/27/1913View Details
Hannay, Mary E. (Mrs. John)1/15/1924View Details
Hannay, Mary H.Georgetown Rd. Salem, Ohio1/13/1943View Details
Hannay, Mrs. David W.Youngstown, Ohio4/23/1929View Details
Hannay, Robert T.Massillon, Ohio9/25/1942View Details
Hannay, Ronnie A.Salem, Ohio1/9/2012View Details
Hannay, RoseannSalem, Ohio1/28/2015View Details
Hannay, Violet R.1985 E. Pershing Salem, ohio9/17/1997View Details
Hannay, W.J.Alliance,Ohio3/31/1909View Details
Hannay, William2/21/1916View Details
Hannay, WilliamColumbus, Ohio2/17/1942View Details
Hannay, William Silver3/5/1922View Details
Hannon, PatriciaSalem, Ohio9/26/1960View Details
Hanson, Alberta1351 Ridgewood Dr. Salem, Ohio9/8/1984View Details
Hanson, FrankSalem, Ohio2/25/1932View Details
Hanson, George J.1351 Ridgewood Salem, ohio3/21/1999View Details
Hanson, NinaSalem, Ohio12/29/1943View Details
Hanson, Patricia Lou Davis (Stamp)Shenandoah Hospice House Fisherville,VA.2/6/2010View Details
Hanzlick, Anna K.Salem, Ohio8/25/1943View Details
Hanzlick, JohnSalem,Ohio5/10/1937View Details
Hanzlick, Joseph J.Salem, Ohio6/30/1978View Details
Harbaugh, Edward7/27/1935View Details
Harding, Charles W.Salem, Ohio2/1/1936View Details
Harding, Elizabeth9/18/1909View Details
Harding, Elmer3/25/1919View Details
Harding, Fernando J.Salem, Ohio2/8/1941View Details
Harding, Glenn T.Copeland Oaks, Sebring, Ohio8/23/1988View Details
Harding, John11/28/1911View Details
Harding, John L.Salem, Ohio1/18/1931View Details
Harding, Mabel12/16/1903View Details
Harding, Margaret E.Salem, Ohio7/17/1957View Details
Harding, Mary C.Salem, Ohio7/26/1940View Details
Harding, Ora B.800 S. 15th Sebring, Ohio4/25/1998View Details
Harding, William3/15/1910View Details
Hardy, Edward R., Jr.211 Plymouth Place, Salem, Ohio5/13/1990View Details
Hardy, Marie EnglertEssex III Salem, Ohio1/16/2008View Details
Hardy, William E.Salem, Ohio9/4/1973View Details
Harley, Thomas E.46183 Y&O Rd. East Liverpool, Ohio5/19/1986View Details
Harp, InfantSalem, Ohio12/22/1932View Details
Harp, James V.Salem, ohio9/8/2014View Details
Harp, Joseph H.Salem, Ohio6/12/1973View Details
Harp, Miriam409 Woodland Ave. Salem, Ohio10/12/1995View Details
Harrigan, Carrell E.9676 Steubenville-Pike Rd. Lisbon, Ohio10/14/2008View Details
Harrigan, JoAnnSalem, Ohio6/16/2014View Details
Harrington, Catherie AnnSalem, Ohio7/26/1958View Details
Harrington, Catherine C.Canton, Ohio2/18/1956View Details
Harrington, Geraldine G.Salem, Ohio9/1/1967View Details
Harrington, Helen C.Canton, Ohio12/26/1977View Details
Harrington, Jane LouiseCleveland, Ohio9/2/1944View Details
Harrington, JeremiahSalem,Ohio4/11/1928View Details
Harrington, Joseph E.Salem, Ohio9/6/1948View Details
Harrington, Patricia AnnSalem, Ohio7/13/1958View Details
Harrington, Paul Sr.932 N. Lincoln Salem, Ohio3/22/1986View Details
Harris, Albert B.7/29/1920View Details
Harris, Albert Nate""489 N. Lincoln Ave. Salem, Ohio8/15/1993View Details
Harris, Alma J.Salem, Ohio6/6/1938View Details
Harris, Augustus Gus" E."Virginia Beach, Va.11/2/1965View Details
Harris, C. DixonSalem, Ohio5/12/1956View Details
Harris, Caroline D.Salem, Ohio5/3/1929View Details
Harris, Charles E.Salem, Ohio4/3/1932View Details
Harris, CoraWinona Rd.7/26/1945View Details
Harris, Darlene MaeSalem, Ohio12/31/1946View Details
Harris, Florence A.Salem,, Ohio2/2/1932View Details
Harris, Frances (Fannie) E.Virginia Beach, Va.3/17/1957View Details
Harris, Frank G.Youngstown, Ohio9/18/1949View Details
Harris, Grace M.Salem, Ohio6/16/1939View Details
Harris, Harvey C.Salem,Ohio8/19/1969View Details
Harris, Helen3693 McCann Rd. Salem, Ohio11/5/1997View Details
Harris, Howard S.Salem, Ohio9/25/1943View Details
Harris, James W.1912 Shroyer Dayton, OH11/2/1992View Details
Harris, Jennie F.Salem, Ohio3/31/1956View Details
Harris, JessieSalem, Ohio6/4/1960View Details
Harris, Jessie W.4/24/1920View Details
Harris, Judion A.2/26/1913View Details
Harris, Kathryn A.Salem, Ohio9/24/1961View Details
Harris, LenaSalem, Ohio10/10/1973View Details
Harris, Lorin B.Salem, Ohio9/19/1950View Details
Harris, Lottie MaeRt. 62 Salem, Ohio4/12/1985View Details
Harris, Lydia6/14/1926View Details
Harris, Marguerite W.N. Union Ave. Salem, Ohio10/28/1983View Details
Harris, Marie11/11/1917View Details
Harris, MarionSalem, Ohio3/5/1959View Details
Harris, Martina AgnesMassapequa,NY10/19/2004View Details
Harris, Mary A.Crandal med. Center Sebring, Ohio3/9/2002View Details
Harris, Percy E.Salem, Ohio10/2/1958View Details
Harris, WarrenSalem - Winona Rd.8/28/1937View Details
Harris, William R.3693 McCann Rd. Salem, Ohio11/2/1996View Details
Harrison, Emmet B.2081 St. Rt. 45 Salem, Ohio3/5/1988View Details
Harrison, Evelyn506 Continental Dr. Salem, Ohio10/4/1994View Details
Harrison, MarySalem, Ohio8/17/1943View Details
Harrison, Mary A.Columbus, Ohio3/20/1967View Details
Harroff, Anna May1785 Freshley Ave. Alliance, Ohio10/23/2003View Details
Harroff, Emmet E.Salem, Ohio5/7/1958View Details
Harroff, Harry L.Salem, Ohio12/28/1971View Details
Harroff, Jack R.688 S. Lincoln Ave. Salem, ohio11/2/1996View Details
Harroff, Leah JeanetteConcord, N.C.5/7/2007View Details
Harroff, Mark R.Washington, D.C.6/19/1989View Details
Harroff, Nora W.Salem,Ohio1/26/1957View Details
Harsh, Carl AndrewSt. Petersburg, Fl.12/24/1983View Details
Harsh, Lavina M.Salem, Ohio1/26/1961View Details
Harshman, Fredrick A.440 W. Fourth St. Salem, ohio12/13/1996View Details
Harshman, GeraldSalem, Ohio10/24/1978View Details
Harshman, Margaret E.822 Aetna St. Salem, Ohio2/2/1986View Details
Hart, Dr. Virgil C.353 Rea Dr., Salem, Ohio1/14/1989View Details
Hart, James12/11/1919View Details
Hart, Mary C.Salem, Ohio3/26/1930View Details
Hart, Mary Virginia2140 Monroe St. Salem, Ohio2/26/1994View Details
Hart, Maud8/25/1941View Details
Hart, Patrick2/15/1909View Details
Hartline, May (Bower)Damascus, Ohio11/19/1975View Details
Hartman, Mary Rose1/22/1927View Details
Hartsough, C. LeRoySt. Petersburg,Fl.8/24/1960View Details
Hartsough, Dr. Clarence LeRoy3800 Tryburn Dr. Apt 201 Williamsburg, Va.7/11/1997View Details
Hartsough, Elizabeth4/1/1920View Details
Hartsough, Enoch9/12/1927View Details
Hartsough, Grace Gale1213 Worthington Lane Virginia Beach, Va.6/13/2003View Details
Hartsough, Norma BerthaSt. Petersburg, Fl.7/31/1952View Details
Hartzell, Beatrice Muriel33145 Charlton St. Lisbon, Ohio7/6/1994View Details
Hartzell, Jessie10/15/1918View Details
Hartzell, NoraCOlumbus, Ohio5/31/1958View Details
Hartzell, Robert H.4/23/1927View Details
Hartzell, Robert Oakley930 Park Ave. Columbiana, Ohio5/22/2003View Details
Harvith, Ann1142 Lorie Lane Westerville, Oohio1/10/2006View Details
Harvith, HelenSalem, Ohio7/21/1949View Details
Harvith, JosephSalem, Ohio5/19/1942View Details
Harvith, Michael J.Salem, Ohio9/22/1971View Details
Harwood, ArthurCleveland, Ohio7/24/1947View Details
Harwood, JudithSalem, Ohio11/12/1943View Details
Harwood, Mabel StampCleveland, Ohio1/19/1951View Details
Harwood, Mary A.Salem, Ohio12/31/1949View Details
Harwood, Michael B.Salem, Ohio4/25/1946View Details
Harwood, Sarah MarthaLargo, FLa.5/5/1977View Details
Harwood, WalterSalem, Ohio8/29/1935View Details
Harwood, William10/17/1917View Details
Hary, Elsie I.2511 Bentley Dr. Salem, Ohio10/4/1999View Details
Hary, Michael R.485 Aetna St., Salem, Ohio12/14/1990View Details
Hary, Robert AllenSalem, Ohio11/29/1961View Details
Haskins, Khristine SmithColumbiana, Ohio3/4/1976View Details
Hastings, AlfrettaBoardman, Ohio11/24/1998View Details
Hastings, Edward E.North Lima, Ohio4/27/1950View Details
Hauder, Michael1/17/1923View Details
Haupt, Mike6/14/1915View Details
Hauptkorn, Infant8/5/1918View Details
Hauptkorn, John Huntz""821 E. 4th St. Salem, Ohio2/24/1987View Details
Hauptkorn, John Sr.Salem, Ohio5/4/1937View Details
Hauptkorn, Mary (Maria) LutschSalem, Ohio12/12/1958View Details
Hauptkorn, Minnie C.821 E. Fourth St. Salem, Ohio12/8/1981View Details
Haviland, C. A.Damascus Rd.2/22/1938View Details
Haviland, Harry C.427 W.4th St. Salem, Ohio7/21/1983View Details
Haviland, Lucinda427 W. 4th St. Salem, Ohio11/30/1987View Details
Haviland, Viola G.Youngstown, Ohio12/1/1939View Details
Hawkins, Gertrude L.Pheonix, Arizona7/2/1976View Details
Hawkins, John J.Warren, Ohio8/12/1974View Details
Hawkins, Leonidas C.Salem, Ohio11/7/1936View Details
Hawkins, Mary J.1/5/1919View Details
Hawkins, Ruth J.Warren, Ohio2/5/1966View Details
Hayden, Ada D.Salem, Ohio12/28/1953View Details
Hayden, EmmalynSalem, Ohio5/4/1974View Details
Hayden, James P.Salem, Ohio3/5/1961View Details
Hayden, R.C.Salem, Ohio4/20/1936View Details
Hayes, Dorothy M.250 Continental Dr. Salem, ohio5/23/1996View Details
Hayes, W. DonaldSalem, Ohio4/15/1969View Details
Haynali, Betty JeanBerlin Ctr. Ohio7/19/2014View Details
Haynes, Danielle Nicole1129 W. Perry St. Salem, Ohio7/20/2001View Details
Haynes, Martha E.Youngstown, Ohio4/19/1970View Details
Hays, Christina M. "Tina"Salem, ohio9/28/2014View Details
Heacock, Alexina1-10-1843View Details
Heacock, AmandaSalem, Ohio1/23/1931View Details
Heacock, Blanche A.Silver Springs, Md.11/8/1974View Details
Heacock, Dizalla M.Leetonia, Ohio9/12/1935View Details
Heacock, EdytheLakeview Apts., Alliance, Ohio2/27/1989View Details
Heacock, Elizabeth7-30-1813View Details
Heacock, ElizabethSalem, Ohio1/19/1958View Details
Heacock, J. LloydSalem, Ohio6/29/1942View Details
Heacock, J.F.3/1/1915View Details
Heacock, Jennie D.Salem, Ohio8/22/1937View Details
Heacock, Lloyd E.Alliance, Ohio2/15/1961View Details
Heck, Albert Louis366 E. 7th St., Salem, Ohio11/17/1990View Details
Heck, Gail Allen RaySalem, Ohio6/29/1965View Details
Heckert, Frank E.1/27/1934View Details
Heckert, Helen H.Salem, Ohio8/17/1928View Details
Heckert, Jess8/18/1909View Details
Heckert, John3/23/1921View Details
Heckert, Martha J.11/1/1925View Details
Heckert, MarySalem, Ohio7/5/1950View Details
Heckert, RaySalem, Ohio7/13/1949View Details
Heckler, Rebecca J.Monroeville, Ohio1/15/1937View Details
Heckler, William F.Port Clinton, Ohio5/25/1943View Details
Heddleson, George W. Bill""1933 Fairview Ct. Salem, Ohio11/22/2007View Details
Heddleson, Grace L.1933 Fairview Court Salem, Ohio4/8/1982View Details
Heestand, Martha J.Alliance, Ohio6/1/1946View Details
Heestand, Milan S.7/12/1928View Details
Heidenreich, Bertha S.188 N. Roosevelt Salem, Ohio8/14/1998View Details
Heidenreich, Henry181 Roosevelt Salem, Ohio5/12/1986View Details
Heim, Carl W.Detroit, Michigan8/1/1946View Details
Heim, MargaretGrosse Point, Mich.5/4/1986View Details
Heineman, Althea8/25/1915View Details
Heineman, Bruce W.2608 Broad Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio8/7/1990View Details
Heineman, Catherine May1971 Goshen Rd. Salem, Ohio1/22/2002View Details
Heineman, CharlesSalem, Ohio6/26/1949View Details
Heineman, Infant6/16/1919View Details
Heineman, JeanetteSalem, Ohio1/19/1949View Details
Heineman, Keith12337 Goshen Rd. Salem, Ohio5/4/1980View Details
Heineman, Lee S.1971 Goshen Rd. Salem, Ohio1/9/2001View Details
Heinemeyer, Jane C.Alliance, Ohio1/31/1974View Details
Heinze, Esther M.487 E. 4th St. Salem, Ohio12/25/1998View Details
Helm, Kathleen Anne5177 K.St. NE Magnolia, Ohio9/1/2010View Details
Helman, Clarence W. Jack""9 Canterbury Dr. GreenAcres FLa.1/14/1988View Details
Helman, Francis488 S. Union Ave Salem, Ohio1/24/2011View Details
Helman, InfantSalem, Ohio6/20/1949View Details
Helman, James F.Salem, Ohio2/18/1955View Details
Helman, Martha P.488 S. Union Ave. Salem, ohio10/9/2002View Details
Helman, MarySalem, Ohio5/15/1931View Details
Helman, Mary LouCleveland, Ohio5/15/1991View Details
Helman, Twin InfantsSalem, Ohio7/25/1948View Details
Helman, William C.Salem, Ohio5/4/1947View Details
Helmick, Allen10124 W. Pine Lake Rd. Salem, Ohio3/3/1987View Details
Helmick, D. Lenore10124 W. Pine Lake Rd. Salem, Ohio11/23/1992View Details
Helmick, Infant6-9-1925 ?View Details
Helmick, JohnSalem, Ohio10/18/1951View Details
Helmick, LeonaSalem, Ohio3/24/1963View Details
Helmick, Lorna367 W 9th St. Salem, Ohio10/6/1991View Details
Helmick, Nancy496 S. Broadway Salem, ohio3/8/2001View Details
Helmick, Raymond367 W. 9th St. Salem, Ohio11/13/1986View Details
Helmick, Richard G.1264 S. Lincoln Ave. Salem, Oh12/7/2006View Details
Helmick, William E.496 S. Broadway Ave. Salem, Oh.Oct. 29, 2007View Details
Helphinstine, Matthew Darryl235 Apple St. Salem, Ohio12/28/2004View Details
Helphinstine, R. Darryl1241 Prospect St. Ext., Salem, Ohio3/12/1990View Details
Heltman, MichaelButler Township8/11/1960View Details
Heltman, MichaelSalem, Ohio8/17/1945View Details
Heltman, SaraSalem, Ohio8/15/1971View Details
Heltman, SophiaColumbiana County Home1/26/1944View Details
Heltzel, Leslie12/12/1905View Details
Hendricks, Blanche C.Kissimmee, Fla.12/10/1973View Details
Hendricks, EmilySalem, Ohio10/21/1937View Details
Hendricks, GeorgeEast Liverpool, Ohio7/3/1907View Details
Hendricks, HiramSalem, Ohio6/13/1938View Details
Hendricks, JacobSalem, Ohio11/16/1934View Details
Hendricks, John J.Alliance, Ohio2/14/1940View Details
Hendricks, Margaret E.St. Cloud, Fla.4/15/2015View Details
Hendricks, Marie2/15/1921View Details
Hendricks, Robert J.510 Poinsetta Lane Kissimmee, Fla.11/6/1993View Details
Hendron, George ThomasPort St. Lucie, Fla.11/12/2009View Details
Hendron, John E.Salem, Ohio (Died in Florida)7/29/1971View Details
Hendron, Joseph JohnSalem, Ohio2/27/1974View Details
Hendron, KatherinePort St. Lucie, Fla.6/10/2004View Details
Hendron, Kelly AnneSalem, Ohio9/8/1970View Details
Henline, James A.Salem, Ohio6/14/1991View Details
Henning, Frederick M.Kansas7/6/1935View Details
Henning, Infant11/24/1910View Details
Henning, MichaelSalem, Ohio4/3/1938View Details
Henning, Mike5/13/1919View Details
Henry, MarthaSalem, Ohio9/1/1947View Details
Henson, Betty JaneSalem, Ohio5/21/1928View Details
Hepler, InfantSalem, Ohio9/26/1939View Details
Hepler, Lillie P.Salem, Ohio11/29/1946View Details
Herbert, AndrewSalem, Ohio8/25/1957View Details
Herbert, KatherineSalem,Ohio2/14/1962View Details
Herbert, MarySalem, Ohio11/8/1929View Details
Herbert, Mary718 N. Lincoln Salem, Ohio8/28/1981View Details
Herbert, Mary A.Salem, Ohio1/19/1936View Details
Herbert, Maude A.Salem, Ohio9/17/1973View Details
Herbert, MichaelSalem, Ohio1/4/1955View Details
Herbert, Minnie BellWest Palm Beach, Fla.12/28/1965View Details
Herbert, Pearl T.65 Winona Dr. Canfield, Ohio1/5/1985View Details
Herbert, Ralph L.Youngstown, Ohio7/30/1971View Details
Herbert, Scott G.West Palm Beach, Fla.3/5/1962View Details
Herbert, WesleySalem, Ohio11/30/1945View Details
Herdle, Alvin J.Crandall Med. Center Sebring, Ohio8/13/1996View Details
Herdle, Audrey R.Youngstown, Ohio5/3/1977View Details
Herdle, EdithColumbiana, Ohio9/19/1960View Details
Herdle, Lewis A.Columbiana, Ohio6/21/1968View Details
Hergenrother, Anna2925 Slater Rd., Salem, Ohio10/28/1989View Details
Hergenrother, Eugen2925 Slater Rd. Salem, Ohio5/4/1994View Details
Herling, CharlesMichigan7/9/1929View Details
Herling, JohnYoungstown, Ohio1/18/1919View Details
Herling, JohnSalem, Ohio2/22/1932View Details
Herling, PaulineSalem, Ohio7/23/1922View Details
Herman, Ann N.Boring, Oregon12/25/2000View Details
Herman, AnnaSterling House, Salem, ohio7/10/1999View Details
Herman, Daniel9320 Salem-Warren Rd. Salem, Ohio1/12/1987View Details
Herman, Evelyn J.1013 Jones Dr. Salem, Ohio5/22/1980View Details
Herman, GladysSalem, Ohio8/12/1967View Details
Herman, Gustav Gus""1013 Jones Dr. Salem, Ohio7/17/2000View Details
Herman, JoAnnKinsman, Ohio12/30/2001View Details
Herman, JohannaSalem, Ohio3/5/1963View Details
Herman, John C. Jr.Salem, Ohio1/10/1949View Details
Herman, John C.,Sr.Salem, Ohio5/30/1961View Details
Herman, John Jr.521 Wilson St. Salem, Ohio9/18/1981View Details
Herman, John R.Salem, Ohio3/10/1936View Details
Herman, John Sr.Salem, Ohio5/13/1939View Details
Herman, John Sr.Salem, Ohio10/6/1952View Details
Herman, KatherinaSalem, Ohio7/9/1960View Details
Herman, Loretta B.35642 Salem Grange Rd., Salem, Ohio11/3/1990View Details
Herman, MartinSalem, Ohio2/16/1966View Details
Herman, MarySalem, Ohio9/24/1975View Details
Herman, MichaelSalem, Ohio6/28/1961View Details
Herman, PeterSalem, Ohio10/1/1968View Details
Herman, PeterSalem, Ohio10/23/1968View Details
Herman, Sarah Ann521 W. Wilson St. Salem, Ohio7/20/1981View Details
Herman, Sarah SuzannaParma, Ohio2/14/1979View Details
Herman, Susanna Susie""800 Sharp Ave. Salem, Ohio6/6/1991View Details
Herman, Thelma L.9320 Route 45 Salem, Ohio2/11/1991View Details
Herman, WilliamSalem, Ohio5/30/1967View Details
Herman, William P. "Bill"Kinsman, Ohio11/26/2010View Details
Herman, Wilma May7443 Spillway Rd. Lisbon, Ohio2/25/1982View Details
Herman-InfantSalem, Ohio9/19/1951View Details
Herrom, Carl E.33372 Hoopes Rd. Salem, Ohio4/3/1981View Details
Herron, Alberta KenreighAtlanta, Ga.3/19/2012View Details
Herron, AnnieSalem,Ohio11/21/1966View Details
Herron, Calment12/27/1913View Details
Herron, Carl E.33372 Hoopes Rd. Salem, Ohio4/3/1981View Details
Herron, Charles A.Salem,Ohio8/25/1937View Details
Herron, Charles C.Salem, Ohio Route #54/12/1974View Details
Herron, Clement C.Salem, Ohio11/5/1967View Details
Herron, Edward C. Ed""Salem, Ohio8/13/1968View Details
Herron, Edward P.Salem, Ohio6/14/1952View Details
Herron, ElizabethSalem, Ohio11/15/1936View Details
Herron, Emma Lucille8888 Salem-Unity Rd. Salem, Ohio9/12/1979View Details
Herron, Ethel Judy ButcherSalem, Ohio4--29-1977View Details
Herron, Gail C.955 Southeast Blvd. Salem, Ohio12/13/1979View Details
Herron, GraceLisbon, Ohio10/21/1939View Details
Herron, Harry P.R.F.D. Salem, Ohio1/17/1957View Details
Herron, Hazel M.33372 Hoopes Rd. Salem, Ohio12/20/1979View Details
Herron, Helena M.Salem, Ohio3/28/1944View Details
Herron, JamesSalem, Ohio11/23/1966View Details
Herron, Kathryn Ella2210 Edgewood Dr. Salem, Ohio6/23/1993View Details
Herron, Leonard A.Salem Unity Rd. Salem, Ohio9/1/2006View Details
Herron, Leora M.585 Columbia St. Salem, Ohio6/12/1985View Details
Herron, Lois ElizabethDublin, ohio8/26/2014View Details
Herron, Lowell williamCopeland oaks, Sebring, Ohio2/24/2012View Details
Herron, Mary AgnesChicago, Illinois4/6/1941View Details
Herron, Mary E.ALliance, Ohio2/9/1974View Details
Herron, Mary L.979 N. Union Ave. Salem, Ohio9/29/1992View Details
Herron, PhillipFeb., 1890View Details
Herron, Phillip T.125 E. Simpson St. Alliance, Ohio4/23/1980View Details
Herron, Phillis C.Moultrie, Ohio4/20/1938View Details
Herron, Rolin W.,Jr. Bill""777 Stewart Rd. Salem, Ohio9/5/2004View Details
Herron, Susie Marie979 N. Union Salem, Ohio12/5/1988View Details
Herron, Thomas R.Salem, Ohio9/11/1963View Details
Herron, Wilma M.Beloit, Ohio10/3/1930View Details
Hertz, Gertrude Margaret1295 East State St. Salem, Ohio6/28/1991View Details
Hertz, Harry E.Salem,Ohio4/14/1969View Details
Hertz, Veronica S.Salem, Ohio10/17/1960View Details
Hess, Arnold O.Canton, Ohio8/19/1935View Details
Hess, CliffordSalem, Ohio9/27/1934View Details
Hess, John H.2/28/1914View Details
Hess, Keith D.1177 E. 4th St. Salem, Ohio11/28/1991View Details
Hess, Kenneth A.Salem, Ohio4/7/1971View Details
Hess, Marguerite "Peg"156 Ohio Ave. Salem, Oh.12/12/2009View Details
Hess, Mary AnnSalem, Ohio11/25/1930View Details
Hester, Mary C.Salem, Ohio3/11/1966View Details
Hester, PatrickSalem, Ohio9/7/1959View Details
Heston, Blanche M.Salem, ohio1/14/1965View Details
Heston, DavidSalem, Ohio4/30/1938View Details
Heston, Donald G.Fort Jackson, S.C.7/1/1970View Details
Heston, Ernest G.Salem, OhioView Details
Heston, Frank O.Salem, ohio12/24/1960View Details
Heston, Homer4/8/1920View Details
Heston, Horace8-11-1881View Details
Heston, Howard Wayne1079 Jennings Ave. Salem, Ohio1/10/1980View Details
Heston, Ida O. (Ada)Damascus, Ohio3/12/1929View Details
Heston, LeraDamascus, Ohio3/20/1936View Details
Heston, Margaret12/10/1910View Details
Heston, Marie E.2511 Bentley Dr. Salem, Ohio5/25/2000View Details
Heston, Melvin J.426 Ohio Ave. Salem, Ohio4/22/1998View Details
Heston, Myrtle2017 Oak St. Salem, ohio5/26/1983View Details
Heston, W. Kenneth14536 Benton Rd. Salem, ohio4/21/1988View Details
Heston, William3/24/1902View Details
Hewitt, AbelMichigan1/19/1915View Details
Hewitt, Henrietta2/21/1913View Details
Hewitt, JaneCanton, Ohio3/2/1917View Details
Hewitt, Mary AnnNew Middletown, Ohio11/13/1910View Details
Hewitt, Peter6/2/1911View Details
Hewitt, Sarah B.3/15/1911View Details
Hichman, Thomas12-22-1840View Details
Hickey, Anna8/15/1912View Details
Hickey, Edgar F.Bristol, Pa.1/27/1950View Details
Hickey, Ida M.Salem, Ohio8/16/1953View Details
Hickey, JohnSalem, Ohio2/14/1958View Details
Hickey, Leo R.Salem, ohio3/22/1954View Details
Hickey, Nancy Lee873 Georgetown Rd. Salem,,Ohio6/23/2011View Details
Hickey, Robert H.Salem,Ohio7/5/1941View Details
Hickey, Thelma250 Continental Dr. Salem, ohio11/18/1986View Details
Hickling, Homer H.Hutton Nursing Center2/8/1985View Details
Hickling, Julie A.Salem, Ohio2/16/1979View Details
Hickling, Mary E.Salem, Ohio6/1/1952View Details
Hickling, Nell J.Carroll Health Care Center Carrollton, Ohio3/22/1984View Details
Hiddleson, Catherine L.Salem, Ohio1/28/1973View Details
Hiddleson, EdithSebring, Ohio9/3/1977View Details
Hiddleson, WilburSalem, ohio12/21/1932View Details
Higgenbothan, Patricia S.Not Given7/13/1983View Details
Higgins, Evelyn V. McAfeeSalem, Ohio5/30/2014View Details
Highfield, Ann R.Salem, Ohio11/3/1975View Details
Highfield, Paul J., Sr.Salem, ohio6/1/1972View Details
Highfield, Paul J.,Jr.Shepard of the Valley North lima, Ohio10/24/2011View Details
Hightland, Erica M.Salem,Ohio4/8/2012View Details
Hihn, AndrewCleveland, Ohio6/20/1942View Details
Hihn, MarySalem, ohio10/1/1936View Details
Hildebrand, John4/28/1915View Details
Hildebrand, John F.Salem, Ohio8/9/1972View Details
Hildebrand, Madeline283 E. Fourth St. Salem, Ohio6/7/1985View Details
Hilditch, Anna E.Salem, Ohio7/2/1968View Details
Hilditch, Bernice A.Salem, Ohio6/10/1975View Details
Hilditch, Francis F.Alliance, Ohio10/12/1959View Details
Hilditch, Joseph P.Salem, Ohio8/2/1972View Details
Hilditch, Laurenna R.Salem, Ohio11/21/1973View Details
Hilditch, William A.253 S. Lincoln Ave. Salem, Ohio3/3/1980View Details
HIll, Alexander S.Salem,Ohio5/23/1929View Details
Hill, Carrie EdnaN. Canton, Ohio3/21/1930View Details
HIll, Cleora G.Canfield, Ohio5/16/1978View Details
Hill, Edward G.246 N. Madison Ave. Salem, Ohio2/17/1983View Details
HIll, EdwinStruthers, Ohio3/13/1938View Details
HIll, Harold J.733 Sunset DR. Salem, Ohio2/27/1986View Details
Hill, LouisaStruthers, Ohio1/4/1940View Details
Hill, Mrs. W.E.North Canton, Ohio9/5/1935View Details
Hill, Norman11/28/1903View Details
HIll, Ralph B.Canton, Ohio1/3/1938View Details
HIll, Thomas A.Columbiana, Ohio1/30/1960View Details
Hill, William E.North Benton, Ohio6/6/1937View Details
Hill, William,Jr.1/2/1917View Details
Hilliard, Agnes G.Akron, Ohio1/22/1971View Details
Hilliard, Alice P.251 W. Pine Lake Rd. Salem, Ohio6/12/2008View Details
Hilliard, Arthur10/3/1924View Details
Hilliard, Charles3/22/1921View Details
Hilliard, Elizabeth Irene "Betty"Salem, ohio3/8/2012View Details
Hilliard, Ella1/15/1921View Details
Hilliard, Ella Marie1360 W. State St., Salem, Ohio12/1/1989View Details
Hilliard, Ethel M.Salem, Ohio5/20/1969View Details
Hilliard, George Arthur960 Jefferson Salem, Ohio2/28/2008View Details
Hilliard, Homer C.Salem, Ohio6/26/1970View Details
HIlliard, Iva M.Salem, Ohio10/15/1972View Details
Hilliard, James W. "Jim"Salem, Ohio8/22/2010View Details
Hilliard, John C.251 W. Pine Lake Rd. Salem, Ohio4/24/2004View Details
Hilliard, Julia F.Salem, Ohio10/30/1954View Details
Hilliard, LawrenceMassillon State Hospital2/11/1920View Details
Hilliard, Lydia AnnieSalem, Ohio5/26/1940View Details
Hilliard, OliveSalem, Ohio10/1/1972View Details
Hilliard, Ralph G.Carroll County Home6/16/1971View Details
Hilliard, Raymond LeeOhio Ave Salem, Ohio12/22/2008View Details
Hilliard, SamuelSalem Township9/4/1953View Details
Hilliard, SophiaSalem, Ohio8/31/1940View Details
Hilliard, Walter1730 Rt 344 Salem, Ohio4/17/1996View Details
Hilliard, WalterSalem, Ohio6/11/1940View Details
Hilliard, WarrenSalem, Ohio8/8/1946View Details
Hilliard, Warren L.Salem, ohio4/9/1951View Details
Hilliard, William J.2211 N. Ellsworth Ave., Salem, Ohio7/25/1989View Details
Hillman, Infant12/25/1945View Details
Hiltbrand, Arlene BCourtyard at Lexington Salem,Oh Blossom Nursing & Rehab Ctr. Salem, Oh.1/18/2010View Details
Hiltbrand, EmmaSalem, Ohio6/2/1977View Details
Hiltbrand, FrankSalem, Ohio12/26/1972View Details
Hiltbrand, Howard7471 Lisa Lane, Lisbon, Ohio12/26/1989View Details
Hiltbrand, InfantYoungstown, Ohio2/22/1942View Details
Hiltbrand, Infant (Hildebrand)10/14/1921View Details
Hiltbrand, Walter F.930 Fair Ave Salem, Ohio10/30/2002View Details
HImes, Gerald A.31615 Winona Rd. Winona, Ohio5/23/1982View Details
Himmelspach, Anthony5/9/1922View Details
Himmelspach, Florence E.Salem, Ohio6/25/1969View Details
Himmelspach, Francis A.944 E. Third St. Salem, Ohio1/2/2003View Details
Himmelspach, Frederick F.Salem, Ohio6/13/1959View Details
Himmelspach, FredolinSalem, ohio5/1/1950View Details
Himmelspach, Helen J.Windsor medical Center N. Canton, Ohio4/4/2010View Details
Himmelspach, Josephine C.Salem, Ohio9/6/1976View Details
Himmelspach, LenaSalem, Ohio6/8/1967View Details
Himmelspach, Mildred M. (Dimko)Salem, Ohio8/5/2012View Details
Himmelspach, Raymond J.1916 Maple St. Salem, ohio9/11/2003View Details
Himpe, Sophia3/6/1922View Details
Hinchliffe, Ada500 East 4th St. Salem, Ohio2/1/1982View Details
Hinchliffe, Ross R.Salem, Ohio11/30/1970View Details
Hinckley, Charles I.Salem,Ohio11/15/1943View Details
Hinckley, Enid ElminaSalem, Ohio3/25/1966View Details
Hindman, Donald I.Chicago, Illinois5/29/1966View Details
Hindman, Margaret1105 E. Third St. Salem, Ohio7/10/1980View Details
Hiner, Albert A.3/24/1912View Details
Hinkley, HaroldSalem, Ohio6/2/1930View Details
Hinsdale, George A.3/13/1920View Details
Hinsdale, Laura F.Salem, Ohio1/10/1952View Details
Hinsdale, Pearl?????View Details
Hinton, Infant1/3/1930View Details
Hinton, Lawrence W.Salem, Ohio8/19/1963View Details
Hinton, Lydia A.Pidgeon Rd., Salem, Ohio1/12/1990View Details
Hinton, Robert H.Pricetown Rd. beloit, Ohio9/17/2007View Details
Hipler, Cowan P.Salem, Ohio3/16/1949View Details
Hipler, Earl12/4/1920View Details
Hippely, Amos A.R.D. #5 Salem, Ohio8/15/1955View Details
Hippley, AngelineSalem, Ohio11/4/1947View Details
Hippley, Arthur J.Salem, Ohio12/12/1969View Details
Hippley, Cora E.232 S. 15th St. Sebring, Ohio11/28/1986View Details
Hippley, DorothySalem, Ohio4/23/1933View Details
Hippley, FrederickSalem, Ohio5/8/1973View Details
Hippley, Lawrence Raymond6394 Gamble Rd. Lisbon, Ohio11/11/2001View Details
Hippley, Mahlon F. Sr12090 Middletown, Rd Salem, Ohio12/12/2008View Details
Hippley, Marguerite5973 Whinnery Rd. Hanoverton, Ohio9/1/1980View Details
Hippley, Mark E.Salem, Ohio1/28/1973View Details
Hippley, Regina5/7/1922View Details
Hippley, SarahMillville3/24/1929View Details
Hippley, SebastianSalem, Ohio10/9/1953View Details
Hires, Infant10/22/1906View Details
Hirley, George W. (Hivley)Alliance, Ohio10/7/1926View Details
Hirst, Edna GilsonSalem, Ohio10/2/1935View Details
Hirst, L.H.Salem, Ohio1/22/1945View Details
Hiscox, ElizabethSalem, Ohio4/18/1962View Details
Hise, Jesse K.Pittsburgh, Pa.5/12/1908View Details
Hise, Mary E.Salem, Ohio6/3/1935View Details
Hise, William K.1/3/1925View Details
Hisey, Bonnie L.9/16/1932View Details
Hisey, Robert LeeColumbiana, Ohio12/19/1928View Details
Hissong, Elizabeth238 Rhein Ave. Mansfield, Ohio8/24/1982View Details
Hissong, Elizabeth AnnSalem, ohio1/22/1935View Details
Hissong, George E., Sr.Mansfield, Ohio12/18/1976View Details
Hively, Ethel M.1410 W. State St. Salem, Ohio12/4/1998View Details
Hively, Hazel D. Buckman5243 Nichols Dr. W. Lakeland, Fl.8/25/1992View Details
Hively, IdaAlliance, Ohio6/6/1924View Details
Hively, Ollie F.Cleveland, Ohio5/25/1952View Details
Hively, Oscar W.5/9/1919View Details
Hively, William Nelson32413 Wooddale Dr. Hanoverton, Ohio3/14/1979View Details
Hivley, Gladys11/29/1924View Details
Hivley, InfantSalem, Ohio5/30/1929View Details
Hixenbaugh, Harry J.685 Fair St. Salem, ohio6/16/1982View Details
Hixenbaugh, Margaret F.635 Fair Ave., Salem, Ohio1/15/1988View Details
Hixenbaugh, MarySalem, Ohio8/24/1972View Details
Hixenbaugh, Warren A.635 Fair Ave. Salem, Ohio4/9/1994View Details
Hixson, Loeta EakinCopeland Oaks Sebring, Ohio8/22/1998View Details
Hobart, InfantSalem,Ohio5/3/1943View Details
Hobart, InfantSalem, Ohio12/28/1944View Details
Hobe, AlmaSalem, Ohio(R.F.D. Damascus, Ohio)2/14/1956View Details
Hobson, Dr. Arthur B.Salem, Ohio10/26/1950View Details
Hobson, HallieSalem, Ohio6/24/1937View Details
Hoch, Evelyn1151 E. 9th St. Salem, Ohio5/14/2006View Details
Hochadel, C, jereSalem, Ohio3/14/2015View Details
Hochadel, Dorothy E.2511 Bentley Dr. Salem, Ohio11/17/1992View Details
Hochadel, John P.230 Continental Dr. Salem, Ohio10/17/1991View Details
Hock, Harry P.Salem, Ohio4/9/1944View Details
Hodge, James E.Washingtonville, Ohio7/5/1977View Details
Hodge, Kathryn RubichSalem, Ohio8/25/1972View Details
Hodge, Robert D. Jr.Long Beach, California5/30/1991View Details
Hoff, August C.Salem, Ohio9/10/1938View Details
Hoff, Frank J.Salem, Ohio8/22/1972View Details
Hoff, Freda1896 East Pershing ST. Salem, Ohio10/15/1979View Details
Hoff, MarieSalem, Ohio2/9/1925View Details
Hoff, Verda A.Lisbon, Ohio5/10/1959View Details
Hoffman, Dale W.1348 Highland Ave. Salem, Ohio5/11/2004View Details
Hoffman, Ella MaySalem, Ohio12/11/1960View Details
Hoffman, EmmaGreenford, Ohio?????View Details
Hoffman, FloydGreenford, Ohio7/8/1917View Details
Hoffman, George A.Bay Pines, Florida8/29/1955View Details
Hoffman, Hazel7/23/1922View Details
Hoffman, Lawrence W.Salem, Ohio1/1/1934View Details
Hoffman, LenaGreenford, Ohio4/30/1910View Details
Hoffman, Lenore J.New London, N.H.1/7/1978View Details
Hoffman, Rosaleen M.1348 W. Highland Salem, Ohio8/11/1998View Details
Hoffman, TheodoreGreenford, Ohio2/27/1925View Details
Hoffmaster, ClydePembooke PLace NH Youngstown, Ohio4/15/2007View Details
Hoffmaster, FrankGoshen Twp.12/13/1958View Details
Hoffmaster, InfantSalem, Ohio5/19/1947View Details
Hoffmaster, Paul W.843 W. Pine Lake Rd. Salem, Ohio5/31/1993View Details
Hoffmaster, Vanetta S.Salem, ohio2/26/1972View Details
Hoffstot, AliceLakewood, Ohio8/28/1951View Details
Hoffstot, Lucinda4/15/1907View Details
Hoffstot, MaudeCleveland, Ohio11/3/1925View Details
Hofmann, Bessie A.Salem, ohio1/8/1974View Details
Hofmann, Betty Jane538 Columbia St. Salem, Ohio9/1/1992View Details
Hofmann, Harry F.Salem, Ohio1/15/1965View Details
Hofmeister, Betty M.12725 Goshen Rd. Salem, ohio1/10/2002View Details
Hofmeister, Harry A.Salem, Ohio5/24/1954View Details
Hofmeister, Harry Sr.Salem, Ohio3/15/1953View Details
Hofmeister, Maude G.Salem, Ohio7/3/1953View Details
Hofmeister, Walter S.12725 Goshen Rd. Salem, ohio9/6/2006View Details
Hogan, E. Y.Salem, Ohio4/19/1930View Details
Hogan, Elma M.8/23/1930View Details
Hogan, Elma S.11/18/1911View Details
Hogan, John P.8/20/1904View Details
Hogbin, Roger C.921 Stewart Rd. Salem, ohio12/9/1997View Details
Holderieth, Carl A.Akron, Ohio6/20/1961View Details
Holderieth, John9/17/1915View Details
Holderieth, SophiaSalem, ohio3/1/1937View Details
Holderman, Elizabeth9/23/1918View Details
Holdren, ClaraSalem, Ohio2/20/1956View Details
Hole, Alberta R.2406 W. Orange Blvd Kissimmee, Fla3/20/2002View Details
Hole, Amelia (Emila)10/17/1911View Details
Hole, Emma F.Salem, Ohio7/20/1928View Details
Hole, FlorenceManor Care Nursing Home Cleveland, Ohio7/12/1994View Details
Hole, Frederick L.Aurora, Ohio2/19/1956View Details
Hole, HarryHinsdale, Illinois8/7/1937View Details
Hole, Helen M.Aurora, Ohio10/28/1947View Details
Hole, Jacob9/11/1908View Details
Hole, Leora EdnaRichmond, California12/15/1973View Details
Hole, Marion L.Hudson, Ohio5/13/1948View Details
Hole, Martha E.Lakewood, Ohio7/19/1931View Details
Hole, Mary T.Salem, Ohio2/14/1935View Details
Hole, Morlan Newcomb2406 W. Orange Blvd. Kissimmee, Fla.7/4/1991View Details
Hole, SusieSilver Creek, N.Y.3/25/1925View Details
Hole, W.W.Cleveland, Ohio7/26/1921View Details
HOle, Walter M.Silver Creek, N.Y.1/6/1930View Details
Hole, Winston L.Yonkers, N.Y.1/24/1970View Details
Holisky, JosephSalem, Ohio6/5/1944View Details
Holk, AgustaSalem, Ohio5/6/1955View Details
Holk, Christ M.Salem, Ohio1/31/1944View Details
Holk, ElizabethSalem, Ohio7/19/1952View Details
Holk, Florence AmandaSalem, Ohio7/28/1973View Details
Holk, George TheodoreSalem, ohio1/3/1939View Details
Holk, Herman F.Salem, ohio10/3/1935View Details
Holk, John F., Jr.Salem, Ohio11/23/1948View Details
Holk, John F., Sr.Salem, Ohio3/4/1970View Details
Holk, WilliamSalem, Ohio6/18/1944View Details
Hollenbeck, Frank12/26/1913View Details
Hollenbeck, Mary F.Salem, Ohio11/2/1933View Details
Hollenhead, KennethSalem, ohio3/21/1930View Details
Hollinger, Ann M.Salem,Ohio2/6/1957View Details
Hollinger, Debora C.Hutton Nursing Center Salem, ohio1/9/1995View Details
Hollinger, Leland S.Salem, ohio7/21/1962View Details
Hollinger, Morris E. Moe""375 Rea Dr. Salem, Ohio12/23/1991View Details
Hollis, InfantView Details
Holloway, BessieDayton, Ohio3/6/1970View Details
Holloway, Howard R.Salem,Ohio8/27/1953View Details
Holloway, InfantSalem, Ohio12/15/1962View Details
Holloway, Infant BoyWarren, Ohio5/1/1964View Details
Holloway, Mabel K.Bellview, Pa.11/6/1912View Details
Holloway, Randall DavidSalem, Ohio8/16/1952View Details
Holmes, AliceSalem, Ohio1/13/1934View Details
Holmes, Alvie C.Salem, ohio3/5/1963View Details
Holmes, Dora K.Massillon, Ohio5/11/1957View Details
Holmes, George8/3/1918View Details
Holmes, Mary BelleNew Brighton, Pa.2/1/1925View Details
Holmes, RebeccaSalem, Ohio9/19/1977View Details
Holroyd, Dewey10/30/1918View Details
Holroyd, George A.Salem, Ohio1/10/1952View Details
Holroyd, Helen E.1090 N. Ellsworth Salem, Ohio9/12/1984View Details
Holroyd, Joshua11/4/1918View Details
Holroyd, Matilda11/3/1918View Details
Holroyd, Matilda (Tillie)10/6/1902View Details
Holroyd, Sampson11/2/1918View Details
Holroyd, Sampson, Jr.Salem, Ohio6/17/1968View Details
Holt, Gertrude5/13/1917View Details
Holtsinger, KathrynSalem, ohio3/2/1964View Details
Holtsinger, Michael H.1007 Newgarden Salem, Ohio4/19/1993View Details
Holtsinger, Richard H.1749 E. 11th St. Salem, Oh.12/19/2006View Details
Holwick, Gloria JeanSalem, ohio4/22/1953View Details
Holwick, Mary1225 E. State St. Salem, ohio3/26/1988View Details
Holwick, Paul T.1225 E. State St. Salem, Ohio11/19/1988View Details
Holwick, Sarah J.Salem, ohio5/4/1960View Details
Holwick, William L.Salem, Ohio2/9/1958View Details
Holzbach, Dr. Raymond T.Salem, ohio3/24/1964View Details
Holzbach, InfantSalem, ohio7/14/1931View Details
Holzbach, Nelle A.2100 Monroe St. Salem, ohio(Died At Milwaukee,Wis.)2/7/1984View Details
Holzinger, MariaSalem, Ohio8/15/1964View Details
Holzinger, Mary E.Salem, ohio11/21/1958View Details
Holzinger, MichaelSalem, Ohio8/2/1958View Details
Holzinger, William H.Salem, ohio3/31/1953View Details
Holzinger, William M.Salem, ohio9/5/1970View Details
Hone, Francis W.Salem, Ohio1/7/1976View Details
Hone, MargaretSalem, ohio11/15/1966View Details
Honeywell, Arlene RoseGolden Living Center Henderson NC10/28/2011View Details
Honeywell, Arlene RoseGolden Living Center Henderson,NC10/28/2011View Details
Honeywell, Henry M.Salem, ohio7/6/1977View Details
Honeywell, Lowell Miles306 Split Oak Trail Gastonia, N.C.5/11/1999View Details
Honeywell, Mildred M.250 Continental Dr. Salem, ohio3/9/1986View Details
Hontz, Annetta F.Salem, Ohio8/28/1992View Details
Hontz, Harry E.1814 Oak St., Salem, Ohio10/21/1989View Details
Hoobler, Alice R.Salem, Ohio2/16/1939View Details
Hoobler, EdgarCleveland, Ohio5/14/1960View Details
Hoobler, Eli1/29/1920View Details
Hoobler, Ernest E.Salem, ohio1/2/1966View Details
Hoobler, Evelyn2/1/1927View Details
Hoobler, Gertrude B.Salem, ohio11/3/1957View Details
Hoobler, Glen E.7443 Spillway Rd. Lisbon, Ohio4/25/1987View Details
Hoobler, Infant3/7/1913View Details
Hoobler, Lola M.Cleveland, Ohio8/11/1956View Details
Hoobler, Luella Ella""County Home Lisbon, Ohio2/18/1973View Details
Hoobler, Miriam Susan1157 Hempstead Court, Westerville, Ohio8/29/1990View Details
Hoobler, Raymond10/8/1926View Details
Hoobler, Sharon LeeWestville, Ohio2/11/1947View Details
Hoon, ElsieWesterville, Ohio7/20/1974View Details
Hoon, John W.Warren, Ohio10/25/1953View Details
Hoopes, Anna M.9-24-1878View Details
Hoopes, Betty A.Salem, Ohio4/28/2014View Details
Hoopes, Carl R.Salem, ohio11/20/1973View Details
Hoopes, Catherine1/19/1922View Details
Hoopes, Charles B.Salem, Ohio7/29/1954View Details
Hoopes, Eva M.Salem, ohio12/21/1956View Details
Hoopes, Helen M.Goforth Boarding Home Lisbon, Ohio3/9/1992View Details
Hoopes, Hilda500 E. Fourth St. Salem, ohio5/10/1982View Details
Hoopes, Infant???????View Details
Hoopes, James Henry131 Pendleton St. Lisbon, Ohio6/4/1987View Details
Hoopes, JoshuaSalem, ohio4/25/1939View Details
Hoopes, Louis J.Salem, Ohio2/4/1959View Details
Hoopes, Sadie L.Salem, Ohio11/1/1961View Details
Hoopes, Walter G.Columbiana, Ohio5/25/1938View Details
Hoot, Thomas5/15/1904View Details
Hoover, Arthur C. (Tony)1063 Buckeye Ave. Salem, Ohio12/11/1979View Details
Hoover, Orvil C.1063 Buckeye Ave., Salem, Ohio2/26/1989View Details
Hoover, Rebekah C.1063 Buckeye Ave. Salem, ohio8/22/1987View Details
Hopkins, Charles E.Canton, Ohio6/12/1949View Details
Hopkins, FlorenceSalem, Ohio11/19/1943View Details
Hopkins, JohnSalem, Ohio9/9/1937View Details
Hopkins, MarySalem, Ohio12/18/1929View Details
Hopkins, Ura MaeSalem, Ohio8/19/1964View Details
Hoppes, Forest RebeccaAlliance, Ohio7/19/1972View Details
Hoppes, Helen Ann31371 U.S. Route 62 Salem, Ohio1/9/1995View Details
Hoppes, Helen L.1132 Jennings, Salem, Ohio10/4/1990View Details
Hoppes, Leo P. Tim""31371 U.S. Route 62 Salem, Ohio2/17/1993View Details
Hoppes, Leonard J. Dutch""1132 Jennings Ave. Salem, Ohio4/12/1992View Details
Hoppes, Wilson W.42 E. Columbia St. Alliance, Ohio6/11/1980View Details
Hopple, Kylie AnnSalem, Oh.Oct. 29, 2007View Details
Hoprich, Betty N.1566 Manor Dr. Salem, Ohio11/27/1986View Details
Hoprich, Dr. Harold Frank13626 N. Canapali Ct. Sun City Arizona4/9/2008View Details
Hoprich, Frank250 Continental Dr. Salem, ohio1/3/1987View Details
Hoprich, MariaSebring, Florida9/22/1941View Details
Hoprich, MarthaSalem, ohio5/12/1957View Details
Hoprich, MichaelSalem,Ohio10/13/1957View Details
Hoprich, Michael8/7/1922View Details
Hoprich, Rose250 Continental Dr. Salem, ohio12/22/1987View Details
Horn, Alice M.Alliance, Ohio10/30/1956View Details
Horn, Charles E.11/29/1925View Details
Horn, Charles H.1/29/1910View Details
Horn, Grace L.1591 Harrison Ave. Salem, ohio3/24/1984View Details
Horn, Infant (Horne)2/12/1912View Details
Horn, John RichardSalem, Ohio12/12/1971View Details
Horn, Lloyd C.1591 Harrison Ave. Salem Ohio3/31/1980View Details
Horn, Lloyd James33535 Rt 172 Lisbon, Ohio10/1/1996View Details
Horn, Martha A.Salem, ohio3/21/1937View Details
Horn, PatienceTeegarden, Ohio6/15/1902View Details
Horn, SolomonEast Palestine, Ohio7/11/1918View Details
Horn, Solomon Deacon, Sr.Salem, Ohio7/16/1966View Details
Horning, Arthur A. Sr.Salem, ohio1/2/1956View Details
Horning, Bernice M. (Matthews) ShearsSalem, Ohio10/24/2012View Details
Horning, Frederick G.2256 Kennedy Salem, Ohio4/2/1997View Details
Horning, George A.Salem, Ohio3/8/1958View Details
Horning, Hilda R.1448 Cleveland St. Salem, ohio2/24/1984View Details
Horning, Jean H.1517 Cleveland St. Salem, Ohio5/28/1995View Details
Horning, Vincent R. Vince""865 Superior Ave. Salem, ohio2/11/2002View Details
Horstman, FredSalem, Ohio12/8/1965View Details
Horstman, Harold L.1834 Depot Rd. Salem, Ohio1/27/1985View Details
Horstman, Helen2511 Bentley Dr. Salem, Ohio12/5/2004View Details
Horstman, Ida M.Salem, Ohio2/4/1966View Details
Horvath, Angela Marie8683 Butterfield Ct. Franklin, Oh.1/3/2010View Details
Hoskins, Lawrence E.Winona, Ohio7/2/1951View Details
Host, Anna M.Salem, ohio10/6/1963View Details
Host, Jay C.31293 Rt 62 West Salem, ohio11/16/1982View Details
Hostetler, Ethel B.St. Fairview Park, Ohio6/17/1979View Details
Hostetler, RoySalem, Ohio1/17/1947View Details
Hott, David W.301 W. 14th St. Salem, Ohio3/5/2010View Details
Hottinger, Jane EvelynS.E. Blvd Salem, Ohio6/3/2008View Details
Hottinger, JeanneDover, Ohio3/14/2014View Details
Hough, Donald1242 Robin Ave., Salem, Ohio7/23/1990View Details
Houser, Infant1/9/1924View Details
Howald, Alfred1/21/1904View Details
Howard, InfantAkron, Ohio8/14/1931View Details
Howard, Robert R. IIPowell, Ohio6/11/1978View Details
Howard, William D.1555 Brookview Dr. Salem, Ohio1/1/2001View Details
Howe, Arthur W.Salem, ohio8/10/1961View Details
Howe, Pauline PearlSalem, ohio12/4/1966View Details
Howell, AlfredSalem, ohio10/7/1978View Details
Howell, AliceSalem, Ohio5/9/1976View Details
Howell, Arlene F.867 East Fifth St. Salem, ohio8/29/1981View Details
Howell, Carl J.Salem, ohio1/23/1967View Details
Howell, Diann E.Salem, Ohio9/12/2013View Details
Howell, Elizabeth M. (Moss)1471 Long Pond Rd. Rochester, NY2/19/2004View Details
Howell, Karl L.Salem, ohio8/25/1974View Details
Howell, Katherine E.230 Continental Dr. Salem, Ohio1/25/1994View Details
Howell, Lillie MaeCleveland, Ohio5/9/1963View Details
Howell, PaulKirkhaven Nursing Home Rochester, N.Y.2/15/2002View Details
Howell, Queena1985 Pershing St. Salem, ohio9/14/1987View Details
Howell, RichardBlossom Nursing Center Salem, ohio3/5/2001View Details
Howells, Ashton Elizabeth30497 Carey Rd. Salem, ohio5/23/2002View Details
Howells, James261 W. 12th St. Salem, Ohio9/18/1994View Details
Howells, Jennie G.Salem, Ohio7/7/2012View Details
Howshour, DorothyView Details
Hoyle, Edward S.323 E. Lincoln Way Lisbon, ohio6/24/1979View Details
Hoyle, JohnAlliance, ohio4/5/1974View Details
Hoyle, Lawrence W.37271 Hunters Camp Rd. Lisbon, ohio4/10/1979View Details
Hoyle, OllieSalem, ohio11/6/1930View Details
Hoyle, Warren H.12/9/1923View Details
Hrvatin, Frank, Jr.867 S.E. Blvd. Salem, ohio12/6/1983View Details
Hrvatin, Frank, Sr.Salem, ohio3/9/1969View Details
Hrvatin, Jennie641 E. Perry St. Salem, Ohio7/3/1995View Details
Hrvatin, JennieSalem, ohio2/10/1954View Details
Hrvatin, John109 Blossom Lane Salem, Ohio12/18/2010View Details
Hrvatin, Mary Anna867 S.e. Blvd. Salem, ohio5/14/1982View Details
Hrvatin, OlgaSalem, Ohio4/2/2013View Details
Hubbs, Thomas H.Salem, Ohio4/26/1979View Details
Huber, Joseph5/4/1919View Details
Hubler, Irene9/26/1905View Details
Huddleston, Margaret1985 East Pershing St. Salem, ohio7/9/1980View Details
Huddleston, Marilyn J.Salem, ohio10/2/2014View Details
Huddleston, Stanley L.Salem, Ohhio4/1/2013View Details
Huff, Emma JeanLisbon, Ohio7/13/2015View Details
Huffman, Alberta1915 Rt 344 Salem, Ohio5/17/1992View Details
Huffman, Dustin Marshall2275 Edgewood Dr. Salem, Ohio6/30/2009View Details
Huffman, Elizabeth AnnSalem, ohio4/6/1952View Details
Huffman, Eudoice S.1915 Rt 344 Salem, ohio4/17/1982View Details
Huffman, Patricia C.Columbiana, Ohio4/21/2015View Details
Hufford, Thelma M.952 Highland Ave. Salem, Ohio8/11/1993View Details
Hufford, Ward O.Salem, ohio10/9/1973View Details
Hughes, Alfred E.220 W. 10th St. Salem, Ohio9/22/1982View Details
Hughes, Carrie10/9/1920View Details
Hughes, FannieSalem, Ohio3/1/1933View Details
Hughes, Kattie?View Details
Hughes, Leonard W.Youngstown, Ohio11/14/1919View Details
Hughes, Luther L.1870 Merle Rd. Salem, ohio9/23/1984View Details
Hughes, Olive M.500 E. 4th St. Salem, ohio6/20/2004View Details
Humberston, Charles W.101 N. Bon Air Ave. Youngstown, Ohio8/9/2009View Details
Humberston, Debra Lynn101 N. Bon Air Ave. Youngstown, Ohio8/9/2003View Details
Hummel, Ralph W.1222 Conser Drive, Salem, Ohio4/25/1991View Details
Humphery, Edris CoffeeColumbus, Ohio8/14/1948View Details
Humphreys, AlfredSalem, Ohio12/11/1954View Details
Humphreys, AnnaSalem, Ohio3/4/1932View Details
Humphreys, Edna K.Salem, Ohio8/28/1971View Details
Humphreys, Louis3/16/1917View Details
Humphreys, Walter10/12/1916View Details
Humpolick, AnnaCleveland, Ohio3/9/1944View Details
Humpolick, JohnSalem, Ohio2/26/1950View Details
Humpolick, JosephineSalem, Ohio9/2/1946View Details
Hungerford, Pauline11205 Goshen Rd. Salem, Ohio11/3/1984View Details
Hunt, Charles B.Salem, Ohio1/22/1936View Details
Hunt, Charles MichaelKent, Ohio6/18/1996View Details
Hunt, EffieSalem, Ohio3/14/1950View Details
Hunt, InfantSalem, Ohio11/5/1939View Details
Hunt, Katherine A.12516 St.Rt. 45 Lisbon, Oh.1/19/2010View Details
Hunt, Nathan, Jr.Salem, ohio4/26/1926View Details
Hunter, Barbara E.9/30/1928View Details
Hunter, Elmer B.Salem,Ohio4/6/1926View Details
Hunter, EstherColumbiana, Ohio4/18/1950View Details
Hunter, Grace RuhlLisbon, Ohio2/18/1950View Details
Hunter, Infant3/21/1926View Details
Hunter, Louis S.Salem, ohio1/26/1963View Details
Hunter, Orrin A.Salem, Ohio2/3/1938View Details
Huntington, Harry C.1945View Details
Huntington, Nellie OrrChevy Chase, Md.3/26/1956View Details
Hurchanik, Lillian Tekla3357 St. Rt. 45 Salem, Ohio11/14/1995View Details
Hurchanik, Peter3357 St Rt 45 south Salem, Ohio10/26/2004View Details
Hurray, Dr. Joseph J.770 N. Union Salem , Ohio8/17/1981View Details
Hurray, Helen (Ross)Dayton, Ohio1/3/2015View Details
Hurray, Helen Esther1000 S.E. Blvd. Salem, Ohio12/19/2008View Details
Hurray, Joseph J.Salem, ohio10/22/1946View Details
Hurray, Mary TeresaAkron, Ohio1/31/2013View Details
Hurray, Mathilda RoseSalem, ohio3/5/1963View Details
Hurray, Phillip F.Akron, Oh.12/8/2009View Details
Hurray, Virginia ClareSalem, Ohio3/26/1965View Details
Hurst, J.H.Salem, ohio2/26/1932View Details
Hussar, Edith MaySalem, Ohio5/5/2005View Details
Hussar, Louis J.357 W. 5th St. Salem, Ohio1/23/1992View Details
Huston, Clarence E.Salem, ohio9/2/1944View Details
Huston, ElizabethSalem, Ohio2/10/1945View Details
Huston, Mary I.Salem, ohio10/2/1977View Details
Huston, R.W.Salem, ohio4/21/1936View Details
Huston, Rachel Elta?View Details
Huston, Ralph R.4084 McCracken Rd. Salem, ohio3/5/1982View Details
Huston, Virginia B.609 E. Washington Medina, Ohio11/4/1994View Details
Hutcheson, Agnes M.2259 S.E. Blvd. Salem, Ohio11/9/1991View Details
Hutcheson, Alice J.Salem, Ohio5/23/1932View Details
Hutcheson, Earl J.Salem, Ohio2/1/1960View Details
Hutcheson, Harold K.Salem, Ohio7/17/1982View Details
Hutcheson, Hazel F.544 S. Madison Salem, ohio6/8/1981View Details
Hutcheson, Herbert C.Salem, ohio2-27=1954View Details
Hutcheson, IrmaSalem, ohio5/22/1956View Details
Hutcheson, MargueriteSalem, Ohio2/13/1965View Details
Hutcheson, Mary1101 W. State St Salem, Ohio7/2/2008View Details
Hutcheson, Richard L.544 S. Madison Salem, Ohio12/30/1986View Details
Hutcheson, Robert E.2259 South East Blvd. Salem, ohio1/7/2000View Details
Hutchinson, InfantSalem, ohio10/8/1931View Details
Hutchinson, Mary J.Salem, ohio9/30/1927View Details
Hutchison, DonaldBoardman, Ohio8/17/2009View Details
Hutchison, HelenCanton, Ohio12/9/1995View Details
Hutchison, Jane Carmen7131 Claybourne Ave Boardman, Ohio9/11/1995View Details
Hutchison, RonaldCanton, Ohio2/22/1993View Details
Hutson, Arthur T.Pittsburgh, Pa.12/25/1956View Details
Hutson, Doratha C.Judson Park 1801 Chestnut Hills Dr. Cleveland Hts., Ohio12/9/1980View Details
Hutson, Ruth E.1100 Fairview Ave. Salem, Ohio6/21/2003View Details
Hutson, SarahSalem, Ohio10/6/1944View Details
Hutson, Thomas357 Rae Drive Salem, Ohio7/2/1983View Details
Huttenhower, FernSalem, Ohio2/6/1973View Details
Huttenhower, Harold D.Lakeland, Fla.9/27/1973View Details
Hutter John R., Jr.30497 Carey Rd. Salem, Ohio9/2/1987View Details
Hutter, Infant3/13/1907View Details
Hutter, JohnSalem, ohio2/24/1948View Details
Hutter, JohnAshtabula, Ohio12/28/1976View Details
Hutter, John R. Jr.30497 Carey Rd. Salem, Ohio9/2/1987View Details
Hutter, MichaelSalem, Ohio6/25/1954View Details
Hutter, Ruth M.Damascus, Ohio7/28/1995View Details
Hutter, SusannaSalem, Ohio3/5/1968View Details
Hutter, SusannaSalem, Ohio4/24/1966View Details
Hutter, Wanda Kathleen38149 Rt 14 Salem, ohio2/22/2001View Details
Hutton, Agnes Vail1925View Details
Hutton, Anna5/6/1925View Details
Hutton, BerniceSalem, Ohio2/8/1950View Details
Hutton, Finley1920View Details
Hutton, Gladys C.Salem, Ohio11/17/1963View Details
Hutton, Robert R.1383 East State St. Salem, Ohio7/29/1980View Details
Hutton, Robert RossSalem, ohio7/2/1966View Details
Hyland, Anne T.Salem, Ohio5/2/2015View Details
Hyland, John1268 W. Perry Salem, Ohio8/10/1999View Details
Iagulli, Catherina N.Salem, Ohio12/31/1958View Details
Iagulli, MarySalem, ohio5/30/1950View Details
Ibele, L. Augusta1070 E. 10th St. Salem, Ohio1/21/1994View Details
Icely, Frank P.1494 Ridgewood Dr., Salem, Ohio3/4/1989View Details
Icely, Pearl M.2401 Tanglewood Dr. Salem, Ohio8/15/1995View Details
Iceman, Alice9/20/1921View Details
Iceman, Minnie9/17/1906View Details
Iceman, W. EdSalem, ohio10/31/1948View Details
Icenhour, Delia LenoraNew Brighton, Pa.5/23/1977View Details
Icenhour, Edward FranklinSalem, ohio3/14/1942View Details
Ickes, CharlesNaples, Florida11/17/2003View Details
Ickes, DeanSalem, ohio1/4/1979View Details
Ickes, Hazel A.Salem, Ohio6/7/1952View Details
Ickes, Jane AnnLeetonia, Ohio11/27/1972View Details
Iden, Lowell G.469 W. 4th St. Salem, ohio9/2/2003View Details
Ieropoli, Frank192 W. Fourth St. Salem, ohio7/13/2005View Details
Ieropoli, Michael J.Salem, Ohio8/30/2014View Details
Ieropoli, Sue DiSabatino14509 S. Duck Creek Rd. Salem, Ohio11/16/2009View Details
Ieropoli, Sue DiSabatino14509 S. Duck Creek Rd. Salem, OhioView Details
Iler, CyreneSalem, Ohio12/29/1930View Details
Iler, Ernest W.Salem, ohio9/30/1949View Details
Iler, FrankValley, Ohio8/28/1935View Details
Iler, PearlLutheran Home Fort Wayne Ind.3/2/1980View Details
Iler, ViolaSalem, ohio12/7/1947View Details
Iler, William H.Salem, ohio3/31/1935View Details
Imhoff, JosephPittsburgh, Pa.5/6/1916View Details
Indermill, Donald F.Washingtonville, Ohio12/27/1958View Details
Indermill, FrederickSalem, Ohio8/26/1943View Details
Indermill, IrmaWashingtonville, Ohio2/8/1948View Details
Ingledue, Alvina C.Salem, ohio9/28/1971View Details
Ingledue, Amanda6/12/1915View Details
Ingledue, Blanche3/14/1908View Details
Ingledue, Charles E.Lisbon, Ohio2/13/1970View Details
Ingledue, ClaraCleveland, Ohio1/24/1946View Details
Ingledue, FRankLorain, Ohio3/4/1927View Details
Ingledue, Gertrude A.8093 DePot Rd. Lisbon, Ohio8/12/1992View Details
Ingledue, Harvey10/15/1917View Details
Ingledue, Helen N.Salem, Ohio12/30/1976View Details
Ingledue, Infant5/21/1909View Details
Ingledue, Joann750 East 5th St. Salem, Ohio3/29/1994View Details
Ingledue, LorenzoSalem, Ohio9/6/1958View Details
Ingledue, OrlandoCleveland, Ohio4-3-1918?4-13-1918View Details
Ingledue, Richard LeeCanfield, Ohio1/31/1977View Details
Ingledue, Sarah AnnSalem, Ohio2/16/1976View Details
Ingledue, Vernon L.8/26/1916View Details
Ingledue, William R. Brock""760 E. 5th St. Salem ,Ohio10/29/1991View Details
Ingram, Adriana11/23/1914View Details
Ingram, AlbinWinona, Ohio1/14/1908View Details
Ingram, Charles O.Salem, Ohio2/28/1976View Details
Ingram, E.J.Damascus, Ohio4/3/1930View Details
Ingram, Flora2-21-1898View Details
Ingram, FrankStowe, Ohio10/27/1958View Details
Ingram, Grace (Ward)Salem, ohio10/6/1975View Details
Ingram, Helen M.1388 S. Lincoln Ave. Salem, ohio4/16/1998View Details
Ingram, Howard J.5/12/1923View Details
Ingram, Howard Kendall896 E. Third St. Salem, Ohio7/19/1987View Details
Ingram, Jesse F.Salem, ohio5/7/1942View Details
Ingram, MabelSalem, Ohio2/23/1963View Details
Ingram, Mary H.Damascus, Ohio4/13/1935View Details
Ingram, Mary V.Ravenna, Ohio1/7/1967View Details
Ingram, Matilda3/26/1919View Details
Ingram, Nettie M.Canton, Ohio10/9/1940View Details
Ingram, Paul12/8/1910View Details
Ingram, Raymond J.Salem, ohio11/13/1973View Details
Ingram, Ruth G.Salem, Ohio11/19/1971View Details
Ingram, Sarah E.2/20/1920View Details
Ingram, Vida A.Saxonburg, Pa.2/6/1970View Details
Ingram, W. FrankEllsworth Rd.3/29/1937View Details
Ingram, Zoe ElizabethSalem, ohio5/13/1966View Details
Ioda E. FillerGarfield Heights, Ohio3/22/2004View Details
Irey, Albin12/3/1917View Details
Irey, Charles5/4/1912View Details
Irey, Dora J.Salem, Ohio6/25/1966View Details
Irey, Dorothy E.1203 Jennings Ave. Salem, Ohio12/12/1992View Details
Irey, Faye5/22/1922View Details
Irey, FredAlliance, Ohio1/24/1918View Details
Irey, JamesSalem, ohio4/19/1947View Details
Irey, James I.Salem, ohio3/22/1971View Details
Irey, Leah L.Salem,Ohio5/24/2015View Details
Irey, Mary B.5/31/1921View Details
Irwin, O. EdithCanton, Ohio2/11/1966View Details
Isaacs, David K.868 E. 4th St. Salem, Ohio10/5/2002View Details
Isaacs, Vernon H.2159 E. State St. Salem, ohio10/12/1981View Details
Ivan, Charles A., Sr.1181 Maple St. Salem, Ohio6/10/1995View Details
Ivan, Florence M.1181 Maple St. Salem, ohio3/1/1999View Details
Izenour, Donald R.1073 Cleveland Ave. Salem, ohio4/2/1986View Details
Izenour, Elsie EdithSalem, Ohio1/6/1970View Details
Izenour, HarrySalem, ohio7/2/1966View Details
Izenour, Richard C.Salem, Ohio9/13/1970View Details
Izenour, Velma1171 East State St. Salem, ohio9/8/2006View Details
Jack, Eileen BurkeBellevue, Pa.4/10/2002View Details
Jack, Joseph H.526 Forest Ave Bellevue Pitts.,Pa.5/10/2002View Details
Jackson, Angela E.250 Continental Dr. Salem, Ohio1/4/1993View Details
Jackson, Betty J.14483 Lisbon Rd. Salem, ohio9/8/1994View Details
Jackson, Betty JaneEuclid St. Salem, Ohio9/3/1991View Details
Jackson, Betty Jane33554 St Rt 172 Lisbon, Ohio10/23/2000View Details
Jackson, Charles B.668 Euclid St., Salem, Ohio4/7/1989View Details
Jackson, Clay ReedCalla Rd. Salem, Ohio12/20/2007View Details
Jackson, Dorothy E.Salem, Ohio2/9/1974View Details
Jackson, E. HarryRD - Salem, Ohio8/22/1936View Details
Jackson, George L.1576 N. Lincoln Ave Salem, ohio3/19/1998View Details
Jackson, Gloria G.Salem, Ohio1/16/1942View Details
Jackson, Harley10/25/1927View Details
Jackson, Harriett3/10/1945View Details
Jackson, Helen8/20/1925View Details
Jackson, InfantSalem, Ohio5/5/1948View Details
Jackson, Infant6/11/1946View Details
Jackson, Infant6/19/1945View Details
Jackson, Infant3/11/1927View Details
Jackson, James G.Salem, Ohio9/26/1978View Details
Jackson, Jessie6/9/1924View Details
Jackson, Jessie J.Salem, Ohio3/9/1933View Details
Jackson, LarrySalem, Ohio1/17/1946View Details
Jackson, NellieSalem, Ohio7/17/1977View Details
Jackson, Nora Jean1450 S.E. Blvd. Salem, Ohio5/4/2005View Details
Jackson, Norman R.2060 Monroe St. Salem, Ohio7/4/1979View Details
Jackson, OraSalem, Ohio7/7/1938View Details
Jackson, Ralph B.1450 S.E. Blvd. Salem, Ohio10/8/1997View Details
Jackson, Richard David940 Barclay Ave. Salem, Ohio5/7/1985View Details
Jackson, Robert L.14483 Lisbon Rd. Salem, Ohio11/3/1991View Details
Jackson, Russell L.Lisbon, Ohio2/18/1979View Details
Jackson, Samuel A.Columbiana, Ohio1/5/1971View Details
Jackson, Sarah2/9/1911View Details
Jacobs, Edythe BelleSalem, Ohio1/25/1933View Details
Jacobson, GustaveSalem, Ohio8/17/1932View Details
Jacobson, Irene M.Blossom Lane Salem, ohio2/21/2004View Details
Jacobson, Tyler M.Salem, Ohio10/25/1968View Details
Jacque, AdolphEast Palestine, Ohio11/26/1923View Details
Jacque, Alonzo J.Youngstown, Ohio8/2/1945View Details
Jacque, Caroline T.Boardman, Ohio5/25/1961View Details
Jacque, Mary ElizabethEast Palestine, Ohio5/24/1909View Details
Jacques, RussellFort Myers, Fla.11/11/1964View Details
James, AnnaSalem, Ohio8/31/1932View Details
James, Frank P.Pittsburgh, Pa.6/19/1913View Details
James, Gertrude A.Berlin Center, Ohio7/7/1975View Details
James, HarryPittsburgh, Pa.7/11/1914View Details
James, Harry C.Salem, ohio4/18/1948View Details
James, LouisaPittsburgh, Pa.Oct-12View Details
Janeck, Infant (Jeneck)6/29/1918View Details
Janicky, Infant (Peter)3/31/1923View Details
Janicky, PeterSalem, Ohio10/11/1960View Details
Janicky, Suzanna R. (Zuzanna)Salem, ohio7/7/1976View Details
Janovec, Joseph P.671 E. Pine Lake Rd. Salem, Ohio6/14/2000View Details
Janovec, Joseph RonCollege Park, Maryland8/24/1975View Details
Janovec, Mary1985 East Pershing St. Salem, Ohio9/15/1991View Details
Janovec, Virginia June""671 Pine Lake Rd. Salem, ohio10/8/2000View Details
Janovic, Stephen Sr.Salem, Ohio2/27/1958View Details
Jarrett, Harvey H.Pittsburgh, Pa.7/12/1974View Details
Jarrett, Meta F.Pittsburgh, Pa.8/3/1988View Details
Jarvis, Dorthea E.Salem, Ohio6/16/1961View Details
Jarvis, Flossie B.Salem, Ohio9/6/1977View Details
Jarvis, Truman2511 Bentley DR. Salem, Ohio5/12/1993View Details
Jarvis, Walter H.2/13/1947View Details
Jeffries, Clare M.Salem, ohio8/5/1962View Details
Jeffries, Relda K.14395 N. Egypt Rd. Salem, Oh.7/13/2007View Details
Jeffries, Rev. Edwin CSalem, Ohio12/23/2010View Details
Jeffries, Wilma A.14395 N. Equipt Rd. Salem, Ohio11/12/1998View Details
Jelen, JoanSalem, ohio8/30/1978View Details
Jellison, William L.Salem, Ohio4/14/1966View Details
Jeneck, Frances12/28/1917View Details
Jeneck, Vincent R.8/27/1916View Details
Jenkins, AugustaNew Cumberland, W.Va.4/28/1966View Details
Jenkins, Edward M.Damascus, Ohio4/13/1978View Details
Jenkins, Elizabeth M.390 Valley Rd. Salem, Ohio12/22/1982View Details
Jenkins, EllaWinona, Ohio7/6/1936View Details
Jenkins, Evelyn Mae1985 E. Pershing Salem, ohio6/3/1999View Details
Jenkins, Infant6/16/1917View Details
Jenkins, John J.1222 Fairview Ave. Salem, Ohio4/21/2005View Details
Jenkins, John M.Salem, Ohio3/24/1976View Details
Jenkins, JoshuaWinona, Ohio5/15/1924View Details
Jenkins, Kathryn M.670 Deming St. Salem, Ohio5/10/1980View Details
Jenkins, Rebecca4-12-1875View Details
Jenkins, Robert C.670 Deming St. Salem, Ohio7/3/1997View Details
Jennings, Henry Sr.359 Georgetown Rd. Salem, Ohio7/28/1985View Details
Jennings, Mary Helen18105 W. 5th St Beloit, Ohio10/26/1999View Details
Jennings, RichardNiles, Ohio8/1/1980View Details
Jensen, Frank A.462 N. Ellsworth Salem, ohio12/2/1999View Details
Jensen, GeraldSalem, Ohio11/27/1958View Details
Jensen, Henry J.1439 E. Third St. Salem, ohio4/5/1987View Details
Jensen, Jack L.1461 Canterbury Rd. Westlake, Ohio8/1/2001View Details
Jensen, Margaret A.1302-A Pembrooke Dr. Salem, Ohio1/22/1992View Details
Jensen, Margaret P.Salem, Ohio11/5/1948View Details
Jensen, WilliamSalem, Ohio11/5/1948View Details
Jesko, Howard E. Sr.1935 E. 11th St. Salem, ohio9/27/1983View Details
Jessup, Loretta Z.Salem, Ohio5/3/1959View Details
Jessup, Stephen C.Salem, Ohio5/25/1947View Details
Jessup, Virginia2/5/1925View Details
Jewell, Katherine ConkleAlliance, Ohio1/29/1953View Details
Jewell, Martha JaneSalem, Ohio8/30/2012View Details
Jewell, Savilla A.Lakewood, Ohio6/19/1938View Details
Jewell, WilliamLakewood, Ohio4/18/1938View Details
Jnovick, Irene L.Ormond Beach, Florida9/25/1972View Details
Jnovick, Joseph J.Salem, ohio7/23/1962View Details
John DoeUnknown?View Details
John, Elizabeth Mae5154 Woodsdale Rd. Hanoverton, Ohio3/21/1995View Details
John, Roy E.Salem, ohio2/7/1973View Details
Johns, Esther WhiteCleveland, Ohio5/7/1935View Details
Johnson, Alice Clara488 S. Lundy Salem, Ohio2/6/1983View Details
Johnson, Anna E.Salem, ohio11/12/1944View Details
Johnson, BenjaminSalem, ohio9/1/1945View Details
Johnson, Cassius1/6/1920View Details
Johnson, Donald L.512 N. Union Ave Salem, Ohio1/1/2011View Details
Johnson, Donald L.512 N. Union Ave. Salem, OhioView Details
Johnson, Dorothy H.800 S. 12th St. Sebring, Ohio10/25/1995View Details
Johnson, ElizabethSalem, Ohio3/4/1947View Details
Johnson, Gary Lee6063 Pot O Gold St. West Palm Beach, Fl.9/24/2004View Details
Johnson, Harry E.Salem, ohio5/13/1976View Details
Johnson, HomerSalem, ohio10/22/1929View Details
Johnson, Ida Mae LanpherCrandall Medical Center Sebring, Ohio3/20/2005View Details
Johnson, LeeSalem, ohio2/13/1957View Details
Johnson, Marcus K.307 East Dr., Oakwood, Ohio11/23/1989View Details
Johnson, MaryLeetonia, Ohio1926View Details
Johnson, Peter Cathcart,Sr.Salem, Ohio11/8/2011View Details
Johnson, Robert H.Villa 1626 Copeland Oaks Sebring, Ohio8/23/1993View Details
Johnson, Robert R.Salem, ohio5/8/1965View Details
Johnson, Ruby P.Salem, Ohio3/1/1979View Details
Johnson, SquireWashingtonville, Ohio12/4/1918View Details
Johnston, Carol L.772 Prospect St. Salem, ohio9/5/1981View Details
Johnston, Dan BlairCopeland Oaks, Sebring, Ohio1/17/1989View Details
Johnston, Edward J.Salem, ohio9/14/1947View Details
Johnston, Emma B.Orlando, Fla.4/23/1966View Details
Johnston, InfantSalem, Ohio1/2/1947View Details
Johnston, Jennie N.345 N. Main St. Columbiana, Ohio3/8/1987View Details
Johnston, John D.Salem, ohio9/9/1970View Details
Johnston, John W.Salem, Ohio7/18/1972View Details
Johnston, Josephine A.Salem, ohio7/18/1951View Details
Johnston, Lee AnnaSalem, ohio7/21/1961View Details
Johnston, Lena W.4/24/1922View Details
Johnston, LucySalem, ohio2/1/1929View Details
Johnston, Lucy J.Salem, Ohio5/1/1957View Details
Johnston, Pearl L.1705 NewGarden Salem, ohio2/10/1983View Details
Johnston, Sarah2/12/1907View Details
Johnston, Walter R.954 Georgetown Rd. Salem, ohio7/16/1987View Details
Jolley, Dorothy A.679 Arch Ave. Alliance, Ohio9/30/1980View Details
Jolley, Harry T.Alliance, Ohio10/15/1975View Details
Jolly, Katie5/23/1925View Details
Jonas, Anton11/24/1916View Details
Jones, A. Ralston Bus""Clark Boarding Home Berlin Center , Ohio12/17/1985View Details
Jones, AgnesTucson, Ariz.12/18/2013View Details
Jones, Barbara (Bobbie-Jo) Jane MunsellSalem, Ohio8/24/2010View Details
Jones, Charles O.Salem, Ohio7/28/1930View Details
Jones, Clara Belle6028 Highland Rd. Highland Hts., Ohio10/15/1984View Details
Jones, Edmund H.Salem, Ohio7/29/1959View Details
Jones, ElizabethSalem, Ohio12/28/1963View Details
Jones, Elmer L., Jr.12359 Leffingwell Salem, Ohio7/4/2000View Details
Jones, EttaPittsburgh, Pa.5/1/1933View Details
Jones, Evelyn Pheobe" Lucille"1535 Ridgewood Dr. Salem, Ohio2/23/2002View Details
Jones, Fred R.Salem, Ohio4/3/1947View Details
Jones, Frederick H.2/20/1909View Details
Jones, Gertrude M.Salem, Ohio12/22/1976View Details
Jones, Goshorn A.Salem, ohio3/19/1956View Details
Jones, Harriett Emily (Cremation)Cleveland, Ohio12/24/1953View Details
Jones, Henry C.View Details
Jones, Henry C.Salem, Ohio2/1/1970View Details
Jones, Herbert W.Salem, Ohio7/29/1971View Details
Jones, Ida M.Cleveland, Ohio3/7/1913View Details
Jones, Infant8-4-1874View Details
Jones, Infant1-12-1873View Details
Jones, Infant4/8/1922View Details
Jones, Judy AnnCamp Davis, N.C.3/26/1944View Details
Jones, Kenneth E.Salem, Ohio12/20/1976View Details
Jones, Laura MaeSalem, Ohio10/11/1957View Details
Jones, LenaSalem, ohio9/5/1946View Details
Jones, Leonard A.1063 Franklin Ave. Salem, ohio5/21/1986View Details
Jones, Mary C.12/29/1911View Details
Jones, Mary H.Cleveland, Ohio1/29/1906View Details
Jones, Mary T.Copeland Oaks Sebring, Ohio11/11/2011View Details
Jones, Mary T.660 East School St. Salem, Ohio8/5/1981View Details
JOnes, Moynelle B.107 Medill St. Marshall Texas2/23/1993View Details
Jones, Nellie2040 Monroe Salem, Ohio11/19/2004View Details
Jones, Olive V.Jones Drive Salem, ohio5/4/1981View Details
Jones, Paul Babe""1536 Ridgewood Dr. Salem, Ohio3/5/1991View Details
Jones, Raymond L.6028 Highland Rd. Highland Hts. , Ohio2/2/1981View Details
Jones, RichardSalem, ohio12/5/1937View Details
Jones, Robert2/9/1904View Details
Jones, Russell C.Salem, Ohio2/18/1978View Details
Jones, Ruth G.Salem, Ohio5/26/1978View Details
Jones, Sadie8/8/1923View Details
Jones, Tanya Maria11/11/1970View Details
Jones, Warren W.Salem, ohio1/16/1934View Details
Jones, William H.2/16/1924View Details
Jones, William K.Tucson, Ariz.3/17/2005View Details
Jordan, Clarence H.Salem, Ohio3/12/1966View Details
Jordan, Dianah Lynn6893 Lakeview Dr. Hanoverton, Ohio7/17/2006View Details
Joseph, Ford Jr.910 Somerset Dr. Salem, Ohio 444608/29/1999View Details
Joseph, Ford Sr.Salem, Ohio3/21/1970View Details
Joseph, Helen Mary109 Blossom Lane Salem, ohio2/8/2005View Details
Joseph, Jan" W."910 Somerset Dr. Salem, ohio9/7/2003View Details
Journey, AnnaSalem, ohio11/23/1937View Details
Journey, Joe12/14/1925View Details
Journey, JosephSalem, ohio6/30/1938View Details
Journey, Monica MarySalem, Ohio12/17/1948View Details
Journey, Stanley M.Salem, Ohio10/6/1973View Details
Judd, ElizabethCleveland, Ohio12/28/1920View Details
Judd, HenryCleveland, Ohio1/7/1904View Details
Judd, Nora W.Fort Thomas, Ky.1/24/1946View Details
Judd, Ralph W.Cleveland, Ohio11/4/1928View Details
Judge, Dorothy K.261 W. Lincoln Way Lisbon, Ohio9/24/2002View Details
Judge, Edward FrancisBend, Oregon12/12/1978View Details
Judge, Gerald J.Salem, Ohio8/6/1957View Details
Judge, Helen Augusta22373 Rt 62 Alliance, Ohio8/2/1980View Details
Judge, Helen M.420 Bay Ave. #905 Clearwater, Fla.1/17/1988View Details
Judge, James F.Salem, Ohio8/14/1957View Details
Judge, MabelYoungstown, Ohio7/8/1970View Details
Judge, Margaret C.Salem, ohio12/8/1953View Details
Judge, MarySalem, Ohio11/10/1935View Details
Judge, Threca BerdenaSalem, Ohio8/21/1976View Details
Judge, Vincent C.Lisbon, Ohio7/24/1985View Details
Judge, William E.Youngstown, Ohio8/7/1950View Details
Juergens, Ann L.451 Swain Ave Meridan, Conn.11/14/1982View Details
Juergens, Carl H.Salem, Ohio7/2/1970View Details
Juergens, Carrie E.Salem, ohio2/18/1974View Details
Juergens, William H.Salem, Ohio5/23/1965View Details
Jugastru, JohnSalem, Ohio9/13/1946View Details
Jugastru, John4/5/1925View Details
Jugastru, MarieSalem, Ohio7/11/1965View Details
Juhn, Gene ThomasSalem, Ohio6/9/1937View Details
Juhn, Gertrude1599 Brookview Dr. Salem,Ohio12/4/1994View Details
Juhn, Henry CarlSalem, Ohio7/22/2012View Details
Juhn, Katherine1417 Manor Drive Salem, Ohio6/6/1980View Details
Juhn, MartinSalem, ohio3/13/1975View Details
Juhn,Aliliva "libby"Salem, Ohio1/9/2012View Details
Julian, Andy10/14/1925View Details
Julian, Anthony G.Salem, Ohio12/4/1976View Details
Julian, CameliaSalem, Ohio6/11/1959View Details
Julian, Helen Marie859 Superior Ave. Salem, Ohio11/22/1999View Details
Julian, Infant10/23/1919View Details
Julian, Janet LynneSalem, Ohio8/20/1963View Details
Julian, JosephSalem, Ohio8/10/1956View Details
Julian, Julius R. Judy""859 Superior Ave., Salem, Ohio6/2/1989View Details
Julian, LouisSalem, ohio4/18/1940View Details
Julian, Martha E.Salem, Ohio7/14/2014View Details
Julian, MarySalem, Ohio6/27/1961View Details
Julian, Mary K.1221 Fairview Ave. Salem, Ohio5/23/1987View Details
Julian, Raymond F.458 Washington St. Salem, ohio12/4/1981View Details
Julian, Richard RaymondSalem, Ohio1/13/1950View Details
Julian, StephenSalem, ohio12/28/1949View Details
Julian, Wanda M.11881 W. Middletown Rd. Salem, ohio6/27/2001View Details
Juliano, CarmineSalem, ohio3/20/1977View Details
Juliano, Charles Angelo100 Sleepy Hollow Dr. Canfield, ohio9/3/2006View Details
Juliano, Gloria C.12795 Big Creek Ridge Dr. Chardon, Ohio7/27/2009View Details
Juliano, Mary R.Canfield, Ohio3/8/2009View Details
Juliano, RoseSalem, Ohio7/25/1974View Details
Jurczak, John3911 S. R. #722, New Madison, Ohio6/24/1990View Details
Jurczak, Sue1511 24th Ave. Dr. West, Bradenton, Fla.5/17/1988View Details
Jurina, AgnesSalem, ohio9/20/1932View Details
Jurina, AndrewSalem, Ohio7/13/1936View Details
Jurina, Anna6/16/1914View Details
Jurina, David Nick31479 US Route 62 Salem, Ohio5/29/1996View Details
Jurina, James Michael (Bandit)544 Walnut Apt.A Salem, Ohio12/8/2003View Details
Jurina, JohnSalem, Ohio8/8/1952View Details
Jurina, Nancy Rose393 S. Lincoln Ave. Salem, Ohio6/30/2004View Details
Jurina, NickSalem, ohio11/13/1964View Details
Jurina, Rose D.237 Hawley Ave. Salem, ohio9/29/1987View Details
Jurs, Hazel D.Alliance, ohio8/12/1960View Details
Justice, David R.Canfield, Ohio4/19/2010View Details
Justice, Elizabeth2/17/1915View Details
Justice, Emmett J.Green Township10/30/1960View Details
Justice, Esther4/18/1925View Details
Justice, InfantCanfield, ohio10/22/1930View Details
Justice, JennieSalem, Ohio4/23/1938View Details
Justice, Lilly B.Cleveland, Ohio9/17/1962View Details
Justice, Mary R.9483 Youngstown-Salem Rd. Canfield, Ohio12/3/2007View Details
Justice, Morrison6/2/1919View Details
Justice, Mrs. J.M.2/17/1925View Details
Justice, Ross M.Salem, ohio10/3/1931View Details
Kaercher, Clarence C.Salem, Ohio9/8/1953View Details
Kaercher, Elizabeth M.Tampa, Fla.9/11/1964View Details
Kaercher, Lawrence C.Salem, Ohio7/17/1963View Details
Kaiser, AndrewSalem, ohio12/31/1937View Details
Kaiser, Andrew Jr.Ft. Myers, Fla.9/25/1982View Details
Kaiser, Anthony J.Alliance, Ohio5/18/2015View Details
Kaiser, Carl R., Sr.Salem, ohio12/15/1969View Details
Kaiser, Helen M.Beeghley Oaks Nursing Center10/9/1990View Details
Kaiser, Joseph1/12/1929View Details
Kaiser, Joseph J.224 Hilton Ave. Youngstown, Ohio4/22/1988View Details
Kaiser, Kathryn Thersea1480 E. 11th St. Salem, Ohio6/16/1992View Details
Kaiser, MonicaSalem, ohio3/31/1963View Details
Kaiser, Perina M.Salem, ohio1/25/1977View Details
Kaiser, Raymond H.4/29/1908View Details
Kalbfell, David LeeSalem, ohio9/21/1935View Details
Kale, Florence B.1/18/1917View Details
Kale, H.R.4/3/1922View Details
Kale, Preston4/28/1920View Details
Kale, TryphosiaSalem, ohio7/8/1943View Details
Kaley, Albert J.Cleveland, Ohio5/19/1945View Details
Kaley, Edward F.Orville, Ohio11/6/1948View Details
Kaley, Elizabeth3/6/1904View Details
Kaley, Helen IsabelleSalem, Ohio7/31/1966View Details
Kaley, James (John K. Kaley)Detroit, Mich.5/13/1952View Details
Kaley, JosephineSalem, ohio10/3/1957View Details
Kaley, MartinSalem, ohio8/2/1946View Details
Kaley, PaulDetroit, Mich.7/22/1970View Details
Kaley, Sarah C.Salem, ohio8/10/1936View Details
Kallert, AlbertAkron, Ohio10/25/1958View Details
Kallert, Emma FrancesAlliance, Ohio4/20/1952View Details
Kalopea, Miloch10/25/1919View Details
Kamasky, AnthonySalem, ohio10/6/1947View Details
Kamasky, Cathryn V.Riverview Mich7/10/2005View Details
Kamasky, Katherine (Kaczmarcyk)Benton Rd. Salem, Ohio7/10/1980View Details
Kamasky, Stanley A.Salem, Ohio10/29/1955View Details
Kamerer, Thomas4/30/1926View Details
Kaminsky, C. WilliamSalem, ohio2/19/1972View Details
Kaminsky, Edna7/28/1906View Details
Kaminsky, Ethel A.Salem, Ohio3/5/1970View Details
Kaminsky, JohnAlliance, Ohio11/24/1911View Details
Kaminsky, John R.Orlando, Fla.3/2/2008View Details
Kaminsky, John Sr.11/15/1927View Details
Kaminsky, Martha JaneOrlando, Fla.3/2/1984View Details
Kaminsky, MarySalem, ohio7/18/1938View Details
Kaminsky, Mary A.Salem, Ohio11/30/1951View Details
Kaminsky, Robert W.Salem, Ohio7/14/1977View Details
Kampfer, Carl LeeSalem, Ohio7/8/1936View Details
Kampfer, Infant7/30/1907View Details
Kampfer, InfantView Details
Kampfer, MarySalem, Ohio10/2/1952View Details
Kampfer, StephenSalem, Ohio4/11/1942View Details
Kampfer, William EarlSalem, Ohio6/18/1928View Details
Kandert, John H.Salem, Ohio11/18/1967View Details
Kane, Arthur L.Salem, Ohio2/10/1974View Details
Kane, Edward J., Sr.Canfield, Ohio10/22/2002View Details
Kane, Estelle T.Cleveland, Ohio11/25/1974View Details
Kane, MaryCanfield, Ohio11/18/1961View Details
Kane, Mary500 E. 4th St. Salem, Ohio11/28/1986View Details
Kapral, Daniel5/29/1934View Details
Karlis, Helen E.1234 Franklin Salem, Ohio2/19/2008View Details
Karlis, John C.Lakewood, Ohio12/3/1965View Details
Karlis, Mary KatherineNorthridge, California4/25/1975View Details
Karlis, Percy JohnCalifornia - U.S. Navy9/17/1953View Details
Karnofel, Infant9/9/1946View Details
Karp, Daniel1835 Whinnery rd. Salem, ohio3/5/2003View Details
Karp, Grace E.Whinnery Rd. Salem, Ohio12/30/2007View Details
Karres, LouiseSalem, Ohio2/2/1930View Details
Kasso, James Jr.Salem, Ohio7/3/1958View Details
Kasso, Susie EthelSalem, Ohio9/27/1956View Details
Kastanek, Anton L.345 N. Madison Salem, Ohio1/15/2012View Details
Kastanek, Benjamin M.4467 Woodsdale Rd. Salem, Ohio2/10/2002View Details
Kastanek, Frank317 North Madison Salem, Ohio9/13/2002View Details
Kastanek, Vernetta N.317 N. Madison St. Salem, ohio9/4/2000View Details
Kastelich, MarkoSalem, Ohio10/15/1948View Details
Kastenhuber, Alice2422 Slater Rd. Salem, Ohio12/26/1988View Details
Kastenhuber, AndreasSalem, Ohio1/26/1967View Details
Kastenhuber, Andrew2422 Slater Rd., Salem, Ohio6/11/1990View Details
Kastenhuber, Katherine6/17/1921View Details
Kastenhuber, MariaScrabble, Ohio9/18/1928View Details
Kastenhuber, Richard L.2422 Slater Rd. Salem, Ohio3/20/2003View Details
Kastenhuber, SusannaSalem, ohio9/13/1938View Details
Kastenhuber, Twin Infants4/13/1922View Details
Kastenhuber, Walter Joseph969 Arch St. Salem, Ohio6/1/1999View Details
Kataro, Antonio(Anthony)Salem, Ohio7/4/1977View Details
Kataro, Emil John, Sr.357 E. Pidgeon Rd. Salem, Ohio1/5/2006View Details
Kataro, FrancesSalem, Ohio12/27/1970View Details
Kataro, StanleySalem, Ohio4/30/2015View Details
Kathleen Fisher28270 King Rd. Salem, Ohio9/14/1997View Details
Katsikakis, NicholasSalem, ohio5/21/1939View Details
Kauffman, Gertrude F.120 W. Pine St. Lisbon, Ohio11/3/1985View Details
Kauffman, Milton A.Elkton, Ohio12/25/1977View Details
Kaufman, Albert8/11/1923View Details
Kaufman, AlbertSalem, Ohio9/15/1955View Details
Kaufman, Albert,Jr.Salem, Ohio7/12/1926View Details
Kaufman, CharlesSalem, ohio7/15/1958View Details
Kaufman, InfantSalem, Ohio10/16/1931View Details
Kaufman, Jerome J.168 Hampden Park Tiffin, Ohio1/5/2005View Details
Kaufman, Marie A.Salem, ohio10/28/1967View Details
Kaufman, MildredSalem, Ohio - County Home9/19/1975View Details
Kautz, DorothySalem, Ohio2/23/1940View Details
Kautz, MinnieSalem, Ohio4/11/1966View Details
Kautz, SimonSalem, Ohio8/26/1954View Details
Kayser, Maty (Akrsper)Massillon, Ohio10/19/1930View Details
Keagy, George M.Salem, Ohio3/12/2012View Details
Keal, Adaline6-5-1847View Details
Keal, Mary Ann8-18-1845View Details
Keen, Ann (Anna Mary) LeaseAtlanta, Ga.5/4/1999View Details
Keen, Hatie KirkbrideSalem, Ohio8/26/1959View Details
Keen, IdaSalem, ohio2/5/1928View Details
Keen, Joseph RossAlliance, Ohio12/5/1978View Details
Keen, Mabel135 W. Oxford St. Alliance, Ohio7/13/1987View Details
Keen, Phillip4/19/1921View Details
Keen, Sally AnnAlliance, Ohio11/18/1954View Details
Keen, William T.Salem, Ohio3/19/1949View Details
Keener, Jennie7/15/1927View Details
Kegelmyer, Elizabeth E. "Betty"1050 W. Main St. Washingtonville, Ohio6/22/2011View Details
Kegelmyer, Jane R.Leetonia, Ohio6/23/1965View Details
Kegelmyer, W.J.Leetonia, Ohio4/26/1945View Details
Kegelmyer, William Neil1050A West Main St. Washingtonville, Ohio3/2/2000View Details
Kegg, John AllenSalem, ohio2/20/1952View Details
Keglor, Paul T.443 Continental Dr. Apt 50 Salem, Ohio9/26/1999View Details
Kehrer, John G., Jr.1076 Buckeye Ave. Salem, ohio7/9/1987View Details
Kehrer, John G., Sr.1076 Buckeye Ave. Salem, ohio8/29/1986View Details
Kehrer, Wilma Ann2609 ST.RT. 45 Salem, ohio9/14/1972View Details
Keirnan, Carol Ann10/23/1944View Details
Keirnan, Cecile A.1919 Bishop Rd. Wickliffe, Ohio12/10/1980View Details
Keirnan, Charles G.Salem, ohio4/13/1977View Details
Keiser, AgnesSalem, Ohio2/27/1957View Details
Keister, Addie BrunnerLima , Ohio2/6/1948View Details
Keister, Rev. Daniel L.1508 Hawthorne Dr. Wooster, Ohio3/19/2000View Details
Keitel, Paul E.Thousand Oaks, California9/19/2009View Details
Keith, Donna Lou SchnorrenbergRockingham, Vt.10/10/2010View Details
Kekel, Andrew F.1169 Buckeye Ave. Salem, Oh.1/8/2007View Details
Kekel, Andrew Sr.Salem, ohio2/19/1961View Details
Kekel, Katherine109 Blossom Lane Salem, Ohio6/25/2004View Details
Kekel, MarySalem, Ohio3/11/2011View Details
Keller, Carol Ann (Falzetta)Salem, Ohio2/20/2014View Details
Keller, Charity E.Salem,Ohio10/8/1958View Details
Keller, DallasSalem, ohio2/13/1949View Details
Keller, Dorothy J.318 A Woodland Ave. Salem, Ohio11/25/2007View Details
Keller, Ida MaeSalem, ohio2/3/1952View Details
Keller, James W.740 Newgarden Salem, ohio12/13/1985View Details
Keller, MattSpringfield Lake, Ohio4/30/1919View Details
Keller, Merlin GlennSalem, ohio6/2/1953View Details
Keller, Richard E. Sr.180 W 14th Street, Salem, Ohio4/23/1991View Details
Kelley, Ella S.861 Superior Ave. Salem, ohio12/18/1985View Details
Kelley, Joseph M.Salem, ohio8/17/1951View Details
Kelley, Tabitha12/8/1908View Details
Kelley, Virginia PaxsonGarden Grove, Calif.9/13/2014View Details
Kelly, Angelo F.Salem, Ohio11/7/1948View Details
Kelly, E.E.Berlin Center, Ohio10/28/1921View Details
Kelly, ElizabethSalem, Ohio5/6/1949View Details
Kelly, H. CharlesTeegarden, Ohio2/14/1953View Details
Kelly, Harry G.10/9/1921View Details
Kelly, Jeffrey A.Willard Rd. Hanoverton, ohio5/18/2008View Details
Kelly, Melvina A.Salem, Ohio4/26/1971View Details
Kelly, Myron A.Salem, Ohio2/1/1978View Details
Kelly, Myron H.Teegarden3/2/1936View Details
Kelly, NettieTeegarden11/11/1902View Details
Kelly, Newell A.38160 St. Rt. 558 Leetonia, Ohio6/25/2004View Details
Kelly, Sarah L.Salem, ohio7/11/1953View Details
Kelly, Steven Thomas910 Sunset Blvd. Salem, Ohio5/24/1995View Details
Kelly, Thomas R., Jr.Salem, Ohio9/24/2013View Details
Kelly, Vadna D.Salem, ohio11/18/1968View Details
Kendall, Bryce Webster2333 Painter Rd. Salem, Ohio12/9/1995View Details
Kendall, Juanita W. "Polly"Copeland Oaks Sebring, Ohio11/3/2012View Details
Kendrick, AliceAustintown, Ohio4/14/2013View Details
Kendrick, Charles E.Salem, Ohio3/11/1962View Details
Kenneda, Mrs. George (Birdie)View Details
Kennedy, Albert H.Salem, Ohio2/4/1932View Details
Kennedy, Barbara G.Girard, Ohio12/28/2007View Details
Kennedy, Charles T.Salem, ohio5/1/1944View Details
Kennedy, Elizabeth M.Salem, ohio10/28/1965View Details
Kennedy, EllaSalem, ohio4/19/1944View Details
Kennedy, GeorgeSalem, Ohio2/10/1944View Details
Kennedy, John C.Mansfield, Ohio4/12/1925View Details
Kennedy, Laura MaySalem, Ohio4/25/1967View Details
Kennedy, Nellie A.Salem, Ohio5/7/1968View Details
Kennedy, WilliamSalem, Ohio10/23/1962View Details
Kennell, Edwin CurtisEssex #3 Salem, ohio10/18/2008View Details
Kennell, Elmer C.Salem, ohio6/12/1951View Details
Kennell, Rhoda O.Salem, ohio11/15/1966View Details
Kennell, Wanda J.Salem, Ohio11/18/2014View Details
Kennet, Infant12/26/1916View Details
Kenreich, Helen MaryWinfield, Ohio1/30/1974View Details
Kenreich, WalterGreen Twp.10/13/1953View Details
Kenreigh, AlbertSalem, ohio2/18/1956View Details
Kenreigh, Albert V., Jr.Salem, Ohio2/2/2011View Details
Kenreigh, Blanche E.Canfield, Ohio7/31/1974View Details
Kenreigh, Charles EdwardSalem, ohio11/18/1965View Details
Kenreigh, Doris1262 Robin Ave. Salem, ohio12/20/2004View Details
Kenreigh, Elmer G.Canfield Rd. Salem, ohio1/16/1939View Details
Kenreigh, Helen ElizabethSalem, ohio2/28/1971View Details
Kenreigh, Laura AnneCincinnati, OHIO8/25/1994View Details
Kenreigh, Mary C.Canfield, Ohio10/25/1957View Details
Kenreigh, Mary E.1/14/1923View Details
Kenreigh, Noah5/15/1927View Details
Kenreigh, Thomas M.Salem, ohio3/9/1956View Details
Kent, Infant6/24/1929View Details
Kenyon, John S.Hiram, Ohio9/6/1959View Details
Kenyon, Martha E.Tuscon, Arizona1/15/1990View Details
Kenyon, Myra Alice PowHiram, Ohio1/7/1955View Details
Kepner, Jesse9/22/1915View Details
Kepner, Margaret OrrChevy Chase, Md.12/9/1958View Details
Kerby, Laura E.Valatie, N.Y.7/31/1977View Details
Kergin, Karl A. (Krigin)4/18/1918View Details
Kermiet, Rev. Fr. Carl J.Salem, ohio - Crosby, Texas9/26/1955View Details
Kermit, Anna11/6/1917View Details
Kermitt, Martin11/2/1918View Details
Kernohan, C.K.12/4/1914View Details
Kernohan, Carrie P.Salem, ohio3/13/1958View Details
Kernohan, Robert B.Pittsburgh, Pa.11/9/1936View Details
Kernohan, Susan4/23/1921View Details
Kernohan, William S.10/19/1904View Details
Kerns, Nellie M.Salem, Ohio6/24/1972View Details
Kerr, Anna RuthSalem, ohio9/18/1974View Details
Kerr, Caroline9/9/1915View Details
Kerr, Flora DaleBeaver, Pa.7/22/1954View Details
Kerr, Florence M.Salem, ohio10/28/1969View Details
Kerr, FrankHammond, Indiana3/29/1951View Details
Kerr, Hilda C.1817 Franklin Rd. Salem, Ohio6/1/2000View Details
Kerr, Homer W.1817 Franklin Rd. Salem, ohio7/14/1987View Details
Kerr, Infant10/13/1917View Details
Kerr, John R., Sr.Salem, Ohio6/14/1974View Details
Kerr, Joseph1900View Details
Kerr, Mary B.Salem, ohio12/30/1950View Details
Kerr, Willis W.Birmingham, Alabama3/25/1935View Details
Kesselmire, Clara M.Salem, ohio9/20/1966View Details
Kesselmire, FrankSalem, ohio4/24/1963View Details
Kessler, Sophia4/3/1909View Details
Ketch, Anna W.Salem, Ohio6/27/1977View Details
Ketch, Joseph J.Salem,Ohio12/25/1961View Details
Ketchum, Clara Mae7th St. Salem, Ohio11/5/1992View Details
Ketchum, Lillian MaySalem, Ohio10/25/1971View Details
Ketchum, Phillip WilburSalem, ohio7/9/2005View Details
Ketchum, Walter C.Salem, ohio2/23/1970View Details
Ketterer, H. AndrewSalem, ohio11/18/1955View Details
Ketterer, Rose EllaSalem, ohio1/24/1949View Details
Keyes, GordonSalem, ohio10/24/1944View Details
Keyes, MarthaSalem, ohio7/11/1961View Details
Kicko, Lukas V.Salem, Ohio10/22/1957View Details
Kicko, Margaret A.400 E. 4th St. Salem. Oh.7/24/2007View Details
Kicko, Mary A.Salem, ohio12/22/1975View Details
Kidd, Arlene E.Youngstown, ohio5/19/1973View Details
Kidd, George1-29-1848View Details
Kidd, Mary9-2-1853View Details
Kidd, Mary Ann6-21-1812View Details
Kiefer, Eugene K.Salem, Ohio11/12/1958View Details
Kilchenman, David E.SleepyHollow, Ill9/10/2012View Details
Kille, Anna E.Salem, Ohio9/27/1942View Details
Kille, Arlene1985 E. Pershing St. Salem, Ohio4/30/1993View Details
Kille, Charles2/3/1926View Details
Kille, Ellsworth I.422 S. ellsworth Ave. Salem, Ohio3/13/1994View Details
Kille, Ellsworth I.Salem, ohio11/23/1953View Details
Kille, Etta Marie4-29-1899View Details
Kille, Frances H.Winter Park Towers & Village, Winter Park, Fla.8/3/1997View Details
Kille, Frank R.1111S. Lakemont Ave. Winter Park, Fla.6/6/1993View Details
Kille, Isabel250 Continental Dr. Salem, Ohio5/23/1988View Details
Kille, LeRoy C.Salem,Ohio2/17/1975View Details
Kille, Norman S.6-19-1897View Details
Kille, Retta4/2/1917View Details
Kille, Ruth L.7598 W. Garfield Rd. Salem, Ohio6/6/1992View Details
Kilmer, Betty M.1543 S.E. Blvd. Salem, Ohio9/17/1996View Details
Kilmer, Ralph E.1262 Jefferson St. Salem, ohio11/20/1987View Details
Kilpatrick, Jacqueline1300 E. 3rd St., Salem, Ohio10/3/1989View Details
Kilpatrick, Roger B.1300 E. Third St. Salem, Ohio4/28/2008View Details
Kindig, Edna LauraCleveland, Ohio4/4/1966View Details
Kindig, JosephGreenford, Ohio9/25/1950View Details
Kines, William E.Jonesville, Ill.11/7/1911View Details
King, Abraham J.9/1/1905View Details
King, AnnabelleSalem, ohio6/27/1949View Details
King, Clarence H.Lisbon, Ohio8/6/1978View Details
King, Dorothy V.Lorain, Ohio2/4/1933View Details
King, Dr. Frank M.Damascus, Ohio1/3/1906View Details
King, Dr. Lowell W.Salem, Ohio6/29/1958View Details
King, Edward M.Akron, Ohio5/6/1911View Details
King, ElizabethSalem, ohio3/8/1945View Details
King, Etta M.Seven Hills, ohio7/1/1976View Details
King, FrankSalem, ohio5/18/1934View Details
King, Glenn N.Youngstown, ohio4/10/1945View Details
King, Grace A.Salem Convelescent Center1/19/2001View Details
King, Helen S.1990 Southeast Blvd. Salem, ohio12/23/1982View Details
King, Infant12/4/1918View Details
King, James R.Salem, ohio5/19/1947View Details
King, John L.Salem, ohio3/13/1935View Details
King, John R.Salem, ohio8/22/1973View Details
King, John Warren308 Ohio Ave. Salem, Ohio5/8/1994View Details
King, Leon J.Warren, ohio11/5/1932View Details
King, Letha S.Blossom Nursing Ctr. Salem, Ohio10/25/2011View Details
King, Louisa8/20/1917View Details
King, Lowell RestellAlbuquerkee, NM10/26/2008View Details
King, Lucille E.Salem, ohio8/9/1946View Details
King, LydiaAKron, Ohio?View Details
King, Mary EllaDamascus Rd. Salem, ohio12/15/1937View Details
King, Melva J.Lorain, Ohio11/6/1934View Details
King, Robert M. III.388 E. 3rd St. Salem, ohio8/31/1988View Details
King, Robert P.Akron, Ohio8/4/1907View Details
King, ThomasLisbon, Ohio8/31/1954View Details
King, Thomas L.1015 N. Lincoln Ave. Salem, ohio1/30/2002View Details
King, Vesta S.Salem, ohio2/27/1964View Details
King, WallaceDetroit, Michigan11/7/1944View Details
King, William D.Salem, ohio1/26/1961View Details
Kingsley, Albert F.Salem, Ohio3/21/1960View Details
Kingsley, Gladys315 E. 6th St. Salem, ohio6/3/1982View Details
Kinney, Lou L. Chappell911 Franklin St. Salem, ohio1/4/1987View Details
Kintner, S.P.1-24-1918 ?View Details
Kipfer, FredNorwood, Pa.12/22/1933View Details
Kipfer, Fritz11/20/1910View Details
Kipfer, Mrs. FredWashingtonville, Ohio4/2/1919View Details
Kiple, AliceView Details
Kirby, Clementine M.Salem, Ohio10/13/1952View Details
Kirby, Daniel D.Pittsburgh, Pa.9/30/1929View Details
Kirby, EdnaView Details
Kirby, James W.North Georgetown,, Ohio9/14/1974View Details
Kirby, Marie E.Pittsburgh, Pa.6/3/1944View Details
Kirby, SarahCleveland, Ohio7/3/1911View Details
Kirby, VirdieSalem, ohio7/16/1961View Details
Kirby, Walter C.Salem, Ohio7/30/1947View Details
Kirchgessner, Betty Klar1985 E. Pershing St. Salem, Ohio8/22/1996View Details
Kirchgessner, ElvinSalem, Ohio7/19/1967View Details
Kirchgessner, JohnSalem, Ohio11/29/1961View Details
Kirchgessner, LouisaSalem, Ohio6/27/1952View Details
Kirchgessner, NellieSalem, Ohio7/12/1961View Details
Kirchgessner, Robert William32921 Lakeside Dr. Hanoverton, Ohio9/22/1981View Details
Kirchgessner, Wilma V.500 E. Fourth St. Salem, ohio5/26/1998View Details
Kirk, EllaLimaville, Ohio8/1/1938View Details
Kirk, Lydia11/2/1912View Details
Kirk, Norman B.Salem, Ohio11/9/1973View Details
Kirk, Viola M.Leetonia, Ohio12/11/1959View Details
Kirkbride, A.V.Salem, Ohio11/6/1929View Details
Kirkbride, ChesterSalem, Ohio10/20/1929View Details
Kirkbride, Effie9/17/1912View Details
Kirkbride, Elizabeth E.Salem, ohio6/19/1952View Details
Kirkbride, Ella F.Salem, ohio11/13/1938View Details
Kirkbride, Emma9/14/1912View Details
Kirkbride, Frederick2/14/1910View Details
Kirkbride, Homer W.Salem, Ohio6/12/1928View Details
Kirkbride, L.H.1/13/1913View Details
Kirkbride, Mary AdaBethesda, Ohio6/27/1957View Details
Kirkbride, Mildred2/4/1917View Details
Kirkbride, Wallace11/7/1926View Details
Kirkland, Karl W.915 W. Wilson St. Salem, Ohio8/29/2006View Details
Kirpatrick, Raymond DaleSalem, ohio6/25/2015View Details
Kirsch, MichaelSalem, Ohio7/18/1942View Details
Kirzaurek, Infant9/7/1921View Details
Kissinger, Betty824 E. Sixth St. Salem, Ohio12/8/2003View Details
Kissinger, Paul624 East 6th St. Salem, Ohio5/5/1991View Details
Kister, Amelia8/5/1911View Details
Kitterer, Infant10/24/1913View Details
Kitterman, Infant9/9/1911View Details
Klamer, GeorgeSalem, Ohio3/26/1949View Details
Klamer, George1258 Conser Dr. Salem, ohio9/19/2003View Details
Klamer, KatheSalem, Ohio7/7/2012View Details
Klamer, MariaTurtle Creek, Pa.3/24/1971View Details
Klamer, MathiasSalem, ohio1/28/1929View Details
Klamer, Michael12/20/1926View Details
Klein, Alida J.Puyallup, Washington7/17/1975View Details
Klein, Andrew G.Salem,Ohio1/30/1971View Details
Klein, Johanna A.284 S. Madison Salem, Ohio7/23/2008View Details
Klein, Mathew (Matt)Glendora, California3/13/1973View Details
Kleineman, Henry3/23/1918View Details
Kleinman, CharlesSalem, Ohio11/21/1948View Details
Kleinman, Dennis A.1978 Monroe St. Salem, ohio1/10/1983View Details
Kleinman, DonnaSalem, ohio4/17/1930View Details
Kleinman, FrankSalem, ohio4/26/1931View Details
Kleinman, Helen Mary1076 Park Ave. Salem, Ohio10/20/1985View Details
Kleinman, Isabella M.1978 Monroe Salem, ohio2/17/1981View Details
Kleinman, James H.1076 Park St. Salem, Ohio10/5/1994View Details
Kleinman, Lucy Anne989 S. lincoln Ave. Salem, Ohio7/26/2008View Details
Kleinman, Martha L.Salem, Ohio2/18/1968View Details
Kleinman, Sophia E.Salem, ohio8/28/1966View Details
Kleon, Earl J.10/21/1919View Details
Kleon, GeorgeCanton, Ohio2/11/1998View Details
Kleon, Mary565 Franklin Ave. Salem, ohio10/10/1980View Details
Kleon, Mary Z.Salem,Ohio12/20/1956View Details
Kleon, Mildred951 Broadhead Rd. Coraopolis, Pa.3/12/2001View Details
Kleon, NicholasEast Liverpool, Ohio4/20/1971View Details
Kleon, Nick, Sr.Salem, Ohio12/7/1945View Details
Klepper, Linn LouiseSalem, Ohio1/14/1949View Details
Klepper, Marie622 S. Madison Salem, ohio9/14/2004View Details
Klepper, Virgil Elwood Curly""199 N. Madison Salem, Ohio10/3/1994View Details
Klester, AnitaFarrell, Pa.10/2/1919View Details
Klester, EmmettFarrell, Pa.10/3/1924View Details
Klester, Julia A.San Bernadino, California4/14/1969View Details
Klester, RudolphFarrell, Pa.12/19/1939View Details
Kling, Ella V.Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio1/1/1973View Details
Kling, Jason L.Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio4/23/1958View Details
Kloetzly, Alfred E.Salem, Ohio8/16/1961View Details
Kloetzly, Opal L.789 Cunningham Rd. Salem, Ohio11/3/1978View Details
Klomer, John (Klommer)4/6/1908View Details
Kloos, Doris IreneSalem, Ohio8/3/1964View Details
Kloos, Frederick T.845 Adams Ave. Salem, Oh12/29/2006View Details
Kloos, Johanna K.Salem, Ohio3/12/1960View Details
Kloos, JohnSalem, Ohio6/10/1950View Details
Kloos, Karen SueSalem, Ohio11/21/1948View Details
Kloos, Kathaline K.12/27/1931View Details
Kloos, MichaelSalem, Ohio1/4/1971View Details
Kloos, Rudolph M.Ruskin, FLa.10/24/1984View Details
Klopfer, CarrieSalem, Ohio11/20/1945View Details
Klopfer, FrankSalem, Ohio3/14/1936View Details
Klose, AlfredSalem, ohio9/6/1939View Details
Klose, DoraSalem, Ohio11/12/1950View Details
Klose, George8/27/1908View Details
Klose, Gustave5/8/1915View Details
Klose, Infant3/14/1907View Details
Klose, John (Kloose)1/17/1919View Details
Klose, Karl A.2/9/1920View Details
Klose, MarieSalem, Ohio2/19/1927View Details
Klose, Martin12/24/1908View Details
Klose, Raymond C.Massillon State Hospital2/24/1974View Details
Kloss, William4/4/1912View Details
Klyne, Alice B.Salem, Ohio9/28/1963View Details
Knag, Cathy Lee2473 North Road N.E. Warren, Ohio6/23/1992View Details
Knag, LeonSalem, Ohio3/22/1963View Details
Knag, Nina E. (Cahill)504 Continental Dr. Salem, Oh.7/15/2007View Details
Knam, Eleanor C.180 Ohio Ave. Salem, Ohio5/19/2000View Details
Knauf, Albert E.Waukegan, Ill.8/2/1966View Details
Knauf, Anna B.Massillon, Ohio11/17/1959View Details
Knauf, John D.7719 Western Reserve Rd. Canfield, Ohio10/10/1995View Details
Knauf, Mira Aileen7719 Western Reserve Rd. Canfield, Ohio1/10/1995View Details
Knecht, Cort LeroyCanton, Ohio10/20/1964View Details
Knecht, InfantCanton, Ohio6/22/1940View Details
Knecht, Sue Adams131 Fifth St. Canton, Ohio4/23/1985View Details
Knepper, Agnes M.Salem, Ohio6/8/1963View Details
Knepper, AlbertSalem, ohio6/29/1953View Details
Knepper, Alma MarieBowman, S.C.6/22/2012View Details
Knepper, Clyde M.Salem, ohio4/2/1954View Details
Knepper, Evelyn MarieSalem, ohio11/18/1956View Details
Knepper, FlorenceSalem, Ohio2/9/1965View Details
Knepper, Frank H.Salem, Ohio4/18/1949View Details
Knepper, Irene500 E. Fourth St. Salem, Ohio5/15/1985View Details
Knepper, Ralph L.1080 N. Lincoln Ave. Salem, Ohio10/14/1988View Details
Knepper, Robert P.1340 E. 11th St. Salem, Ohio7/16/2009View Details
Knepper, Rose B.Salem, Ohio3/10/1958View Details
Knepper, William G.Salem, ohio4/2/1943View Details
Knight, Sara M. Sally""944 Jefferson Salem, Ohioo8/20/2006View Details
Kniseley, Charles W.Greenford, Ohio7/19/1963View Details
Kniseley, Emanuel ClaytonSalem, ohio12/13/1938View Details
Kniseley, GeorgiaSalem, Ohio3/7/1932View Details
Kniseley, Herman C.Salem, ohio6/9/1958View Details
Kniseley, Hulda110 East Pine St. Lisbon, Ohio11/24/1984View Details
Kniseley, Infant (Knnesily)????View Details
Kniseley, Minnie L.21008 76th W. Edmonds, Wash.3/15/1987View Details
Kniseley, Roda Anna8/10/1926View Details
Kniseley, Russell F.Salem, ohio8/5/1951View Details
Kniseley, William H.Salem, Ohio4/3/1951View Details
Knoedler, RuthCleveland, Ohio2/12/1936View Details
Knoedler, Walter H.Cleveland, Ohio10/24/1951View Details
Knowles, Ella M.Salem, Ohio10/17/1951View Details
Knowles, Francis A.3/4/1923View Details
Knowles, Frank B.10/11/1909View Details
Knowles, James7/23/1922View Details
Knowles, MarySalem, ohio6/6/1940View Details
Knowles, Mary Elizabeth11/30/1903View Details
Knowles, Ora J.Salem, Ohio12/16/1935View Details
Knowles, William R.2/2/1909View Details
Knowlton, InfantSalem, ohio4/1/1940View Details
Knowlton, Neil H.Woodlands Nursing Home Alexander, Ind.6/1/1991View Details
Knowlton, Rebecca H.Salem, ohio8/6/1967View Details
Knox, LenaSalem, ohio12/15/1969View Details
Knox, Lloyd W.Salem, Ohio5/31/1946View Details
Knuth, Harry A.28928 Buck Rd. Beloit, Ohio9/26/1981View Details
Knutti, Olive A.Salem, Ohio7/15/1951View Details
Knutti, RalphMonroe, Michigan10/21/1946View Details
Kobza, Anna A.Salem, Ohio3/5/1958View Details
Kobza, FrancesSalem, ohio7/17/1936View Details
Kobza, Frank7/9/1917View Details
Kobza, JohnSalem, ohio7/7/1930View Details
Koch, Gerald H.1136 Short St. Salem, ohio6/11/1980View Details
Koch, Grace E.Salem, ohio8/30/1946View Details
Koch, Samuel T.Salem, Ohio11/22/1945View Details
Koch, Shirley E.1136 Short St. Salem, Ohio1/29/1980View Details
Kocher, JacobSalem, OhioFeb. 7, 2013View Details
Kochler, Fred C.Canton, Ohio6/1/1961View Details
Kocsis, HelenHutton Nursing Home5/14/1983View Details
Kocsis, JohnSalem, Ohio4/10/1949View Details
Koehler, Helen G.County Lawn N.H. Navarre, Ohio8/26/1981View Details
Koenreich, ElizabethSalem, Ohio8/5/1944View Details
Koenreich, Frederick W.1408 Pershing St. Salem, ohio10/6/1979View Details
Koenreich, Lester P.Salem, Ohio3/8/1952View Details
Koenreich, Mark JeffreyMiami, Fla5/2/2008View Details
Koenreich, Maude E.Salem, Ohio9/2/1975View Details
Koenreich, Minnie A.250 Continental Dr. Salem, Ohio3/20/1993View Details
Koenreich, Pearl M.Essex II Salem, Ohio5/24/2009View Details
Koenreich, S.R.Salem, Ohio6/23/1935View Details
Kojkovich, InfantSalem, Ohio2/13/1948View Details
Kokel, Herbert10/19/1913View Details
Koll, Sarah V.Salem, ohio11/24/1935View Details
Koll, William H.3/30/1916View Details
Kolozsi, Dr. William Anthony832 Highland Ave. Salem, Ohio1/16/1995View Details
Kolozsi, MagdaSalem, Ohio4/11/2014View Details
Kommonae, JosephUnknown3/17/1918View Details
Koncer, Andy4/19/1918View Details
Konetsky, Anna (Koemer)Pittsburgh, Pa.11/18/1979View Details
Konnert, GeorgeSalem, Ohio2/5/1935View Details
Konnert, MariaSalem, Ohio7/14/1953View Details
Konnerth, Alfred Butz""165 Highland Ave. Salem, Ohio11/16/1982View Details
Konnerth, Bertha L.1985 E. Pershing St. Salem, ohio3/24/2001View Details
Konnerth, Edward D., Jr.Salem, Ohio7/17/1965View Details
Konnerth, Edward D., Sr.1184 S. Lincoln Ave. Salem, Ohio11/5/1992View Details
Konnerth, George, Sr.Salem, ohio8/23/1956View Details
Konnerth, Hilda S.165 Highland Ave., Salem, Ohio3/3/1990View Details
Konnerth, InfantSalem, Ohio5/20/1952View Details
Konnerth, InfantSalem, Ohio7/26/1953View Details
Konnerth, InfantSalem, ohio3/4/1956View Details
Konnerth, Johanna2/4/1915View Details
Konnerth, JohnSalem, ohio1/15/1963View Details
Konnerth, Richard E.Sandusky, Ohio1/15/2005View Details
Konnerth, Sara D.Salem, Ohio12/27/1970View Details
Koontz, Albert F.1313 Red Tail Hawk Boardman, ohio4/11/1998View Details
Koontz, George F.Salem, ohio9/8/1959View Details
Koontz, George L.Salem, ohio1/1/1929View Details
Koontz, Inez M.Cleveland, ohio12/8/1954View Details
Koontz, InfantSalem, Ohio8/5/1932View Details
Koontz, John W.Cleveland, ohio5/27/1942View Details
Koontz, LillianSalem, Ohio8/9/1932View Details
Koontz, Marjorie1313Redtail Hawk DR. Boardman, Ohio12/21/2000View Details
Koontz, MildredSalem, ohio5/18/1977View Details
Kopec, Leonard352 Morgan Ct. Salem, Ohio1/9/1980View Details
Kopec, Veronica A.352 Morgan Ct. Salem, ohio1/30/1986View Details
Kopp, David1901View Details
Kopp, Freda SmithCleveland, Ohio7/31/1961View Details
Kopp, H.J.Cleveland, Ohio6/24/1916View Details
Kopp, InfantView Details
Kopp, Jeanette T.Cleveland, Ohio10/17/1966View Details
Kopp, Rachel A.6/19/1924View Details
Kordan, FrankSalem, Ohio1/9/1960View Details
Kornbau, Joseph W.179 Rose Ave Salem,Ohio6/12/2001View Details
Kornbau, Joseph William Jr.Salem, ohio1/10/1966View Details
Kornbau, Lane Michael813 N. Market St. Lisbon, Ohio4/7/2003View Details
Kornbau, Susie May3/14/1922View Details
Koscis, Joseph8/29/1922View Details
Kosic, Frank10/25/1922View Details
Kovace, Frances50 Hazel Dr. Cheshire, Ct.5/24/1988View Details
Kovach, HelenClearfield, Pa.4/2/1998View Details
Kovach, IreneCamp Boulevard Lisbon, Ohio12/31/1999View Details
Kovach, James Jr.130 Buena Vista St. Baltic, Ohio1/23/2010View Details
Kovach, James Sr.Massillon, Ohio4/17/1974View Details
Kovach, JosephSalem, Ohio6/5/1963View Details
Kovach, Julius Juke""Salem, Ohio3/22/1974View Details
Kovach, Margaret6088 Camp Blvd. Lisbon, ohio2/28/2003View Details
Kovach, Robert J.130 Waynesburg Rd. NW Carrollton, Ohio5/16/2003View Details
Kovach, TeresaSalem, Ohio2/2/1952View Details
Kovarik, Joseph M.Brookfield, Ohio11/23/1963View Details
Kovarik, Mary Ellen5174 Salem Unity Rd. Salem, ohio9/8/1982View Details
Kovecsi, Roza VorosCounty Home - Lisbon, Ohio6/29/1972View Details
Kovich, FrancesSalem, ohio8/25/1962View Details
Kovich, GeorgeSalem, Ohio5/16/1944View Details
Kovich, Joseph Sr.Ormond Beach, Florida8/15/1973View Details
Kovich, Lena A1828 Allen Dr. Salem Oh.3/1/2006View Details
Kozar, Dorothy H.466 S. Lundy Ave. Salem, Ohio7/24/1979View Details
Kozar, Gladys A.12205 Goshen Rd. Salem, ohio4/2/2001View Details
Kozar, HelenSalem, Ohio12/16/1961View Details
Kozar, John Albert466 S. Lundy Salem, Ohio2/11/2009View Details
Kozar, John C.Salem, ohio6/20/1960View Details
Kozar, Michael E.Salem, ohio9/12/1970View Details
Kozar, Wilma564 Jefferson St. Salem, Ohio10/1/1985View Details
Kramer, Daniel1902View Details
Kramer, EllenAged Ladies Home - Salem, ohio11/22/1929View Details
Kramp, Destney April7135 Hannah Dr. Hanoverton, Ohio4/26/1996View Details
Krann, Fred1/30/1906View Details
Krause, HermanSalem, ohio6/16/1953View Details
Krause, Ida K.Salem, Ohio5/10/1954View Details
Krauss, AnnaSalem, ohio2/9/1929View Details
Krauss, Frederick JohnSalem, Ohio11/28/2007View Details
Krauss, KatharinaSalem, Ohio7/9/1927View Details
Krauss, Kathrina F.Salem, Ohio3/8/1961View Details
Krauss, Martha Kathryn1092 E. Third St. Salem, ohio12/25/1996View Details
Krauss, Mary8/4/1927View Details
Krauss, MathiasSalem, Ohio10/15/1911View Details
Krauss, MichaelSalem, Ohio11/29/1931View Details
Krauss, MichaelHouston, Texas8/17/1943View Details
Krauss, Michael B.Salem, Ohio1/18/1944View Details
Krauss, Paul JohnSalem, ohio10/5/1977View Details
Krauss, Rose Weiss Blesch""230 Continental Dr. Salem, Ohio7/28/1991View Details
Krauss, SophiaSalem, Ohio11/30/1937View Details
Krauss, Walter G.539 Arch St., Salem, Ohio10/5/1990View Details
Krautner, FredaNew Philadelphia, Ohio1/21/1964View Details
Krautner, MichaelSalem, ohio8/20/1967View Details
Krebs, john h.Salem,ohio6/28/2014View Details
Krebs, Sharron E.1876 Cider Mill Rd. Salem, Ohio2/26/2005View Details
Kreider, Robert DeYoung770 N. Union Ave Salem, ohio1/17/2001View Details
Krepps, Bonnie LouSalem, Ohio12/24/1959View Details
Krepps, Nora Jean11939 W. Middletown Rd Salem, Ohio9/21/2007View Details
Kreutzer, Carl R.Salem, Ohio2/3/1953View Details
Kreutzer, HattieSalem, ohio8/16/1949View Details
Krichbaum, Carl W.1011 Homewood Salem, Ohio7/11/1985View Details
Krichbaum, Helen Hart800 S. 15th St. Sebring, Ohio1/20/1996View Details
Kridler, Agnes J.Salem, Ohio1/26/1940View Details
Kridler, Chester E.247 W. 16th St., Salem, Ohio4/25/1990View Details
Kridler, Elizabeth E.Salem, Ohio6/7/1955View Details
Kridler, KathrynSalem, ohio1/16/1960View Details
Kridler, Robert C.Salem, Ohio3/7/1942View Details
Kridler, Robert EarlSalem, ohio11/13/1953View Details
Krizaneck, JohnSalem, Ohio4/13/1931View Details
Krmejl, TonySalem, Ohio12/16/1942View Details
Kronick, Lizzie4/27/1934View Details
Kropat, Augusta C.Virginia Beach, Virginia4/9/1978View Details
Kropat, MaxSalem, ohio3/17/1962View Details
Krug, Mary Kathryn1734 Mt. Vernon Canton, Ohio3/16/1986View Details
Krulek, JohnSalem, Ohio6/7/1942View Details
Krulek, Victoria AnnSalem, Ohio1/1/1950View Details
Krulik, Andrew12183 Rt 45 Salem, Ohio4/17/1982View Details
Krulik, Catherine AnnSalem, Ohio3/5/1952View Details
Krumlauf, Harriet250 Continental Dr. Salem, Ohio12/30/2005View Details
Kryk, AnnaSalem, Ohio8/15/1931View Details
Kryk, Helen R.El Paso, Texas12/21/2012View Details
Kryk, IgnatiusSalem, Ohio1/23/1953View Details
Kryk, Jeffrey L.450 Mack Rd. Bangor, Pa.4/8/2009View Details
Kryk, John S.1216 N. Union Ave. Salem, Ohio8/18/2004View Details
Kryk, TheodoreSalem, Ohio5/14/1940View Details
Kryk, WilliamSalem, Ohio5/14/1940View Details
Kubankin, IvanSalem, ohio12/15/1968View Details
Kubankin, Margaret Rosalie2511 Bentley Dr. Salem, ohio9/14/2004View Details
Kubankin, Vickie AnnSalem, Ohio4/13/1974View Details
Kubas, AnnaSalem, Ohio5/22/1969View Details
Kubas, David S.Youngstown, ohio4/13/2012View Details
Kubas, GeorgeSalem, Ohio7/11/1947View Details
Kubas, George A.Columbus, Ohio12/2/1967View Details
Kubas, Joe1676 Cleveland St. Salem, ohio5/2/1997View Details
Kubas, Stanley G.Salem, ohio6/15/2015